Google announced on Google+ that they have released a new version of the AdWords Editor, 11.1.

There were several upgrades in version 11.1, but Google stated only one in the announcement that is “improvements to the search bar."

Here is a list of changes in the version 11.1 of the AdWords Editor:

Facebook announced support for the animated GIF files format. However, there are few restrictions.

The GIFs will only be animated if they are posted via links, and not uploaded, reported Christina Warren of Mashable.

She further added that GIF links from Tumblr were not displaying properly in display mode, but worked fine after posting.

facebook gif image 1 Limited Support For Animated GIF File Now Available On Facebook!

infographic12 Weekly Infographic: The Ultimate SEO Checklist!

Missing one step or forgetting a thing of vital importance is sufficient to ruin your website’s ranking. So, isn’t it better to have a checklist prepared that can help you for guiding through the SEO projects?

Here we come again with our list of this week's best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Have a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

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Content Marketing

12 Awesome Content Marketing Ideas That Aren’t Blog Posts

The addition of a new report type named ad group details reports was announced on Google+ .

This has been done to expand on the campaign details reports they introduced last month but now they have done this on the ad group level.

According to Google, this will help people find more granular information about the features and settings enabled in each of their ad groups.

According to the Google Trends data from March, search queries that contain a location “query” such as nearby or near me have doubled in the past year. It has also been traced that 80% of these searches come from mobile devices.

After the last month’s roll out of campaign details, Google has now launched ad group details to the AdWords Dimensions tab. These reports would enable you to quickly review settings and performance details across a set of campaigns and ad groups.

Google will now be supporting iOS apps with the App Indexing protocol. The search engine giant has been supporting App Indexing for Android Apps for almost two years now. Google announced support for iOS apps with a subset of apps, as Google describes it, “an initial group of apps” will be testing iOS app indexing with Google.

Facebook is on the verge of testing a feature that will display reviews by the professional restaurant critics on Facebook Pages. Critics reviews will turn up along with starred reviews from friends and other Facebook users, when people will search for certain U.S. restaurants on Facebook.

Google, seems like over the past few days, has initiated a major algorithmic change that has changed how the local results rank in both Google Maps and the local packs in web search.

It has been speculated that the Google Maps Googlebomb fix led to this and one can expect the traffic change to an extent for many local businesses in the future. The issue seems to be related, but Mozcast features shows the shift on the 15th.