In the beginning of October, Microsoft launched Healthvault an online resource where you can collect, store, and share health information.

At the Web 2.0 San Francisco conference, Marissa Mayer said to "expect a lot of activity in the coming months," as Information Week informs. One of the known and most exciting upcoming initiatives is the Google Health Initiative that is expected to appear by early 2008. Through this, Google will bring its immense data storage and organization capacities to the area of medical care and patient records.

Google introduced improvements, in the already tough act to follow, Webmaster Tools. This new functionality is called "Top Search Queries" and presents historical data and other enhancements.

image1 Google Webmaster Tools Enhanced: Top Search Query, Historical Data & More!

Here's a comprehensive look into the new features.

Up to 6 months of historical data:

MSN India re-launches with a cutting-edge new design and new options and features. One of the new options include choosing either to view a narrow or a wide layout.

In Eric Schmidt's words, the growth was "impressive". And it was, as Google's profits hiked by 46%. Currently, each share price is worth $639.62. All in all, Google's revenue for the thirs quarter totaled $4.23 billion, which is a 57 % hike from $2.69 billion last year.

sergey larry n eric Google Releases 2007 Q3 Results: Profit Up By 46%

Q3 Financial Summary

Now Put Anyone On The Google Map!

Oct 18, 2007 | 1,562 views | by Navneet Kaushal

In Google Maps, you can now add your mug and other content, announces the LatLong blog.

For example, you can use our map-creation tools to make maps of recommended places to visit or leave ratings and reviews for your favorite restaurants. Your maps and reviews will be seen by the millions of people who use Google Maps every day.

biker belle Now Put Anyone On The Google Map!

The official Yahoo Search Blog has a post which is in response to all the comments and queries they received over their new Blocked Domains feature.

Frank Watson reports that a press release said that Yahoo! Would provide paid search for WebMD properties. The press release states that:

“In addition, WebMD will extend its advertising reach to include WebMD users across Yahoo! properties and services. WebMD will be the only significant online health publisher to represent Yahoo!'s advertising inventory.

As Yahoo's web crawler, Slurp, might be slowing down on a few websites in order to crawl better without a server drain. In this regard, Barry Schwartz says that Yahoo Slurp appears to have taken it easy on some sites. However, it is not easy to confirm as a worldwide change, as only about four or five Webmaster have confirmed this activity, but it does seem like something may be up at Yahoo.

So much covered, seen and happened in just two days. From FaceBook to Wikipedia and everything about social media in between. Finally, we wind up and take a dekko at all that we and everyone else from the SEM community have covered:

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As always Google is always trying to constantly improve themselves and the latest feature launched is search suggestions in more languages.

"Hungarians can get some great suggestions on Budapest, Slovaks may want to go to bratislava, and Romanians can find helpful information on bucuresti. In Thailand, you're probably interested in relaxing on a beach in phuket. If you are in Vietnam, you might search the popular tourist destinations Nha Trang or Hoi An.