Local SEO Link Building Strategies2 Weekly Infographic: 6 Simple Local SEO Link Building Strategies for Small Businesses!

It is crucial to understand that link building is not easy. It requires time and small businesses need to be patient when going for their link building strategy. Small businesses, that depend on search visibility to attract traffic, need to realize the significance of local SEO link building. Along with adopting an effective link building strategy, it is critical to stay focused and motivated.

Here is an insightful infographic by Quantum on easy local SEO link building strategies.

In an AdWords blog post, Google announced that cross device conversions will be soon included automatically in the Conversions column. This will provide the complete view of the performance and measure the full value of mobile. This feature will begin rolling out on September 6, 2016.

Twitter has introduced an application form for Twitter accounts to receive verified status, announced PRNewswire.

Verified accounts are given a blue badge on Twitter and these include celebrities, and organizations in government, TV, fashion, film, music, religion, journalism, media, business, sports and other areas. Twitter verified thee accounts automatically.

Google announced at the DoubleClick Leadership Summit that soon the advertisements on AMP pages will load as fast as the content itself.

In a live demonstration, Paul Muret, VP of Display, Video & Analytics at Google, showed that AMP within a second but the advertisement at the top took 4 seconds to load.

Google AdWords is rolling out notifications and streamlined user management for manager accounts. This announcement was made on Google+.

These notifications allow the users to identify, prioritize, and take action on alerts and opportunities from the managed accounts. Alerts for the same issue across accounts are grouped together, thus making it easy to tackle the issues that affect multiple accounts simultaneously.

Image 13 Google AdWords Introduces Notifications & “Administrative Owner” Access For Manager Accounts!

Google is rolling out price extension for advertisers selling their products and services on AdWords. Google said in a blog post, “we’re introducing price extensions: additional information that can show with your mobile text ads, showcasing your services and range of products, and how much they cost.”

Image 12 Google Introducing Price Extensions For AdWords Text Ads!

Price extensions show below the text ad as multiple rows. This will help drive qualified clicks as people will be able to compare the prices before they click on any ad.

Here we come again with our list of this week's best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

top ten digital marketing articles5 Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 15th July, 2016!

Common SEO mistakes2 Weekly Infographic: Common SEO mistakes e commerce sellers make!

It is important for e-commerce vendors to be aware of the SEO optimizations to rank well in the SERPs. They also need to realize the significance of driving more traffic to the website and generating better conversions. It is crucial for e-commerce websites to be effective keeping in mind the good SEO practices. It thus becomes critical for these websites to know the errors being made and how they should be solved.

Here is an infographic by Oncrawl with a detailed information on common SEO mistakes made by e-commerce sellers.

Facebook has introduced Instant Articles on messenger for Android, and iOS version will follow in a couple of weeks.

David Marcus, Vice President – Messaging Products shared the news in a Facebook post “Thrilled to bring Instant Articles to Messenger for Android starting today, and to iOS in a couple of weeks.

Google has added more reporting features to help advertisers stay updated about their automated bidding.

Google said, “We’re now bringing bidding insights front and center to the places you spend the most time in AdWords with three new features:

  • New alerts that immediately flag bidding issues 
  • Bid strategy statuses that appear directly in your campaign and ad group status columns