Facebook has added a Call Now feature to their local awareness ads. The new call to action button joins the Get Directions button, which was part of the launch of local awareness ads last October.

facebook call image 1 Facebook Adds Call Now To Local Awareness Ads!

With this new feature, when Facebook users will click on the Call Now button, their phones will automatically dial the advertiser’s number, enabling them to get information or make reservations or appointments.

With the buzz that organic search for Facebook Pages shrinking to next to nothing, there could be a possibility of drop in brand engagement on the social network. But according to a new report from analytics provider Simply Measured this is not the case, at least not for major brands.

Reports suggest Facebook is using its index of more than one trillion posts to make it easier to share links on mobile. It has been observed that it gets difficult for Facebook's mobile users to search and share links from their devices, and the social platform is hoping to remedy the problem by offering an "Add a Link" button to some iOS users' screens alongside the options to share photos or location.

Google Map Maker has been temporarily suspended by Google. Map Maker is a service to allow the community to make edits to Google Maps similar to how Wikipedia edits work. The service was suspended due to the recent public edits which showed how easy it is to make fraudulent edits to businesses.

facebook carousel image 1 Facebook Carousel Ad Format Live For Mobile Application Ads!

Facebook announced the launch of its carousel ad format, which is now available for mobile application ads. The social network said in a Facebook for Business post that the carousel format for mobile apps ads will be enabled to support up to 5 images, with links, adding that advertisers using the format have seen costs per conversion 30% to 50% lower than single-image link ads and costs per click 20% to 30% lower.

mothers day seo infographic conductor2 Weekly Infographic: Mum’s The Keyword: An SEO Infographic on Mother’s Day Keywords!

Facts suggest that consumers spend 20 billion dollars a year on their mothers, giving us 20 billion reasons to see how this super special holiday performs in search. There are certain keywords that you can include to drive more traffic for this day!

Here we come again with our list of this week's best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Have a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

top ten digital marketing articles6 Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 8th May, 2015!

Content Marketing

5 Bad Writing Habits to Drop Right Now

Google has rolled out a new way for businesses to add links to how their customers can order food delivery, reserve tables, and book appointments through Google Search and Google Maps.

This new feature will likely be built directly into Google My Business but for now, if one may want to participate can fill this form.

On the topic of the new mobile friendly algorithm, which is fully rolled out, Google’s Gary Illyes responded to feedback on Twitter.

Screenshot 12 Google To Improve Mobile Algorithm And Add Mobile Page Speed!

The webmaster said, it is frustrating to land on a mobile friendly web page that takes too much time to load. The feedback is around Google still using many desktop signals for mobile ranking- including how fast a desktop page loads and not counting the speed of the mobile page.

For all those who publish on LinkedIn, they would be able to get detailed information about how their content is performing. The career-focused social network announced today that they have created an analytics dashboard for publishers on the platform.

This new feature will be offering standard insight metrics, including number of views, comments, likes and shares on posts but also shows profiles of individuals who have interacted with a post. It also displays demographics of readers, broken down by geography, industry, job title and traffic source.