There are many changes observed during the holiday season when the shopping mania sets in. Search queries increase in massive numbers and there is fluctuation of inventory as demand increases on specific days. Management of spikes in the search volume on brand as well as product queries and efforts to work towards making product feeds correctly reflect inventory are particularly important concerns during this period. Google has recently announced updates to enable retailers to ensure their Shopping campaigns operate efficiently without any problems. For assisting retailers to plan and handle the massive surges that come about on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the search engine has added Auction Insights to Shopping campaigns. The Auction Insights enable advertisers to observe how they fare against competitors and employ this information when formulating bidding strategies.

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rchc india 12 11 14 Sneak Preview of ResellerClub presents HostingCon!

mailer band Sneak Preview of ResellerClub presents HostingCon!

Just before Christmas excitement sets in, search engine giant Google has announced that it will be expanding Merchant Promotions to the UK, Germany, Australia, India and France.

Merchant Shopping Promotions was launched in the US in the year 2012. It gives advertisers the opportunity to display promotion code offers besides product listing ads in search plus their listings on Google Shopping.

The accessibility of Twitter history is soon going to increase. The social media giant announced it is providing users the ability to search the complete archive of public tweets. Infrastructure engineer Yi Zhuang has stated in a blog post:

Google has added social profile links to The Google Knowledge Panel. It may show links and icons of certain celebrities or well known personalities to their social profiles within the panel.

If you will search for Barack Obama, you will see links to his Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and MySpace profiles appearing in The Knowledge Panel.

Here's a screenshot:

Barack Obama Social Profile Links Now Appearing in Google Knowledge Panel!

Google has added new charts and graphs in the Google AdWords Display Network Demographics section. The news was shared by Kim Clinkunbroomer on Google+. She has also told that advertisers can now add demographic combinations at the Ad Group and Campaign level.

The new charts have donut chart format that displays gender, parental status, and other information. Google has made the section colorful so that advertisers find it more appealing to look at the consumers they are targeting.

After spending months on testing, Google has officially launched the Mobile-friendly label in mobile search results. It is an effort to help the searchers know which websites have mobile friendly versions and which one do not have, while they are performing a Google search on their mobiles.

When it comes to Facebook, local pages far outperform global pages in terms of engagement. A recent study by Socialbakers revealed that local pages outperform because of the quality & frequency of localized content.

Social bakers 1 Local Facebook Pages Beat Out Global Pages When it Comes to Gaining Interactions Says a Socialbakers Study!

The social media analytics platform, Socialbakers examined more than 800 global pages and 5,000 local pages. It saw that while global & local pages promote same percentages of posts, the latter dominated in terms of interactions per 1,000 fans for pages of all sizes.

The new third-party app HashAtIt allows users to search for hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest simultaneously. At present, the app can only be used by iOS and Facebook application users but it is soon coming to Android.

Here’s a screenshot of how the app provides data:

Hashatit HashAtIt App Makes Simultaneous Search for Hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram Possible!

To receive a strong flow of organic traffic, a website needs to have a solid presence in SERPs. But, what are the factors that can impact the SEO rankings of the website positively?

SEO Rankings Infographic Infographic: Factors Contributing to SEO Rankings of a Website!

Here's an interesting infographic by Ben Norman listing the on-page & off-page factors that contribute to search engine rankings.