On Google+, Google announced the release of an update to their new version of AdWords Editor v 11. This new update is version 11.0.3 which though being a minor update, will bring with it several bug fixes and performance and reliability improvements to AdWords Editor v 11.

Here is a complete list of updates in the new version 11.0.3 :-

Like Google, Facebook also uses a mix of bid price and relevance scoring to determine whether the ads should be shown. Starting this week, as an incentive for advertisers to improve the quality and relevance of their ads, the company has decided to expose the “relevance scores” to marketers.

Google’s John Mueller in Google+ webmaster hangout addressed a question where he talked about the whitelists. He said that for some algorithms Google does have a whitelist but for others they did not.He specifically mentioned that for the Penguin and Panda algorithms, a whitelist or exception list does not exist.

To improve the quality of health related search content, Google has introduced rich medical content in Knowledge Graph. Google has utilized medical illustrators, doctors and the Mayo Clinic to develop in-depth information for more than 400 health and medical conditions.

This rollout is for U.S. English, for the time being, on the Google app (Android and iOS) and for desktop. However Google is planning to expand the number of conditions and later make the information available outside the US.

It was announced that Google acquired photo storage app Odysee. This app which automatically backs up photos and videos taken on smartphones will shut down on February 23rd.

Effective to this deal. Odysee’s development team will be soon joining the Google+ team, a move which has lead to speculations that Odysee’s unique features will eventually be integrated into G+.

Auction Insights that is the Bing Ads Tool that helps advertisers to compare their performance to other advertisers on the platform, is now available in all markets.

auction insights 1 Bing Ads Auction Insights  Now Available Globally!

AdWords advertisers can now use ‘upgraded URLs’ for tracking parameters, as announced by Google. In beta for API users for months, the upgraded URLs are set to roll out globally.

The algorithm will treat the landing page URL and the tracking parameters that make up the destination URL separately. Changes doe in tracking won’t necessarily send the ads back into editorial review, while sustaining the ad history and stats.

Google introduced “Local Guides” a month ago via a Google+ post. Now this feature has been introduced to the Google Maps as well and this feature is similar to “Yelp Elite.”

Over a few days, Bing Ads will be rolling out modifications to its quality score reporting, which will affect how quality score gets reported; ad and keyword performance fundamentals won’t be impacted.

Here is what will be seen in accounts after updates-

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