Google has launched Primer, the iOS app that helps start-ups with their marketing efforts. Referred to as a no-nonsense and jargon-free application, it offers a very basic primer for the businesses that are trying to negotiate in the online marketing world.

On the app's companion website, Google explained "We realize that some of the Google ad-tech products which connect businesses to customers also widen the gap between rookies and marketing pros. We want to fix this".

Keynote Speaker

Jay Baer (@jaybaer)- President, Convince and Convert

The President of Convince & Convert Jay Baer opened the keynote on day 3 at Pubcon by explaining that marketing is more challenging than ever. Since the attention spans are shorter, what worked two decades ago won't work today, and consumers are demanding more knowledge, all these are raising the difficulty level of marketing.

work out Google+ Allows Users to Add Interactive Polls to Posts!Google has introduced a polling feature for for its social network Google+. The feature would let members create polls with up to five choices and brush them up with the photos uploaded from the social network.

The feature will first be rolled out for Android devices and thereafter for Apple's iOS mobile OS in a few days.

Google has upgraded the conversational voice search on its mobile apps for Android and iOS by adding a few new travel planning specific voice commands. From booking a romantic holiday to ordering the best desserts, Google says this upgrade has many advantages. Its official blog post also gives voice to the many benefits of this conversational search update.

Here's the brief account of Day 2 at Pubcon Las Vegas, 2014 in numbers.

pubcon day1 #pubcon Las Vegas 2014 Day 2 in Numbers!

Here's the overview of Day 2 at Pubcon Las Vegas, 2014.

  1. Mission-Driven Execution: Keynote by Chris Brogan, #pubcon Las Vagas 2014, Day 2!


    Chris Brogan @chrisbrogan

  2. Pinterest and Other Missed Social SEO Opportunities: #pubcon Las Vegas, 2014, Day 2!


    Lisa Buyer @lisabuyer


    Stephan Spencer @sspencer

    John Rampton @johnrampton

    Cynthia Johnson @CynthiaLIVE

The session at Salon G looked at SEO site audits and the data that is present and what it is telling you. Site audits and listing audits have a very important role to play in the entire process and the speakers in this session stressed on it.


Ralf Schwoebel (@trabit): Founder & CEO, Tradebit Inc.


Alan Bleiweiss (@AlanBleiweiss): Forensic SEO Consultant, Alan Bleiweiss Consulting

Google News has always been very strict in maintaining a set of guidelines for the sources it displays in the "In the News" section. But now, as noticed by Search Engine Land it seems that Google has made serious changes in its standards.

Since a few days, surprising results are showing up in the news section of the search results. Reddit and many other non traditional results are appearing in the news results.

This session at Salon A was conducted by SEO veteran and thought leader Jim Boykin who is a stalwart in the field. The session covered important information about updates by Google, links, content marketing as well as the impact of these on SEO and the future of search engine optimization.


  • Brett Tabke (@btabke) – CEO, Pubcon Inc.


The session at Salon B covered the importance of seeing Pinterest as a valuable social media channel. The speakers also stressed on how the true potential of Pinterest can be tapped. They spoke of how creative strategists can use this tool for capitalizing on market opportunities. The speakers also highlighted how Pinterest could be leveraged to provide the business with more insights and engage consumers driving impressive traffic to the official website and company.