PerfectPost V5 Infographic Infographic: The Recipe for the Perfect Social Media Posts!

If you want more people to click on your social media post and visit your website, you have to actually optimize your posts for each platform separately. Small factors can decide the success or failure of your social media campaign and ensure that it is seen and shared widely.

Just about a week ago, Facebook made a few changes in the Power Editor Interface and into the hands of marketers. The changes included a new bulk import option for ad targeting types and a better preview pane for News Feeds ads. Facebook quietly rolled out these changes on 4th September, but is scaling the capability globally in the next few weeks.

Google has updated the Webmaster Tools API, making it consistent with other Google APIs. Google says that the new API makes it easier to authenticate for apps or web-services and provides access to some of the main features of Webmaster Tools.

The New Webmaster Tools API lets you:

  • List, add, or remove sites from your account. As of now you can have up to 500 sites in your account.

Bing had rolled out a spam filter a few months ago which was aimed to check the URL keyword stuffing. With the help of the spam filter, Bing detects, filters as well as combats spam to improve the search quality overall.

The Principal Development Manager of the Bing Index Quality, Igor Rondel posted on the Bing Search Blog news that the spam filter which was rolled out a few months ago, had an impact on about 3% of all search queries.

Google has announced an improvement to the way ads look on smartphones. From October 15, 2014 the ad extensions will appear instead of the second line of ad text on your mobile search ads. The second line of the description may or may not appear, depending on how well it is expected to perform.

Mobile ads Uodate Google Cuts Off Ad Text to Highlight Extensions in Mobile Search Ads!

Google has updated AdWords Editor from version 10.5 to version 10.6. The upgradation was confirmed on Google+. The new version has the following features:

  • Manage your “Mobile app installs” campaigns.
  • Create app install ads.
  • Download your keywords and targeting settings, upload and check changes, make bulk edits
  • Changes to shopping campaigns
  • 25-character limit for sitelinks.
  • Replacement of “Delete” with “Remove.”

Here is some good news for Hangouts users. They can now make voice calls from Hangouts on iOS, android and the web. Google made the announcement on its official blog. Users can not only call other Hangouts users for free, but also call numbers in the U.S and Canada without any charges, international calls are chargeable but the rates are very low.

Google Analytics announced that its new benchmark reports will be rolling out over the next few weeks. This will allow analytics users to compare the performance of their website to competitors.

The announcement stated that analytics users can select reports from 1,600 industry categories, 1,250 markets as well as 7 size-buckets, with metrics by location, channel or device category dimensions. Benchmarking can help analytics users in setting meaningful targets and spotting trends occurring across industries.

Google has made an announcement to extend its product listing ads (PLAs) to third party sites across the Google search network. is one of the limited number of sites which is using AdSense for shopping to monetize site traffic while expanding the reach of their PLAs. The sponsored ads display related products on the left hand side of the search results on the site.

When Google updated its Site Move Help documentation in June, webmasters had doubts on why Google recommended 302 redirects in the "Moving from separate URLs to same URLs" scenario. Google guidelines said, “Redirect your separate smartphone URLs to your desktop URLs using server-side 302 HTTP redirects." Google has once again updated the guidelines, now saying "Redirect your separate smartphone URLs to your desktop URLs using server-side 301 HTTP redirects."