infographic1 Weekly Infographic: On Page Search Engine Optimization in 9 Simple Steps!

There are various on-page SEO factors which are either controlled by you or by the coding on your page. Since on-page is so vital as it affects your website or web page listing in natural search results it should be done carefully, without missing even a single thing.

This is an infographic by Innonline Solution showing 9 simple steps in on-page search engine optimization.

Yahoo To Shut Down Yahoo Maps!

Jun 5, 2015 | 1,411 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Along with several changes in its products and services, Yahoo took people by surprise by announcing the shut down of the Yahoo Maps at the end of this month after an running for eight years. According to Yahoo, “The Yahoo Maps site will close at the end of June. We made this decision to better align resources to Yahoo’s priorities as our business has evolved since we first launched Yahoo Maps eight years ago.”

Bing Ads Editor’s version 10.8 is available for download now. Here are some of the highlights of the updated version.

1. Copy and Paste Special options: In Editor, you can now fine tune your copy/paste options in Excel. Now you can “Copy special” just the keyword text of the selected keywords or the shell that includes campaign or ad group settings. And, with “Paste special” you can choose to paste certain settings of a campaign or ad group rather than pasting everything.

Pinterest is on the verge of becoming even more commercial. The company has announced that they will be enabling the users in the United States to buy directly from Pinterest’s network with “Buyable Pins.”

This move had been speculated for long for the most product friendly of the social networks. In a report, comScore also quoted that Pinterest has around 70 million monthly active users and they are apparently eager to buy the stuff they see.

The search engine giant announced on Google+ that from the original English language, they have converted and translated their 5 steps to the mobile friendly sites into 5 different languages. The PDF of the English version can be accessed here.

Called as the Twitter Official Partner Program now, Twitter today has announced the rebranding of its how-to-use-Twitter-for-marketing program. The program amalgamates the Twitter Certified Program and the Twitter Marketing Partner Program.

What it essentially means is that the businesses that seek third-party help with their Twitter campaigns and strategy have a new link to bookmark. And also a new search page that provides them necessary assistance in the process of finding a Twitter partner with the specific expertise they seek.

Google has dropped the overt link to Google+. Back in time, Google was on a spree of promoting Google+ and for that added a link to the social sharing service from many of its other properties, including Gmail, YouTube, and the main search page for logged-in users. But that train has come to a halt now.

According to a recent research from BIA/Kelsey mobile has surpassed desktop in terms of local search query volume, compared to last year. The market research firm concluded that 66.5 million local search queries were carried out via mobile devices, whereas the figures for desktop were around 65.6 million.

Google announced on Google+ that they have released a new version of the AdWords Editor, 11.1.

There were several upgrades in version 11.1, but Google stated only one in the announcement that is “improvements to the search bar."

Here is a list of changes in the version 11.1 of the AdWords Editor:

Facebook announced support for the animated GIF files format. However, there are few restrictions.

The GIFs will only be animated if they are posted via links, and not uploaded, reported Christina Warren of Mashable.

She further added that GIF links from Tumblr were not displaying properly in display mode, but worked fine after posting.

facebook gif image 1 Limited Support For Animated GIF File Now Available On Facebook!