Mar 11, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

Microsoft's  Windows Live Search includes features which are designed to put the user in control so that the search tasks appear to be simple and easy. It comes with an improved description text and enhanced typography that makes quickl scanning of results very convenient. The best part is its home page that has been given an entirely new and fresh look as compared to the older version of it.

The scope bar that appears after the query enables you to filter the right kind of information you require about any particular topic in a natural way. With the help of a detail slider you can determine how much information should be displayed on the page. You can avail the facility of searching within the site by merely sliding the peg all the way to the right. If you want to make your search more specific and precise within a given site, then Windows Live Search is just perfect for you. Smart Scrolling  takes advantage of Ajax to shift the results smoothly within the page; no more reloading of an entire page is required to get to the next 10 results.

Windows Live Search has an inbuilt on-the-fly feed reader (in Feeds, click the preview icon next to the feed title) which gives you a preview of the feeds before you subscribe to them. 

And as for the future, Microsoft promises to provide an improved and enhanced quality of search engine so that users quickly and conveniently find solutions they are looking for, in less time.

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