As seen on a Webmaster World forum, the webpage for keyword "top queries data" in "AdSense for search," does not load.

Reporting the abnormality first was one webmaster who wrote:

yahoo More Exposure For Your Website With Yahoo Search Submit The official Yahoo! Search marketing blog announces the unveiling of Yahoo! Search Submit for those seeking to increase their site’s chances of displaying in non-sponsored (algorithmic) search results.

flashimages Google Gives Tips On Best Ways To Incorporate Flash Absolutely useful is Google's Search Quality Team's Mark Berghausen's “Best uses of Flash” post on incorporating Adobe flash into your website in a way that the Googlebot does not miss it.

The only hard and fast rule is to show Googlebot the exact same thing as your users. If you don't, your site risks appearing suspicious to our search algorithms. This simple rule covers a lot of cases including cloaking, JavaScript redirects, hidden text, and doorway pages. The engineers at Google came up with practical suggestions to help you overcome this dilemma:

Google Code Search Mods

Jul 6, 2007 | 1,845 views | by Navneet Kaushal

codesearch logo.thumbnail Google Code Search ModsAt the official Google Code Search blog, Aleksander Fedorynski, Google Software Engineer writes about the gradual growth of Google Code Search and the latest alterations and improvements.

We've expanded our crawl to include not just complete archives and repositories, but individual code files and sample code snippets from webpages as well. Now when you search for things like [LfractalCanvas] or [nph-refresh], you'll have a better chance of finding what you want.

After Mike Murray questioned the future of Marketing Sherpa's SEO and SEO/SEM firms buyer’s guide, Anne Holland confirms that Buyer’s Guides' will be discontinued this year on.
Anne Holland responded:

4th of July Doodles!

Jul 5, 2007 | 1,801 views | by Navneet Kaushal

As everyone in the US rejoiced the 4th of July, the creative juices behind search engines were busy at work creating appropriate homepage designs. Here's a sampling of the most popular and the best:


ask july4th07 4th of July Doodles!


google july4th07 4th of July Doodles!

Care2. Net

4th3 4th of July Doodles!


dogpile july4th07 4th of July Doodles!

Enjoy the spirit of 4th of July!

Google Anniversary

Jul 4, 2007 | 1,386 views | by Navneet Kaushal

It was seven years ago on this day when Google's fortunes took a turn. On this day back in 2000, Google took over the secondary search results from Inktomi for Yahoo! and the exposure that this virtually unknown search engine received, forever changed the landscape of search.

Adding specific search URL parameters can alter the results and give us a more customized search. Based on these parameters, Joost de Valk has a PDF cheat sheet file which includes links to the documentation for the values some of these parameters can hold.

Previously, Joost de Valk created a Depersonalized Search Browser Plug-in where users can search without logging out of Google and still receive depersonalized SERPs.

Just months after Google Inc lost a copyright lawsuit to Copiepresse, an association of Belgian French- and German-language publishers, in a Brussels Court of First Instance where it had to cough up a 25,000 Euros ($32,500) per day penalty for everyday it carried links (which Google never paid), the search giant is back to appealing the court's verdict that “it (Google) violated Belgian copyright law”, Marketwatch reports.

Dave Naylor reports that the adcenter accreditation program which is currently in the works right now will be called AdExcellence.

Presently, adExcellence has a pilot program webpage that asks for a password. Upcoming days will tell us more on the program. For more on Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions and adExcellence watch this space.