Some issues in SEO never seem to die. Cloaking seems to be one of the favorite ones. Recently, Matt Cutts posted about the issue after Philipp Lenssen raised a few concerns. The issues centered on Webmasterworld and New York Times who were accused of cloaking.

A bug in Yahoo! Publisher Network has resulted in false compliance alerts in many accounts. Publishers have received an e-mail saying that they have violated terms and policies. However, the accounts show no details of the compliancy issue.    

JenSense has a response from the YPN support team:

Andy Beal reports on Marketing Pilgrim that Google’s Lasnik wishes "NoFollow didn’t exist". In a discussion that Andy had with Lasnik, Lasnik disclosed that he wished that NoFollow did not exist.

Jeff Bonforte, senior director of real-time communications at Yahoo! slams Google saying poor usability is the main reason behind the limited adoption of Google's services such as Gmail and Google Talk. This news has been reported by Vnunet.

Ulco from has written a post on bid management tool from Search Works leaks Adwords data. Ulco says that he accidentally discovered the possibility of viewing competitors CPC through a bid management tool which is used by large Dutch SEM firms. BidBuddy, an Adwords bid management tool which was created by The Search Works leaks the data through its cookies. It redirects users through the domain where it sets a cookie with the Adwords data.

A new blog has just made its entry in the Google Developer Blog collection, Google Checkout API Blog. This blog will focus on Checkout API things such as latest features, bug fixes and much more.  Google Checkout API Blog will allow the readers to comment on the post, but it will be moderated, like many other Google blogs.

Google has released its annual report for 2006. It includes financial for the complete year, a list of Google's subsidiaries along with the details of Google merger with dMarc, radio advertising placement firm. The subsidiaries list will for sure catch the attention of all as it includes a list of acquisitions which Google has not yet discussed before. The list might just give a preview of potential Google projects or new services the company might be working on.

Yahoo! in deep soup for using an image of an Ohio woman to advertise Yahoo! email services. This act might cost Yahoo! a whooping amount equaling to $20 million.

Google watch reports:
According to a complaint filed in Ohio federal court, the woman, Shannon Stovall, learned of the alleged misuse of her likeness after she signed up for Yahoo e-mail. An image of Stovall (left) was included in the sign-up confirmation e-mail sent to Stovall's new Yahoo e-mail address.

Yahoo! Search Index Update Is On

Mar 1, 2007 | 1,955 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Yahoo! is about to begin a search index update which will re-index content on the web, it will result in ranking changes and “page shuffling”.

The Yahoo! Search blog reports: We are re-indexing content on the web to launch this change, and you should immediately begin to see the changes on Yahoo! US, Yahoo! Japan and Yahoo! Korea. (Other regions will roll-out in the future.) This will be accompanied by the usual ranking changes and page shuffling that is typical of weather updates.

Google is trying italicized fonts in Adsense. Forum discussions at Webmasterworld Forums