Google has now stopped AdSense from Appearing in URLs that have 'Google' in it, reports Philipp Lenssen .

Apparently, one of the blogs that Lenssen has ( featured Google' in its URL and now, AdSense has stopped showing in that site. Google's response to why specifically AdSense is not allowed on Chinese Google Blogoscoped they didn't mention that photo, they replied.

Just yesterday, Google had a PageRank update and Andy Beard's seems to be the first to notice the drop of PageRank as he tells us in his post, "Digg Favorites Slapped By Google." Many sites have seen a big drop in PageRank. Some even from 9 to 6. Hours later, many others have reported on this.

Websites affected by Google's October PageRank update:-

Just a week after launching voice-command mobile functionality and also improving Live Search experience, Live Search is back with more.

In a post called "Do what I mean, not what I say!," the official Live Search blog informs of two new features.

"We've made a number of improvements in this area of more deeply understanding user intent.

As seen on Webmaster World, AdSense publishers are reporting 'discrepancies' in AdSense & Website Statistics.

However, within a few hours of 'discrepancies,' statistics refreshed, but now URL channels show 30% higher earnings and number of clicks than sum of individual channels. This is perhaps because, many ghost clicks surfaced in stats for last the several days. Other problems are:

To help users with the website optimizer program, Google launches a series of online seminars.

The first seminar is called 'Introduction to Website Optimizer' and the registration form is available here.

“In this seminar, Product Manager Tom Leung as he discusses the importance and benefits of optimizing your website design and content, provides a detailed introduction to Website Optimizer, and reviews the product's latest features. Website Optimizer support staff will also be online to chat individually with attendees and answer questions in real time.”

Yahoo! 360 Comes To A Quiet End

Oct 25, 2007 | 1,774 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Yahoo! made an official statement that mentioned the closure of Yahoo!360. Additionally, Chief Yahoo! & CEO Jerry Yang, also had a post in his blog that said:

yahoo art Yahoo! 360 Comes To A Quiet End

thumb1.thumbnail Yahoo! 360 Comes To A Quiet End"We intend to transition Yahoo! 360 to a more integrated Yahoo! "profile" experience, we've closed Yahoo! Podcasts and plan to shut down a number of one-off services, and we're currently assessing our options for our Kelkoo comparison shopping service in Europe. We've identified still more areas and we'll continue to work through them."

As soon as news leaked, we reported back in September on how Microsoft Corp wanted to buy a minority stake in Facebook.

facebook Microsoft Swoops Up Facebook, Google Out Of Picture!

The Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft has pumped in $240 million as investment in Facebook Inc. Now, Microsoft owns 1.6% stake of the leading social networking site.

facebook vs myspace Microsoft Swoops Up Facebook, Google Out Of Picture!

Google Maps have been used extensively to warn everyone of Southern California's raging wildfires. Jess Lee reports some of the most popular Google Firemaps.

california flames nasa image Google Maps Show Southern Californias Fire Information

San Diego County Fires – KPBS is updating this map every 5 to 15 minutes with the latest information on the spread of the fire. It appears to be one of the most up-to-date and includes lots of information about evacuation alerts and evacuation centers. It also shows burn zones drawn on the map.

Inside AdSense informs that you can now change AdSense layouts without making changes in your HTML/ JavaScript snippet.

The post writes,

In order to sell more television ads, Google Inc looks forward to purchase demographic data from provider, Nielsen Co, informs the Associated Press.

img Google To Purchase TV Demographic Data From Nielsen Company

"This was a missing piece of puzzle for us," said Keval Desai, Google's director of product management for TV ads. Kevin said, Google is "thrilled" with its progress so far in TV advertising but declined to provide any financial specifics.