Customer conversion is the ultimate goal of search marketers. They have to set right dynamic landing page testing and tuning, persona development, search funnel and user navigation path sculpting. The conversion rate rockstars on this panel showed how to make the connect with the visitors.

image11 Conversion Rate Rockstars: #SMX New York 2014, Day 3!


Ginny Marvin – Contributing Editor, Search Engine Land (@ginnymarvin)

Q&A Coordinator:

SEO thought leaders and seasoned experts in this session shared amazing and top insights regarding keyword research including tried and tested methods. The speakers also shared some of their favorite tactics and tried plus tested methods. The session explored how keyword research can make all the difference to audience engagement and better content.


Christine Churchill – President, KeyRelevance (@keyrelevance)

Q&A Coordinator:

Google may launch a refresh of Penguin algorithm as early as sometime next week, said the search engine giant’s Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst and Search Quality Engineer, at Search Marketing Expo East.

This is a major re-write of the algorithm Google has been working on for almost a full year  to release. Google is confident that the refreshed Penguin will be a delight for webmasters as well as users.

This session examined how search engines take tons of signals such as structured data, links, social sharing and top quality content to decide where the user should go. Speakers examined how to use long term strategies than just short ways or dead ends for dealing with the challenge of handling search engines.


Danny Sullivan – Founding Editor, Search Engine Land (@dannysullivan)

Here's the brief account of Day 2 at SMX New York, 2014 in numbers.

smx day 2 final2 #SMX New York 2014 Day 2 in Numbers!

Here's the detailed overview of Day 2 at SMX New York, 2014

1.  What Is Hummingbird & The Entity Search Revolution?: #SMX New York 2014, Day 2!


  • Danny Sullivan

Q&A Coordinator:

  • Mark Munroe


  • Warren Lee
  • Bill Slawski
  • Marcus Tober

2. What SEOs Should Be Doing With Mobile?: #SMX New York 2014, Day 2!

Google has launched a new feature for Shopping that helps prevent Product Listing Ads (PLAs) being disapproved because of price mismatches between the PLA feed and the site’s microdata.

Termed automatic item updates, it can be enabled by merchants if they implement microdata for Google shopping products.

The session discussed the Pigeon update released by Google and how it impacts local search results ranking. The speakers at the session explored what businesses can do in terms of referrals for websites, leads and businesses and more from this new algorithm. Even though the new algorithm affects the core, it does affect local search too and the session speakers provided handy tips about how to counter the same.

Panelists explored how you can ensure that large sites with complex databases and lots of content are efficiently crawled by Google.  The session covered everything from canonicals and crawl priority to pagination topics.

image1 Conquering Today’s Technical SEO Challenges: #SMX New York 2014, Day 2!


Alex Bennert  (@alexbennert), SEO Consultant, Independent

Q&A Coordinator:

Jason White (@sonray), Director of SEO, DragonSearch


Mark Munroe (@markemunroe), SEO, SEORadar

Restrict Viewership of Google+ Posts by Age and Location with the Restrictive Targeting Feature

Google+ page owners with content that is inappropriate for young people or is illegal in certain countries can now restrict their audience. Announcing the new restrictive targeting feature, Google said that it offers Google+ page owners the ability to prevent viewing of the posts from a specific page or the profile by people under 18 or 21. The settings are customizable and there's also an Alcohol setting with suggested presets to block viewing access to countries where alcohol is prohibited.