Webmasters are happily breathing a huge sigh of relief on learning Google has altered and updated their Webmaster Guidelines page.

Some of the additions include links to:

A Quick Overview of our coverage of SMX Advanced Day 2:

Day 1 Coverage can be found here

The second day's last session, Beyond The Majors where Jeffrey K. Rohrs joins us again as moderator with speakers Scott Greenberg, SVP, Advertising Services, Marchex; Anton E, Konikoff, Founder and CEO, Acronym Media; Matt Greitzer, Director of Search Marketing, Avenue A|Razorfish; T. J. Kelley, VP, Marketing, LookSmart and Tom Paraboschi, Director of Advertising Sales and Agency Relations, MIVA.

"I wish…." or "If only they would….", if many of you have undergone or said these words, this was the opportunity to tell it directly to representatives from the major search ad providers. What should they fix? What new features should they provide? Come lobby for the changes you want, with others to take up your cause, if you've got that great idea.

Search Engine Land's Danny Sullivan took the chair as moderator for the round, where the discussion was on "Better Ways of Keyword research. Link building. Page titles. Yawn. You know the fundamentals of SEO cold. Still, no one knows everything. Been wondering if there's a better way to get something done? Put it to our panel of experts!"

Google's Press Center announces that Salesforce.com and Google, have recently announced that they have formed a strategic global alliance ' to help millions of businesses leverage the Internet to achieve success'.

The latest product resulting from this alliance is Salesforce Group Edition featuring Google AdWords which is a robust offering that combines both the power of Salesforce on-demand CRM applications and Google AdWordsâ„¢ platform to achieve integrated sales and marketing success. This solution provides the same tools to all businesses irrespective of the size of the business. This will help to successfully attract and retain customers.

Google Purchases PeakStream!

Jun 6, 2007 | 1,597 views | by Navneet Kaushal

In unexpected news, The Register informs that Google has purchased PeakStream Inc., a Redwood City, California company that develops software for multi-core and parallel processors. The sum of purchase has not been disclosed as of now.

Google has already confirmed the acquisition but nothing is known about the terms of the deal.

Ask Launches Ask3D

Jun 6, 2007 | 3,224 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Ask.com recently launched an upgraded interface named Ask3D through which users have a faster, easier and richer search experience. The name 3D stands for the three dimensions of searching – query expression, investigating results and excavating deeply into content. Ask3D presents the most relevant types of data in categories within the search results, segregated by content type. It means with Ask3D, you get everything on just one page. And the good thing is that you don't have to visit three different pages or websites to see and search through each dimension.

Once again, the diligent Jeffrey K. Rohrs,(VP of Agency & Search Marketing for ExactTarget), takes up Moderator duties for the second times on Pump Up Your Paid Search! Which discusses 'tips and techniques designed to help pros get even more out of their paid search campaigns'.

Panellists include Ben Perry, Ph.D., Paid Search Director, iProspect; Brad Geddes, Director of Search Engine Marketing, Local Launch and Matt Van Wagner, President, Find Me Faster.

The opening lines of the session is “Had a site hit the search engine penalty box? In this session, search engines share the latest on how they give you official signs of this, along with reinclusion procedures. The session includes lots of time for audience-driven discussion on penalties and how procedures might be improved.”

And so, the session begins with Danny Sullivan in the moderator's shoes with speakers