Google announced "property sets” that let webmasters combine multiple properties (sites as well as apps) in a group to monitor overall clicks and impressions in search in a single report.

Image 18 Group Your Sites With Property Sets in Google Search Console!

You can get started in four simple steps:

1. Create a property set
2. Add the properties you're interested in
3. The data will start being collected within a few days
4. Profit from the new insights in Search Analytics!

Google’s Richard Gingras shared data around Accelerated Mobile Pages at Google I/O.
Gingras announced that Google has already indexed more than 125 million documents from more than 640,000 domains. Jeff Jarvis shared an image from the event:

Image 11 Google AMP Crosses 125 Million Documents!

Gingras further announced that AMP will now be expanded to upcoming iOS and Androd search apps. He also added that Google is now expanding to recipe web pages that have taken advantage of AMP.

Here we come again with our list of this week's best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

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seo ppc strategies2 Weekly Infographic: 5 Reasons To Combine Your PPC & SEO Strategies!

Every online business needs to realize the significance of both SEO and PPC strategies for a bright future. There are a few vital reasons to combine these strategies to be successful. From increasing brand awareness, exposure and improving the loading speed to optimizing the landing pages and driving users to specific pages, both the strategies are crucial. So, companies that are torn between an SEO or PPC strategy for their business need to act and plan now.

Here is an infographic by Search Engine People with a detailed information on ways and reasons to combine SEO and PPC strategies.

A huge asset and investment for any business is building and having a fully functioning, competent and well-motivated digital marketing team. You need one for online sales growth. The digital world can be both complicated and daunting. Buzz words, skill sets and technologies seem to change on a daily basis. In order to connect with millennials, and stay relevant, it is critical to embrace experiential marketing, social and visual storytelling. The only issue is many startups, with deep pockets, have no trouble hiring the best and brightest. So, how can you create a world class digital marketing team for your company? Keep reading to learn more.

Google announced on Google+ that they have just introduced a change in Google Search Console’s Search Analytics features with the help of which users can drill down to look at how your AMP pages are doing in Search.

Image 17 Google Rolls Out AMP Filter In Search Console!

Google announced on Google+ that users can now set timezones for AdWords conversion imports.

Google said, “Daylight saving time or collaborating across multiple regions can cause unexpected upload errors. Having the right time zones set for your conversions in AdWords can improve reporting accuracy. That's why you can now specify time zones for your conversion imports with timezone IDs.”

Bing has announced version 11.0 of Bing Ads Editor.

Bing said, “When building BAE 11.0, we focused on answering two questions. First, how can we enable you to do more in less time? Second, how can we improve the user interface to make it easier for you to use Bing Ads Editor? Support for managing multiple accounts addresses the first question, and a host of usability updates packaged into a visual redesign addresses the second. Let’s take a closer look at these.”

Google announced about launching their new mobile friendly testing tool at

The new tool is linked from mobile usability report in Search Console.

Image 15 Google’s New Mobile Friendly Testing Tool!

Google said, “The updated tool provides us with room to continue to improve on its functionality, and over time, we expect it to replace the previous Mobile Friendly Test. Additionally, of course this tool also works well on your smartphone, if you need to double-check something there!”

Google has announced Rich Cards based on the success of rich snippets. Rich cards also use structured markup to display content in an engaging and visual format to provide better mobile user experience.

Image 14 Google Introduces Rich Cards For Recipes And Movies!