Jack Chou in the official Adsense blog announces the launch of Site authentication.

 AdSense Introduces Site Authentication

With Site Authentication, Adsense's crawler can access your pasword protected webpages. Now all you have to do is provide it with a username and a password and the crawler will spider your site while also suggesting relevant ads.

 AdSense Introduces Site Authentication

ask gpsimages After Yahoo! And Ask.com, Google Rumored To Jump Into Mobile Bandwagon!Google Plans Search Service for Mobile Content says the Wall Street Journal based on information it has received from people familiar with the initiative.

onesearchimages1 After Yahoo! And Ask.com, Google Rumored To Jump Into Mobile Bandwagon!“With the new system, users would search for a piece of content — say, a U2 ringtone — and get back a list of providers as well as links enabling them to easily purchase the material. Eventually, Google would charge companies for high placement in the search results, much the way it offers "sponsored links" on computer Web searches, the people familiar with the plans say.

With a total of $1.698 billion, Yahoo announced that 2007 Second Quarter's earnings increased by 8% compared to last year's comparatively dismal show of $1.576 billion, reports Paid Content. Despite a slump in earnings – from last year's $164 million to 2007 Q2 $161 million, earnings per share for the No.2 Search Engine remained $0.11 for both years.

Yahoo's 2nd quarter 2007 results equalled:

10 Best WordPress AdSense Plugins

Jul 17, 2007 | 27,377 views | by Navneet Kaushal

When your blog or website is more successful, its obvious that you are going to invest more time and money to update it and host it properly. Best way to monetize your blog is undoubtedly with Google Adsense. This is a very simple and proven solution that already pays for hundreds of thousands of blogs across the globe.

Digital point and WebmasterWorld both inform that Google Webmaster Tools has undergone its monthly update.

Drag Racer at Webmaster World writes:

"Just in the last few days I have seen many of the 404's disappear in GWT. Todat I see new inbound links added. Pages moved to/from supplemental. I see changes in serps… "

header logo.thumbnail Microsoft Office Live adManager Beta Integrates Ask Sponsored ListingsIn a revolutionary method, Microsoft Office Live adManager beta now has incorporated Ask Sponsored Listings into its advertising service. Thanks to their mutual cooperation those advertising on MSN and Live can now also advertise on Ask.com.

za101996991033 Microsoft Office Live adManager Beta Integrates Ask Sponsored ListingsWith the new Microsoft Office Live adManager beta's search advertising you now can:

  • Purchase and manage your keywords – now offering Ask Sponsored Listings

Find Bourne With Google

Jul 17, 2007 | 2,232 views | by Navneet Kaushal

As part of the buzz created for the forthcoming release of Robert Ludlum's Bourne Ultimatum, a new site called "The Ultimate Search for Bourne With Google," was launched today.

bourne Find Bourne With Google

The site says:

"How do you find someone who doesn’t want to be found? Track Jason Bourne across three continents in the ultimate mission. With Google tools at your fingertips, you will be well equipped. You may also have a chance to win amazing prizes.

logo pn Yahoo! Publishers Ad Server Slows Down By Upto 80 %!Webmasters at both Webmasterworld and digital Point forum report that Yahoo! Publisher Network has dropped, in some cases upto 80 %, over the weekend.

As seen on Webmaster world, opinion ranged from, "Publisher is under-reporting impressions and clicks by about 40% for the last two days. Our earnings have dropped about 60%. Anybody else seeing this? " to " Yeah, we're down 90% now, compared to last Saturday. Must be the end, or else Yahoo has lost alot of money the last four days!"

google sm Unofficial But Google Adsense Referrals 2.0 Hits Germany And AustraliaMany webmasters from Germany to Australia in a thread at Webmaster World have informed that Google has automatically selected offers without the AdSense publishers testing it out himself.

One webmaster writes, "What I don't understand (hypothetically) is how they can simply start running CPA ads on my site. I thought the whole point was for the publisher to go in and manually select relevant offers they wish to participate in? "

imagesz Latest MSN AdCenter Upgrade Adds Negative Keywords At Campaign LevelOver at MSN's official AdCenter blog, the Microsoft adCenter Community Team informs that in the latest upgrade they now have the facility to incorporate negative keywords at the campaign level “so they apply to all the ad groups in the campaign”. “For example, if your ad sells televisions and you have specified "TV" as a keyword, but you don’t want search queries to produce results on entertainment-type searches, you could specify "listings," “soap,” and "show" as negative keywords.”