Yahoo! Search Marketing will be launching Traffic Quality Center which is a place for Yahoo to discuss its quality-related initiatives with their advertisers.

home header03 Yahoo! Search Marketing Launches Traffic Quality Center

The new Traffic Quality Center is essentially a place for advertisers to check out what Yahoo! is doing to help define, prevent and protect against the industry issues of click fraud. At the center, you'll have access to:

Matt Cutts shares his own personal experience of how quickly documents can get indexed in Google in a post called Minty fresh index.

skrenta post Almost Real Time Refreshes In Google Search Engine Result Pages!

skrenta snippet Almost Real Time Refreshes In Google Search Engine Result Pages!

matt fresh Almost Real Time Refreshes In Google Search Engine Result Pages!

Yahoo! to stream web-only US Prez debate reports The Register which will make the search giant the first ever to host the first Online-only American presidential debate. Featuring in the list of speakers will be Hillary CLinton and Barrack Obama.

“The Yahoo! event will only be broadcast online, additional questions will be taken in real-time, and everyone will be spared Anderson Cooper. Hosting duties will be handled by PBS talk-show host Charlie Rose.”

In a post called Major View Cities, Stephen Chau informs that Google now adds 4 more street view cities in its roster of cities visible through Google Maps.

gse multipart48502 Google Maps Street View Now Includes 4 More Cities

“We're excited to announce that Street View is now available in San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston and Orlando. Like the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego features high-resolution imagery.”

When one user at Webmaster World wondered whether Microsoft's AdCenter Editorial Review had come “grinding to a halt.”

adCenterEU, The official adCenter representative said:

"We are experiencing a large number of submissions currently and the team is working hard to ensure we get everything processed as quickly as possible."

After MSN was reborn as the search engine giant refused to even acknowledge its erstwhile name. Now, things have taken a different turn. ResourceShelf reports that Adds Link to “MSN Sources” at the Top of a Search Results Page.

ResourceShelf :- "We noticed that a new permanent link (unlike others that can be toggled on and off) to MSN (like MSNBC, Encarta, etc.) is now included at the top of search results page.

SEOBook has a very informative article where it answers whether a 301 Redirect counts. Aaron Walls starts by saying the first step is to "find at least one navigational type search query that can be created out of the inbound anchor text of the site you are redirecting, before you start redirecting 301, which you would still expect to rank for even if you had no page content."

According to search engine watch the recent update in Google's algorithm has affected many a major website's ranking.

Apparently, according to many sources, experienced a 28% drop in traffic thanks to last week's algo update. “Some forum posts and blogs suggest this is a downplay of big content sites, as well as a downgrade of sites for keyword density. It will be interesting to see if sites such as Wikipedia are swept up by this.”

flick Competition For YouTube? Yahoo To Include Videos In FlickrIn the ever growing battle between Yahoo! And Google, the latest comes from Yahoo! Who is trying to integrate videos into its photo-sharing site, Flickr, reports Ari Levy in Yahoo to Revamp Video Site After Losing to YouTube.

shi tao Congress To Investigate Yahoos Role In Chinese Journalist Shi Taos Arrest!AP reports that "U.S. lawmaker announces investigation of Yahoo's role in Chinese rights case" as Congressional investigators intend to find out whether Yahoo officials misrepresented the U.S. Internet company's role in the arrest of Chinese journalist Shi Tao who was sentenced to jail for a 10 year tenure.