Do you want to move your site to a different URL or a different infrastructure but you have incomplete and sketchy information on this? Google has decided to help you out by providing an in-depth guide in the Webmaster Central Blog, on how to handle site moves in a Googlebot friendly way. It has also updated the site move guidelines in the Help Center to let webmasters design and implement site moves accurately.

Google has announced the introduction of a new version of the Content API for Google Shopping, enabling you to programmatically upload product listings and make your products easily discoverable. Content API for Google Shopping was launched back in 2010, to allow marketers upload their product data to Google and update the frequently changing features like price and availability. Since then, no update has been made to this programmatic interface. The version 2 of the Content API for Google Shopping gives you more details about the data quality of each item and helps you keep your data fresh.

Do you use Google+ in your marketing mix? Are you wondering how to get the most out of GooglePlus? With more than 300 million+ in-stream active users, Google+ is definitely worth paying attention to.

improve top Weekly Infographic  How to Improve Engagement on Google+?

Today’s infographic by Plus Your Business and Digital Information World gives you reasons, why your business should use Google+ in your marketing strategy and how you can improve engagement on Google+ to increase the social reach of your brand.

Google has brought a few changes to the AdSense account to simplify the ad creation process for businesses. Google announced in the official AdSense blog, the introduction of a new and simplified My Ads tab. With the introduction of the new tab, creating new ad units for your website becomes faster and easier. You can save time while deciding the look of the new ad units and utilize this time for optimizing your ad space.

Google has announced the launch of a new premium programmatic marketplace, called Google Partner Select to connect a select set of publishers who invest in high quality videos with the brands who want to buy against it.

Isn’t it annoying when after clicking on a search result on your smartphone, you land up on the site’s homepage instead of the page you were expecting? Google calls this “faulty redirects” and says this happens because the website is not optimized to handle requests from smartphones.

Google now allows businesses to connect their Google+ page to their local business listing on Google Maps. Connecting the page to Google Maps will add all the information provided in Google Maps about your business, including the address, reviews, working hours and more to your page. Google has given detailed instructions on how to connect the page to Google Maps in the Help section.

In the recent Webmaster Help video, Google’s head of Search Spam, Matt Cutts, explains how Google determines a page has quality content if there are not many links to it. The question posed was:

“How does Google determine quality content if there aren’t a lot of links to a post?”

Following the ruling of The Court of Justice of the European Union, which allows people to request the removal of their personal information from search results, Google has created a form in compliance with the same. Users can fill up the form to remove results which are inadequate, no longer relevant, or excessive in relation to the purposes for which they were processed.

Twitter can be the right platform for a business to connect with its target audience. However, you must know how it would work for your business. Twitter has launched an interactive guide to do exactly that.

The guide has been designed to assist beginners as well as experienced users, covering every aspect of Twitter marketing. Users can use the guide in their own way to optimize their experience. This screen would welcome you upon opening the guide: