Once you are banned from Google AdWords are you booted out forever or is there a dubious way in? Asks a victim of the ban at a forum .

According to Digital Point, some users have been banned from AdWords for bidding on certain keywords, on many occasions without prior notice. Suggestions include getting a new debit/credit card with a different billing address and using either a middle name as the first name. However, Google is good at finding banned users.

AdSense Policies Simplified

May 11, 2007 | 1,689 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Many Google AdSense users were confused on reading the list of AdSense guidelines and policies that ensured them longevity and success in the ad serving program.

In the latest news, HitWise reports Google is still king in Web search. Accounting for 65% search, Google is followed by Yahoo!Search with 20.73%, MSN totalled 8.46%, and in fourth spot was Ask with 3.69%. The other search engines, 47 of them, managed to total only 1.86%. All these figures are for April in the U.S. alone.

Communicating between Google and webmasters took a blow when some German webmasters received fake penalty notification emails allegedly sent by Google Search Quality. The problem arose as these spam notices look very similar to Google's mails. An original example of Google's penalty notification email is:

“Dear site owner or webmaster of http://www.chefrevival.com.au/,

A Cyprus based news site, Playfuls, which was ranked 16th in Google's English-language news sources was removed from Google News as the news site was suspected of 'gaming' Google News algorithm. Playfuls had nearly 8,000 listings in the site even higher than New York Times,

Hot on the heels of the Google Analytics makeover which we reported two days ago followed a similar transformation by other smaller sites.

Not as easy as ABC, but a little more systematic than that is the process of converting Google AdWords Campaign into Yahoo Panama. GotAds gives a list of uncomplicated steps for those interested.

In the latest news, Google print Ads are now integrated and becomes a part of Adwords. Though new, the application is very easy to use, understand and quick.

Using the AdWords console, advertisers can select the following:

  • Date range for ads to run
  • How much you wish to spend each week (no daily pricing options)
  • Select from hundreds of different newspapers and view their schedule and circulation.

New Reports inform Microsoft now owns 4% of job portal, CareerBuilder's equity stakes. With this development, the hold of the job portal's owners, Tribune Co., Gannett Co. Inc., McClatchy Co. on CareerBuilder decreases. Mclatchy already owns 31 newspapers and.

Yahoo! Travel has added a new mapping prototype feature on their website with some help from Yahoo! Maps API.

The new feature has more details and thematic layers within the map. Classic Yahoo! Map tools like panning, zooming and satellite Imagery are still present. A cool, new slider to increase or lower transparencies of the maps has also been added.