Google has updated the PageSpeed Insights with suggestions to webmasters on how to make their pages more mobile friendly. According to Google an average mobile page takes more than 7 seconds to load and by using the PageSpeed Insights tool you can make your page load much faster.

PageSpeed Insights1 Google Updates PageSpeed Insight Tool with New Mobile Specific Guidelines!

This is what Google recommends:

What do you do at a time when paid-for media is neither reliable nor scalable, earned media is super-competitive and owned media properties require constant investment to engage your visitors?

inbound marketing Infographic: How to Use Content Marketing to Grow Your Business?

Content marketing is the key not only for the small businesses which can’t afford considerable media investment, but also several large brands. Today’s infographic by Smart Insights illustrates how you can use content during each specific stage of the buying process for greater reach and engagement.

Throwing light on the data centered around 2014 Lok Sabha elections in India, Twitter announced that the counting day alone registered more than 2 million tweets, out of which 0.75 million tweets mentioned @NarendraModi. The platform saw more than 56 million tweets from the beginning of the year till the end of the polls on 12 May. 5.4 lakh to 8.2 lakh election related tweets were posted on each poll day.

A year after launching the AB testing for AdSense ad level settings, Google has introduced A/B testing for AdSense account level settings. According to Google, A/B testing is one of the best methods to ensure that your ad units are performing to their full potential. The launch of A/B testing to account level settings allows you to optimize your entire account with AdSense experiments.

Google has once again announced two updates to its bulk location management tool, a month after introducing the improved version of the tool. First, businesses can make updates and posts to their customers using the Google+ page for their location. Second, they can now add or remove managers for a particular location and transfer location ownership.

Updates to Bulk Location Management Tool Google Updates Bulk Location Management  Gets New Social Features and Multi Admin Functionality!

Every day around 350 million photos are uploaded on Facebook, 500+ million tweets are posted on Twitter and 55 million photos shared on Instagram. With this explosion, brands have a great opportunity to directly connect social media and sales.

Fueling Your Sales Engine Weekly Infographic  How You Can Fuel Your Sales with Social Content?

Today’s infographic by Offerpop explains how you can create and curate your social content to convert into sales. In four easy steps, the infographic tells you the formula of driving sales from your social content.

Your site speed affects every possible metric you can think of- bounce rate, rankings, conversions, page views and revenue. Sadly, most of the websites run slow with an average load time of 5+ seconds and a standard deviation of 8 seconds. According to a recent study conducted by Portent, a shift from 8 seconds load time to 5 seconds can increase the page value by 18%.

Even before the closure of the first Google antitrust investigation in India for violating the country’s competition norms, the search engine giant is once again under the scanner of Competition Commission of India (CCI), this time for allegedly misusing its dominant position in the online search advertising.

Google announced on Google+ the extension of its Knowledge Graph to Google Maps, with a new feature called Quick Facts. Now, every time you search for a location, the new Quick Facts feature will appear on the left side of the map, below the address and directions.

Quick Facts Feature Google Extends Knowledge Graphs to Google Maps with “Quick Facts”

Yes we know that mobile and social share a bond, but it is surprising that the nexus is so strong. 84% of 18-44 year old smartphone user's time is spent on social media. Mobile users are more active on social networks than the desktop users, with 75% and 65% of traffic coming from mobiles for Twitter and Facebook respectively.

Social Media Infographic top Infographic:This is What Happens When Mobile and Social Converge!