Google Directory Update

Jan 15, 2008 | 3,165 views | by Navneet Kaushal

An updated Google Directory is being reported at blogs and forums. The update has been observed for the new PageRank bars in addition to an update from DMOZ. The Google Toolbar update was reported a couple of days back, see: Google Toolbar PageRank Update Being Reported.

Recently, Andy Beard had reported the Google Directory had been revamped with some new data.

Around the start of the new year Google did it's math wrong when they erroneously calculated AdSense remuneration for publishers from Australia and New Zealand.

As a consequence of applying inverted the exchange rates to calculate payments, the poor publishers ended up getting 20% less than what they should have been paid.

During November last year Boston's Northeastern University and technology company Jarg sued Google for patent infringements, see: Northeastern University Takes Google Inc To Court!. Now we have a response from Google, and it's an outright denial of the charges leveled against them.

baclawskipatent Googles Response To Patent Infringement Litigation

Picture Credits: The US Patent & Trademark Office

Google's Goooooooooogle!

Jan 14, 2008 | 20,893 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Google’s Amsterdam office looked like this when this photo was clicked, there's something really googol about this Goooooooooogle, Goooooooooogle on the wall.

googleamsterdom Googles Goooooooooogle!

Picture Credits: chuckbiscuito, under a CC Liscence

Seems pretty much like the Goooooooooogle you get on SERP pages, but that's not as googol as the one above!

google1 Googles Goooooooooogle!

isabel CEO of Google Spain & Portugal, Isabel Aguilera, Quits!The year 2008 has started off in a big way with quite a few top notch executive of the search engine biggies leaving their posts, be it Yahoo!,, and now even the Goliath Google.

Will Google Takeover Yell?

Jan 12, 2008 | 4,988 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Off late there's been a speculation that Google's going to buy Yell, whether or not this is true only time would tell. Yell is an international directories business which operates in the classified advertising market in the UK, USA, Spain and Latin America.

yell Will Google Takeover Yell?

Picture Credits: Yell

Google Trends was launched last year, see: Google Trends- A New Search Tool Introduced By Google, and allowed users to compare and contrast varied searches conducted by users over a period of time. Now, the launch of Google Checkout Trends would allow you to know what customers have been buying and selling online on Google Checkout.

checkouttrends Google: Google Checkout Trends Launched

Picture Credits: Google Inc

Yahoo!'s tweaked the sponsored ads by placing images alongside them. This is what the Computers and Internet section of the Yahoo! Directory looks like.

yahoodirimages Yahoo! Slips In Images in Sponsored Search Listings

Yahoo Search Marketing seems to be conducting a test run by displaying these images from a company called ImageAdvantage. The images appear on the left side of each of the sponsored listings, a nice move to attract!

Once IncrediMail disclosed that it's got a notice from Google Inc. about the latter's decision to end the advertising service relationship with the former, all hell broke lose. Incredimail's shares plummeted by 45 percentage points hitting this year's lowest figure of $2.50. IncrediMail, specializes in producing customized e-mail solutions.

incredistocks Doomsday For IncrediMail After Being Dumped By Google from AdSense Program!

Picture Credits: Reuters

Google's kept its focus on enhancing its services with newer features and improvements every now and then. Since iGoogle was launched last year, see:

iGoogle – New, Improved, More Personal Google Home Page which allowed users to get a more personalized usage of Google's services and after releasing embellishments later, see: Interesting iGoogle Themes!, now you get to enjoy iGoogle on your iPhone as well.