SEO is a most happening industry. To be on the top spot, you need to work day and night. But how can one say that he or she is in need of a break. To help you Matt McGee, one of the popular name in the SEO world, has come up with a list that highlights the top 21 signs that you need a break from SEO. All the tips are just amazing and can make anyone laugh.

Yahoo! sends alert e-mails from time to time to your dashboard. The alert messages can range from some important issues or some specific information regarding your personal account. Sometimes, it become a problem to manage these alert messages. Yahoo! designs a new dashboard button for deleting alerts. With this button, one can easily delete an alert right from the dashboard home page, by clicking on the little trash can icon to the right of it.

Yahoo! is going in the right path. It is working to open up and this time it is not restricting itself to its partners only. Now, users and especially user-developers will work together with the Yahoo! team to make the company more advanced and improved. Head of news and information for Yahoo’s Media Group, Scott Moore, told Business Week, “We are trying to make Yahoo! into more of an open platform that lots of people can plug into.”

Every month there is a 'new, must-have SEO extensions' but we hope you don't fall into the trap and actually download them all. Listed below are some of our favorites (read at PageTraffic) and obviously the leading SEO extensions for Firefox available. Here goes the list:

1. Firebug 1.05 - With this helpful little add-on, you can tweak and monitor CSS, inspect and edit HTML, debug, visualize CSS metrics, monitor your network and also make changes in JavaScript live in any web page.

How long for Google to spider 29.5 million pages? asks a forum in Webmaster World.

dberube posts:

"We launched a new site about 2 weeks ago that has about 29.5 million unique, search engine friendly, URLs. Since we launched Googlebot has visited us 22 times and has hit just over 2,000 files. My question is, how long do you think it would take Google to spider the entire site and get them into their index?"

As winter is approaching fast, manging the time becomes a headache. Keeping in mind this very problem of general people, has developed some helpful short cuts for AskCity.

The changes can be seen in the form of:

  • Embeddable Maps
  • Reroutable Maps
  • ZIP Code Business Search

Google Promoting Mobile Ads!

Sep 12, 2007 | 3,016 views | by Navneet Kaushal

For quite some time, Google is showing interest on mobile ads. And now the search giant is all set to formally promote mobile to its advertiser base and SEM firms. For the time being, any AdWords campaigns that conform to Google's mobile ad requirements and limits, will be automatically included in mobile AdWords distribution, free of cost until November 18. But after this time period, some amount will ve charged on clicks on mobile AdWords, till the marketers opt out. Marissa Mayer stated at SES that Google had seen a "surge" in mobile usage and in mobile Maps after the release of the iPhone.

image Adam Bosworth; Googles Man Of Health Leaving Company!Google Health's Adam Bosworth Leaves Google, informs Danny Sullivan. Bosworth who headed the Google Health team will be leaving his mothership soon.

“Adam is a great talent and was instrumental in starting Google Health. He is now on vacation and has decided to pursue other opportunities after that. Marissa Mayer is taking over the health team in the interim until a new team leader takes over. Google is moving forward with work on our health products.”

The Yahoo! Search Blog has a post which says that through Yahoo! Small Business customers can now easily submit and authenticate their websites to Yahoo! Site Explorer.

All that is required is to enable 'sitemap.xml' iand your site will automatically be submitted to Yahoo! Site Explorer automatically.

Yahoo Weather Update Already?

Sep 11, 2007 | 1,648 views | by Navneet Kaushal

A forum in Webmaster World informs of Change in Yahoo's SERPs yesterday.

pgrote wrote, "Has anyone else noticed a change in the SERPS for Yahoo yesterday? We're seeing more traffic from Yahoo to our sites."


"Yes, I had a drop from #7 to #18 for a 1 word search that had been stable for a while. No other changes seen on that, or any other sites though."