Google AdSense users will face some problems in their online accounts on Saturday. The reason is the site's regular maintenance work. Users will not be able to access their accounts, however the ads will not be affected.

The announcement of the maintenance schedule was declared on the Inside AdSense blog titled “Site maintenance on Saturday, August 11th” by the Google team. Have a look at what the blog has to say:

A site named SiteVolume with the help of a nifty little tool can give details of different kinds of vocabulary words that are used in popular social sites like MySpace, Digg, and Flickr. SiteVolume gives the result in the format of a bar graph to show the occurrence of a particular word or a set of words appearing on each of the popular social sites. If you are confused for the kind of keywords you should use for starting your search, then you can simply compare the frequency of those keywords on these sites and use the most popular one.

And Now A Search Engine for FAQs!

Aug 11, 2007 | 2,107 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Queries and questions can never end. Its in the nature of human beings to have a desire to know more and more about their surroundings or anything that might be useful. If you have a new question and you are looking for its answer, then there is one more site for you to look for your queries. Find answers to many of your unanswered questions at QueryCAT. This new site has a database that has more than four million questions and answers.

Google is always working on to come up with new experimenting and testing ways for delivering relevant and latest types of ads. In a recent blog posted by Alex Kinnier, Group Product Manager of Google, it was mentioned about a new test related to ad serving technology that is presently being carried out by Google authorities. The success of the test will help the users understand online ad serving in a much better way. New approaches to privacy for third-party ad servers are used for the experiments. It was mentioned in the blog that the privacy features that will be tested in these experiments will take into consideration some of the recently-announced policies of Google like a shorter expiration date for the cookie set on your computer and anonymization of the logs data after 18 months.

In an official announcement made by Google on 7th January, 2006 it was declared that there will be a video store service along with Google Video, where one can shop for videos like NBA games, Charlie Rose interviews, educational videos like Clearvue, or for even shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Google Video was the first open video marketplace of its kind, where video producer can upload their content and distribute it on the web for free or at a price. This feature of Goggle also allowed the users to set a purchase price for their own uploaded videos. But today in Google announced the end of this program.

Half’s SEO Notebook has a comprehensive explanation about his new PR tool which he calls Supplemental Results Detector Tool.

hall Introducing Supplemental Results Detector Tool, A New PageRank Distribution Management Tool

“What this tool will do for you:

  • Gives you complete control over internal PageRank distribution.
  • Helps you visualize exactly what's going on with your internal links.
  • Takes the guesswork out of solving supplemental results issues.

Seattle times informs that aQuantive shareholders agree to Microsoft acquisition.

“In a brief, well-attended — by aQuantive's past standards — shareholder meeting this morning in Seattle, owners of the company overwhelmingly approved Microsoft's proposed acquisition, which will net them gains of more than $30 a share, 85 percent, over the price before the deal was announced.”

A week ago, we reported that Google SERPs now caches time and date soon enough there was a blog by Matt Cutts called Minty Fresh which neither confirmed nor denied it.

Yesterday, after Google uploaded and pulled it out here is the Finding Fresh Results blog () once again.

In a crazy moment, Google's very own spam detector (which is now confirmed) gave away its very own blog to some other user, reports InfoWorld.

The error was first noticed by Philip Lenssen

who noticed that all the posts were erased and instead was the message:-

Just weeks after Yahoo introduced travel shortcuts Yahoo now has capitalized on the whole Barry Bonds record mania and created Yahoo baseball shortcuts, as seen on Yahoo Search blog. (NOTE:- Currently, there are no shortcuts for Barry Bonds).

 Yahoo Search Embeds Baseball Shortcuts

Pretty cool this feature, a search on Ichiro shows information on his

  • rank
  • team
  • news
  • games log
  • scores & schedule