Digital Vidya, one of Asia’s leading Digital Marketing training companies announces its partnership with Microsoft India. This partnership with Microsoft India is aimed at empowering and enabling Microsoft’s partners to leverage Digital Marketing to be more efficient and profitable in selling Microsoft’s solutions.

Keeping in track the co-relative and co-dependent relationship between Facebook and its advertisers, Facebook launched new free educational resources for both big and small marketers on its platform.

Blueprint is a new program for training brands on the best practices for advertising and marketing campaigns.

blueprint image 1 Facebook Rolls Out New Free Educational Resources For Marketers & Brands!

It combines online courses with in-person training and provides certifications for brands that “master” Facebook marketing.

Bing has made a big and bold move. If now a user searches for some long tail queries such as specifications for black iPhone 6 64GB, Google maps local intent pack or others, Bing may display only one page of search results.

Bing will say the reason of this step is that they want to deliver the “most relevant results for your search” and decided to take the liberty to omit the “lower quality results” from the search results page.

The Wall Street Journal has published excerpts from a 2012 Federal Trade Commission (FTC) document revealing how Google manipulated the search market to favor its own services. The document was inadvertently sent to the journal after a Freedom of Information Act request.

Competitors like Yelp have been alleging that Google manipulates its search algorithm to favor certain sites and bury competitors. Now, we find that some government investigators were concerned about the same issue in 2012 and wanted to sue Google for antitrust.

Yahoo! Search has beefed up the value of their search results for mortgage related searches. The search engine will now show an interactive mortgage calculator when one searches for mortgage related keywords. The calculator will be displayed below the search ads but above the organic results.

yahoo mortgage calculator Search Based Mortgage Calculator on Yahoo!

Users will now be able to explore a new phase at Instagram. By clicking on hashtags on Instagram for the Web will now bring users to pages containing all photos and videos posted publicly with those hashtags.

insta image 1 Instagram Introduces Hashtag Pages To Website!

HealthCheck Finalt Weekly Infographic: Getting your Website Health in Check for 2015!

It is always important to keep our website "healthy, wealthy and wise." One needs to start from scratch, and ensure that at least the basic tools are installed on the website such as Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Yoast and more. Check this week’s infographic to ensure your website’s health.

Yahoo Search Share Declines!

Mar 20, 2015 | 1,108 views | by Ritu Sharma

Yahoo’s recent increase in the US desktop search share has started to decline, according to the comScore’s monthly qSearch analysis.

Yahoo replaced Google as the default search engine on Mozilla Firefox in December. That month, Yahoo saw its highest share – 11.8% of the desktop search market since 2009. The number later on increased to 13% in January, and eventually started to decline.

Twitter’s ad buying shortcut, Quick Promote, will now be available on Android devices. Quick Promote enables advertisers to bypass the ad dashboard to promote their tweets quickly.

Twitter engineer Ian Chan tweeted about the advance this afternoon, with how-to screen shots:

twitter image 1 Twitter’s Quick Promote Now Available On Android!

So, here is how you need to go about it:-

Navigate to one of your tweets.

Everyone is looking forward for the upcoming mobile-friendly Google algorithm, that is coming on April 21st. We all know that it will be bigger than Panda or Penguin, but how much more?

MozCast and SearchMetrics are preparing and updating their search tracking tools. This will help to trace the changes in the mobile search results by April 21st.