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To assist publishers connect more effectively with their audience Facebook has announced organic targeting and a fresh set of tools and enhancements to insights as well as analytics.

Here’s a brief summary of the fresh tools:

Interest Targeting

Facebook has made it easier to target posts more accurately for Pages. This is akin to how ads can be targeted and boosted based on certain audience interests. This capability is being extended by Facebook to all organic posts.

Organic Post Targeting Introduced Alongside Other New Tools For Facebook

Post End Date

Users can now view and establish an expiration date on their posts, in a way. These posts may still be live on the page, but users can now set a date for these to stop being shown in the news feeds of other users. For instance, if the sale is being posted which is only on a single day, users will not benefit from seeing a post about it past that day. These are the cases where an end date could be set so audiences do not view dated material on posts which is of no use to them, like the content below:

Organic Post Targeting Introduced Alongside Other New Tools For Facebook

Interest Targeting plus Post End Date are currently available for all Pages that have enabled the Targeting and Privacy setting yet can be accessed only via desktop at the moment.

Smart Publishing

Facebook is now eliminating the guess work part from deciding the stories on the website which are to be shared with an audience. The new feature presently is only accessible for a restricted range of media organizations. It will show most shared content in news feeds of people who like your page automatically. Facebook has declared it aims to make smart publishing more commonly available in the coming months.

Organic Post Targeting Introduced Alongside Other New Tools For Facebook

Improved Insights

If any of your articles recently exploded in popularity and you want to know the reasons why, one possible explanation could be an influencer or a popular brand shared it on their Facebook page. These are some of the insights which can be accessed thanks to the recent improvements announced by Facebook.

Actionable and more precise analytics features comprise a new Top URLs section that can show URL level reporting and means to segment the data associated with particular time frames. This includes hourly insights as well. Choose these new features from your Domain Insights dashboard.

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