Regardless of a minimal decline during Q3 2014, Facebook has still managed to garner about nearly one-quarter of the social referrals to over 300,000 international websites as reported by Shareaholic. The content amplification online platform's recent report points to these findings.

Facebook saw its total share of social referrals fall by 4.41% during Q3, but its totals were four times higher than that of Pinterest, its closest contender, according to Shareaholic.

For two years, there was no way to personally add or edit Apple Maps listing. Apple has recently notified us of a new service portal that is intended to let business owners and their authorized reps to rapidly and effectively add content into Apple Maps. Users can now add their business to Apple Maps in case it is not there and claim or edit listings there if needed. This can be done for free through Apple Maps Connect.

In the month of September this year, Mediative carried out its newest eye-tracking research called "The Evolution of Google's Search Engine Results Pages and Their Effects on User Behavior.” As part of this study, research subjects performed many Google searches using desktop PCs. All the research participants received the same Google SERP regardless of what the search query was.

Bing Ads has finally made managing multiple accounts on the platform easier for the advertisers. A long requested feature “Accounts Summary” is Bing’s answer to Google AdWords My Client Center/MCC.

Advertising professionals and agencies managing multiple Bing Ad accounts can use Accounts Summary to toggle between accounts and obtain a performance metrics overview for around as many as 2,000 accounts.

bing ads account summary mcc 800x326 For Managing Multiple Accounts, Bing Ads Presents An MCC “Accounts Summary”

Bing Ads recently announced the international launch of the Universal Event Tracking for enabling advertisers to define as well as track goals crucial and specific to their area of business operations.

The search engine major also made an official announcement that Universal Event Tracking or UET will now pave way for audience focused remarketing scenarios said to be launching “soon.”

You have done a lot of research and curation to create a piece of content, you believe will be worth reading for audience. But, it won't do any good if no one sees it.

PaidSocialAmplification Infographic: Roadmap to Content Amplification

When millions of Tweets, blog entries and social posts are created daily, how can you boost the visibility of your social content? A paid social amplification campaign can be of great help in meeting your goals. Here's an infographic by Gryffin Media explaining more about paid social amplification.

The much awaited Penguin update was rolled out last week and webmasters are hoping that they will either recover from the penalty or lose ranking, if have even deviated slightly from the Penguin rules.

It's not just us who are surprised by the not-so-bitter impact that Penguin 3.0 has brought, the entire web world is making speculations about the update that has taken more than a year to create. All the guess work related to Penguin seems right now.

A Penguin 3.0 algorithm update was rolled out last weekend; more than a year after the last Penguin update came.

Impact of the update was noticed in Google search results late Friday night. However, SEO industry is unsure about the changes the update will cause in the search rankings. We analyzed the rankings of sites we manage after Penguin 3.0 update and did not find anything to suggest any of them got hit by the algorithm refresh. However we did found increase in rankings for almost all clients of ours.

In the latter part of the month of May this year, the European Court of Justice had given the ruling that Google must remove results from its search engine which were judged to be “inadequate” and “irrelevant.”

Updated Notification

Google has now updated the message in a manner which provides greater clarity as well as a method to fight against link removal with more information forthcoming about the reason behind the removal of results.

After receiving criticism that it was not working hard enough to fight piracy, Google released a Pirate Update in the month of August, 2012. This system provided penalties for sites that violated copyright laws. The week after this, Google is going to issue a new update to change the system and make it more efficient for catching offenders while releasing those who have given up piracy.