So you have a brilliantly written blog post? But what if nobody reads it? All you need are some smart tools to help you share your blog post all over the social media.

Blog Post Shared infographic Weekly Infographic  How to Get Your Blog Post Shared 1000 Times?

This infographic by Canva and RazorSocial shows how you can promote your blog post to get it shared over 1000 times in social media. The main takeaways are a captivating title, optimizing your content for search engines and social media by using Twitter cards, Open graph data and Rich Pins.

Now it is easier to share Facebook posts with who you want and avoid accidental shares of private posts with everyone when you actually wanted to share it with friends. Facebook has brought changes to its default privacy settings for new users and a new privacy checkup tool for current users.

Facebook is now making it easier for restaurants worldwide to add their menus to their Facebook page. Businesses in the US and Canada can upload menus through SinglePlatform from email marketing provider Constant Contact. Single Platform is an online listings service, helping local businesses connect and engage with consumers by displaying their menus, products and services, photos and more.

Restaurant Menus in Facebook Pages Facebook Allows Restaurants to Upload Menus to Their Pages!

Bing has announced the introduction of a new Geographical Location report to the Bing Ads Report suite and API. By redesigning how location information is displayed in the report, Bing aims to show you which targeting method was used to serve your ad.

The report is available under the list of Targeting reports as “Geo Location (New Version)”while the previous report has been renamed to “Geo Location (Old version).”

May 21 has been a big day for the search community. 2 major updates in a span of less than 24 hours- Panda 4.0 and Payday Loan 2.0. Although the Panda 4.0 update is a major one, it is much more softer and gentler and can directly impact small businesses perform better in the search results.

Google has released two major updates to Google+ which makes it easier for users with large photo galleries to easily browse through them and share content. While Auto Awesome Stories automatically search through your photos, videos and the places visited by you to create a short vignette of your experiences, the Auto Awesome Movies is centered around particular events, collecting your photos and videos to automatically create a highlight reel.

Google finally broke the silence over all the discussions surrounding Google updating its algorithm. Google’s Head of Search Spam, Matt Cutts confirmed on Twitter that Google is rolling yet another Panda refresh. Panda 4.0, as Google names this update, brings an end to all the speculations that have been brewing over the past few weeks.

Matt Cutts Tweet Google Spills the Beans Over Recent Search and Ranking Tweaks, Confirms Panda 4.0 Update!

How is This Update Different?

Google may have snapped a quick “no” to all the speculations revolving around Google updating its algorithms in the beginning of May, but signs and reports of serious changes in the Google search results and rankings still continue to brew up.

The tracking tools indicate major activity around 17 May. Have a look at the flux charts of MozCast,, SERP Metrics and Algoroo:

Google has announced the introduction of Bid Simulator estimates to Dynamic Search Ads. You can now review the potential clicks, costs, impressions, conversions and conversion value that your Dynamic Search Ads would receive for different bids.

Bid Simulator Google Introduces Bid Simulator to Dynamic Search Ads!

Google has updated the PageSpeed Insights with suggestions to webmasters on how to make their pages more mobile friendly. According to Google an average mobile page takes more than 7 seconds to load and by using the PageSpeed Insights tool you can make your page load much faster.

PageSpeed Insights1 Google Updates PageSpeed Insight Tool with New Mobile Specific Guidelines!

This is what Google recommends: