In order to sell more television ads, Google Inc looks forward to purchase demographic data from provider, Nielsen Co, informs the Associated Press.

img Google To Purchase TV Demographic Data From Nielsen Company

"This was a missing piece of puzzle for us," said Keval Desai, Google's director of product management for TV ads. Kevin said, Google is "thrilled" with its progress so far in TV advertising but declined to provide any financial specifics.

Inside AdWords introduces the Quality Score Keyword Analysis Service which will help advertisers provide more information about the Quality Score for their keywords.

To launch Keyword Analysis page, click the magnifying glass icon beside any keyword in your account; then click one of the 'Details and recommendations' links.

img1 Quality Score Keyword Analysis Service: Latest From AdWords

This is a sample of the Details and recommendations page

img2 Quality Score Keyword Analysis Service: Latest From AdWords

As seen on Webmaster World users are at loggerheads, debating on whether Google's Organic SERPs have been manipulated or not. Even though, Google reps have maintained that AdSense and SERP's have nothing to do with each other, most people are in disbelief.

2007 's October Update?

Oct 23, 2007 | 2,387 views | by Navneet Kaushal

A thread in Digital Point forum informs that might have undergone ranking updates.

“ only accounts for about 1-3% of the traffic on any of my sites, but I recently (in the last week) noticed a spike is rankings for keywords and indexing of pages. Is anyone else noticing this? I am hoping it will increase my traffic from”

EU extends Google-DoubleClick inquiry informs Reuters. Apparently, the EU regulators on Monday extended the deadline for their inquiry into Web search leader Google's proposed purchase of rival DoubleClick to November 13 from October 26.

google doubleclick EU Extends Google DoubleClick Enquiry Deadline!

Google competition counsel Julia Holtz told Reuters, "We believe that the deal is good for publishers, advertisers, and users–and we trust that the Commission will reach the same conclusion and clear the transaction."

googleplex Why Do Googlers Quit The #1 Search Engine?

Fortune Magazine rated Google Inc as No.1, in the 100 best places to work in , for the year 2007. Everyone knows about Google employees who get 20 percent of their time to work on something company-related that interests them personally, and their cafeteria, called 'Cafe150' is legendary. Then, why do Googlers leave?

google caffe Why Do Googlers Quit The #1 Search Engine?

Antone Gonsalves speaks to a few ex-Googlers and asks them why?

brian mcandrews.thumbnail AdCenter Sr. VP Says Internet Ads To Shift From SearchJust days after saying Google receives too much undeserved credit, Brian McAndrews, the Sr VP of Microsoft's Advertiser Publisher Solutions Group is back saying the company's search ads will shift to other forms of online advertising, reports Bloomberg.

McAndrews said, "Search has been a significant driver of growth. In the next several years, it will not be as much of a driver. Some of the emphasis will shift more toward display ads, toward video, toward rich media."

Social networking is really the way forward. This couldn't have been proven better by Google's previous announcement of creating FaceBook applications.

eric schmidt Google CEO Hints, AdSense Ads Coming Soon To FaceBook!

Steve Rubel suggests that, "Schmidt Hints Adsense Maybe Coming to Facebook Apps". This is because Eric Schmidt told Adage:-

"How will those developers get paid for those services? We would like to have our ads in those applications."

A Press release informs that Yahoo! OneSearch is now in India.

yahoo onesearch Yahoo! Introduces OneSearch & SMS Search In India!

“How oneSearch SMS works

With the launch of oneSearch SMS in India, Yahoo! is enabling all mobile users to search for almost any content through its 58242 short code. For example:

  • SMS to 58242 with the city name (e.g. Mumbai) returns back the weather

Google News announced a new application for facebook where users can create custom sections or select from a set of pre-defined topics, then browse and share stories with their friends on Facebook.

Google is trying a couple things differently with this application, and it is still in beta.

Vanessa Fox writes that Google did a clandestine launch back in October 12 and has a screenshot to prove just that. Below is the screenshot.