Shareaholic Social Media Traffic Report reveals, Facebook is the leader of social media referral traffic. Out of the 8 social networking sites, only Facebook drove a greater share of traffic at the end of Q2 as compared to Q1. According to the report, Facebook drives 23.39% of overall visit to sites, which is equivalent to a quarter of the total visits, followed by Pinterest and Twitter.

If you find something interesting on Facebook, but do not have time to explore it right away, now you can save it to view later. Whether it is a link, photo, video, place, movie or music, the new save option in Facebook lets only you see the item, unless you choose to share it with your friend list.

Save on Facebook Facebook Introduces Save Option: Save What Interests You to View Anytime Later!

Imgur, the popular image hosting service, has updated its search tool to help users identify viral images quickly. The new image tagging, advanced search feature transforms Imgur from just an image uploading and sharing site to a place where users can find the web’s hottest images.

Imgur New Search Tool Imgur Redesigned: Advanced Image Search for Viral Images and Memes!

Bing has made enhancements to the targeting capabilities in Bing Ads. These updates are available in the latest version of Bing Ads Editor and V9 API.

  • Improved Map Control: The map control has been enhanced to allow you see the outlines of the locations you have targeted or excluded. You can also add or remove targets from the map control.

Improved Map Control Bing Ads Updates Targeting Capabilities with Improved Map Control and Radius Targeting!

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PageTraffic Buzz is geared up for some real action once again. In the coming months, we will be participating in some of the biggest social media and search events of the year. We have partnered with Content Marketing World 2014, Social Media Week Mumbai, Search Marketing Expo East, Pubcon Las Vegas 2014 and will be actively representating and covering these conferences. We will be covering live sessions of these events and the details will be shared with our readers on our blog.

Those using rich snippets to markup their videos will now want to cross check whether Google is still showing them. SEER Interactive first reported the drop by sharing a screen shot comparing the search results of July 11 with July 16. The July 11 search results had 10 videos from 10 different domains whereas the search results on July 16 had 5 different videos from 3 domains.

In May, we reported some kind of Google penalty hit eBay search visibility by nearly 50%. The penalty was due to a manual action by Google and not the Panda 4.0 update. It was in relation to some category pages eBay users landed to while navigating the site. It made users and moreover Google wonder as to why these pages existed. The chief financial officer for eBay, Bob Swan on the company's earnings call said the penalty had a major impact on their earnings.

Google Alerts has been redesigned with a brand new user interface. The new Google Alerts includes a search box, followed by current alerts and ends with suggested alerts. For managing an alert, users are given a revised interface with the same old functionality but a new preview option.

Redesigned Google Alerts1 Google Revamps Google Alerts with Fresh User Interface and Design!

In the backdrop of the recent ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union regarding the Right to be Forgotten, a new website has emerged called “Hidden From Google.” The website displays some of the censored search terms, links, and their source.

Hidden from Google New Website Challenges Right to be Forgotten by Archiving Censored Links!