BBC News reports Google will ban advertisements for essay writing services, from its advertising forum. The ban occurred following numerous complaints from University authorities whose students submitted copied reports and essays.

Professor Drummond Bone, president of Universities UK commented on the news saying, "Making life harder for these cynical web 'essay mills' is a step in the right direction. We welcome this move. Essay writing sites claim that students pay hundreds of pounds for model answers – but do not then submit these as their own work. We all know this claim is absurd."

As seen on Webmaster World AdSense publishers have been receiving emails about Google closing their accounts on June 1. AdSense Publishers dealing in sending Adwords traffic to an MFA (Made for Adsense) site and search arbitrage received email on May 15th notifying them that their sites will be disabled on June 1st.

Scotland's Sunday Herald reports “Google reach deals with news websites” in UK so that the Search Engine giant can carry news from the news sites on their Google News.

According to the paper, "The deals are reputedly being kept strictly secret for fear that Google will end up having to pay for similar licences with all of the 4500 news services it carries on its news aggregator."

A post in Google's Official Blog updates on how with Universal Search, they can "more smartly handle ambiguous queries".

Realizing that "Online security is an important topic", Google introduces an Online Security Blog. The Blog will update regularly on recent trends, scoops, interesting findings, and endeavors related to online security.

For their first post, the blog discusses Malware, a software which can enter your computer and damage data surreptitiously. In case, a site is risky Google will mention it in the Search Results as "This site may harm your computer". Currently, Malware activity leads in China, followed by the U.S., Germany and Russia.

At DNA, an update says Google Inc will digitize over 8,00,000 books and texts available at the Mysore University. Present among the books are ancient, rare texts and manuscripts including Kautilya's 'Arthasastra', India's first ever political, economic, state, military treatise composed in the 4th B.C. Other books and manuscripts include works on ayurveda, mathematics, medicine, science, astrology and economy.

According to the WSJ unnamed sources say Google Inc and Inc will plan on forming an alliance so together, they can crush and topple Microsoft.

The Wall Street Journal says "one outcome could be a Web-based offering that integrates some of Google's online services such as email and instant-messaging with those of, whose customer-relationship management tools help salespeople track their accounts." Brad Reback, CIBC World Markets analyst says, "it's not out of the realm of possibility that Google ends up buying"

UK Telegraph says “according to silicon valley gossip” Yahoo! is in talks to buy Bebo, a social networking site created by Michael Birch and Xochi Birch.

Other reports say, "Yahoo! is rumoured to be weighing a $1 billion (£500m) bid for Bebo, the privately owned social networking site, after shuffling its management team to better place itself for acquisitions….Given Bebo’s strength in Britain, an approach by Yahoo! would be likely to involve Toby Coppel, the Yahoo! executive who previously led the company’s global mergers and acquisitions team and was recently appointed managing director of the group’s operations in Europe."

A post in WebmasterWorld says Yahoo! has deleted all his 2005 PPC data. The report says:

"I just got off the phone with an support rep from Yahoo. I was trying to pull some data from the old Overture system from 2005 and none of the reports were pulling up. The rep said that this data was deleted from their servers because they needed to make space for some other things."

Vecosys suggests rumors are floating about Google's pending purchase of Feedburner.

A user comments "I am shocked that nobody has yet snapped up feedburner. Great product, great features and great audience. When i see the money paid for absoulte shit companies, feedburner is a pure gem." In contrast another says "I hope that Google doesn’t ruin feedburner with the integration of ads into feeds. However, this acquisition does open the way for a new ‘independent’ feedburner equivalent to steal the show – but that’s if site owners can be bothered to migrate away."