The number of shares that an article gets and the number of people who read the entire content before sharing, can tell us two different stories. According to a recently introduced metric system by Upworthy, the website for viral content, there can be no interrelationship between the social shares and people actually reading the entire content.

Following a 3 months beta period and based on the feedbacks of the initial adopters, Google has decided to unveil it's shopping campaigns to merchants worldwide. The transition will allow the advertisers to bulk edit their product groups, promote and prioritise their product campaign and manage biddings.

Google Shopping Campaign Google Releases Shopping Campaigns to Users Worldwide!

The popularity of Google+ is on rise and we aren't surprised to see that the number of Google+ registrations has more than doubled from 2012 to 2013.

howtoincreasegoogleplus Infographic: Interesting Google+ User Statistics for UK, US, and Global Markets!

If you want to see more shares and likes on your social content, all you need to do is devote some time, nourish an idea which is fresh, crisp and creative and strengthen it with a little planning. In a recent post on the Social Media Community of Google +, Timi Budai shared an info-graphic describing five steps through which the users can make their social content a hit among their followers.

Google is offering advice to its users on implementing a search-friendly version of infinite scroll. In a recent post on the Webmaster Central Blog, Google recommends that the infinite scroll can be made search friendly by converting it to paginated series.

There is no average day in the life of a spam fighter because new is thrown at them all the time, says Matt Cutts, Google's head of Search Spam. In a recently launched Webmaster Help Video which is interestingly long and engrossing, Cutts replies on what it's like to fight web spam.

The question posed was:

As a recent update in the Webmaster Guidelines Document, Google recommends users not to block the Google ads destination URL with robots.txt file.

In contrast to the previous guideline, the new text in the Technical Guidelines section says,

“Make efforts to ensure that a robots.txt file does not block a destination URL for a Google Ad product. Adding such a block can disable or disadvantage the Ad.”

Designing Landing Pages is a no brainer while creating truly effective ones not so. Problem is people try to provide too much information, only to end up saying nothing at all! The result? The poor visitor who was full of hope is left hankering for information he wanted! Make them a ‘one track mind’ type of stuff, with one goal, you will be amazed

PPC Landing Page Tips Weekly Infographic: How to Get Landing Page Ring Your Cash Register Loud Enough?

If you see a shiny new navigation and side bar in the Google Analytics page, do not think that it is an error or that some style sheet has failed to upload. It is a design tweak rolled out by Google Analytics to give a fast and easy analysis to the users.

Facebook has devised a new way to sprinkle some love in the air this Valentine’s Day. The social networking site has introduced two new packs in its collection of stickers to use in chats.

You will find yourself smitten with the new “Love Is In The Air” which is a slightly modified version of the already existing characters of Facebook's sticker packs. By adding hearts to all the characters, Facebook has successfully added a tint of love to them.