Google Eases on Submission of Editors’ Picks Feed: Google News Publishers can Now Do it via Publisher Center

Stacie from Google News team has revealed about the new way by which Google News publishers can submit their Google News Editors’ Picks feed to Google News team. On the Google News Help forum, Stacie told that submission can be done via Google News Publisher Center.

The massive Carousel experiment has met its end for local listings so far. The search engine giant Google is dropping its horizontal display for Carousel for local search results in many categories. The categories include nightlife, hotels, entertainment as well as restaurants. This horizontal Carousel display will now be replaced with a 3-pack of organic local listings as well as new secondary pages.

Active Google+ users now have a Mentions tab that displays all the + mentions of a personal profile or page. Earlier the mentions were only accessible in the notification button, which is present at the upper-right hand corner.


Google+ Google+ Gets New Mentions Tab to Display All +Mentions of Page or Profile!

Notifications also include +1s, message and other interactions. The new Mentions tab will give an uncluttered view of how a person is being addressed on Google+ and will be found useful especially by managers who want to keep a track of conversations about their page.

Social media giant Facebook has recently announced the launch of a fresh and new Places Directory. This is coming out as a local search site, though it’s more of a “guided browsing” at present.

Social media has not eliminated search as a driver of user traffic on the Internet. The popular social media platform Twitter shared that Search Engine Optimization/SEO has led to a 10 times rise in the number of logged out visitors to the website.

The AdWords reporting interface will now have two new reports around bid strategies. Google made an announcement on Google+ while informing advertisers that in case they haven't seen the new reports yet, there's nothing to worry about as these will be rolled out over the next few days.

The new reports will help advertisers analyze their CPAs better.

Bid strategy Two New Bid Strategies Reports Added to AdWords!

Report A: Strategy-Level Report

Ilya Grigorik, the Google man obsessed with speed, mobile, and SSL has shared interesting stats about the adoption of HTTPS across top 300k websites.

He has revealed that the adoption of HTTPS for top 300k sites has increased by 300% (from 4% to 13%) in the past two years. In Chrome, the number of HTTPS navigations has also grown from 27% to 57% in the same period.

Google has introduced a new feature on Google Trends at that shows you the top 200 trending videos on YouTube. The announcement was made on Google+.


YouTube Google Trends Now Shows Whats Trending on YouTube!


At present, the feature is working only in the US. Google says that the feature shows what current "Internet watercooler buzzing" is taking place. We believe it might be useful to get keyword ideas.

Google has made an update to the AdWords location extensions. It now shows up to 3 business locations in mobile search ads. When a business has several locations nearby, users will be able to see up to 3 locations in an ad.

Mobile search Google Mobile Search Ads to Feature Multiple Business Locations!

The extensions can display street address as well as distance from the user's current location. Users can click to call or even get directions for each of the 3 locations.

Bing Ads advertisers (only in US) will now see competitive auction data in the web interface. Launched in early 2014 in Bing Ads Intelligence, the Auction Insights is now available at the campaign, ad group, and keyword level.

BIng Competitive Auction Insights Now Available in the Bing Ads Web UI!

However, there are minimum data thresholds for the insights to be available. In case of ample information, you will be able to see up to 25 advertisers competing with you in auction. Their display URL will be listed.