Google To Ban Domain Tasting

Jan 25, 2008 | 3,233 views | by Navneet Kaushal

It is being reported that Google won't be monetizing domains which are less then five days old. It is planning to ban newly registered domain names from participating in Google for Domain Names program. This new policy can severely hamper the practice of domain tasting and can even stop all domain tasting.

Today the 2008 official SEMMYS awards have been opened for the public to vote. In our earlier post we had covered the nominations for the awards. Now Matt McGee, the brain behind the 2008 SEMMYS award has announced that the finalists for the awards have been chosen and we can now go over to the SEMMYS and vote for our favorite articles.

 Start Voting The 2008 SEMMYS Awards Open Today!!

Former Google executive, Cesar Mascaraque has been hired by as its new European managing director starting from 4 February 2008.

Mascaraque will be responsible for the European operations for His previous experience at Google as head of strategic partnerships and business development for southern Europe makes him an ideal choice for the post. Before joining Google, Mascaraque was also the co-founder and director for an online asset finance platform

It seems that many Microsoft adCenter members are disgruntled with the company policies. The advertisers are being told to increase their bid prices, which of course is not well taken by the clients. Due to this some have even dropped adCenter in favor of AdWords.

Once again the mysterious position six penalty seems to be doing the round on the web world. In our late december post, we had discussed on this backlink or off-site issue. It was reported during this time by many people that their number 1 or 2 rankings were going downwards to number 6 in Google.

Microsoft has launched a new site, Left vs. Right, which shows two highly animated opponents of the political spectrum on a crossfire. Representing the left is Patrick O'Neil and Britt Hayes is featured from the right wing, both are throwing political comments on each other viz. 92% loaded, Faith-Based, Tax Reform, Go-Green, Imagination, War on Terror, Living Wage, Patriot Act! Cut and Run!, More Lies! NWO and more.

Here Is Your GMail Story

Jan 24, 2008 | 1,822 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Google's GMail team resorts to many strategies to keep the users engaged, around mid last year they decided to “stitch together” users' videos, see: Create And Submit Your GMail Collaborative Video. The latest video stunt from the team has been to ask the user to submit videos telling their tales about the experience, and they have got ample responses, which have been compiled on YouTube.

In an announcement on Wednesday Google Inc. and Publicis Groupe have made known their collaboration to enhance advertising technology. The duo have already been working together for about a year now, albeit furtively. The partnership it seems is now headed towards even more projects and a “talent exchange and training scheme” as well. has launched a new facility, in case you don't like the backgrounds already available on The new feature lets you upload any image of your choice, a family snap or your company logo perhaps.

customizeask You Pick The Pic For Ask.Com Homepage!

Google Adwords has introduced demographic bidding, this feature enables advertisers to choose a subset of population for showing their ads to. If you market young women's accessories so you might wish to show your ads more often to women aged 25-34. With this new feature this sort of targeted advertising becomes a reality and would enable advertisers to have a greater degree of control by helping them choose the target audience and manage their ad's performance better.