It seems that strategic partnerships are hotting for the search engine biggies this time around. Only yesterday we had reported a tie-up between Goliath Google and Clearwire, see: Google And Clearwire Buddy Up To Enhance Clearwire's Services, and now you have the Redmond giant and EDGAR come together, the announcement came today from Microsoft Corp. and EDGAR Online Inc.

Clearwire has pronounced that it is partnering with Google to support its back-end infrastructure for e-mail, chat and calendar services to provide better offerings to its customers. However the customer's wouldn't notice the change as they would still be able to access their present e-mail accounts.

clearwiregoogle Google And Clearwire Buddy Up To Enhance Clearwires Services

Picture Credits: Google Inc, Clearwire

Almost a month back the issue of AdSense reports not sorting properly had cropped up.

pic4 Google Finally Fixes AdSense Reporting Sorting Malfunction, After A Month Though!

Picture Credits: Google

The AdSensePro Ashsley was quick to acknowledge the issue on Google Groups, "Thanks for reporting this issue. I have forwarded the information you provided to our engineering team for further investigation. They are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience."

Microsoft and MediaCart have come together and have come up with a computerized shopping cart which assists shoppers and delivers targeted communication at the point of purchase to help smoothen the store's operations. In order to make these location-based services available they have made use of RFID tags.

pic1 Microsoft, Mediacart And Shopping Carts In Grocery Marts

Picture Credits: Microsoft Corporation

SEMMY 2008 Nominations Declared

Jan 16, 2008 | 2,769 views | by Navneet Kaushal

The SEMMY's 2008 Nominations are out, the SEMMYS are a brainchild of, and have been developed by Matt McGee, David Mihm and Logoworks by HP.

semmycategories SEMMY 2008 Nominations Declared

The SEMMYS are an annual awards event created to honor, "the content produced across the search and online marketing industry. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has grown to include a variety of disciplines, including blogging, social media, reputation management, and more. The SEMMYS attempt to include all these elements into one awards event. We hope the SEMMYS serve as a complement to the excellent existing awards which honor blogs and bloggers."

sempo SEMPO: State Of the Market Survey 2007, Now Open!SEMPO's 4th annual State of the Market Survey is now open. Whether you are an agency, a client or work independently, here's your opportunity to share your opinions and expertise an make your voice heard.

Taking the survey would stimulate you to think about the resources you devote to SEO and paid search. If you participate you'd also get the preliminary survey results before they are released to SEMPO's membership.

Google's FAQs on Sitemaps

Jan 16, 2008 | 2,616 views | by Navneet Kaushal

During last month's SES Chicago 2007, (To review our coverage of SES Chicago 2007, see: Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2007: Full Coverage And Flashback! Trevor Foucher from Google had been one of the speakers on the panel for the session "Sitemaps: Oversold, Misused or On The Money?" Now, considering the feedback and the continuing shower of questions about the sitemaps, Google's Susan Moskwa & Trevor Foucher have compiled a list of FAQ's:

google iphone Google: Faster, More Customized Experience For iPhone UsersA couple of days back Google had launched the iGoogle for iPhone, see: Google: iGoogle For iPhone Launched!. Now on the first day of Macworld, Google's announced new enhancements to the integrated Google experience of Googling on the iPhone.

The earlier version was launched just over a month ago and featured a suite of web applications — including Search, Gmail, Calendar, Reader, etc — into a user friendly interface. The newer version is supposed to increase speeds and improve usability.

Google Directory Update

Jan 15, 2008 | 3,177 views | by Navneet Kaushal

An updated Google Directory is being reported at blogs and forums. The update has been observed for the new PageRank bars in addition to an update from DMOZ. The Google Toolbar update was reported a couple of days back, see: Google Toolbar PageRank Update Being Reported.

Recently, Andy Beard had reported the Google Directory had been revamped with some new data.

Around the start of the new year Google did it's math wrong when they erroneously calculated AdSense remuneration for publishers from Australia and New Zealand.

As a consequence of applying inverted the exchange rates to calculate payments, the poor publishers ended up getting 20% less than what they should have been paid.