PageTraffic Buzz is geared up for some real action once again. In the coming months, we will be participating in some of the biggest social media and search events of the year. We have partnered with Content Marketing World 2014, Social Media Week Mumbai, Search Marketing Expo East, Pubcon Las Vegas 2014 and will be actively representating and covering these conferences. We will be covering live sessions of these events and the details will be shared with our readers on our blog.

Those using rich snippets to markup their videos will now want to cross check whether Google is still showing them. SEER Interactive first reported the drop by sharing a screen shot comparing the search results of July 11 with July 16. The July 11 search results had 10 videos from 10 different domains whereas the search results on July 16 had 5 different videos from 3 domains.

In May, we reported some kind of Google penalty hit eBay search visibility by nearly 50%. The penalty was due to a manual action by Google and not the Panda 4.0 update. It was in relation to some category pages eBay users landed to while navigating the site. It made users and moreover Google wonder as to why these pages existed. The chief financial officer for eBay, Bob Swan on the company's earnings call said the penalty had a major impact on their earnings.

Google Alerts has been redesigned with a brand new user interface. The new Google Alerts includes a search box, followed by current alerts and ends with suggested alerts. For managing an alert, users are given a revised interface with the same old functionality but a new preview option.

Redesigned Google Alerts1 Google Revamps Google Alerts with Fresh User Interface and Design!

In the backdrop of the recent ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union regarding the Right to be Forgotten, a new website has emerged called “Hidden From Google.” The website displays some of the censored search terms, links, and their source.

Hidden from Google New Website Challenges Right to be Forgotten by Archiving Censored Links!

The link building tactics employed by SEOs have changed largely over the years. SEOs are cutting on their link budgets to focus on other areas. While only 81% say they have increased their spending on link building over the past 12 months 73% say they will look to increase spend on link building in the next year.

Link Building1 Weekly Infographic: How Link Building Efforts and Spend are Declining over Time?

Google has finally launched the Google Analytics app for iPhone and iPod Touch. The app  has been launched two years after the launch of the beta version of the mobile app. It provides the same data on your mobile device which is available at the web dashboard like visits, page views, sources and user behavior insights.

 Google Launches Google Analytics App for iOS Users!

 Google Launches Google Analytics App for iOS Users!


Bing has released its Right to be Forgotten form for European users, six weeks after Google. Bing has asked users to fill an online form in four parts for blocking search results on Bing in response to their name search.

You have to fill in your name, place of residence as well as the details of the pages to be blocked. The form also asks you whether you are a public figure or a role involving safety, trust or leadership.

Pinterest has updated its category pages with an entirely new selection of related interests. You can also follow certain categories for getting Pins from other users with the same interests right at your home feed.

Pinterest Category1 Follow Your Interests with New Category Pages on Pinterest!

Google has added new translation tools, making it even easier for the users. You can now edit translation search terms, change languages, or hear the translations directly within search.

As @WilliamHarvey tipped, Google now displays a quick search option for choosing the languages or entering text through a dynamic knowledge graph box as displayed in the screen shot below

Google search translation feature Hear your Translations within Search with New Google Translation Tools!