A recent research by Korn Ferry shows that senior management in the US is pushing for a more data-driven, analytical culture in their organizations. About 8 in 10 CMOs in the US want their company to increase the use of big data tools and predictive analytics in 2014. While, more than one-quarter expect the use to increase by a minimum of 25%.

Korn Ferry US CMOs Spending more on Analytics, Content, and Social Media, suggests Study!

Google announced in the Webmaster Central Blog, websites that do not support HTTPS connections will very soon become less prominent in Google search results while those serving on HTTPS will receive a minor ranking boost.

Google recently announced that now users can delete Google Analytics properties within their accounts.

Now users can not only choose which properties have to be deleted, they can now even see properties with no views in the UI. This will eliminate the scope of any missing properties or accidental deletes. Thus if an account has zero properties or there is an existing property with no views, you can delete them if you want.

Earlier this week, Google introduced a shipping configuration tool enabling merchants to show more accurate shipping rates to shoppers. This tool is available in the Google Merchant Center. With the help of this new tool, consumers will no longer find higher shipping rates on a merchant’s website.

With the help of this tool you can configure accurate shipping rates for products. The tool offers:

Not even a month after introducing the new category pages and follow button, Pinterest is once again ready for some action with a new messaging feature. Pinterest announced in a blog post, the messaging feature will let users have private conversations with friends (both one-on-one and group chats) about particular pins.

Pinterest Messaging Feature Pinterest Introduces New Messaging Feature for Private Chats around Pins!

Now, if you submit your reconsideration request, when Google receives it you will get a notification in the form of a blank message in Google Webmaster Tools. Not only this, you can also view a copy of your submission through the reconsideration request form, as tweeted by Jody McCombe

Reconsideration request Google Now Displays a Copy of Original Reconsideration Requests in Webmaster Tools!

Shortly after dropping authorship images and circle count, reducing video snippets, and making several changes to local & in-depth articles from snippets in the SERPs, Google now has removed authorship reporting in Webmaster tools as reported by Glenn Gabe.

google webmaster tools author stats missing Google Removes Authorship Reporting in Webmaster Tools!

Now, authors who have an established authorship will not be able to see the average rank of their work, impressions or clicks. The authorship reporting provided a valuable piece of information to authors, helping them in making decisions regarding their writing.

Since the launch of Google’s Pigeon algorithm on July 24th, the local search results in Google’s English and US centric web and map results have been affected. Google refused to comment on it and said “we probably won’t detail all the changes to local search algorithms as we go.”

Google has introduced the Google News Publisher Center, allowing news publishers to easily manage their sites. Now, potential readers will be more informed about the articles they click on and news publishers will have more control over their content displayed on Google News.

You can make the following changes to the Publisher Center after verifying ownership of your site using Google Webmaster Tools:

According to an analysis by markets and analytics provider Piqora, the Pinterest referral traffic increased the e-commerce revenue by 67% from January to June 2014. The study was conducted on 400 Piqora customers. Not only this, the average value of e-commerce orders and the conversion rate also increased at 8.3% and 4% respectively. These increases represent hundreds of dollars in incremental value for large e-commerce brands active on Pinterest.