Not even a month after introducing the preview feature for importing a spreadsheet to the bulk upload tool, Google confirmed in the Products Forum that it is once again rolling out a set of new features to the bulk location management tool in the coming weeks. The process is in a staged development and it might take a little time before all the accounts are upgraded and the new features are at your disposal.

Space constraint while describing a video on YouTube? YouTube has some good news for you. Google's online video giant has made a small but promising change to the video pages this week by expanding its video description display into a complete five lines visible area.

YouTube Expands Video Description Box YouTube Expands the Default Display of Video Description to Five Lines from Two!

India is evolving to become one of the leading markets for Facebook when it comes to number of active users. The company reached the benchmark of a whopping 100 million monthly active users in India, the second country after USA to cross the 100M milestone. Javier Olivan, Vice President of Growth and Analytics in Facebook, confirmed the news in a statement to The Economic Times.

Google launched the latest version of AdWords Editor yesterday morning with bid strategies support, new engagement ads and an array of other much anticipated features. Here's a rundown of what you can expect to see in the 10.4 version of Google AdWords Editor:

The Facebook vs Twitter race in the digital marketing scenario has identified a new entrant which has slowly and steadily overtaken Twitter and gained a cachet equal to Facebook. According to a new report released by the market research company Forrester, Google+ posts by brands generated nearly as much engagement per follower as their Facebook posts and almost twice as much engagement per follower as their Twitter posts.

Until now, marketers with multiple AdWords accounts had to link each account individually to Google Analytics. But now things are different. Google announced in a blog post that it is making the process of linking Google Analytics and AdWords account even more streamlined, by allowing you to link multiple AdWords accounts all at once.

Here’s an infographic which provides details to page administrators on the specific measurement which should be allotted to the profile picture, the cover image and the distance of the cover image from the timeline, so that they can accommodate easily in the new design without getting cropped or disfigured.

facebook update Infographic: Quick Image Sizes Guidelines for New Facebook Page Layout!

Recently, Google has made much noise with its disavow tool, penalizing websites for backlink related issues. The most recent one being MyBlogGuest. If you have done any link building in the past and are worried about getting the manual spam action mail from Google anytime possible, then there is a slight clue for you to determine which links are worth keeping and which are not. has updated its official website to a new version in which it has included examples from RDFa and JSON-LD. In addition to the microdata examples provided previously, now supports code examples in RDFa and JSON-LD format, and are displayed in tabs below the details for each item type. The update was first reported by Dan Brickley.

JSON LD example for Website Receives an Upgradation to Feature Examples from RDFa and JSON LD!

There is a lot that goes on in the Google office, before the search engine giant gives the thumbs up to a particular algorithmic change. In the recent Webmaster Help video, Google's head of Search Spam, Matt Cutts talks about how Google analyzes the quality of an algorithm change before deciding whether or not to launch it.

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