Google has added new translation tools, making it even easier for the users. You can now edit translation search terms, change languages, or hear the translations directly within search.

As @WilliamHarvey tipped, Google now displays a quick search option for choosing the languages or entering text through a dynamic knowledge graph box as displayed in the screen shot below

Google search translation feature Hear your Translations within Search with New Google Translation Tools!

Facebook has given advertisers a better way to manage their accounts on the go on mobile devices by launching the mobile ad manager. Marketers would be able to access the Facebook app on iOS, Android and mobile site. The social networking giant announced the launch on its Facebook for business page.

Facebook Ads Manager Facebook Introduces Ads Manager for Mobile Devices!

Google has now launched a free app for iOS and Android devices for AdWords Express in the US. The AdWords Express was introduced three years ago to help local businesses in creating effective campaigns.

Advertisers can use the AdWords Express app to run their business on the go. AdWords Express has helped businesses perform in a better way. The calls that the advertiser receive can be tracked back to their ad with the call reporting feature.

Google has updated its robots.txt tool in Webmaster Tools to make it easier to maintain and make robots.txt files.

robots.txt file Test robots.txt Files with the Updated robots.txt testing tool!

Now Webmasters can see the robots.txt file and even test new URLs to check whether they're disallowed for crawling. The new tool will also highlight a specific directive that led to the final decision to guide your way through complicated directives. Webmasters can now test and make changes in the file by simply uploading the new version of the file to their server to make the changes take effect before making the file live.

Cavario, Inc. recently released its quarterly report called “Global Paid Search Spend Analysis” for Q2 of 2014. With an increase of 98% in spend year over year and 6% increase quarter over quarter globally, the star of the findings was mobile online advertising. The mobile search advertising accounted for 25% of the total advertising spend worldwide.

Media Spend by Device Mobile Paid Search Spend Increases by 98% over the Previous Year!

Google has finally dropped the restriction of using real names on Google+ profiles. When Google+ was launched three years ago, users were only allowed to use their real names. This excluded the people who wanted to create their accounts on Google+ without using their real names.

Bing Ads has added two new features for updating bids and optimizing keywords. You can now view estimated bid suggestions in the web user interface and how to adjust those bids to meet your performance goals. Secondly, you can also get additional keyword delivery status insights for better optimization.

Inline Bids Suggestions:

Google announced in the Webmaster Central Blog, it will now indicate users when pages which may not be supported by their devices are detected. For example, Adobe Flash is not supported on Android versions 4.1 and higher and on iOS devices, from now onward a page with mostly Flash content will appear like this in the search engine result page:

Example Website Google Now Notifying Searchers when a Page Uses Adobe Flash and May Not Work on their Device!

The updated version of Google’s Search Quality Evaluation Guide has leaked once again, giving more details on how Google determines quality. The latest version (version 5.0) includes updated information on expertise, authority, trust and reputation and how Google analyzes them while rating websites and pages.

Google has created a new form for the public through which they can give their feedback on the implementation of the Right to be Forgotten law in Europe.

After the ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union, allowing people to request the removal of their personal information from search results, Google has been receiving removal requests everyday on content including serious criminal records, embarrassing photos, negative press stories etc.