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If you use Gmail or any Google product then you must have got the notification that Google is going to show some new kinds of Ads which will show your picture or some information while showing their ads. Though this is weird for some people but some people are also excited that their face will be shown in Ads. They are thinking that they will become famous

How to Opt Out Google Ads Showing Your Face?

Facebook already started doing the same thing  a long before Google is planning to do this. The difference between Facebook and Google is, Google at least provided some option to their users that they have at least one choice to hide the information from showing in their ads. But Facebook did not even bother to take a permission from them.

However, if you want to hide your information from Google and do not want to show and share your picture with Google and do not want to see your face in Google ads then you can simply click this link and just uncheck the box which is checked. Then just press save and you are done!

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