Facebook advertisers will now be able to see analysis of their ads on the basis of audience, budget, bid, and targeting. Thanks to Ad Grader, a third party tool, which will analyze News Feed ads and offer grade & tips for improvement, free of cost.

Ad Grader1 Check your Facebook Ads, Get Grades & Improvement Tips for Free with Ad Grader!

The Ad Grader will analyze News Feed ads to provide grade (A through F). It will also give actionable tips so that brands can improve their ad units.

Google in its Google Analytics G+ account announced that a new AdWords reporting feature called Treemaps is coming to the software.

Treemaps will offer AdWords advertisers a quicker insight into their ad performance. As told by Google, these will enable advertisers to "visually identify trends and trouble spots across your account with speed and insight that you don’t have when looking at numbers alone". Treemaps display "hierarchical data using nested rectangles, showing positive results in green, and lagging results in red, speeding up your decision process," Google added.

After brining dynamic insertion to a whole new level, Google has now launched bulk editing for ad extensions and campaign settings. It will eliminate the process of making changes in the extensions and settings within AdWords user interface for one campaign or ad group at a time.

Marketers can now edit sitelink extensions, location targeting, ad rotation, and more on multiple campaigns at once. This will reduce the management hours and improve the performance of marketers.

To help businesses with their Twitter marketing activities, the social network has released a Small Business Planner mobile app. Perfectly timed to launch at the start of holiday shopping season, the app aims at small and medium business people. It offers tactical guidance as well as advice pulled from Twitter for Business site, which was redesigned last month.

Twitter app Twitter Launches Small Business Planner Mobile App to Help SMBs with Social Marketing!

Matt Cutts stunned the SEO space when he announced that he would be taking a few months off to spend time with his wife. It seems he has been enjoying the time and doesn't want the break to get over.

Matt Cutts Matt Cutts Not Returning to Google in 2014: Extends His Leave Into 2015!

The head of search spam made yet another announcement on Twitter that he is extending his leave into 2015. In his blog post Cutts said:

When the Google Penguin 3.0 was rolled out, John Mueller told that he expected to see rankings begin to start to settle down in a couple of week's time. However, in the recent Google Webmaster Help Hangout, Mueller told that the update is still operational.

Based on Mueller's comments, webmasters expected the Penguin 3.0 update to have been over by last Friday, but there are clear movements in the rankings in various marketplaces, on the 18th day also.

Google has become such an essential part of our lives that it seems we were never or will never be without it. But, we know that Google is relatively new.

Crazy Facts You Never Knew Infographic   26 Crazy Facts About Google

Let's take a look at the Google's history and find out some facts we didn't know about the search engine. Kudos to WhoIsHostingThis for an amazing infographic.

Small changes announced by Google can be as significant as the larger ones. Search engine giant Google recently made an announcement that will impact the users considerably. In the Google Ads G+ account, it has been recently announced that users can be logged onto numerous accounts at the same time without opening multiple browsers. This has simplified the work flow as users can now move between multiple Google accounts without logging in and out again and again.

Automated extensions is a new term term for what were previously known as annotations. These extensions are essentially consumer and seller ratings which populate automatically in AdWords ads.

Google has recently announced that annotations is a term which will no longer be used. Instead, automatic extensions will be used. Google has also said that the Reporting and Help Center documentation will be showing this change as well. Within this new announcement, Google has also new automated extensions report is going to be released.

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