Google launched an Australian election website, in anticipation of the country's elections. The official google blog says that,

"Australian voters can have an intimate look at the parties, candidates and election issues, all in one Google location. These services, spanning Search, Maps, News, video, Earth, Trends, and iGoogle, enable voters to organize, find and share Australian election information more easily than ever."

The official Google Lat long Blog announces the new version of Google Moon. In their own words, this one "fully eclipses its predecessor".

"This update brings higher-resolution map imagery, text search, and photos and stories from every Apollo landing. We even included Street View-style Panoramas of the moon's surface, taken by the Apollo astronauts … something you won't see anywhere else. And last but certainly not least, we tossed in scientific charts that are good enough for actual mission planning and science classrooms alike. Check out the about page for more info on all of these features."

AdWords Help Center has good news for all Google AdWords mobile users. Free keywords, "text ads are eligible to appear on Google Mobile Search pages, they will run for free through November 18, 2007. "

In Matt's official blog, an article called 'Useful Google feature: better date search' has reference to 'Easy Way to Find Recent Web Pages' where Ionut Alex Chitu talks about date-based searching.

Anyway, about Matt's post, he says:

"The shortest time frame used to be something like three months; now you can look for things that are less than 24 hours old. What GoogleOS noticed is that the advanced date search affects a url parameter called “as_qdr” and Chitu figured out some of the possible values:

Michael Martinez has an absolutely helpful post called “SEO Checklist: Fundamental steps for every SEO campaign,” which i feel is a must read for all SEO professionals, advertisers and anyone seeking to leverage their Search Engine ranking.

A basic introduction to the post goes as:

Yahoo wins exclusive ad deal for Bebo UK, Ireland informs news agency, Reuters. Yahoo Inc won a deal which lets them advertise on the social networking site, Bebo, UK & Ireland. With this, Yahoo's display and video ads will de displayed to over 11 million users.

bebo yahoo tie up  New Deal Lets Yahoo! Show Ads In Bebo UK, Ireland

thumbnailserver2 Google Displaying Images Next To Search Results?Googlified has a post on how Google is now showing randomly selected thumbnail images left to the results.

Apparently it was Peter Cooper who first reported this when he said,

“My homepage has a picture of Amir Blumenfeld next to it rather randomly.”

Blogoscoped too had a mention of this last month.

Google founders pay $1.3 million to fly jet from NASA airport, reports the San Jose Mercury News. Google founders, Sergey and Larry are coughing up an annual sum of $1.3 million, in order to take off, land and park their Boeing 767-200 from a NASA managed airport, located close to their office headquarters.

googleavion Sergey & Larry Cough Up $1.3 million, Fly Their Boeing 767 200 From a NASA Airport

It is true that URL parameters, like session IDs or tracking Ids, can be the reason behind duplicate contents. This was revealed by Google itself. Google explained that, “when user and/or tracking information is stored through URL parameters, duplicate content can arise because the same page is accessible through numerous URLs.”

Even Adam Lasnik also supports this view point. He referred this in "Deftly Dealing with Duplicate Content".

SEO is a most happening industry. To be on the top spot, you need to work day and night. But how can one say that he or she is in need of a break. To help you Matt McGee, one of the popular name in the SEO world, has come up with a list that highlights the top 21 signs that you need a break from SEO. All the tips are just amazing and can make anyone laugh.