Google has become such an essential part of our lives that it seems we were never or will never be without it. But, we know that Google is relatively new.

Crazy Facts You Never Knew Infographic   26 Crazy Facts About Google

Let's take a look at the Google's history and find out some facts we didn't know about the search engine. Kudos to WhoIsHostingThis for an amazing infographic.

Small changes announced by Google can be as significant as the larger ones. Search engine giant Google recently made an announcement that will impact the users considerably. In the Google Ads G+ account, it has been recently announced that users can be logged onto numerous accounts at the same time without opening multiple browsers. This has simplified the work flow as users can now move between multiple Google accounts without logging in and out again and again.

Automated extensions is a new term term for what were previously known as annotations. These extensions are essentially consumer and seller ratings which populate automatically in AdWords ads.

Google has recently announced that annotations is a term which will no longer be used. Instead, automatic extensions will be used. Google has also said that the Reporting and Help Center documentation will be showing this change as well. Within this new announcement, Google has also new automated extensions report is going to be released.

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Content Marketing

7 Content Marketing Tips For When You Lack Time & Resources

Do you know that 27 million pieces of content are shared everyday but only 21% marketers think they are successful at measuring the ROI of content? It is surprising to know that 48% marketers still do not have a documented content marketing strategy.

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Bing made an official announcement on its blog that a new filter has been added within Bing Images which enables viewers to see animated GIF images. As told by Bing, the addition is a part of the search engine’s quest to improve UX so that users are able to find image content more easily.

Gif 1 Searching for GIF Images Gets Easier on Bing with the New Animated GIF Filter

Smartphones play an important role in determining the way to the budget of a small business. Marketing budgets are undoubtedly influenced through mobile devices and the exposure they give. In fact, as far as vendors of local marketing services are concerned, the most efficient way for reaching as well as retaining interested small businesses is the mobile device.

Mobile is expanding at a fast pace in terms of usage as well as screen size. Keeping this in mind, Google has added the Mobile Usability feature to Google’s Webmaster Tools.

This new feature enables identification of issues pertaining to mobile usability with graphs so that progress can be tracked. Mobile friendly sites can be easily accessed via smartphones. Google’s Mobile Usability reports display issues such as flash content, fixed-width viewports, missing viewport (important meta-tag for mobile pages), tiny fonts, content not sized to viewport, as well as clickable links/buttons too close against each other.

Google recently began displaying flash warnings to mobile users within the search results in US English. This was supposedly expanded on a global scale earlier in October, when Pierre Far from Google made the announcement regarding the flash warnings on his personal page in Google+.

Google recently announced on Google+ that it will be renaming a few columns within Google AdWords. The search engine giant has made this announcement at a forum discussion which was recently centered on this topic.

It also reported that this naming convention has a high level of consistency with Google Analytics. During the forum discussion, Google declared that,”three of the Google Analytics reporting columns in AdWords will be re-named to match the corresponding column names in Google Analytics.”