Bing image search would be updated, thanks to the certain improvements initiated by Microsoft. This will offer additional functionality beyond just helping users find photos. After searching for and clicking on a photo in Bing, users will see addition options. This includes the option to view higher resolution versions of the image, or to visit a product page to buy what is featured in the image.

mobile opportunity infographic2 Weekly Infographic: 7 reasons why small business owners need mobile websites now!

Everybody, everywhere is going mobile. So why should your thought and approach be primitive? Currently a whooping amount of 100 million people in the US are using smartphones. So the search rate through mobile devices is increasing.

Here we come again with our list of this week's best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Have a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

top ten digital marketing articles3 Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 10th April, 2015!

Content Marketing

Bing Places adds a number of new, agency friendly tools for local SEO consultants and agencies to manage business listing for clients. According to Bing’s announcement, the first step is for consultants to register as an agency at

FacebookCreative IMAGE 1  Facebook Creative Shop Adds New Tools for SMBs

Small and midsized businesses are vital for the Facebook community, and thinking of them, Facebook Creative Shop refined some new tools to smooth the process for them.

The SMB-targeted creative elements from Facebook Creative Shop are:-

1. Story Packs: Pre-packaged ad ideas by vertical that SMB’s can customize with their own photographs and copy.

FacebookCreative image 2 Facebook Creative Shop Adds New Tools for SMBs

Google announced about their new launch- an interface that is optimized for slower mobile connections. This way if the users are searching for Google on their mobile device and are in an area that has unusually slow connection speed, Google will tone down the search interface to make the search results load faster.

Google said:

Bing announced they are about to launch a new image search interface and design, which is aimed at helping the searchers do more with image search than to just look at images.

Here is a snapshot of the new interface both on desktop and mobile:

bing image new image 1 Bing Announces New Image Search Interface and Design!

Here is a list of what the new features include as told on the official blog:-

There have been no confirmed updates or data refreshes for both the Panda and Penguin algorithms since 2014. Yesterday in a Google Hangout, it was addressed that the algorithms are not updating regularly, and that someone at Google has to push them out manually.

Google’s John Mueller said, “I think both of those algorithms [Panda and Penguin] currently are not updating the data regularly. So that is something for both of them, where we kind of have to push the updates as well.”

The Verge reported today that YouTube will be soon launching an ad free video subscription service that will cost around $10 [per month. The unnamed subscription package will allow subscribers to store videos offline on mobile devices and may include lower priced subscriptions for specific categories like music or children’s programming.

Sources told The Verge, “It will also let creators put their videos behind a paywall so that only subscribers to the premium version can view them.”

Google announced on Google+ yesterday that the Keyword Planner tool within Google AdWords is being upgraded to add benchmark data. Now you can compare your performance to your competitors.

Google said it is rolling out over in the next few weeks. The feature is "enhancing the Keyword Planner to help you compare your search term coverage to other advertisers," said Google.