Google AJAX Search API now has image search results reports the Google AJAX Search API blog.

The basic code is this:

var searchControl = new GSearchControl();

searchControl.addSearcher(new GimageSearch());

With Image Search you can expect:

  • High-performance access to image search results
  • Easy integration with our base search control
  • Ability to use raw search results in your mashups

Alden DeSoto of the Google Analytics team has a post which discusses Google Analytics' new features.

New features include:

  • “A "Go to:" box to all reports that have tables so you can jump directly to a specific row. If you have 5,000 referring sources and you want to see row 3,456, you can jump right to it.

Next in line of Google Inc's long list of purchases is its acquisition of Ventureast TeNet Fund II for which the company (Singapore branch) coughed up a sum of $3.75 Million.

At the Internet Strategy Conference, while Yahoo's Chief marketing Officer, Cammie Dunaway was showing ways through which Yahoo! was working with advertisers, it suddenly hit Scott Hendison that perhaps Yahoo is selling out.

Google Buys ImageAmerica

Jul 23, 2007 | 1,996 views | by Navneet Kaushal

image3 Google Buys ImageAmericaStephen Chau announces in the Google Earth and Maps blog that Google Inc has bought ImageAmerica a company that builds high resolution cameras for the collection of aerial imagery.

ImageAmerica has previously provided high resolution pictures of Hurricane Katrina. Further, Chau says, “We're excited about how ImageAmerica's technology will contribute to our mapping services down the road. Since we're in the research and development phase right now it may be some time before you see any of this imagery in Google Maps or Earth.”

After Yahoo Publisher Network's server messed up and users complained, Yahoo still has not learnt its lesson and now many on Digitalpoint Forum are beginning to wonder on whether it will be possible to get their lost revenue back.

One publisher writes, "Apparently, the answer is no. I spoke with a manager at YPN who said they will not be making payments up to the YPN publishers as 'they lost revenue as well'. One begins to wonder if Yahoo gets it…?

For fans of Google Maps' Click-to-Call feature, the feature has now been stopped, reports Google Groups.

However, as one Google representative says, "I'm afraid it's (click-to-call) not broken – this feature was a long-running experiment, and in the end it was decided to discontinue it.

Google announced that they would participate in the “federal government’s forthcoming auction of wireless spectrum in the 700 megahertz (MHz) band if the FCC adopted a framework requiring greater competition and consumer choice.

“In a filing with the FCC on July 9, Google urged the Commission to adopt rules for the auction that ensure that, regardless of who wins the spectrum at auction, consumers' interests are served. Specifically, Google encouraged the FCC to require the adoption of four types of "open" platforms as part of the license conditions:

San Francisco Chronicle reports that David Drummond a Google Sr VP And Chief Legal Counsel paid the SEC $700,000 as a fine to the latter accusing him of misstating financial details.

“The settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission, announced Thursday, stems from his role as chief financial officer for SmartForce, a software company that overstated its revenue by $113.6 million and profit by $127 million, during a 3 1/2 year period ending in mid-2002.

First it was the Federal Trade Commission and now the US Senate plan to hold hearings to air concerns about Google Inc.'s proposed acquisition of Web advertising supplier DoubleClick Inc, reports Reuters.

douleclick US Senate To Look Into Googles DoubleClick Acquisition