landers ab testing info Infographic: A/B Testing on your Landing Page Simplified!

A/B testing offers a host of benefits to online marketers including lower bounce rates, higher clickthrough rates, and more sales. It is correct that A/B testing enables you to convert your visitors into real paying customers.

This Infographic by Lander explains how and why should you run an A/B test. It also tells you how long should you be running the test and what exactly do you need to check.

Google has introduced Website Call Conversions, a feature that will delight AdWords advertisers for sure. It will allow the advertisers to track all the calls after a visitor arrives on the website by clicking an ad.

Get More Interaction on Google plus Infographic: How to Get More Interaction on Google+?

If you use Google+ in your marketing mix and wonder why you are not getting +1s, shares and comments like others, you might be doing it the wrong way.

This infographic by and Digital Information World shows what kind of content dominates Google+ with +1s, shares and comments and what is the best format to create posts for facilitating engagement.


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The Digital Intelligence firm, TrackMaven has recently made a checklist of a perfect Facebook post. But, is there anything like a perfect FB post? Today's infographic will help you get closer to writing a FB post that gets more engagement.

TrackMavenNutsAndBolts Weekly Infographic: Secrets to Writing the Perfect Facebook Post Revealed!

In a recent announcement, Bing Ads explained that it has expanded its reporting features by adding a Top Movers report for added visibility into an account's performance. Bing Ads also said that its top movers report would give a snapshot of significant changes to advertisers' accounts and possible reasons behind the fluctuations.

Bing Ads Bing Expands its Reporting Feature by Adding “Top Movers” Report!

Yahoo has launched the new version of its eCommerce platform, Yahoo Stores that will enable small business owners in having a PCI compliant site. The service will offer built-in SEO, responsive theme and the ability to manage it all with an iPhone.

Yahoo Stores Yahoo Launches Revamped e Commerce Platform Yahoo Stores!

Google has announced that starting September, advertisers on AdWords will not be able to use Exact Match keywords for driving their ad spend. This means that from now on Google will match your exact match keywords for misspellings, plurals and other close variants even if you don’t want it.

The self proclaimed “Pandora for places” app that helps users in quickly finding a location is now a part of Yahoo Search team. The announcement was made by Zofari on its website.

Founded in 2012, Zofari is inspired by Pandora, the music streaming service and the movie streaming Netflix. It generates recommendations by taking out information from other services like Foursquare and partly by looking at the places you like.

Here is a good news for brands and advertisers in the UK. Twitter has launched a tool making use of its collated ‘Everyday Moments’ data that will show where, when and how often do people interact when talking about certain topics.

For example, you might want to check out the discussion among tea and coffee drinkers or see how many people around the nation are cribbing about traffic delays.