Google said on Google+ that they have updated the Google Best Practices page to create a simple design for users to learn the latest and best on AdWords practices, quickly.

Here is a snapshot of the page:-

best practices image 1 Check The Newly Renovated Google AdWords Best Practices Page!

Google wrote, “Check out the newly redesigned Google Best Practices website ( Google Best Practices offers strategic advice and recommendations on how to improve the performance of your AdWords campaigns. Let us know what you think of the new site!”

Google, last year, had partnered with the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and other institutions to bring forth the range of India’s heritage sites online, including national icons like the Taj Mahal, Safdarjung Tomb, and the Ellora Caves. Now, people will be able to find panoramic views of 31 Indian archaeological sites and monuments on Google Maps and Google Cultural Institute.

Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji, Webmaster Trends Analyst, said at SMX Munich that the mobile friendly algorithm, that is catching everyone’s attention, will have a much bigger effect than that of Panda or Penguin.

Here is a snapshot of the tweet by Aleyda Solis, which was then retweeted by Google’s Gary Illyes.

google mobile factor Image 1 Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm Will Be Bigger Than Panda Or Penguin!

Who does not believe in the power of images? It is one of the most used media to engage audience. The social network giant, Facebook, provided a cheat sheet to help the brands determine what to look for in images for their ads.

Cheat sheet image 1 Facebook Introduces Ultimate “Cheat Sheet” To Help Brands!

Facebook introduced these tips:-

Google recently wrote an official blogpost on the Webmaster Central Blog, which is to encourage webmasters to adopt and thus implement autocomplete on web forms for your mobile sites.

Google’s Mathieu Perreault from the Chrome team and Zineb Ait Bahajji from the Webmaster Trends team said:

“Making websites friendly and easy to browse for users on mobile devices is very important. We hope to see many forms marked up with the “autocomplete” attribute in the future.”

Google, starting this week, will roll out an update to the Top Movers Report in AdWords. The report, that debuted somewhere in mid- 2013 to make it easier for AdWords account managers to trace significant changes in their account, will now be featuring a summary table at the top with total changes across the account. It will also include Converted Clicks and Conversions in addition to Cost and Clicks, followed by what’s driving the biggest change across each metric.

Google announced today on their official blog that they are initiating a change in the future to how it ranks Doorway Pages, and are encouraging users to stop utilizing them ahead of the changes.

Basically, Doorway pages are the ones that are used to help rank a website for a specific keyword or phrase that is not heavily mentioned on the site itself. These pages are specifically created for search results and are usually not linked to anywhere on the site.

BuzzFeed froze brand publisher accounts for its community publishing platform, bringing an end to unpaid content opportunities for brands, that were using the site for content marketing efforts.

Jim Hanas, the director of audience development for HarperCollins, confirmed that his company did receive a notice. “We were enthusiastic early adopters of the platform in June 2013, and, yes, we received notice from Buzzfeed that their policy was changing, essentially barring brands from publishing in the community,” said Hanas.

Facebook, the social network acquired TheFind, a shopping search engine with an index of 500 million products across 500,000 stores. TheFind’s technology helps the signed-in users to personalize their shopping experience, who are given the choice to tie in their Facebook accounts, making it possible to tailor their experience based on Facebook likes. TheFind also has a product ranking engine that identifies popular products and stores for each search.

YouTube made its official announcement that it now supports 360-degree video uploads. According to YouTube they have already started hearing from a number of brands who are looking forward into ways to use this as a storytelling format.

youtube YouTube Now Supports 360 degree Video Uploads!

Users will be able to watch the 360 degree videos via the YouTube app for Android and, but Google said it is still working to make the new video format viewable on iPhones and iPads.