Microsoft has attacked Google Inc.'s rival book scanning project. Microsoft said that Google “systematically violates copyright”. Thomas C. Rubin, an associate general counsel at Microsoft has written how Google is violating copyrights in a speech which he planned to give at the annual meeting of the Association of American Publishers in NY.

A WebmasterWorld thread inquires if anyone has noticed an index update on

Seems to me that Ask underwent a recent update. My traffic just about doubled. Anyone else seeing anything.

A reply on the same thread says:

I'm not seeing anything – if only they would index my site, then maybe I'd get some traffic. You would think spending $5k+ per month would yield some better indexing as I'm giving them 30k keywords.

A Search Engine Watch Forums inquires on the way to get site indexed in's Webmasters page says that its crawlers go around the web from one link to another looking for significant content.

With the end of 2006 Yahoo! officially uncovered the commonly known Panama Update. Since that time the accounts are being upgraded from the older systems to this fresh system. Not all the accounts have been upgraded, however, it is expected the task would be full and finally accomplished by the end of march, approximately. Yahoo! Panama is definitely a welcome change.

Vanessa Fox at Official Google Webmaster Central has written a post namely using the site: command. Over at this entry she has explained that a site command update is taking place to make the site more user friendly to SEOs, Webmasters and searchers.

Historically, Google has avoided showing pages that appear to be duplicate (e.g., pages with the same title and description) in search results. Our goal is to provide useful results to the searcher. However, with a site: command, searchers are likely looking for a full list of results from that site, so we are making a change to do that.

This post is not about the Google layout update that took place about the month ago. A Google Image Search index update took place over the weekend.

A Digital Point Forum thread has discussion:

Anyone notice some large changes in the amount of traffic they are recieving from google images? Mine was cut in half overnight. Its not really high conversion traffic, but I am still wondering.

A post on Search Engine Watch inquires that the order of META tags makes a difference or not:

Is there an industry standard for the orders in which the Title, Description, and Keyword tags should appear in the meta tags section of the page headers? I've been told by one prominent SEO Optimization company that it should be as follows:


Wired Magazine has a great story about Yahoo! attempt to buy out Google (in the past, obviously.) The story goes that in 2002 Yahoo! once Google $ 3 billion and the latter turned  it down. Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel opined that "Five billion dollars, 7 billion, 10 billion. I don't know what they're really worth — and you don't either," he told his staff. "There's no fucking way we're going to do this!" Read the full story here.

Some issues in SEO never seem to die. Cloaking seems to be one of the favorite ones. Recently, Matt Cutts posted about the issue after Philipp Lenssen raised a few concerns. The issues centered on Webmasterworld and New York Times who were accused of cloaking.

A bug in Yahoo! Publisher Network has resulted in false compliance alerts in many accounts. Publishers have received an e-mail saying that they have violated terms and policies. However, the accounts show no details of the compliancy issue.    

JenSense has a response from the YPN support team: