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FaceBook has announced the introduction of several new metrics to allow advertisers and page managers to gauge the efficacy of video campaigns. The metrics would allow them to make better use of video to take the brand message across.

Newly Launched Facebook Video Metrics to Help Advertisers Gain Insights into Campaigns

Thanks to the new metrics, to be rolled out over the coming weeks, marketers will be able to find information such as average duration of the video viewed and the volume of time 95 per cent of video is watched.

Marketers will also be able to access demographic relapse of a video’s viewers. By now, they were only able to see the number of views a video has received.

The extended metrics will now include information such as video views, unique video views, average duration of the video view and audience retention. The total number of video views along with the number of people who watched the video will be shown. Term ‘video view’ connotes a view of three seconds and more. The videos would include even those that come to life as people scroll through News feed. ‘Video plays’ metric’ has been renamed to ‘clicks to play video’. The metric would include the videos that register after these are clicked to play by the user

Audience retention graph would provide an insight into the level of interest in different part of the video. A jump in the percentage of views at a certain point may point out that the audiences are re-watching particular moment. A decline would indicate the part when the viewers lose interest.

Newly Launched Facebook Video Metrics to Help Advertisers Gain Insights into Campaigns

Marketers will be able to see the number of video views that met certain thresholds — 25%, 50%, 75%, 95% and 100%. The information may provide the advertisers crucial insight into the performance of the video and help them in the placement of key messages.

Ads Reporting has now added ‘data breakdowns’ that help learn how enable marketers find how specific audiences responded to the video. For instance, if a campaign targets females of a certain age group, the data campaign will show how effective the campaign has been.

Marketers uploading paid as well as organic videos will have the advantage of video metrics.

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    This newly launched Facebook video metric is really helpful for marketers. I’ve read here that it will allow marketers to make a better use of video to take their brand message across the online world.

    According to the article above, this metric will help marketers to be able to find information about the video viewed. I’m in certain that this Facebook Video metrics will be an advantage for many marketers.

    Thanks for this update! 🙂


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