Google is exploring new ideas to make the search page layout look more simple and easily accessible to its users. As a part of the trial method, this time the search engine is introducing a myriad of changes to the search results page. No doubt, the modifications will make Google look neat and clutter-free.

Google is moving a large number of listings from the old dashboard to the new one and in doing so is encountering issues of duplicate listings. These are business listings which have been claimed in more than one account or in multiple ways. To resolve the issue Google is sending out warning e-mails to businesses, instructing them on how to repair the duplication and continue with the up-gradation.

How to Do Google Plus SEO?

Mar 7, 2014 | 719 views | by Navneet Kaushal

SEO Strategies that Work for Google Plus

Google Plus is more than just a social networking site. It can be a way to boost your business and traffic to the website. Most of the Internet marketers are using social networking platform as the way to share information, get attention, reach out to potential business, and get success in the business.

Google Plus 2013 Statistics: An Overview

The images are strikingly large. Fonts are different. And the new light gray background makes the News Feed and right column more prominent. A year after experimenting with a complete redesign, Facebook is once again ready to unfold an updated version of News Feed. With the overhaul, the social networking site plans to give a more steady appearance to News Feed across desktop and mobile devices platform.

Gone are the days when link building was an essential factor for getting a website ranked higher on Search Engines. Link earning is the new, smarter & more ethical approach to SEO.

link earning link building Weekly Infographic: Link Building Vs Link Earning!

But the question arises, why you should switch to link earning from link building? Today's infographic by will help you in understanding how earning links can create a major difference to your SEO campaign.

Google has extended its beta program allowing Indian publishers to get paid through wire transfer over the earlier mode of check payments.

Google announced in the official AdSense forum that the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment system is very soon coming up for the Indian publishers. Following a 3 months beta period of testing the EFT payment system, which started in December 2013, Google has finally made it official that it will be replacing the cheque payment with US dollar international wire transfer.

The next time you are lost in the bustling Ambience Mall or the Select City Walk, Google can come to your immediate rescue. The technology giant has launched indoor maps in India to help users navigate through and locate different venues inside malls and museums with just some easy swipes.

Google Indoor Maps for Ambience Mall Gurgaon Find Your Way Through Shopping Complexes in India with Google Indoor Maps! Google Indoor Maps for Select City Walk Saket Find Your Way Through Shopping Complexes in India with Google Indoor Maps!

It is not very often that you get a one-on-one advice from Matt Cutts, Google's Head of Search Spam, as a response to a tweet? How frequently does Google listen to your problem and gives you a bonus by getting it solved within minutes? Hard to believe that a single tweet can be so powerful. Russ Ruggles got unbelievably lucky when Google's Matt Cutts not only responded back to his tweet but also gave him valuable advice related to his queries.

It might be tiny, compact and petite but no doubt, it is a small wonder. According to a recent report released by ShopVisible 30% of the e-commerce traffic in 2013 was drawn from mobile devices including those slim and skimpy smart phones and shiny black tablets.

Traffic Attracted by Different Devices ShopVisible Study: 30% of Ecommerce Site Traffic Came from Mobile in 2013!

The biggest hit of the Oscars night turned out to be host Ellen DeGeneres' star-studded selfie which broke all records to be the most re-tweeted tweet in history. In a recent blog post twitter confirmed that tweets about the Oscars were viewed more than 3.3 billion times during a 24 hour period, from Sunday at 5 pm ET until Monday at 5 am ET.

Ellen DeGeneres Record Breaking Selfie Twitter Shares a Deeper Analysis of Oscar Related Tweets with “Impressions”!