In response to the queries and questions at the SMX conference, the official adCenter blog has posted an article which is a detailed explanation “about two areas of adCenter that might be confusing: trademark policy and dynamic text, or parameters.”

eBay and Google, two of the biggest corporate names have been seen childishly scuffling all over the place. We have unbelievably watched spats between the two web giants over audio ads or eBay pulling out ads from Google AdWords, but this one incident posted by Trogdor is the most shocking and hilarious.

Read on for what Trogdor witnesses:

AP reports Google is to construct a a $600 million data center in western Iowa.

Gov. Chet Culver said, "In making its decision, Google recognized what we in Iowa have known all along — our workforce and quality of life is second-to-none." In a statement about the project at Iowa, Paul Froutan, Google's director of operations said, "We look forward to joining the community and are grateful for the support from the state and local governments throughout our evaluation process”.

Wall Street Journal has news that Google “received preliminary regulatory approval to provide Internet content in China, allowing the search-engine firm to offer new services as it tries to gain a larger share of the world's second-largest Internet market.”

google Google Gets Internet License For China!

This is a big hurdle crossed as Google's attempts to advertise its services and also to introduce Gmail service, its very popular Web applications which earlier had many problems. Google Inc does not have their very own Internet Content Provider as it uses

YouTube in 9 more domains announces Sakina Arsiwala, YouTube's International Manager in the official Google blog.

youtube Google YouTube In 9 More Countries!

"Each new site is fully translated and localized for each country including content (Featured Videos, Director Videos, Promotions), as well as the interfaces, search, user support, and such community features as video ratings, sharing, and content flagging. And these new localized versions are built using Google search technology, so you can quickly find more of what you want to see. Perhaps best of all, you can continue to use, or move to one of these localized sites — and switch seamlessly between the two. "

A lot has been happening with Yahoo!. The latest is Yahoo! Go 2.0, Yahoo's latest addition to the ever-booming business of mobile industry. This new application will be launched on friday.

yahoo overview 02 On The Go With Yahoo! Go For Mobile 2.0

Some of the features of Yahoo! Go 2.0 include:

1. Yahoo! oneSearch

The official Google Webmaster Central Blog says within 6 weeks, an overall overhauled Webmaster central – both its Content and Organization will be unveiled.

On June 5, Google Webmaster Central blog announced its plans to restructure Webmaster Tools help and on the next day, it released new Webmaster guidelines like hidden text or hidden links, cloaking or sneaky redirects and automated queries to Google, to name a few.

Google Pay-Per-Action (beta) was launched for the sole purpose of paying only for the actions that you define. Through 3 simple steps you could use the application:

  1. “First, you'll create an ad and define the action that you want a user to perform when they visit your site, such as signing up for your newsletter or purchasing a product.

Terry Semel out, Jerry Yang in! This is the latest buzz in the corporate world. Announcing the news in his blog, Jerry Yang says he is “committed to doing whatever it takes to transform Yahoo! into an even greater success in the future.”

getimage1 Jerry Yang: The Makings of Yahoos New CEO

clusty1 Latest Search Engine On Your Mobile

Vivismo, of Velocity Search Platform fame announced that its search potal, will now be available on mobile phones. Now, anyone can use email, access much needed information, corporate intranets, etc from their mobile devices while on the go.