So the next time you take a picture, you can consider embedding shutter speed, exposure compensation, ISO number, white balance, resolution and other EXIF annotations in your image. Matt Cutts, Google's head of Search Spam, says that the search engine reserves the right to use this information as a potential ranking factor.

It started with a bang in 2010 when Mark Zuckerberg labelled it as “next generation messaging” but three years later, Facebook is closing down its e-mail service because of the low participation of the users.

Earlier the e-mails sent to “” would go to the user’s message box, but seeing the little application by users who continue to depend on their primary e-mail addresses, the social networking site has decided to completely phase out the service by March 2014.

Google has once again streamlined the Google Places Quality Guidelines for businesses. The tweaks this time elucidate new guidelines for business names, instructing companies on how to name their business within Google Places, Google Local or Google Maps.

Enterprises can now place a descriptor in conjunction with the business name, which provides locale information and describes the business offers. The ones placing tag lines, phone numbers or store codes are not accepted.

After receiving criticism from advertisers on its Ad targeting features, Facebook has rolled out new changes in its core audience targeting features. The new options allow the advertisers to reach out to a more precise range of audience by giving them the power to impose greater control over their target audience.

Facebooks Narrows Down Audience Targeting Options Facebook Adds New Options to Make Audience Targeting Easier for Advertisers!

There's no exact formula to make a perfect landing but following the thumb rules will certainly increase your chances of winning over the competitors.

conversion scorecard top Infographic: The Landing Page Optimization Checklist!

Are you excited about the landing page you have recently created and want to find out if this one is near-to-perfect? Here's the landing page scorecard that will help you in figuring out how good your page is and also improve the things on the page. We give the credit for the landing page to unbounce.

The Hangouts page on web version of Google+ now gets "People you know" card. It will list different people in your circle you haven't been involved in discussion with through Hangouts, video calling service, or Google's instant messaging. A "start conversation" button will appear next to the name of these people, which upon clicking will open a chat window.

Google Hangout Google+ Hangouts Gets People you Know Card!

Daniel Waisberg, the Google Analytics advocate has announced a new feature that will automatically add the Google Analytics information to the dashboard of the Google+ page of your business.

If your business' Google+ page links back to your website and the website uses Google Analytics, a Google+ card will appear in the dashboard. It will show number of new visits, pageviews, and unique visitors for the site that is linked to the page. The data will be available for 30 days of visits and also include the percent change from previous 30 days period.

Bing has added a stern warning for webmasters who are using keyword stuffing techniques for manipulating rankings without being caught. The warning is present in the updated Webmaster Guidelines of Bing.

As per the warning, Bing can demote or delist the website that is using keyword stuffing. Here's what is written in the new keyword stuffing section:

Ever wondered what Google search results would be, without backlinks as a ranking tool? According to Matt Cutts, Google's Head of Search Spam, if there was a version of the search engine which declined backlink building as a ranking factor, then the quality of search results would be much worse.

What happens when a social media giant acquires one of the biggest mobile communication apps? There are billion dollars cash and stock deals. The social media firm gets a stronghold in the mobile messaging market and it leads to a rush in the industry for buying the other smaller competitors.