Google Official Webmaster Central Blog informs about some very useful tips for Eastern European Webmasters. Last year Google ameliorated international webmasters issues chiefly keeping the requirements of the Eastern European users in view. Google says, “We opened several offices in the region, improved our algorithms with respect to these languages, and localized many of our products. Should I find only one word to describe these markets, I would say they are diverse. Still, they have two things in common: their online markets are currently in a developing phase and a high number of webmasters and search engine optimizers work there in a variety of languages.” Google blog also offers several suggestions for Eastern European webmasters as well as SEO's.

MSN Is Piczo's Ad Sales Partner

Mar 27, 2007 | 1,605 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Center Networks informs that Microsoft and Piczo are joining hands on the Piczo social networking site. Now MSN will be Piczo's UK ad sales partner. This partnership will allow Piczo to concentrate on improving products and services.

Microsoft has always been applauded for its softwares and Windows. However, Microsoft is not able to capture the interest of Internet users. In February 2005 Microsoft search accounted for 14% of all users and Google accounted for 46%. However, in two years time this data has slipped to just 9.6% of all Internet users. And Google's fan following has grown from 46% to 56%.

ServersCheck BVBA, a company based in Belgium sued Google last year claiming that  Google's Suggest feature drove people to the pirated version of their network monitoring software. However, a couple of days back a court in Belgium dismissed the lawsuit. This lawsuit was filed in May 2006. The Belgium company wanted Google to modify Suggest. They were not seeking any kind of financial damages.

Google Maps Bombed!

Mar 26, 2007 | 2,178 views | by Navneet Kaushal

The rivalry between Google and Microsoft has hit Google Maps. If you search for Microsoft on Google Maps, you get to see an anti-windows sign where Microsoft Seattle should have been. If you are too late, here is the screenshot.

 Google Maps Bombed!

Clearly, Google is not involved. Garret Rogers explains how this new form of Google bombing is possible.

The fears of Google overtaking the world are not new. In an era when information translates to money and power, the one with information rules. Now, who has more stored personal information and potential access to it than Google. Personalized search, targeted ad delivery, ads in email, experiments to track usage of TV programs, photographs of every inch of the Earth etc. etc – it’s all there in the Google world.

How much difference does it make if dynamic URLs of a site were changed to static ones (even it is just seemingly so)? Moreover, what is the changes were to be carried across the site?

We won't have been too wrong if we assumed that considerable risk was involved. However, a study by Search Engine Watch has proved otherwise. Predictably, usability and click through rates should have improved. The surprise element was that the search engines responded positively to the changes in URLs.

There are screen captures of Google AdWords Pay Per Action at Flickr. The screenshots have been made public by webkidsan.

The PPA service enables advertisers to pay a pre-determined amount only when a pre-determined action is completed. Thus it differs from PPC as the payments will not be for clicks only. The service is undergoing beta testing for both AdSense and AdWords. For more details visit

In an attempt to improve functionality as well as push other Google services, the search giant has been redesigning its search home page. the panel of links immediately above the search box has been moved to the top left and many non-search services are added under the ‘more’ link.

Over the past one year of its launch Microsoft adCenter has grown a lot. Won't say that it matches up with Google's adWords and Yahoo's ad serving system but still it is doing a remarkable job.

A brief history, Microsoft adCenter was launched in March 2006 in US. It became live in UK in August and in February this year in Canada.