It might be tiny, compact and petite but no doubt, it is a small wonder. According to a recent report released by ShopVisible 30% of the e-commerce traffic in 2013 was drawn from mobile devices including those slim and skimpy smart phones and shiny black tablets.

Traffic Attracted by Different Devices ShopVisible Study: 30% of Ecommerce Site Traffic Came from Mobile in 2013!

The biggest hit of the Oscars night turned out to be host Ellen DeGeneres' star-studded selfie which broke all records to be the most re-tweeted tweet in history. In a recent blog post twitter confirmed that tweets about the Oscars were viewed more than 3.3 billion times during a 24 hour period, from Sunday at 5 pm ET until Monday at 5 am ET.

Ellen DeGeneres Record Breaking Selfie Twitter Shares a Deeper Analysis of Oscar Related Tweets with “Impressions”!

It's all about giving you an amazing shutter-bug experience. As per a recent Google+ post, Google has overhauled the Google+ 4.3 android app to bring about a myriad of photo related tweaks and twists.

The feature which is being released in the form of a staged development will roll out to android users through Google Play. The new features in the latest version of Google+ for androids include a plethora of changes:

Send a laptop to a blogger. The blogger blogs about it. Readers read. Like. Click. Buy. Pretty smart marketing idea? Not really in the eyes of Google. In the recent Webmaster Help Video, Matt Cutts, Google's Head of Search Spam, unfolds various criteria that the search engine takes into account while determining which links are paid and which are not.

Bon appétit to all the foodies out there with Google's latest update on search results for restaurant menus. Google's experiment has now gone official with Google+ announcing that restaurant menus are just a click away.

Googles Update on Restaurant Menus in Search Results Google Serving Restaurant Menus Right at Search Results Page Now!

Users can view menus right on the search results page without having to browse through the complete websites of restaurants and eateries. The menus will pop up on top of the search page as soon as you type “show me the menu for” followed by the restaurant name.

As per the post on Google+ the much awaited Notification and Alerts icon in Google AdWords will be rolled out to the advertisers very soon.

Google started phasing in the new cohesive structure early in February to streamline the notifications and alerts system in AdWords. The new development will allow advertisers to prioritise their notifications and focus on the more important ones first. All the alerts and suggestions will now be available in the notification bell icon making your AdWords account clutter free.

You can have a robust code, strong passwords, an up-to date CMS system and plug-ins but that doesn't prevent someone from breaking into your website. In a recent post in the Webmaster Central Blog, Google explains how hackers take advantage of vulnerable sites by adding spam my content and redirecting users to harmful or undesired locations.

The countdown to the new flexible conversion counting announced by Google AdWords earlier this month ends today with Google officially launching the new system to help advertisers track and measure conversions that matter the most to them.

In a blog post, AdWords Product Manager, Vishal Goenka said that the new feature will allow marketers to reckon the number of actual conversions that happen as a result of a user engaging with their ads.

No doubt, nothing can be more annoying than discovering that a site which has copied your content outranks you in search results. Google's head of Search Spam, Matt Cutts announced today on twitter that the search engine has come up with a new panacea to cope with scraped content.

Google Scraper Report Now Report Sites which Outrank You with Your Own Content with the Help of Googles Scraper Report!

Facebook marketing is a daunting task. When every business is planning to have a presence on the social network, how are you going to stand out from the crowd? Did you know that 80% of the social media users prefer to connect with brands on Facebook? So, how are you going to steal the attention with likes, shares, and posts?

Double Facebook Infographic of the Week: How 5 Minutes a Day Can Help you Double your Facebook Likes!