In a mind-boggling report, Canadian Business online informs that Google Inc Director and Silicon Valley venture capitalist John L. Doerr sold 59,900 shares of common for $30 million on Friday.

The news broke out on Tuesday in a Form 4 of a Securities and Exchange Commission filing where it was declared by John L. Doerr that he sold the shares for $498.40 to $504 per unit. John L. Doerr's company Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers was one of the first companies to invest in Google ($14.2 million) besides also investing in Netscape, Amazon etc.

Priyank Garg of Yahoo Search in the latest weather report informs about changes in 'index and ranking algorithm'.

Many noticed drastic changes in ranking. One webmaster's site even dropped from 40 to 490 position. One user writes, “The search results I'm seeing right now are utter mayhem. A search for "online games" brings entry after entry of parasite hosting spam.”

Knowing the frequency of their own updates/changes/additions etc, Google AdSense Blog almost embarrassed, once again does the needful of updating their loyal webmasters on updates in Program policies.

AdSense publishers have to comply with the new policies. Two of main changes are:

  1. If you use online advertising, you ads have to meet the guidelines be it AdWords or through any other advertising program. On Television… Again!

Jun 7, 2007 | 3,246 views | by Navneet Kaushal

TechCrunch got a copy of the latest commercial, called “I got what I’m looking for”, before it even went on air! Definitely, their marketing team is the busiest and most challenging, it seems.

Just recently, they launched Ask 3D. The ad seems to be part of the $100 million budget has set aside to popularize the site so more people choose it over the other Big 3.

After a thread at Search Engine Watch showed some aggravated, and disgruntled webmasters, Michael Mattis at the official Yahoo! Search Marketing blog says, the motive of Quality – based pricing was for “the purpose of using the knowledge we gain about publisher conversion rates to raise prices on clicks from high-converting publishers”.

Discovery, a harried Webmaster writes:

As soon as we informed that Google Inside AdWords was ready to roll out Audio ads Beta, Reuters informs that eBay is to auction advertising on U.S. radio stations.

eBay teams up with Bid4Spots Inc, a radio-ad start-up company from Encino, CA, in a deal where advertisers can bid on more than 2,300 participating stations on both radio and internet. About the deal, Kim Rubey, a spokeswoman for eBay commented:

Recently Yahoo! announced about the transition of their web crawler, Yahoo! Slurp. The transition is now complete and Yahoo! Slurp has been placed to a new domain Of now, all machines crawling as Slurp are in The IP addresses and the user-agent remain the same. Only the lookup of the DNS is different.

In an extremely useful and relevant post Jennifer Slegg writes about how “Google now targets AdSense on pages behind password protection”.

With this new service AdSense Publishers can go beyond a login screen and place all the ads you want through an authentication process. Previously, ads were also focused on 'page, simply "themed" ads, or worse, display PSAs'. This feature in a few easy steps can land you behind whichever login screen you choose.

Webmasters are happily breathing a huge sigh of relief on learning Google has altered and updated their Webmaster Guidelines page.

Some of the additions include links to:

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