In a recent blogpost Bing Ads announced that they are now giving users more control in setting bid adjustments by device. This will help the advertisers manage their campaigns more effectively across each device type. You will now be able to target tablets separately from PCs with different bid adjustments.

With Expanded Device Targeting advertisers will be able to set individual by adjustments by device type, thus getting more control in audience targeting.

Twitter Brings Moments To Everyone!

Sep 30, 2016 | 1,210 views | by Ritu Sharma

Twitter has officially opened Moments for everyone to share their stories with Tweets.

This was announced in an official Tweet. Moments was originally launched last year.

Twitter Twitter Brings Moments To Everyone!

Local SEO Laymans Term2 Weekly Infographic: Local SEO in Laymans Term

One of the major advantages of SEO is increased online presence and various local businesses have profited from it immensely. Firstly it is important to understand why it is necessary to have an SEO criteria for your business.

Second, knowing the tips to ensure better SEO strategy is required. Once you have this then, Google analytics and analyzation will guarantee your dominance in local ratings. Also, local SEO audit will help you get the best response.

Here is an insightful infographic by CJG Digital Marketing on how to profit from local SEO tactics.

Here we come again with our list of this week's best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

top ten digital marketing articles Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 30th September, 2016!

Facebook Analytics For Apps Introduces Cross Platform Metrics & Web Measurement

Facebook in a recent blogpost announced that Analytics for Apps is introducing a new beta that supports web measurement and cross platform metrics.

“At Facebook, we believe in thinking about people, not devices and we know that in the course of completing a task, people are highly likely to switch between multiple platforms and devices. In fact,53% of people who own two devices switch between them to complete tasks or activities, and 77% of people who have three or more devices do the same.”

Apple launched the beta for search ads in June and now they have rolled out the search ads in App Store to all app developers in the US. The main aim of these ads is to take new apps to the searchers.

Google My Business has shared guidelines for businesses to work with third parties – it shares the best practices to choose an SEO company.

“While Google My Business is free, third-parties often charge a fee to manage your listing. They can provide valuable services like keeping your listing up-to-date, providing you with customer insights, answering your questions, and responding to reviews. It’s important to understand the benefits you may be getting from a third-party so you can evaluate whether you’re getting the best return on your investment.”

Google Rolling Out Penguin Recoveries

Sep 29, 2016 | 1,157 views | by Ritu Sharma

Google’s Gary Illyes said that the sites affected by Penguin 3.0 will start seeing the recovery soon. This means Penguin 4.0 has started rolling out and the recovery will be seen son after the necessary steps have been taken to clear the link spam.

Image 15 Google Rolling Out Penguin Recoveries

Advertisers will now be able to reach the same users across devices, apps, and sites. They will now be able to decide how frequently your audience see your ads across various devices.

In a recent blogpost Google announced about these developments.

In a recent official blogpost, Bing announced the release of Bing Shopping Campaigns in Bing Ads Editor v11.4 across markets where shopping campaigns are available (US, Australia, Germany, France, and UK).

Advertisers can now create, update, or delete shopping campaigns using Bing Ads Editor. Campaign Type attribute to the Campaign Entity has been added which lets advertisers create either Shopping campaigns or Search and Content campaigns. Bing has also added a new Shopping tab in the editor pane, where advertisers can set your Store ID, Country/Region of sale, and Campaign priority.