In March this year Google posted on the AdWords Policies Help section, it will be updating the policy on sexually explicit content by late June. It clarified, under this policy sexually explicit content will be prohibited and guidelines will be provided regarding promotion of other adult content. Now, CNBC reports, Google is prohibiting porn from appearing in its ad network.

Google is sending notices via the Google Webmaster Tools to webmasters who had specific URLs removed from the European versions of Google in adherence to the Right to be Forgotten law. Previously we reported, Google has created a form in compliance with the ruling of The Court of Justice of the European Union, allowing users to request removal of results which are inadequate, irrelevant, or excessive in relation to the purposes for which they were processed.

Last week, Google announced it is removing profile images and Google+ circle count from search results to which authorship is assigned. Google said they are doing this to simplify the way authorship is displayed in search results. Now, the authorship layout in the search results will be applied to the Structured Data Testing Tool as well.

There are several myths in the search industry which have succeeded in finding their way to modern SEO strategies. Most of the facts you know about search engine optimization might actually be fallacies. These might have been true a few years back, but they do not apply any more.

Infographics SEO Myths Infographic: 6 Common Myths about Search Engine Optimization!

Bing Ads has upgraded the web user interface to allow advertisers to review accounts with up to 100,000 keywords in the Keywords Tab. Sachin Tayade, Principal Program Manager Lead of Bing Ads said in a blog post, the search engine has also configured its ad groups and ads tabs to support more data.

Accounts with Up to 250000 Keywords Bing Advertisers can now Review Up to 100K Keywords within the User Interface!

Vine, the video app owned by Twitter has been updated and now includes loop counts to display the number of times a video has been viewed on the network. The loop counts are visible on the web as well as on the updated apps in iOS and Android released yesterday. For people who don't know, Vine lets users share six second videos in a feed similar to Instagram. Users can like and comment on the videos as well.

If you were wondering what’s the new href lang webmaster feature Google has been working on lately, then well the cat is out of the bag now. Google had refused to talk about the new feature and also asked beta testers to sign non-disclosure agreements for participation in the beta. But now in a Google Hangout session of best practices and common mistakes in SEO, hosted by three Google employees, Google has blown the gaff on the new tool in Webmaster Tools.

Google is finally going to shut down its first foray into social networking. Paulo Golgher, Engineering Director at Google said in a blog post, Orkut will be no more from September 30, 2014.

Orkut was launched by Google 10 years ago. But the social networking site couldn’t get as popular as its rivals like Facebook which is now the world's no. 1 social networking site with 1.28 billion users. Facebook was launched in the same year as Orkut.

It's official now. After Facebook and Google, Twitter is kicking off the global roll out of mobile app promotion suite. After a successful beta testing of six months, the micro blogging site announced on Monday, it is expanding its mobile app promotion ads worldwide.

Twitter mobile app Twitter Introduces New Mobile App Promotion Suite to Drive App Installs and App Engagement!

Bing announced, it has added Bing Knowledge Widget feature directly into Bing Webmaster Tools. Also, a new type called "Interactive only" has been added which will only work when a user highlights content on the page. The Knowledge Widget is a JavaScript-based widget for webmasters that helps in detecting and visualizing entities on the webpage. It also displays rich information about the entity.