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Bing announced, it has added Bing Knowledge Widget feature directly into Bing Webmaster Tools. Also, a new type called "Interactive only" has been added which will only work when a user highlights content on the page. The Knowledge Widget is a JavaScript-based widget for webmasters that helps in detecting and visualizing entities on the webpage. It also displays rich information about the entity.

Webmaster Tools Integration
With the new functionality into Bing Webmaster Tools, webmasters can now easily manage multiple Bing Knowledge Widgets and settings from within the Webmaster Tools. On customizing their settings, webmasters will be given a single line of code to store and manage their settings in the cloud rather than updating their pages with the new embed code and republishing on every change. Bing has also incorporated some of the early feedback of webmasters and added additional functionality to benefit them and their visitors:

Detect and Invoke Entity Information in a New Way

Previously there were 3 ways in which webmasters could tell Bing to visualize entities found on their page:

  1. As Entity links
  2. As Entity images
  3. As both Entity images & links

These ways do not work for all sites and all scenarios. Sometimes webmasters want to allow their users to benefit from Bing Knowledge in a more subtle manner. To address the need, Bing has now added a fourth option called Interactive only.

If the webmaster chooses “Interactive only”, Bing will identify and visualize entities only when a user highlights text on the page and clicks on the Bing logo. Microsoft will still consider the surrounding context to understand which entity is contained in the selected text and gives the most relevant results. If a webmaster selects any of the other 3 visualization modes, the interactive option will automatically be enabled.

How to Get the Code?

  • Webmasters can navigate to the Knowledge Widgets tool by clicking on Widgets > Knowledge Widget in the navigation menu.
  • In the Knowledge Widget screen, webmasters can enter a name for their widget to make it easier to find later, and then click Create.
  • Webmasters will further see the Knowledge Widget Settings screen. They can find the Copy Code button and click it to copy the code to their clipboard.
  • They can then paste the code copied into their web site's or blog's page source. Any settings made for this widget will be stored in the cloud and will not require changing the code again.
  • Webmasters can do this for every page that they want to enhance with Bing Knowledge Widget or add it to their site or blog template which automatically includes the embed code into every page.

By adding the Bing Knowledge Widget feature directly into Webmaster Tools, Bing is making it a lot easier for webmasters to add Bing Knowledge Widget to their sites and keep users engaged within the context of their pages. With the stored settings in the cloud, it has become easier to tune and customize the Bing Knowledge widget to work best with the webmaster’s site.

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