Facebook has devised a new way to sprinkle some love in the air this Valentine’s Day. The social networking site has introduced two new packs in its collection of stickers to use in chats.

You will find yourself smitten with the new “Love Is In The Air” which is a slightly modified version of the already existing characters of Facebook's sticker packs. By adding hearts to all the characters, Facebook has successfully added a tint of love to them.

In a recent post on the Webmaster Central Blog, Google has unfolded some of the best and worst practices related to faceted navigation. According to the post, the biggest disadvantage with faceted navigation is that it creates several combinations of duplicative URLs. It debars the search engine to produce unique content and index a page correctly because the signals are thinned out between the duplicated versions.

After releasing the ChromeBox and the Compute Engine lately, Google is all set to introduce the new content recommendation service for publishers' websites. Launching no later than next month, the tool makes Google a new entrant in to the group of Taboola, Outbrain and Zementa.

Google has already started inviting publishers to participate in the beta version of this service. An extract of the e-mail sent by Google's sales representative to Search Engine Journal reads:

Google has updated one of its filters Page Layout Algorithm that downgrades ranking of a web page having too many ads at the top. Also known as Top Heavy algorithm, the filter will also deprecate the page if the ads are found too distracting for the users.

This was announced by Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, who said that the algorithm was refreshed on February 6.

Should you correct the grammar of the comments on your blog as Google may penalize a page for poor grammar and spelling? Matt Cutts said nothing to worry.

 Matt Cutts Says No Need to Correct the Grammar of Blog Comments!
SEO folks: we recently launched a refresh of this algorithm: goo.gl/3yk0Xo Visible to outside world on ~Feb. 6th.

analytics login Google Raises the Number of Analytics Accounts Managed from a Single Log in to 100!Google has upgraded the number of accounts Analytics professionals can manage from a single log-in to 100. Previously, the bar was set at 25.

Account management can be done with administrative access as well. The website owners would create the Google Analytics account under their login and provide the professional with full administrative access that would include all four access levels – Manage Users, Edit, Collaborate, and Read & Analyze.

Facebook has something new for the page administrators now. If you are running a page with multiple admins, you can now find out which admin is responsible for which post and comment on the page.

The social networking site has come up with a new way in which all the admins are updated about the posts and comments made by other administrators. The name of the concerned admin will show next to his comments and posts on the page.

After receiving several complaints on the recently launched “look back video” campaign of Facebook, the social networking site has added an edit option to modify the look back video.

The only problem with the rather emotional campaign was that the photos that were auto selected were not always commending and some users felt that they did not represent their Facebook experience in the best way.

With the coming Friday being Valentine's day, ShortStack, the Facebook application creator has prepared a list of contest ideas in the form of infographic.

ShortStackValentinesDayInfo 14 Valentines Day Facebook Contest Ideas (Infographic)

Here is the infographic with 14 Valentine's Day contest ideas presented by ShortStack that will make your fans love you.

Did you know that Google and Bing use the data from social sites to determine the placement of your website in the rank results? So, even if Twitter or Facebook are not fetching high sales for you, do not stop leveraging them.

howsocialsignal Infographic of the week: How are Social Signals Influencing the Search Engine Rankings?

Today's infographic is an eye opener for those who are unaware of how social media is impacting their search rankings. It's a actually not an infographic but a gifographic and the credit goes to Neil Patel.