Facebook has created a new page Facebook Media, highlighting how public figures and media organizations are using the social network in extraordinary ways to connect with their audience. Facebook uses the page to share data, best practices, success stories and videos to help you understand how you can improve your impact on Facebook.

Here are the key components of the new page:

Bing has announced a major update to its image search which will be rolled out in the coming weeks. These updates include touch-friendly search result pages designed to adapt to a user’s screen resolution and screen size. The new user experience is touch friendly and extensible enough to support the direction Bing is heading to.

Bing Image Experience Bing Redesigns its Image Search to be More Touch Friendly!

Twitter has updated its Tailored Audiences re-targeting tool to provide improved targeting options to advertisers and help them reach more users similar to their existing audiences. The new features include audience list upload capability, better audience management tools and new supported ID types for creating audiences (mobile advertising IDs and mobile phone numbers).

Create New List Audiences

If you are a page manager on Facebook, here is a good news for you. The social media giant has silently introduced a new feature this week for page managers enabling them to toggle between their personal and business pages. The option of switching between pages has been available but now you can do so in spontaneous situations including commenting or liking on a page or in a post displayed in the News Feed.

SMX East 2014, the biggest search marketing expo, is all set to create a buzz in New York from September 30, 2014 to October 2, 2014. Get ready to explore some new developments in SEO, the best practices and industry insights on search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media, local and international search.

Here’s what you can expect at SMX East 2014:

Bing Ads has introduced a new powerful tool, Campaign Planner to help search marketers in understanding their competitive landscape, fine tuning their campaigns and getting new keyword ideas.

Campaign Planner displays marketplace insights by product, vertical and keyword. It collects as well as surfaces data from the Yahoo Bing Network to reveal new investment opportunities and industry benchmarks.

YouTube has updated its Analytics dashboard to provide video publishers a minute-by-minute breakdown of data in the last 60 minutes and hour-by-hour data for the last 48 hours on how their videos are being viewed. This will give them early insights into how their latest video is performing and help them adjust the promotion strategy of the video in the future.

Google now lets AdWords advertisers view the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) from their campaigns in Google Analytics. Previously, data on the Return on Investment and Margin was available in Google Analytics which will now be replaced by Return on Ad Spend.

Return on Ad Spend gives you the amount of revenue generated for each dollar spent on AdWords. The revenue is based on either e-commerce revenue or goal value in Analytics.

Bing is implementing a two-phased plan for simplifying device targeting in Bing Ads. Since the time, the compatibility with enhanced campaigns has been rolled out, advertisers have been experiencing complexity in managing paid search campaigns in Bing Ads.

In June, Bing had announced to make changes for targeting functionality in September. This was largely because of the feedback regarding separating tablets and desktops adding unnecessary complexity to the process.

Twitter announced the release of new tools for making it easier for advertisers to create, manage as well as activate their tailored audiences. These new features include better audience management tools, audience list upload capability, new supported ID types for creating audiences as well as improved targeting options.

Creating and Managing Audiences