Google has introduced account level location extensions for ads on Google Search and Maps, an easier way to display your business location in every ad by linking your Google My Business and AdWords accounts.

Link Google My Business and AdWords Account Now Set Up Location Extensions for Ads at Account Level by Linking Google My Business to AdWords!

Now you don’t have to set up location extensions separately for each campaign. Add business locations to a single Google My Business account and link it to AdWords and you don't have to manually update addresses in each individual campaign.

Google announced in the Webmaster Central Blog, it is introducing the Language Targeting feature in International Targeting section of the Webmaster Tools to make debugging rel-alternate-hreflang annotations easier. The new feature identifies two common problems with hreflang annotations:

In a recent report by Leadtail titled “How Search Marketers Engage on Twitter,” 521 U.S. SEMs were studied on Twitter to see the topics discussed by them, the content consumed and shared by them and the people and publications that were most influential in the Twittersphere.

The study found search engine marketers prefer desktop tools over mobile when sharing content on Twitter. 80% SEMs use to share content according to the study.

Twitter announced in a blog post, it is upgrading the analytics dashboard with richer data. Advertisers can get a deeper insight into how well are their tweets performing. Users who have an access to the dashboard including advertisers, verified users and Twitter Card publishers can now view the number of times their tweets have been seen on as well as on Android or iOS apps.

Groupon recently conducted a study to find out 60% of their direct traffic was actually organic search. With this discovery, Conductor updated an earlier study of 310 million visits, suggesting organic search might be responsible for 64% of website traffic. Conductor also relocated 60% of the study’s direct visits to organic search. The original study showed 47% visits were organic search.

Conductor Updated Study New Study Reveals 64% of Website Traffic comes from Organic Search!

As the number of people who use their mobile devices to search is increasing rapidly, it is becoming necessary for companies to use this opportunity and connect with the right customers at the right time. 50% of all mobile searches are made with a local intent and 78% of these searches lead to offline purchases.

The Rise of Mobile Weekly Infographic: When, Where and How Mobile Users are Performing Searches?

In a recent study, Stone Temple Consulting made an attempt to crack the way Google indexes tweets. The main reason to conduct this study was to ascertain the likelihood of Google using signals from Twitter for ranking purposes, however, in the process a lot of other information were revealed:

  1. A significant percentage of tweets is not indexed by Google.

Google has updated the Google Maps desktop version with a new feature, allowing you to measure the distance between two or more points by charting a path and adding points.

Measure Distance Between Points Google Updates Google Maps with Manual Distance Measuring Tool: Measure Distance by Charting a Path on Map!

How to Measure the Distance between Points in Google Maps:

  • Right click on the starting destination.
  • Select “Measure Distance.”

Google announced on Google+, it is making a significant language change to the AdWords interface by renaming “Delete” to “Remove.” Google said the change has been made to help advertisers understand the object removed will still be available for any future reference. The change will come into effect in roughly two weeks.

Google Adwords Delete Now Remove Google to Replace “Delete” with “Remove” in the AdWords Interface!

Google has announced on Google+, version 10.5 of AdWords Editor is available now. With the new version users can download product groups, make bulk edits, upload and check changes along with performing other tasks that save time across online and offline shopping campaigns.

The new features in the latest version are mentioned below:

Shopping Campaign Management