Recently, Google rolled out Ad Customizers for helping large scale PPC advertisers scale text ad creative. This new feature shows highly relevant ads to advertiser’s customers, even when sometimes they have over thousands of products, promotions and services changing by the day.

Ad customizers use a number of inputs including information about the advertiser’s business details like price, product and promotional timing on campaigns, keywords or ad groups for generating timely and relevant ads.

Here we come again with our list of this week's best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Have a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Content Marketing

Sharing the same kind of content every time may end up in losing your audience. It is essential for a content creator to understand that the freshness in topics and new information are the key to earn an engaged audience.

weekly infographic small Weekly Infographic: Content Ideas for a New Client!

Google is now sending out a new form of notifications via the Google Webmaster Tools after you verify a new website in Google Webmaster Tools for the very first time.

The new message has the subject “Improve the search presence of your web site domain name”. It then lists out five steps that you need to follow for improving the search presence.

Amazon has good news for its Twitter users, the American international e-commerce company just before the holiday season has introduced #AmazonWishList hashtag to let you add items to your cart without leaving Twitter.

Amazon in a press release said that if you discover a Tweet from your favorite brand, artist, expert or a friend with an product link, you just need to add '#AmazonWishList' to the reply on Twitter and the product is added to your Amazon Wish List.

The latest version of Panda Update – the filter that penalizes thin or poor content – has been released. In a Google+ post, Pierre Far announced that a slow rollout began this week and will be continued into next week. As told by Google 3% to 5% of search queries will be affected, depending upon the location.

After the introduction of local inventory ads AdWords in the U.S. last fall, Google has now expanded the availability of these ads to other countries as well. The countries include France, UK, Japan, Australia and Germany. Local inventory ads which were previously known as the Local Product Listing Ads have been designed to make local inventory and stores accessible to people who are shopping online.

Google has a gift for travelers. With the introduction of the new Now card, the search engine giant will make sure that you do not miss a good deal. The card will notify users whenever flight prices drop down. The information was posted by Google on its Google+ page.

price drops google Google Unveils Now Card to Let Users Know of Flight Price Drop!

Here is a bad news for sites using Private Blog Networks. Reportedly, Google has taken a strict action on the sites that are participating in private blog networks which is commonly known as PBNs. The search engine giant on September 18th sent out hundreds of manual action notices to the sites for “thin content spam” via Google Webmaster Tools.

Google has introduced Structured Snippets which is a new feature that incorporates facts into individual result snippets in Web Search. This announcement was made on the Google Research Blog yesterday.

Google will display snippets of data which is relevant to the query within the search results’ snippets. The data is powered by the Knowledge Graph. Given below is a screen shot to explain what exactly does it look like.