According to a story on Wall Street Journal, the deal between Yahoo! and AT&T worth $250mn/year is at stake. Clearly, Yahoo! is not in a shape to accept such a major loss of revenue and might dip below red. In fact, the company has already suffered 5% of its market capitalization due to the reports of “renegotiations.”

Google Targeting TV Commercials

Mar 12, 2007 | 1,607 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Danny Sullivan informs about a Wall Street Journal article, Google gains on goal of controlling and targeting TV commercials. WSJ reports, “Google Inc. has established a toehold in pursuing of one its next big ambitions: controlling which television ads viewers see and tailoring them to consumers' interests.” 

Eleven music companies, which includes giants like plaintiffs Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group, have filed a copyright violation suit against Yahoo! China operator Alibaba over widespread infringement associated to digital downloads, lyrics, ringtones, and other music assets. The plaintiffs are looking forward to 5.5 million yuan (which is almost equal to $687,500) for the losses suffered by them.

Adamap reports that Google AdWords keyword tool is showing numbers for the last month’s search volume. However, the numbers have neither been seen before nor after that one time. Barry Schwartz has posted at Search Engine Land that his account showed only green bars but no numbers.

Adamap has a screenshot of the number display. It might be another AdWords experiment but there are no official confirmations yet. 

Loren Baker at Search Engine Journal has written a post on measuring the value of directory links.

He says, “Directories are probably the oldest form of link and traffic building, dating back to Yahoo!, DMOZ, and’s directory efforts. They are also still an important part of Internet marketing in terms of site categorization via co citation, establishing a reputation by being listed with the best sites on the web, and establishing some core anchor text which still has ranking influence.”

Barry on Search Engine Roundtable has written a post on Does Google Still Crawl 404 Not Found Pages?

A WebmasterWorld query raises the question, “how long will Google ask for a page when it gets a 404 (Not found)?”

Adam Parikh at Adamap discovered that Google was providing search numbers for keywords in their Adwords Keyword tool. Adam says:
I was doing some research with the Google Adwords keyword tool when I noticed the number of searches next to the previous month's bars indicating the search volume. I had not seen that before, nor have I seen it since. I have heard of Google testing new features on their SERP, but in my experience new features are usually stick around in the AdWords interface and are announced in a timely fashion.

Google Blogoscoped informs that Google China has launched a new web navigation directory at here for an automated translation. This directory is complete with sections on search, video, games, music and communities.

According to report by Compete, Live Search has gained 1% market share as has Google. Yahoo! has lost 2% share to the competitors. The rise in Live Search’s share was expected after Windows Vista was launched with Live Search as the default search engine. As per the report “Overall web search volume on Live Search increased 10% to nearly 590 million queries in February.”

The Googlebot that just visited your website might not have been from Google. There are rogue bots out there which imitate the Googlebot to steal content. Barry Schwartz has compiled few resources which elaborate upon ways to verify the authenticity of a bot.
Included in the post are some past posts on the issue, a post by Matt Cutts and discussions at Cre8asite Forums. Matt Cutts has explained how to verify the bot with reverse DNS.

Telling webmasters to use DNS to verify on a case-by-case basis seems like the best way to go. I think the recommended technique would be to do a reverse DNS lookup, verify that the name is in the domain, and then do a corresponding forward DNS->IP lookup using that name; eg: