Panama was launched amid huge expectation, both on the part of Yahoo! and publishers. Yahoo! was fast losing out in the search and advertisement market to Google. Publishers, who still hadn’t lost hope with Yahoo!’s failure to launch Panama still hoped for some wonder product.

Yahoo! has officially announced the launch of Yahoo! Mobile Publisher Services. This is a host of services which permits publishers to increase the distribution and monetization of their content to mobile phones. According to a press release by Yahoo! Media Relations informs about the services offered:

Yahoo Mobile Ad Network: The Yahoo! Mobile Ad Network will allow mobile publishers to have syndicated advertising served on their mobile content and services. Publishers will be able to select the ad formats they want to have run, such as display, sponsored links, video or in-game placements.
Yahoo Mobile Content Engine: The Yahoo! Mobile Content Engine will enable publishers to bring their content to Yahoo!'s mobile audience. It will also help enable publishers who do not have a mobile site or only have a limited mobile offering to quickly distribute their content to consumers on their mobile phones.
Yahoo Mobile Media Directory:
The Yahoo! Mobile Media Directory will allow publishers to make their mobile media content accessible directly through Yahoo! oneSearch. Publishers could submit a catalog of their content such as ringtones, games, video and applications.
Yahoo Mobile Site Submit: The Yahoo! Mobile Site Submit will allow publishers to provide information about their mobile site, such as a description and relevant tags, to ensure that their sites are accurately indexed and available to consumers through Yahoo! oneSearch. For example, a hotel could submit their mobile site, including description and tag, enabling weekend travelers to find their location and see if they still have rooms available through Yahoo! oneSearch.

Brian Smith on SingleFeed informs about a latest form of optimization that is Google Base & Data Feed Optimization. He also informs how to succeed on it.

Brian Smith informs:
Google Base is Google’s free user generated content database. Registered users can submit job listings, personal ads, blog posts, podcasts, recipes, images, technical documents, real estate listings, products, and more. While the following information will focus on Google Base for products, much of the information is applicable to all Google Base submitters, regardless of the type of data involved.

T-Series, a music and entertainment company based in India has sued Google for unauthorized projection of music video and other clips on YouTube. The sources reveal that song sequels from latest Bollywood movies produced by T-Series are open for public viewing on Google's YouTube.

Threadwatch reports that DoubleClick, an online advertising firm, is in talks with Microsoft for a sale while Google is planning to launch similar service within months. This hot new area is of serving advertisements even when the company is selling them.

Remember the Yahoo! click fraud settlement that took place last year where Yahoo! got away with a mere $4.95 million to plaintiffs counsel in cash as part of the settlement.

Yahoo! has to pay $4.95 million to plaintiffs' counsel in cash as part of the settlement. There is also a provision which allows advertisers to file a claim for investigation of potentially fraudulent clicks back through January 2004. If the claim holds and fraudulent clicks has been billed, then Yahoo! will refund advertisers.

Does Google display results which are powerful individual pages or URLs from tightly wound, highly relevant domain? When it comes to domain strength, link power is known to flow within the domain and can be directed to influence rankings of a certain page. In fact, it is well advised to keep the link syrup well flowing throughout the domain.

Yahoo! has removed directory links from its search results. It was reported by David at Search Engine Roundtable Forums. Barry says that the directory links were linked to the category within Yahoo! Directory.

According to Search Engine Watch, Yahoo! has confirmed the removal of directory links. According to a Yahoo! spokesperson the removal is to decrease clutter in the SERPs and enhance user experience. On second thoughts, it could very well be the first step toward closing down Yahoo! Directory whose best days have passed by.

Google Official Webmaster Central Blog informs about some very useful tips for Eastern European Webmasters. Last year Google ameliorated international webmasters issues chiefly keeping the requirements of the Eastern European users in view. Google says, “We opened several offices in the region, improved our algorithms with respect to these languages, and localized many of our products. Should I find only one word to describe these markets, I would say they are diverse. Still, they have two things in common: their online markets are currently in a developing phase and a high number of webmasters and search engine optimizers work there in a variety of languages.” Google blog also offers several suggestions for Eastern European webmasters as well as SEO's.

MSN Is Piczo's Ad Sales Partner

Mar 27, 2007 | 1,607 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Center Networks informs that Microsoft and Piczo are joining hands on the Piczo social networking site. Now MSN will be Piczo's UK ad sales partner. This partnership will allow Piczo to concentrate on improving products and services.