According to a new research by Pew Research Center 52 percent of the online adults are accessing two or more social networks. Also, it is revealed that the number of Facebook users using combination of Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest have increased considerably since August 2013.

Pew 1 52% of Online Adults Access Two or More Social Networks!

Here’s more from Pew on the research:

John Mueller from Google has posted a heads up to the websites implementing hreflang for international support, that they should implement rel=canonical properly or it will appear as if none of the markup is there.

Here's what he actually posted:

For those of you using hreflang for international pages: Make sure any rel=canonical you specify matches one of the URLs you use for the hreflang pairs. If the specified canonical URL is not a part of the hreflang pairs, then the hreflang markup will be ignored.

google ctr study 2013 catalyst2 Weekly Infographic: How to Increase Click Through Rates on Google?

Click-through rate can be used to measure the performance of keywords and ads. It is a ratio that shows how often people who are seeing your ad or URL end up clicking on it.

Today's blog by Catalyst will guide you on how to optimize the CTR and get more clicks from Google, which will eventually help in meeting your long-term SEO & PPC goals.

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Content Marketing

How to Build an Unbeatable Content Marketing Plan

The AdWords Reach & Frequency report will now be moved from the Dimensions tab to the Campaigns tab. It will appear as an option in the Customize columns drop down of the tab.

Users will be able to see unique cookies reached as well as the average number of impressions reached per cookie for a Display campaign. Instead of being restricted to day, week, or month, users will be able to see the metrics for any time span by adjusting the date range, once they add the columns to the Campaigns reporting.

The recent data by StatCounter revealed that Yahoo has gained close to 2 point search market share in the US during the previous month. The Yahoo-Firefox default search deal is seen as the reason why Yahoo has notched up a share of 10.4 percent as against 8.6 percent a year back. Google has gained a December share close to 75.2% and Bing around 12.5%. Most recent statistics from comScore, dating back to the time before the Firefox deal shows that Google had 67% share while Bing had a 19.6 percent share and Yahoo around 10.2 share in the US.

In the competitive world of video advertising, Google and Samsung are the best brands. Both have made it to the annual Ace Metrix Brands of the Year list, which is based on the measurements of the video analytics firm Ace Score.

In its recent statistics release, Facebook revealed that it has experienced an explosive growth in the video uploads and views. Since June 2014, the social network has averaged more than 1 billion video views daily.

Facebook Facebook Gets More Than 1 Billion Video Views Daily!

Other stats revealed are:

  • Over the past year, the number of video posts per user have grown to 75 percent globally and 94 percent in the U.S.

Google had previously indicated that view ability would be the standard for its display ad network. Steps are on for video advertising through DoubleClick and YouTube, as revealed by Marketing Land.

Google AdWords team has come up with a 10 minute overview of how to use the 2014 AdWords data for planning and putting together 2015 ad campaigns.

The video has been loaded on YouTube and it provides a brief set of tips to help users get started.

Check out the video:

Here are the tips discussed in the video: