translate beta res Google Launches Single Word Translation Application!The official Google blog announces the new single word translation application through which we can get translations for just one single word. Besides, it also gives phrases and many possible meanings that the word might have.

Heise online reports that Google threatens to shutdown German Gmail should the Federal Government's legislative initiative continue with its high standings on monitoring of telecommunications and Internet traffic.

June 2007 Update!

Jun 25, 2007 | 2,024 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Webmasters are a confused lot at Webmaster World on whether / MSN Search is undergoing update currently.

The sudden rise and drops that are being described as “wild swings”. Whle some achieved high rankings, the rest's experience went like this:

  1. “I thought they had resolved the blogspot problem, but today I see several junk pages ranking well, including the #1 spot for the phrase I am monitoring.”

google maps logo Google Maps Launches Phone Verification!Google Maps Help group adds phone verification and a Lobal Business center to its features.

All business domains everywhere except for the ones in China and Japan can now “verify their listings via phone. Verification through SMS is available for all countries except the US, China, and Japan. The Maps and Local Business Center team hope that this will help to speed the process of getting your listing up onto Google Maps.”

b yahoo ebay Yahoo! And Ebays Marriage Underway? Tim Poulus suggests that present is a possibility of a Yahoo! And eBay merger which has only been strengthened by ex-CEO Terry Semel's departure.

Citing a multitude of reasons, the post suggests:

“The recent animosities by no means endanger a Yahoo!/eBay merger:

  1. Google was ready to invade eBay's Live event, which made eBay pull away from AdWords. Instead, eBay could be a bigger Yahoo! partner.

bebo com online address book  6084589 Rumours of Acquisition Surface Again As Yahoo! And Bebo Are Spotted TogetherPete Cashmore reports that social networking site, Bebo is partnering with Yahoo Search. The more important question is whether Yahoo will be purchasing Bebo.

So far, Bebo did not have a major search engine and was using Bigulo. “Users can now search the web, Bebo, profiles and the music section. “

ms live space Sponsored Spaces: Microsoft Unveils Its Ad Platform!Windows Live Spaces, Microsoft's blogging forum has 93 million Spaces sites and over 12.5 billion page views per month, so it made sense to introduce and widen its an ad platform called Sponsored Spaces, in Asian countries like India, reports

Google Buying GrandCentral?

Jun 25, 2007 | 1,661 views | by Navneet Kaushal

grandcentrallogo Google Buying GrandCentral?Google is in talks to complete the purchase of Grand Central, a telephone management startup, whose claim is “one phone number for all your phones, for life,” for a still unknown sum, reports the reliable Tech Crunch.

Not the 'typical' phone service company, with Grand Central's services you can:

  1. “Check your messages by phone, email, or online
  2. Keep all your messages online for eternity

david karnstedt thumb Yahoo! Appoints David Karnstedt As Head Of US Sales David Karnstedt who once headed the Yahoo! Search and Marketing sales team has been appointed Head of US Sales, announced a press release on June 24.

Welcoming David in the new role was Susan Decker, Yahoo's President who said, "Integrating our world-class search and display sales teams under David's leadership will allow us to better serve all of our advertisers' marketing objectives ranging from brand awareness to direct response. This is one of many important steps we're taking to re-invigorate our display business, further build on our industry-leading position in advertising, and drive thought-leadership in the online advertising marketplace." Could Hit Jackpot on Auction Block, reports the Wall Street Journal in reference to the domain going on sale for a possible sum of anywhere between $400-$500 million.

Back in 1999, when entrepreneurs Sky Dayton and Jake Winebaum bought the domain name, for the then highest ever price (for a domain name) of $7.5 million, they were laughed at. The tide surely has changed with the domain's current price.