Google has rolled out a new way for businesses to add links to how their customers can order food delivery, reserve tables, and book appointments through Google Search and Google Maps.

This new feature will likely be built directly into Google My Business but for now, if one may want to participate can fill this form.

On the topic of the new mobile friendly algorithm, which is fully rolled out, Google’s Gary Illyes responded to feedback on Twitter.

Screenshot 12 Google To Improve Mobile Algorithm And Add Mobile Page Speed!

The webmaster said, it is frustrating to land on a mobile friendly web page that takes too much time to load. The feedback is around Google still using many desktop signals for mobile ranking- including how fast a desktop page loads and not counting the speed of the mobile page.

For all those who publish on LinkedIn, they would be able to get detailed information about how their content is performing. The career-focused social network announced today that they have created an analytics dashboard for publishers on the platform.

This new feature will be offering standard insight metrics, including number of views, comments, likes and shares on posts but also shows profiles of individuals who have interacted with a post. It also displays demographics of readers, broken down by geography, industry, job title and traffic source.

Google announced the launch of Search Analytics, the new report in Google Webmaster Tools that enables you to make most out of your traffic analysis. The new Search Analytics report helps you to break down your site’s search data and filter it in many different ways. This enables you to analyze it more precisely.

Google has officially rolled out the new Search Analytics Report to all webmasters within Google Webmaster Tools. Google said that they will be keeping the old Search Queries report for the next three months and then remove it.

Google has been testing the Search Impact report for quite some time now. It has launched it with the new name Search Analytics. They rolled it out to more webmasters certain weeks ago, and are now giving it to everyone.

Google will soon launch an array of new products for its AdWords customers as the mobile search has officially overtaken desktop search.

Jerry Dischler, Vice President of product management at Google, spoke of the "I want to know, I want to go, I want to buy" moments during a live stream of the annual AdWords Performance Summit in Half Moon Bay, California. Dischler said that the smartest marketers realize that those needs are more important to customers than any particular brands.

brightlights Hear from leading brand marketers at #CMWorld 2015!


Content Marketing World 2015 will be here before we know it!

Will you be there?

Google is making it easier for its users by allowing to bookmark places users want to map now or visit later, by giving the ability to save places from the Google local box in search results.

To facilitate saving, Google has added a star icon adjacent to the place name in the local box. A Google spokesperson confirmed, “When you click on the star icon, your saved place will appear on your map, in your search and directions suggestions, and under the ‘your places’ tab of Google Maps.”

Google+ pushed into Pinterest’s territory today by introducing a new feature to enable users to organize content by category. The Google+’s new feature is called Collections, and is pretty similar to Pinterest Boards, which gives people the ability to create a space for their favorite things, categorized by topics. Collections can be shared publicly, privately or with a set of defined users on Google+. Collections can be followed and the user followed posts within Collections will appear in their home feeds on Google+. After a user of page creates a Collection, a Collection tab will appear on given profile.

In the league of becoming a mobile company, Facebook has not abandoned desktop altogether. They announced last week that developers of Facebook applications can now add video to their desktop app ads.’

facebook image 1 Facebook Enables Addition Of Videos To Desktop App Ads!

The addition of video creative to mobile app install ads was first launched in October 2013, and this functionality was added for mobile app ads via Power Editor last December.