Yahoo! has acquired the rights to sell online-video and display advertisements for the Web portal of Comcast Corporation. The deal was finalized on Monday. This is significant for Yahoo! as Comcast is the largest pay-television service provider in the country.

For quite some time now, speculations were going on in the industry about who is going to work with Comcast. Now the picture is clear. Yahoo! will sell 80 % of the advertisements for the Comcast web portal. The financial details were not disclosed.

Yahoo! Acquires Right Media

May 2, 2007 | 3,940 views | by Navneet Kaushal

In a press release “Agreement to Acquire Right Media, Largest Emerging Online Advertising Exchange,” Yahoo! has announced the the acquisition of Right Media Inc., creator of the Right Media Exchange.

Right Media is a New York based company that provides online advertising exchange to more than 1,000 publishers. Earlier, Yahoo! had 20 percent shares of the company. After this deal, Yahoo! bought the rest of the shares for approximately $680 million.

Google has released the data for Top 10 searches in last week of April. Earth Day, which was on April 22, seems to have interested many. It is Earth Day that leads the list for this week. The other news that attracted people is about the new earth that a team of European astronomers have found. The object, Gliese 581C is though to resemble our own earth.

Tom Bowman, regional advertising sales director, Digital Advertising Solutions, Microsoft, talked about the future plans of Microsoft. One of such plans is to make mobile and social networking services stronger in India.

In an interview with Agencyfaqs, Tom Bowman said, “We would like to improve the connection between Live Messenger and mobile. We also want to make Live Spaces, our social networking product, stronger in India.”

New Microsoft adCenter 3.7.1 show glitches AdCenterEU of Microsoft announced an upgrade of Microsoft adCenter to version 3.7.1. at Webmasterworld Forums.

With the upgraded version, similar or matching terms can be used in lieu of exact keyword searches. Advertisements will also be shown on participating websites and distribution outlets operated by the Microsoft network. However, not many users are happy with the upgrade.

Is another PageRank underway? As reported on various forums and blogs, many webmasters have reported a drop in PR. However, let us remind you that the real worth of PR has been debated for years and years. You can also read excellent guide on PageRank by Danny at Search Engine Land

Andrew Braccia, VP of Yahoo Search, resigned to join Accel Partners, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm. He already features in the company's team page.

According to Google Adwords Blog: "On Tuesday, April 24th, Google identified and canceled AdWords accounts displaying ads that re-directed users to malicious sites"

Exploit Prevention Labs has an interesting video that explains the attacks

Exploit’s CTO, Roger Thompson said:

Live Product Search team has announced of certain improvements in query stats which now include more images. The statistics given by the team tell the story better.

  •     Percent of Top Results with Images (Before): 79.2%
  •     Percent of Top Results with Images (After): 88.6%
  •     Improvement: +9.4%  

Google and Intel have reached an agreement which will enable manufacturers and sellers of Intel laptops to easily buy keyword based search advertising through Google AdWords. According to a report at CNET,

Intel is introducing a virtual marketing storefront for its thousands of channel and reseller licensees that will provide a single online site for planning and creating ad campaigns such as placing print ads, ordering merchandise and services and customizing items with their company logo.