Google announced it is introducing a new type of remarketing list that can automatically create and manage lists in Analytics. Called Analytics Smart Lists, the new option allows you to ask Google to manage your list for you when creating a new remarketing list.

Smart list Option in Remarketing Interface Google Analytics Introduces Smart Lists for Automated Remarketing List Management!

Facebook announced on Wednesday that it will be rolling out a new design for the right column ads in the coming months. The company announced the move in a blog post, confirming that it is switching to fewer but bigger ads. This is how the new ads will look like:

New Look for Right Column Ads Facebook Unveils New Design for Right Column Ads, Makes them Bigger & Fewer!

As an effort to keep search secure for clicks on paid search ads, Google announced in a blog post that it is removing the query from the referer on ad clicks originating from SSL searches on This means, just like the clicks on organic search results, Google will stop passing search query data on paid search clicks as well.

Twitter profile page is undergoing a major makeover. The microblogging site confirmed in a blog post that it is rolling out an overhaul to its profile pages in the coming weeks. The new look incorporates more user information and several new features- and looks pretty similar to Facebook profiles.

New Twitter Profile Design Twitters New Design to Profile Pages  Bigger, Bolder and Similar to Facebook!

Have a peek at what's new in the Twitter profile:

Google is using information from the “location pages” of businesses to collect specific data about local businesses and return this information directly in the search results page. Google announced in a blog post, that it is now supporting improved schema markup, rich snippets for location pages.

Webmasters can include and mark up the address, opening hours, phone numbers and departments within a store so that Google can identify and surface this information.

An incorrect online local listing of your business and your prospective customer might end up visiting a nearby competitor. According to a recent survey released by Placeable, a majority of people lose confidence in the local brand due to an incorrect online local listing of the business. 73% confirmed their loss of trust in the brand when this happens, while 67% said that they experience a similar feeling if they get lost due to wrong location information.

Not even a month after introducing the preview feature for importing a spreadsheet to the bulk upload tool, Google confirmed in the Products Forum that it is once again rolling out a set of new features to the bulk location management tool in the coming weeks. The process is in a staged development and it might take a little time before all the accounts are upgraded and the new features are at your disposal.

Space constraint while describing a video on YouTube? YouTube has some good news for you. Google's online video giant has made a small but promising change to the video pages this week by expanding its video description display into a complete five lines visible area.

YouTube Expands Video Description Box YouTube Expands the Default Display of Video Description to Five Lines from Two!

India is evolving to become one of the leading markets for Facebook when it comes to number of active users. The company reached the benchmark of a whopping 100 million monthly active users in India, the second country after USA to cross the 100M milestone. Javier Olivan, Vice President of Growth and Analytics in Facebook, confirmed the news in a statement to The Economic Times.

Google launched the latest version of AdWords Editor yesterday morning with bid strategies support, new engagement ads and an array of other much anticipated features. Here's a rundown of what you can expect to see in the 10.4 version of Google AdWords Editor: