Google announced on Google+ they will now automatically convert eligible Flash ads to HTML5 format. This will help the ad to be displayed on more devices.

Google quoted, “there is an all-too-common barrier: many mobile devices and some browsers do not currently support Flash. That’s why we’re introducing a way to automatically convert Flash ads to HTML5, giving advertisers better access to the portion of Google Display Network inventory that is HTML5-only.”

As of April 21st, Google will be extending the use of mobile usability as a ranking factor throughout mobile search results. This change, as Google announced, would be affecting mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a "significant" impact on the search results. This marks Google's much awaited step towards delivering mobile-friendly websites in mobile search. If users have been following Google changes closely, the signs had been building up over the past few months.

Google announced it is now bringing paid search results for mobile apps over the Google Play Store. This update enables the mobile developers to pay and promote their app on the Google Play Store and have it featured when people are searching for apps from or related to that category.

mobile apps image 1 Google Introduces Paid Search Results For Mobile Apps At Google Play Store!

Twitter announced the release of its first official WordPress Plugin, enabling the WordPress publishers to have an easier access to a host of Twitter’s features and functionality.

The plugin gives publishers the ability to:

  1. Twitter Cards

    Twitter wordpress image 1 Twitter Rolls Out First Official WordPress Plugin!

    Twitter Cards extend Twitter’s 140 character-display with thumbnail images, headlines and subheads, this plugin will automatically generate Twitter Cards for your webpages to highlight your content shared on Twitter.

When the cold season lashes it’s even colder tail on the faces of people, they start searching for a nice holiday for summers. Google says that every year in winters, there is a rise in searches for spring and summer travel. Now with the improvised version of Google Flights, it will be easier to plan the trip “that is right for you.”

When it comes to entice and lure prospective customers, visual aids such as high quality images are the best options. Google is giving businesses more control over photos displayed with their search and map results in the new update to its’ My Business product.

My business image 1 Businesses Get More Photo Control With Google’s My Business Update!

Here is an excerpt from the Google blog post where they introduced the change:-

Google has updated their security checks. Now apart from warning before downloading harmful content, it will also warn before one visits a site that has these downloads.

Within Google search, before one clicks a website that contains harmful downloads available on it, Google will warn to stay away from it. Google has warned users before they visit websites that include malware, are hacked or have other exploitative material. This is the first time that Google is warning about sites with harmful downloads.

It is a celebratory and happy moment for Facebook as they achieved 2 Million advertiser milestone. Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer and Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged On Facebook for Business Post:-

“There are now more than 2 million active advertisers on Facebook, and we have just two words to say to each one of you: Thank you.

Facebook updated their ad targeting domain by adding new categories to it. These new categories will enable the advertisers to focus on the 87th Academy Awards, ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 and Asian Americans. Fialkov Digital shared the screenshots of the new targeting options.

Ad Targeting Image 1 Facebook Rolls Out Categories For Ad Targeting For Academy Awards, World Cup & Asian Americans!

Ad Targeting Image 2 Facebook Rolls Out Categories For Ad Targeting For Academy Awards, World Cup & Asian Americans!

Ad Targeting Image 3 Facebook Rolls Out Categories For Ad Targeting For Academy Awards, World Cup & Asian Americans!

Here is Facebook’s description of the Asian-American targeting option:

Social Media Cheat Sheet AW2 Infographic  Ultimate Social Media Cheat Sheet!

With the immense increase in popularity of social media network, many businesses plan to run their pages on them. But before investing in these networks, it is vital to keep the profile up to date according to the rules- proper photo resolution is the first step to be kept in mind. Images are a clear shadow of what the page or account is all about- and networking sites are imposing new rules and resolutions for all sorts of images.