Google has surprised users with innovative products from the Google Experimental Labs every now and then. This time around the users are getting links to try “Google Experimental Search” on the footer of many SERPs, observes Eric Lander.

googleexperimentallabs Googles Experimental Search To Be Seen On SERPs

The five experiments to try your hands on are supposed to be experiments aimed at improving the search experience. However, only one experiment gets activated at a time.

During the past couple of days the buzz about Yahoo!'s search update had been doing the rounds at many blogs and forums, see: January 2008 Update For Yahoo! Search?.

 Yahoo! Search Index Update 2008, Its Official!

The official announcement for the same has now come from the Yahoo! Search Blog. “Over the last few days, we've been rolling out some changes to our crawling, indexing and ranking algorithms. While we expect the update will be completed soon, as you know, throughout this process you may see some ranking changes and page shuffling in the index.” says Sharad Sharma of Yahoo! Search.

A couple of days back Google's Susan Moskwa & Trevor Foucher published FAQ about sitemaps, see: Google's FAQs on Sitemaps. The FAQs followed from their experience at SES Chicago 2007. Now, Michael Wyszomierski releases notes answering issues faced by many webmasters who he interacted with at PubCon Vegas 2007.

Here are the webmaster's concerns:

Site Verification Files and Meta Tags

Some time back changes to Google's AdSense refferal program had announced, pertaining to the pricing structure for North America, Latin America, or Japan and Google Plans To Retire Its AdSense Referral Program? outside North America, Latin America, and Japan.

The news came as a nasty surprise for the publishers affected by the changes and most were unhappy with it. One of the most vocal critics has been Darren Rowse of who termed the changes as sheer stupidity! On similar lines Jeremy Schoemaker along with many others protested the changes.

A couple of days back IncrediMail got a shock of its life when Google had severed the advertising service relationship with it, see: Doomsday For IncrediMail After Being Dumped By Google from AdSense Program!. IncrediMail is an Internet content and media company which provides email solutions and solutions for desktop wallpapers and screensavers.

Now it's some good news for them and their stakeholders as the advertising service relationship has been reinstated, announced Incredimail.

Google's Webmaster team has come up with a quick start guide for beginners. The guide covers several aspects such as:Dashboard, Overview, Diagnostics, Statistics, Links, Sitemaps and Tools.

webmaster guide Google Webmaster Central Launches Quick Start Guide For Rookie Webmasters!

Picture Credits: Google Webmaster Tools

It provides lots of elementary information about Google Webmaster Tools. The information that lets you make your website more Google-friendly. It enables you to “See your website the way Google sees it.”

Would Yahoo! Layoff Hundreds?

Jan 22, 2008 | 2,823 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Yahoo! Inc has been making a lot of news off late, see: 3rd Annual Yahoo! Searchlight Awards Announced!, Yahoo!: Personalized Mobile Portal Launched and Yahoo! To Support OpenID Standard.

Now, Yahoo!'s expected layoffs have become the hot topic of speculation these days. Since, no one knows for sure how big would be the magnitude of layoffs, only estimates are being floated around. Kevin Delaney of the Wall Street Journal reports the figures to be in the tune of hundreds and “Yahoo expects to finish 2008 with about the same number of workers as …”

Launched last year, Microsoft's adCenter Content Network only had Microsoft web properties during the initial stage. But now to make a mark in the field and to expand its network, Microsoft is all set to work with high-quality publishers like financial data provider EDGAR Online. This will be the first non-Microsoft web property to carry adCenter ads.

A master plan for the Google development office, Fremont, shows up on a bus advertisement, observes Philipp Lenssen. See below:

google bus Googlers Brainstorm On Buses! What Next?

Andrew Hitchcock got this shot in a bus tunnel in Seattle.

One of the scribbles is a link for jobs in Seattle “,” you can see a couple of other scribbles and flow diagrams. Nice “Googling,” no! “Doodling,” on the buses.

In a recent thread titled, “Baidu gains approval to become a Domain Registrar … but for what purpose?” at WebmasterWorld, there is a report from that Baidu had received approval from China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) to become a domain name registrar in last December. According to that report Baidu had applied in September of last year to become a .cn registrar.