airtel goog Indian Mobile Service Provider Ties Up With Google PTI informs that Indian mobile service provider Airtel will be tying up with Global web search leader Google in order to provide its web services like Gmail, chat and search to its subscribers.

AdSense's latest Ad Format?

Aug 7, 2007 | 1,609 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Over at Digital point, one webmaster has a 728×90 pixels screenshot of perhaps the new ad format that will be used soon.

new ad format AdSenses latest Ad Format?

As with most new products this one too has conflicting opinion, with some saying, "I like it, it looks promising. Especially if you have a leaderboard on the top of your page. They kind of look like a navigation under the ads," while others say:

Google launched Google Documents List Data API Overview which basically is the Windows Explorer-influences file browser version which is available at

google docs api Google Launches Google Documents List Data API

"The Google Documents List data API allows client applications to upload documents to Google Documents and list them in the form of Google data API ("GData") feeds. Your client application can request a list of a user's documents, and query the content in an existing document.

George Zacharias, the managing director of Yahoo! India resigns from the post to pursue his “entrepreneurial interests”.

Zacharias reportedly said, "To become an entrepreneur was my long-term dream. Yahoo India has been growing at a robust pace and the journey has been both challenging and rewarding. This decision has been a tough one."

Zacharias called Yahoo! India a "well-oiled, strong leadership team".

In a post called, Server location, cross-linking, and Web 2.0 technology thoughts, Greg Grothaus and Shashi Thakur reflect and provide their take on Searchonomics 2007.

Cross- Linking

“Before you begin cross-linking sites, consider the user's perspective and whether the crosslinks provide value. If the sites are related in business — e.g., an auto manual site linking to an auto parts retail site, then it could make sense — the links are organic and useful. Cross-linking between dozens or hundreds of sites, however, probably doesn't provide value, and I would not recommend it.”

LookSmart Loses Its CEO!

Aug 3, 2007 | 2,697 views | by Navneet Kaushal

LookSmart loses its head reports Australian IT as their CEO and President, David Hills who was recruited to boost the company when it lost its biggest customer, Microsoft.

"The company, which was once valued as $US7 billion ($8.2 billion) but is now worth only $US76.7 million will remain listed on the Nasdaq where it has been publicly traded since 1999. LookSmart has withdrawn from all other international markets and focuses solely on North America, where it has not turned in a net profit since 2003." August Update?

Aug 3, 2007 | 2,067 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Webmasters on webmaster world have been noticing irregular movement of their sites in which apparently has progressively been getting worse.

Supafresh reported:

"Been watching movement with for the last couple of days and my sites been getting progressivly worse as the days move on.. The Ask serps have been before the update very stable and constant.. Yesterday and Today not so much.. "

A Google Groups discussion says that the Google advertising professional exam and the Google AdWords Learning Center is completely outdated.

Tim wrote:

"I am going through the learning center right now and the section on 'Analytics' is completely out of date. It refers to nothing but the old Google Analytics model which I barely used before the new model was released (I believe months ago).

Mike Grehan writes about a new feature first seen on

Apparently while searching for 'digital cameras' in the British Google site, at the end of the SERP was a box saying:

“Know of a better page for digital cameras? Suggest one!”

1im Want Better Results Than Google? Suggest Webpage Link To Google

Now, after selecting the option, the message changes to:

“Next time, we’ll place it up top for you, with this marker: *”

Following the lead of Google using underscores as word separators, Barry Schwartz now informs that Yahoo!, MS Live and have begun using underscores “the same as dashes or hyphens in the URL”.