Recently, in an interview with VentureBeat, Google's VP Marissa Mayer, talked about the untapped potential of social search for developing advanced search technology and that it holds a huge promise.

Here's some interesting piece of information for many folks across the world. The Co-founders of Google Sergey Brin and Larry Page, and the CEO Eric Schmidt, just before they founded the company in the year 2004, and before its initial public offering, had pledged to work together for twenty years, reports the Fortune magazine.

googletrio The Sergey Brin & Larry Page To Quit Google After 16 Years!

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As Google announced the financial results for the quarter and fiscal year ended December 31, 2007 , there was more disappointment than triumph around.

Google's Q4 growth increase has only been 17% which is a damper compared to Q3's performance which showed a 46% profit increase. This is the least growth the company has shown, since it went public about three and a half years back.

Yahoo! Appears to have been on a lookout to enhance its Search Marketing interface to make it more competitive and high on utility. Sometime last year it tweaked with the help page of Yahoo! Search Marketing, see: Yahoo! Search Marketing Help Gets A Makeover. Today, it has launched new functionalities in three areas, namely keyword suggestions, excluded word limits, campaign tune-up alert and the ad optimization feature. Additionally, the "Sign-in Seal" has been enabled for your Yahoo! Search Marketing login page to keep "phishers" at bay.

The well-intentioned feature "I'm Feeling Lucky" of Google is apparently being exploited by slick spammers to dupe common folks into their evil designs. Spammers use it to bypass filters leaving the users vulnerable to loads of email spam. Spammers can be quite a menace, if nothing else they can make people anxious.

imfeelinglucky Spammers Feeling Lucky With Googles Im Feeling Lucky!

Since Google launched Google Finance for the first time, the corporate rivalry between Yahoo! and Google kicked off on a new front Google Finance Vs Yahoo! Finance. Over the years the finance portal has been tweaked by Goliath Google () to make it all the more attractive, and during this it launched country specific portal for Canada as well last summer.

Yahoo! Inc. and AT&T Inc. have announced a long term partnership to share revenue generated from mobile phones and personal computers advertising.

yahooatnt Yahoo! And AT&T Extend Partnership For Search And Display Advertising!

This deal is built upon the already existing alliance between the two since the year 2001. While the financial details were not talked about, it would work in the following manner:

Though Google's strategy with the search engine is “the simpler the better,” but it seems that cultural demands placed on the search giant is forcing it to tweak the philosophy a bit in Korea. Not too far back an alternative design for Google's China page was tried out, to experiment with the push model (Yahoo/ portal-style) vs the conventional pull model, see: Google China's Trying Alternative Homepage Designs!.

he January of 2008 has brought about a whole new season of strategic partnerships and alliances for the big names in the search engine industry. The Redmond giant alone has had a couple of tie-ups, see: Microsoft and EDGAR Buddy Up To Enhance Each Others Services and Microsoft, Mediacart And Shopping Carts In Grocery Marts.

The penalty hit many a folks quite hard at around the new year, see: Rank #2 to Rank #6. Is It A Google's Penalty?. The issue had been the hot topic on many blogs and forums, strangely enough, earlier when Matt was quizzed on the issue he had said that he wasn't quite aware of the issue. Recently, Barry had written a post about it.