The three search engine giants of the industry, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! have reached on a settlement of paying $31.5M to the US Justice Department. The Justice department had charged the companies of taking money for placing Illegal gambling advertisements.

Microsoft has officialy announced about the half-billion dollar deal with media-giant Viacom. This new deal is very prestigious as it shows a positive sign that online advertising and content distribution offerings are getting more matured.

jason 450px wide Ex Google Employee Jason Shellen Joins LiveJournalJason Shellen who has previously worked for Google’s New Business Development team will take up the responsibility of managing the product development for LiveJournal, Inc. During his time at Google he was the founding product manager for Google Reader which is one of the most popular blog readers available online.

The latest Google's videos released highlight some very specific privacy issues on a product-by-product basis. The Google team has done so to help grow the Google Privacy Channel on YouTube that was developed last month.

Google's Cache Down, Was It?

Dec 20, 2007 | 1,845 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Google's good and that's why there are so many across the world who depend on it. But, sometimes even highly reliable resources can let you down. Some people trying to trying to look up Google's cache were disappointed, when it didn't return anything but…
"Your search – cache:http://www.##############.html – did not match any documents."

Google has introduced a number of translation bots to their chat software named Google Talk. This was announced by the Google team in one of their blog post. This new bot which is a piece of software acts as a chat contact and provides some useful functionality. Suppose you are trying to chat with someone who does not know your language, then with the help of this new bot whatever you type it will be translated and repeated in another language. The new feature will prove to be quite handy during group chat when you want to have conversation with someone in another native language.

The Supplemental Index of Google has been a hotly discussed topic in the past, see Expert Comments On Supplementary Index. Some people had also come up with SEO tools for assessing it. See: Google Supplemental Index Ratio Calculator: New SEO Tool!

What's the purpose of the Supplemental Index? Google's Official Webmaster Blog says that "it stored unusual documents that we would search in more depth for harder or more esoteric queries."

Yahoo! Maps has added a new feature. The latest drag and drop customizable routing is the most notable one among several other improvements made on the site. Yahoo!'s biggest competitor Google already has a similar feature.

Now Yahoo! Maps come with photos and reviews in Ajax pop-ups. To avail this facility, one needs to put the mouse over individual business pushpins on the map. It also has a new window in the lower right where one can compare two different routes by time and distance. This is really a cool feature.

Tafiti has been released as a Windows Live Quick Application via CodePlex. It was announced by the Windows Live Platform team. Tafiti, which means "do research" in Swahili, is a search visualization website by Microsoft which brings a new user experience to researching in the field of searching and storing results. It was originally developed to demonstrate Silverlight and the Windows Live Search APIs.

Linda Buquet, the president of 5 Star Affiliate Programs announces the launch of Microsoft's affiliate program. The official post says "5 Star is proud to introduce the Microsoft(R) adCenter Affiliate Program. Earn a cash bounty for each new advertiser you refer that opens an adCenter account.

The highlights of the program include:

$50 adCenter credit sign-up promotion helps you close sales