Books have always been regarded as best friends. Even with the emergence of the internet, books are still playing an important role. Google with its digitized Google Book Search is here to bring back the glory of books in a more exciting package, now with a full text search feature. Recently, Google launched some new features to help users search, collect, share, and discover new books in a new exciting way.

LookSmart's CTO Also Resigns

Sep 7, 2007 | 2,177 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Following the resignation of ex-CEO David Hills, is CTO, Michael Grubb who also announced his leaving the company. This is the second blow that LookSmart has to face within a couple of months. Michael Grubb's resignation will be effective from September 7, 2007. The statement from the SEC 8-K filing points:

Yahoo! Taiwan has upgraded its sponsored results engine to the new Yahoo! Search Marketing Panama interface. Earlier, Yahoo! Taiwan worked with the older version of paid search ads. Yahoo! has a good hold to the search market as compared to Google both in Japan and Taiwan. Yahoo! enjoys a good amount of dominance of the Taiwan Search Market Share, with some 87.30% of Taiwan users visiting Yahoo! Kimo (Yahoo Taiwan) in 2006. During this period only 42.89% of Taiwanese users used the Google platform.

Google is truly a search giant. It always tries to bring something new for its users. This time it adds the feature of automatic distance measurement in the 'My Maps'. Recently, in the Google Lat Long Blog, there is a report of this latest feature. Users drawing trail or hiking maps with the help of My Maps line tool will now get automatic distance measurements between points, while creating personalized maps. This adds a new feather to the incremental improvements that Google has made to Google Maps in the recent days. This is a small feature but its usefulness is worth mentioning.

Microsoft is always a tough competitor for search giant, Google. This time Microsoft has come up with a new software bundle named, 'Windows Live Services', which is quite similar to the 'Google Pack'. Microsoft has bundled all Windows Live software in an all-in-one install package. This software bundle is released under the Windows Live umbrella and it doesn't include any third-party software. The new software bundle comes with many features of Microsoft like mail and instant messaging, search toolbar, online storage, photosharing and blogging software.

Webmaster Central gets a new look, informs the official Google Webmaster blog. This revamp does not mean old favorites like Webmaster Blog and discussion group have been given the boot.

google webmaster Google Webmaster Central Gets A Makeover!

Here's a brief look at some of the new additions:

Peter Harbison and the InsideAdwords blog officially announces the first ever update of Google's website Optimizer.

Free landing page optimization tool: The first feature is a wizard for creating A/B split experiments. A/B tests are ideal for testing how well different page layouts perform and for pages that don't get a lot of traffic. Although you can perform A/B testing in Google Analytics, using Website Optimizer simplifies the process and makes it really easy to set up experiments and view results. Click here, to get an idea of how to set up an A/B experiment.

Threads in both Digital Point and Webmaster World both inform of a Google Webmaster Tools' Link Update.

According to zjacob in Webmaster World, such changes seem to have certain characteristics:

  1. "Almost all of the changes seem to be due to external factors, so that in-site SEO does not seem to matter all that much. Knowing as to what that external factor is would be extremely valuable. DMOZ/Google directory changes do not fit the profile of the likely cause.

Based on threads in both Webmaster World and Digital Point Yahoo! Might have ceased using the No Yahoo Directory Tag.

Reports range from

“I've tried switching "meta=SLURP" with "meta=robots" but it still doesn't work… ”


“Just this last few days Yahoo is ignoring this tag on my site:

And has reverted back to showing my Yahoo Directory title and description.

Google Advanced Search takes a step forward and adds more date options.

google advanced search  Google Advanced Search Now Includes Date Options!

Thats not all, Ionut also mentions that you can also define time-frames.

"The nice thing is that you can change the value of as_qdr to custom intervals. Here are all the possible values of the as_qdr parameter:

  • d[number] – past number of days (e.g.: d10)