Google has announced that starting September, advertisers on AdWords will not be able to use Exact Match keywords for driving their ad spend. This means that from now on Google will match your exact match keywords for misspellings, plurals and other close variants even if you don’t want it.

The self proclaimed “Pandora for places” app that helps users in quickly finding a location is now a part of Yahoo Search team. The announcement was made by Zofari on its website.

Founded in 2012, Zofari is inspired by Pandora, the music streaming service and the movie streaming Netflix. It generates recommendations by taking out information from other services like Foursquare and partly by looking at the places you like.

Here is a good news for brands and advertisers in the UK. Twitter has launched a tool making use of its collated ‘Everyday Moments’ data that will show where, when and how often do people interact when talking about certain topics.

For example, you might want to check out the discussion among tea and coffee drinkers or see how many people around the nation are cribbing about traffic delays.

In a recent Webmaster Central hangout on Google Plus, John Mueller was asked whether the Google Penguin update could be pushed into the search results to allow the affected ones to see whether they have recovered even a bit. Mueller answered that the update is not ready to be rolled out yet.

Facebook has launched cross-device reporting for Facebook ads. It will enable the advertisers to find out how people are balancing their desktop, mobile, and tablet before making a conversion. The value of website conversion can also be found out by cross-device reporting.

Facebook talked more about this new capability in its blog:

Two new features have been added to Google Webmaster Tools. The first one is to notify webmasters of faulty redirects and second for showing color-coded-HTML syntax within fetch as Google feature.

Google is also sending notifications to the webmasters who are directing mobile users to their homepage instead of the destination URL. In June 2014, Google updated guidelines asking webmasters to direct the smartphone users to the page they actually wanted to see.

Twitter has announced the beta launch of Promoted Video to help brands in uploading and distributing their videos on the Twitter Network.

Promoted Video Twitter Twitter Introduces Promoted Video in Beta, Also Expands Native Video Testing!

Promoted Video is an extension of the Twitter Amplify program, with an addition of new set of video tools for uploading and distributing videos. Twitter is giving advertisers a Cost Per View ad buying model. This means that advertisers will only be charged when a user plays the video ad.

Google has released a new tool to help users upgrade their PLA campaigns to Shopping campaigns in just a matter of clicks. In April, the search giant announced the replacement of PLA campaigns with Shopping campaigns.

The tool will create a new Shopping campaign from your regular PLA campaign based on your campaign structure, historical performance and current bids of your PLA campaign.

Google Shopping Campaign Google Releases Shopping Campaigns Upgrade Tool for AdWords Advertisers!

Google has added "low-quality guest blog posts" as an example of scraped content in the little or no original content Webmaster guideline. The search engine has been dealing with the use of guest blogging and posting for link building, specifically after Matt Cutts said that guest blogging is done for SEO purpose.

The news is out that Google is testing "Listen Now" music ads feature that gives searchers an option to listen to the tracks instantly via Google Play, Spotify, Rhapsody, and Apple Beats Music. The Wall Street Journal broke the news and it has been confirmed by a Google representative.

The Rolling Stones Screenshot Google Testing “Listen Now” Ads for Music Searches in Knowledge Graph!