If you're one of those who have just got on to blogging through either a Blogger or WordPress, you could very well be thinking about when you would actually get indexed by Google. Several observations in the industry suggest that, while you might still not have umpteen incoming links, or perhaps not even any incoming link you blog still stands a chance to be indexed by Google fairly quickly.

While the news of Yahoo!'s boldly rejecting Microsoft's bid was already out of the boardroom, Microsoft has now responded to Yahoo!'s official refusal to comply with the Redmond giant's wishes, and it appears that it won't take a 'no' for an answer.

While Yahoo!'s board held talks on a range of options it had including Microsoft's bid, it is negotiating to join hands with AOL as an alternative, suggests Times Online.

aolyahoo Yahoo! Holds Talks With AOL For A Merger!

In fact this is a second time that Yahoo! appears to be negotiating with AOL merger, the earlier talks failed owing to differences on prices. With Microsoft's "hostile" bid in its face and an impending economic downturn, Yahoo!'s is left to consider all the options it has. Tie-ups with Google and Disney are also possibilities being explored.

yahoo logo1 Microsofts Offer Rejected By Yahoo!After a week long wait, and after a meeting on Friday, Yahoo!'s board apparently covered all possible responses to Microsoft bid to purchase it. Yahoo! is unhappy with the 44.6 billion dollar offer or $31 per share bid as the offer "massively undervalues" the company, and that anything below $40/share is needed to even be considered by Yahoo!. The board also thinks the Microsoft is trying to take advantage of the company's current low to "steal" it.

All that happened in the world of search engines in the second week of February 2008. All the blogs are in chronological order. Enjoy!

Microsoft's Bid On Yahoo!: The Buzz Rages On!

The most happening event this week was Microsoft's "Unsolicited" bid on Yahoo!, which this time Yahoo! didn't summarily rejected, rather started pondering over it. In the meanwhile a lot was said, and analysts speculated and made projections. Find out all that happened during the week on the issue.

Recently, a Search Engine Watch Forums thread asked a question, whether it is helpful or harmful to vary your anchor text in your SEO efforts, and should the anchor text be differentiated or not?

In what appears to be a typographical undervaluation Yahoo!, Yahoo! News reported that the bid was 45 million!, observes Kevin.

microsoftbid Yahoo! News: Microsofts Bid $45 Million!

How about Yahoo! board of directors accepting this offer from Microsoft.

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Still being considered as rumors though, but likely one for sure. While, the industry is still to see the culmination of Microsoft's bid on Yahoo! a new hypothesis about Google eying to purchase bot Bebo and Plaxo is doing the round of blogs and forums.

plaxobebo Is Google Really Buying Bebo And Plaxo?

Google and Bebo

Microsoft announced today to open up its Gatineau Analytics for international users as well, "Due to the overwhelming demand from customers outside the United States, we have decided to open up the web analytics beta and invite customers from international adCenter markets," expressed the official statement.

gatineau1 Microsoft Gatineau Analytics (Beta) Opens To International Users!

Recently, Googlers received a claim on an email thread, that Google had 'censored' images or web pages and removed them from their site without saying a word to anyone. This time the thread referred to the hue and cry raised on some sites in the Middle East and beyond, which claimed that Google under pressure from the Israeli government had removed the Egyptian striker Mohammad Aboutrika's goal celebration during Egypt's African Cup of Nations match against Sudan. Apparently, the celebration entailed Aboutrika lifting his t-shirt, and the t-shirt underneath had 'Sympathize with Gaza' printed on it.