WhyContentForSEO FINAl Weekly Infographic: Why Content for SEO?

In the current search ecosystem, it has become very essential to produce user friendly content. In fact 76% marketers who have a strategic SEO campaign in place also invest in content creation. Websites that tend to offer quality and insightful content are being awarded by search engines in the form of more visibility.

To make any content marketing campaign successful, it is essential for marketers to know which type of content is shared most by the people and where. Widgets showing shares, pins, +1s, and tweets have become the basics of determining how well the copy is written.

A collaborative study by BuzzSumo and Fractl is the answer to all your curious content marketing related questions. Let's dig deeper into the findings:

Facebook is now rolling out analytics for App links. The announcement was made via a newly created blog on the AppLinks site. This is an effort to make mobile web less frustrating and help developers to measure results in a better way. The data available is simpler but it is a step to convince developers to use it for sending traffic between apps.

Google has some great news for developers and advertisers. Now Google’s app promotion ads are available across YouTube networks and Google Search. Earlier this year in April Google AdWords announced the introduction of new features and enhancement.

Google App Promotion

Here is a good news for all Vine users! The short term video sharing service has announced the introduction of several new tools to help you easily shoot as well as edit videos from your phone. Now you can import existing videos on your phone and convert them into vines. In addition to the video import feature, it also lets you edit the imported video.

Google will be rolling out new Conversion Setting over the coming weeks that will give marketers the flexibility to choose specific conversions to include in bid automation.

Conversion Google AdWords Gets New Conversion Setting to Focus Bid Automation on the Most Valuable Conversions!

The automated bidding uses auction-time signals for driving more conversions, which matter the most to your business. You can count the conversions such as sales, leads, email sign-ups etc. that AdWords ads have generated for your business, while keeping the bid automation focused on getting only most important conversions.

Google is rolling out a new bulk editing feature within AdWords console. It will enable advertisers to update their settings across the campaign easily.

Here are the features AdWords marketers can use:

  • Filter for the campaigns that are targeting a specific location
  • Update multiple campaigns that are targeted within a new location
  • Make adjustments in settings such as campaign end dates, language, and ad rotation.

Facebook Infographic Infographic: How to Increase your Fan Base on Facebook?

Only a small percentage of your website visitors convert into customers or connect with you through social media. The most effective way to gain more audience on Facebook is to target people who have visited your website, used your mobile app or signed up for your email list. With the help of simple Facebook Ads setup, you can reach past visitors and convert them into Facebook fans.

Google head of search Amit Singhal has revealed in his Google+ post that Google has made more than 890 improvements in Google Search in past one year.

In 2009, Google told to have made 350-400 changes to search and the numbers increased to 550 in 2010. Matt Cutts in a video in 2010 said that Google makes one change per day to its core search algorithm. Amit Singhal said that the 890 improvements are search specific but also go well beyond algorithms. User interface changes, Google Now, auto-complete, and many more enhancements are a part of the number.

Squidoo will be closing its doors shortly. Seth Godin, the founder and the owner of Squidoo announced that HubPages has acquired the social content platform which was founded in 2005.

The interesting point here is that both these websites were hit really hard by the panda update. What we need to see in the coming months is that will transferring content from one panda victim to another be of any use?