According to CNet Newsblog a group of privacy advocates have asked to make changes to the recently released askEraser so as to protect the privacy of the users better.

A letter addressed to the Chief Executive said:

Come, the holiday season and the search engines have changed their looks to share the festive sentiment around. has quite an animated appearance, snowflakes are falling all around the search box.

askholiday Seasonss Greetings From Search Engines!

Yahoo! Has a has cheerful snowman to say the greetings.

yahooholiday Seasonss Greetings From Search Engines!

Google as always has tweaked the logo and has made it all the more festive.

googleholiday Seasonss Greetings From Search Engines!

NORAD To Track Santa With Google

Dec 24, 2007 | 2,004 views | by Navneet Kaushal

The Official Google Blog reports that NORAD or the North American Aerospace Defense Command, would track the trail of Santa with Google as he goes about making deliveries all over the world. Noradsanta page says "Google Maps will refresh Santa's position every 5 minutes."

noradsanta NORAD To Track Santa With Google

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There a quite a few glossaries and dictionaries on the Internet but, here's the "MetaGlossary," that not only searches for 2,000,000 definitions, terms, phrases and acronyms from the web but also allows for users to submit definitions. Additionally, you can vote for the definitions, look up for a corresponding meaning in another language. Further, you can customize your experience of using this dictionary amongst other useful features.

Making a big move, Yahoo has announced a global partnership with América Móvil. The América Móvil is a leading wireless services provider in Latin America and this strategic deal will further boost Yahoo's mobile service. As now its oneSearch will be available by default to millions of consumers in 16 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean through América Móvil.

The three search engine giants of the industry, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! have reached on a settlement of paying $31.5M to the US Justice Department. The Justice department had charged the companies of taking money for placing Illegal gambling advertisements.

Microsoft has officialy announced about the half-billion dollar deal with media-giant Viacom. This new deal is very prestigious as it shows a positive sign that online advertising and content distribution offerings are getting more matured.

jason 450px wide Ex Google Employee Jason Shellen Joins LiveJournalJason Shellen who has previously worked for Google’s New Business Development team will take up the responsibility of managing the product development for LiveJournal, Inc. During his time at Google he was the founding product manager for Google Reader which is one of the most popular blog readers available online.

The latest Google's videos released highlight some very specific privacy issues on a product-by-product basis. The Google team has done so to help grow the Google Privacy Channel on YouTube that was developed last month.

Google's Cache Down, Was It?

Dec 20, 2007 | 1,893 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Google's good and that's why there are so many across the world who depend on it. But, sometimes even highly reliable resources can let you down. Some people trying to trying to look up Google's cache were disappointed, when it didn't return anything but…
"Your search – cache:http://www.##############.html – did not match any documents."