Aaron Wall has talked about a new rank checker tool SerpArchive.org The tool “is a service which daily stores the results of search engine queries indicated by user.” This service enables users to:

  • to track the dynamic changes of the results of search engine queries
  • to follow the rating changes of your resources and the resources of your business rivals in real time

Last week we reported that Google will soon be integrating news results with general search results. Search Engine Land reports that this has already happened. Relevant news results are indexed as “News results for..” Google had claimed that news will now be included for deeper relevancy than just keyword triggers. We will soon know if news results are in keeping with the intentions.

Ask has announced the launch of Contextual Advertising Product which will be integrated with the Ask Sponsored Listings platform. It will be launched with networking sites as Match.com, Ticketmaster, Evite and Citysearch.

The contextual product will be launched in the week of May 21st. However, individual publishers will have to wait till next quarter to gain access. It will include enhanced editorial control and improved integration capabilities. The editorial control improvements include:

Presidential debates are all set to go online. According to Search Engine Journal, Yahoo!, Slate and Huffington Post are going to host series of presidential debates between the Democratic and Republican Party candidates.

These debates will be hosted by Charlie Rose of PBS. Viewers will be able to ask questions in real time and vote on responses given by candidates. While candidates have used online media for campaigning, this show is first of its kind because of the level of interaction offered. The debates are scheduled to start around Labor Day.

A thread at Webmasterworld Forums informs that US District Court Judge, Jeremy Fogel, has refused to reject the lawsuit filed against Google that charges the web search leader's AdWords program abuses trademarks. In his judgment, the judge said that, the public has an interest in whether AdWords, the company's popular pay-per-click advertising system, violates US trademark law or not.

The Most Powerful Brand: Google

Apr 24, 2007 | 1,901 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Gary Price reports that Google has been ranked as the most powerful brand by “Millward Brown Optimor's Brandz Top 100” in collaboration with Financial Times. The result is based on the dollar value of the companies.

Google with $66.4 billion beat General Electric worth $61.9 billion to reach the top slot. Yahoo! considered to be its closest rival was ranked at number 42. The detailed report of the findings have been published exclusively by Financial Times.

Google Blog Hacked Again!

Apr 23, 2007 | 1,565 views | by Navneet Kaushal

The official Google Mac Blog was hacked by someone named Vishal on Saturday. Though Google swiftly removed the link, screenshots were already floating around. The message left on the page read:


Yo! This is crazy.. I tried to register this and I could! icon smile Google Blog Hacked Again!

- Vishal

Philipp Lenssen reports that this is the second time that the blog has been hacked. It was hacked in last October too. 

logo marratech What Google Bought Today?   Marratechs Video Conferencing SoftwareIf you have been wondering what rich brat Google bought today, then the answer is Marratech's video conferencing software. According to the Official Google Blog, the software will "enable from-the-desktop participation for Googlers in videoconference meetings wherever there's an Internet connection."

The new Google AdWords Account Snapshot Beta is so much inspired by the Yahoo! Panama’a admin that it looks like a copy. It has been reported by Dan London and Loren Baker.

google adwords snapshot New Google AdWords Interface Inspired By Panama

ysm dashboard New Google AdWords Interface Inspired By Panama

Coming from Google, this is a nice compliment for Panama. As per originality, it has never been a concern for the search engines. In fact, much worse had happened when Yahoo!, MSN and Google were experimenting with sponsored ad placements.  

According to Click Fraud Index, as high as a quarter of all clicks for high priced search terms could be fraud. The report findings show that the industry average of click frauds has gone up from 13.7 percent in the first quarter of 2006 to 14.8 percent for the same period in 2007.