As floods take toll of lives in Berkshire, BBC integrates Google Maps into its news to alert readers of inundated areas etc, reports informs Google Latlong.

google maps bbc flood map BBC Integrates Google Maps To Show Berkshire Floods

Jessica Lee, Google Product Manager writes:

"The BBC has created an interactive flood map with information about the floods happening in Berkshire, UK. The map includes flood alert information, emergency center locations, photos submitted by local residents, user-generated YouTube videos, and audio clips by BBC Radio correspondents. This is a great example of citizen journalism plus professional journalism, all mashed up on a map."

mfst modified Microsoft Partners Digg To Become Ad ProviderKevin Rose announces in his blog that Digg has teamed up with Microsoft as a new partner to sell and serve ads on Digg. Apparently, the deal is similar to the one Microsoft signed with Facebook last year.

About the partnership, Kevin writes:

gatineau Introducing Gatineau: Microsofts New Web Analytical Tool! Gatineau, the latest from Microsoft which is to directly compete with Google Analytics is garnering a lot of praise even before it has been released on beta.

LiveSide, Microsoft's official news blog writes, "

Gatineau will allow users, once they have set up a profile and added a tracking script to their blog or website, to:

  • View reports
  • Manage goals

How to Forbid Google to offer the "View as HTML" link for pdf? is the question asked at webmaster world. On most occassions, Google search engine result pages show a "View as HTML" link just below where pdf documents' title is written but sometimes Google does index the "View as HTML" link. Some of the ebst suggestions were:

Loren Baker who was present at WordCamp's 2-day long conference for WordPress users and developers has a post on Matt Cutts's tips on SEO for WordPress blogs.

868455677 361aadc213 270x178 matt cutts Optimize Your WordPress: Matt Cutts Shares Tips

Main Highlights are:

  • Matt recommends the SEO Title Plugin to swap the name of the blog title with the name of the post titles.
  • Use Alt attributes while blogging and with photos.

Googlified has a helpful post on keeping a backup of Google data such as GMail details, saved images and chat records etc.

According to Adam Pash it is important that you save Google managed data as once you lose it you cannot retrieve them back.

"Automatically back up your Gmail account

feed logo images Feedburners Integration To AdSense: A Work In ProgressApparently, ever since Google purchased Feedburner, Steve Olechowski the co-founder and COO of the news feed management provider in his blog says they have been busy working on integrating AdSense into Feedburner.

“So as most of you know by now, FeedBurner is now part of Google and I'm now working on the AdSense Product Management team helping integrate all we built over the last three years into Google.”

google Google Prepares To Combat Yahoo In Indian Mobile Search battleA month ago, we reported that Yahoo! had tied up with Idea Cellular, an Indian mobile service provider to provide Yahoo's oneSearch service to Idea Users in India.

Now, Livemint reports that Google too is getting ready too as it currently busies itself with building solutions to merge “voice and data” in text messages dispatched from cellular phones, and is hoping to aggressively push these in India, among the fastest growing markets for cellular phone services in the world.

aol AOL Purchases TACODA An Online Behavioral Targeting Advertising NetworkAn AOL press release informs that AOL will acquire TACODA, an online behavioral targeting advertising network where the Advertising Network will perform as an entirely owned subsidiary of AOL.

Though AOL has not announced the purchasing fee yet, sources told the NYPost that the acquisition costs somewhere between $200 million and $300 million.

iphone Download Google AJAX Search On Your iPhoneFor the few who've got their hands on the hottest phone of the year – iPhone, Google AJAX search is available for download says the official AJAX Search API Blog.

iphone google search Download Google AJAX Search On Your iPhone

Easy to use, just point your iPhone towards However, as Google system informs this is just a demo for developers and not the final service but for more suggestions on how Google AJAX could better befit your iPhone, raise your voice at Google Developers forum.