Microsoft's adCenter Labs unveiled a whole array of next-generation digital advertising technologies at its fourth annual Demo Fest, which would enhance Microsoft's digital advertising programs. The new technologies showcased included the latest advances and algorithms in content analysis and computer vision for video and images, speech recognition for contextual video ads, and advanced marketing intelligence that enable enhanced audience insight and better targeting capabilities for advertisers.

Most people are keeping a close tab on the news as the Super Tuesday primary results are floating in. While many are glued to the idiot box busy surfing channels as the counting progresses, you can if you want to track the progress of the process on the Internet through Yahoo News & Google Maps.

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If history is taken into account then Microsoft has been known to have a huge reservoir of funds which prevent it from loaning for any deal, but this time it appears that the bid of US $44.6 Billion has forced it to consider such an option. This was made known by the company's CFO Chris Liddell in a briefing to Wall Street analysts.

microsoft Microsoft CFO: Microsoft May Borrow To Finance The Deal!

If you thought Google's the only entity spewing fire against a possible merger, you could be mistaken. The proposed deal is drawing a lot of ire from Privacy groups who seem to have vowed to a fight before U.S. regulatory agencies if Microsoft's $44.6 billion bid is accepted. On similar lines the deal could face obstacles in Europe too. This could be so because the European Union merger statutes disallow any dominant companies to further increase their dominance.

Over the weekend Google tried to thwart the attempt by Microsoft to takeover Yahoo!, by being quite vocal about the concerns, see Official Google Response: Microsoft's Bid On Yahoo! "Hostile".

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The merger would and should affect the whole of SEM industry. While the users, stockholders and all the stakeholders are wide eyed at the developments as they progress, the webmasters and publishers too are concerned about the aftermath. Aaron Wall takes and insightful stock of the upcoming scenario.

The critical aspects to keep a tab on would be Organic Search, PPC Ads / Paid Search Advertising, Display & Contextual Ads and International Search.

Microsoft is big and has stakes in many aspects of Information Technology, while only a chunk of the company is into online entertainment and search. Given the leadership position that Google commands in the search industry, it is all the more rational for Microsoft to acquire Yahoo!. While Yahoo! itself has not been at its best this year as far as performance is concerned, not to mention the infamous expected layoffs, now Yahoo! seems to be on its way to fine tune itself. An acquisition by Microsoft at this stage would mean integrating with a more efficient company.

On WebmasterWorld, a member reported that some two weeks back he noticed a lower traffic for the USA IP range. After some digging he found that his site which in December was in top 10 now ranked somewhere around 60 on the USA Google data centers. However, it still ranked in top 10 in all other countries around the world for the same search terms.