Twitter recently announced a new feature that will help advertisers in managing their multiple campaigns. The tool, otherwise known as, ads editor, allows users to create and manage their advertising campaigns with spreadsheets, either downloaded from existing Twitter campaigns or generated from scratch and uploaded to Twitter’s ad-serving dashboard.

twitter your ad here ss 1920 800x450 Twitter Releases Ads Editor For Managing Multiple Campaigns!

Deepak Rao, Twitter product manager, explained how the tool functions in a blog post:

Facebook yesterday announced the introduction of new communication features for Pages whereby businesses and customers will be able to connect with each other through private messaging.

Facebook messaging1 Facebook Enhances Messaging Between Businesses & Customers!

Key communication features that will enhance messaging between customers and businesses include:

  • Send private messages to a Page from local awareness ads:
  • Reply to comments privately with a message:
  • Identify responsive Pages:

Google, after much speculation, has finally made the official launch of the new Search Analytics API for the Google Search Console.

Google API Google Introduces Search Analytics API for the Google Search Console!

Google opted for making the data available via an API after much positive feedback about the Search Analytics feature within the Google Search Console.

John Mueller, on behalf of Google, says through Google+:

Google has announced the rollout of a new type of Schema markup that can help in displaying detailed critic review knowledge graph cards in the SERPs (search results pages). Critic review Knowledge Graph cards are the newly introduced features that Google had brought to shelves to give instant answers to questions like “did Ex Machina get good reviews ?”

Google Schema Markup Google Shows Critic Reviews in Knowledge Graph!

Google introduced a new great feature for Google AdWords MCC (My Client Center) users.

As you have more and more clients in your MCC interface, a few of those clients keep leaving over time, and allow to have access to their accounts. But now, the advertisers can declutter their AdWords MCC by hiding those unused accounts.

Google recently announced through Google+ the addition of a new feature on the bulk upload within the Google AdWords, making campaign management easier.

The new feature would allow the advertisers to delete/make bulk changes to the existing product groups (for Shopping campaign), add new product groups and change bids, all in one action.

This would make it "easier and faster" for advertisers to manage their shopping campaigns.

infographie 5 errors 02 Weekly Infographic: 5 Common Mistakes in SEO

A few common mistakes in SEO can throw all your efforts into the bin. People often make the mistake of getting carried away with rankings, forgetting best practices that safeguard the integrity of their craft.

Here we come again with our list of this week's best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Have a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

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Content Marketing

50% of Marketers Don’t Have a Content Strategy – Digital Marketing Research

Facebook has finally brought to shelves its Security Checkup tool, which will allow its users to have more secure and safer social networking experience.

Facebook, through its site integrity product manager Melissa Luu-Van, says that before using this feature or tool, the users need to go through a three-steps process as soon as they see a little prompt at the top of their feed.

Google has announced two data feed enhancements to Google Merchant Center. One would improve efficiency for large retailers, while the other would facilitate small retailers get on board.

The first is online product inventory feeds, a new feed type that supports quick updation of price, availability and sale price of key products. This is particularly helpful for large retailers who are likely to make frequent changes to these attributes.