Google has introduced two new ways by which you can tell potential customers Google recognizes you as an online advertising professional. Google confirmed, AdWords certified professionals can now get a personalized HTML certificate and a publicly sharable profile page including the certifications, basic information like name, Google+ profile photo and company affiliation.

Here’s how you can view the HTML version of your certificate:

LinkedIn has created a new search architecture called Galene, a year long effort to scale its search engine and gather all the economic data there is in the world to obtain the world’s first economic graph. Galene makes searching twice as fast and a new feature “instant results and suggestions” predicts what the user is going to type.

If you are one of those marketers who are concerned about the declining organic reach of your Facebook page, then this might be of some help to you. Facebook’s Ads Product Marketing lead, Brian Boland explained in the Facebook for Business page why the reach is falling and why marketers, businesses and other social publishers should stick to the platform.

FitSmallBusiness, the how-to site for marketing, management and business plans for small businesses, has come up with a Facebook Marketing Quiz featuring 18 questions based on social media. 80% correct answers or getting 15 answers right out of 18, implies you are doing great in your social media marketing strategy.

Pinterest has announced the introduction of two new tools for businesses- Do-it-Yourself Promoted Pins and an updated analytics. According to an official Pinterest blog post, while the DIY Promoted Pins will help you drive visits back to your website, the updated Analytics will provide you a deeper insight into how your pins are performing.

Do-it-Yourself Promoted Pins:

Have you ever wondered what is the biggest SEO mistake people generally make? Is it when your website is not crawlable by Googlebot? Not having webmaster resources? Not having unique title tags and meta descriptions? Or is it not optimizing for the right keywords? The answer is- none of these.

In a post on the Facebook for Business page, the social media giant announced the introduction of some new tools for the brands running video ad campaigns on Facebook. The coming weeks will mark the roll out of expanded video capabilities and reach and frequency buying capabilities for those who use Facebook as a brand marketing platform. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Do you want to move your site to a different URL or a different infrastructure but you have incomplete and sketchy information on this? Google has decided to help you out by providing an in-depth guide in the Webmaster Central Blog, on how to handle site moves in a Googlebot friendly way. It has also updated the site move guidelines in the Help Center to let webmasters design and implement site moves accurately.

Google has announced the introduction of a new version of the Content API for Google Shopping, enabling you to programmatically upload product listings and make your products easily discoverable. Content API for Google Shopping was launched back in 2010, to allow marketers upload their product data to Google and update the frequently changing features like price and availability. Since then, no update has been made to this programmatic interface. The version 2 of the Content API for Google Shopping gives you more details about the data quality of each item and helps you keep your data fresh.

Do you use Google+ in your marketing mix? Are you wondering how to get the most out of GooglePlus? With more than 300 million+ in-stream active users, Google+ is definitely worth paying attention to.

improve top Weekly Infographic  How to Improve Engagement on Google+?

Today’s infographic by Plus Your Business and Digital Information World gives you reasons, why your business should use Google+ in your marketing strategy and how you can improve engagement on Google+ to increase the social reach of your brand.