If your ad appeared in Google maps do you think that would bring in more viewer interest? Apparently, Google is exploring an application that explores this patent. This was written and created by Ashutosh Garg and Mayur Datar.

Bill Slawski writes that:

"The way this could be done is that the search engine would:

  • Receive a map request from a user,

Senior Google VP Sells Shares!

Oct 5, 2007 | 2,133 views | by Navneet Kaushal

A senior vice president of Google Inc., Omid Kordestani sold around 6000 shares of common stock. This was revealed by the Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday. This was reported by CNNMoney.com.

In a Form 4 filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Omid Kordestani sold the shares on Monday for a good amount of $570.85 to $583.99 apiece.

The Australia Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has dropped the case it filed against Google's Irish and Australian subsidiaries last month. This was reported by the Reuters. But, now the Australian watchdog will pursue the case against the Google parent company and the Trading Post for misleading users with alleged sponsored advertising links.

ukreuterscom Australian Watchdog Will Target Google Parent Only!

Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) issued an In-House SEM Salary Survey (Organic & PPC) in order to have a better understanding of compensation and common reporting structures of in-house search marketers. The test can be conducted by all Search engine marketing professionals. Organic and/or paid-search professionals can take part in this salary survey.

Couple of days back we reported on the new updates in Yahoo! Search and how Google Finally Has a Real Challenge!. As exciting and improved the changes are it adds more challenges.

The biggest task being of how to optimize it. Given below are few tips that will help you optimize your site better:-

As seen on Google groups, one Googler, Wysz says that spammy blogs that are linked to a site will not affect one's ranking etc.

"I wouldn't really worry about spam sites hurting your ranking by linking to you, as we understand that you can't (for themost part) control who links to your sites. However, there is some action you can take if you come across spam in Google's index. The preferred method of reporting spam to us is by clicking on "Report spam in our index" while logged into Webmaster Tools."

Back in August, we reported that, "Google.br Might Face Shut Down For Not Releasing Orkut Users' Details" also, there was news about how "Google Removed Fake 'derogatory and malicious' Orkut Profile of Indian Chief Minister".

Now, WSJ reports, that, "Google said advertising appeared on only 1% of Orkut pages and represented a "test" of online marketing on the social-networking site, which is especially popular in Brazil and India. The move came after a Brazilian nonprofit group, SaferNet, lodged a complaint with a Brazilian advertising body."

In a blog appropriately titled, "Relevance, Relevance, Relevance", the official blog of the Live Search team at Microsoft has concisely documented the transformation and improvement of Microsoft Live Search.

"This tour guide (their own words) includes:

Microsoft Office Live Small Business will partner The Search Agency Inc. 'to deliver a new range of services designed to help small businesses get up to speed on search engine marketing. The Search Agency will design keyword advertising campaigns for Microsoft Office Live Small Business customers and lead courses that teach the essentials of search engine marketing. The Search Agency is an industry leader in search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO),' informs a press release called 'New Microsoft Office Live Small Business Offering Helps Small Businesses Get Started With Search Engine Marketing.

A week back, Yahoo! Purchased behavioral ad network BlueLithium for $300 million.

Now, Reuters informs that “Yahoo gets approval to buy ad firm BlueLithium”. “U.S. antitrust authorities decided the deal posed no antitrust concerns. The transaction was listed in a daily notice of such approvals issued by the FTC.”

yahoo bluelithium FTC Okays Yahoo!  BlueLithium Partnership