On Tuesday, Matt Cutts posted a post in Google Groups which spoke in length about, 'Appropriate uses of nofollow tag'. This was basically in response to Administrator Aaron's question, 'What are some appropriate ways to use thenofollow tag other than to protect against blog comment spam?'

Brief explanation of the noFolow attitude on links

Google Press Center announces that a YouTube layer will now be available in the Featured Content folder of Google Earth.

youtube logo1.thumbnail YouTube Now Available On Google Earth

"The new layer enables users to zoom in on any location on the planet and view YouTube videos related to that place. For example, a trip to Maui offers videos of surfing, snorkeling and exotic sea life, while users who fly to Chamonix-Mont Blanc, France, can watch breathtaking videos filmed at the highest points of the Alps.

yahoo one search pics Yahoo! oneSearch SMS Available For All Major Operators In India

Four months after launching Yahoo! OneSearch in India, Yahoo! oneSearch SMS is now available through all major service providers such as Hutch, Airtel, Tata, Reliance, Idea and more.

yahoo onesearch sms Yahoo! oneSearch SMS Available For All Major Operators In India

To avail this feature, Mobile users only have to text a query to 58242 to receive oneSearch SMS results for Local, Weather, Finance, and News clusters or a link to view all other results on the Mobile Web.

Pandia informs that Ixquick, one of the best metasearch engines, has recently added video search to its service. But, Ixquick relies upon Blinkx, another metasearch engine, to deliver search results.

ixquick Meta Engine Ixquicks Offers Video Search

Apart from Ixquick, Sproose video search engine also has collaborated with Blinkx to integrate Blinkx's results into its own site.

'Yahoo 7', the only joint venture site between Yahoo and Australia's 7 network has recently undergone a big shakeup following a fall in traffic and poor advertising results.

yahoo7 Yahoo’s Aussie Branch Undergoes Corporate Shakeup!

Australian IT reports that inspite of a massive growth in the sector, Yahoo 7’s traffic has declined from 5.5 million in January, 2007 to 4.9 million in August, 2007 and advertising has been standing still.

According to marketWatch reports, Yahoo Inc. will subscribe to US$100 million worth of shares in Alibaba.com Corp.'s initial public offering ahead of a Hong Kong listing.

logo alibaba Yahoo About To Purchase 10 Percent Or $100M Of Alibabas IPO!

Earlier, it was known that Yahoo would subscribe to 10% of the online business-to-business firm's IPO, which was slated to raise up to US$1 billion. Latest report confirms the previous statements. California-based Yahoo already owns 39% of Alibaba Group, the parent of Alibaba.com, but it has no direct holding in the business-to-business unit.

WebWare informs that a research by WebVisible informs that people do not mind online advertisements but are not big on the idea of receiving ads on their cell phones.

web visiblelogo Research Shows Online Ads Acceptable, Mobile Ads Not!

The official Live Search blog announces new and improved results in web search. With this, users will have more product information and informed decisions.

Product category Searches: For category searches you will now find popular products within that category. Some of the features are:

  • Average rating and sales price of the product image where you can browse more products on MSN Shopping.

To understand Dynamic Keyword Insertion better, Google AdWords has a document on it.

Featuring 7 points which include:

Introduction To The SEO Process

Oct 11, 2007 | 1,598 views | by Navneet Kaushal

As seen on Cre8asite Forums Sascha has an exhaustive post that will help anyone starting an SEO process tremendously.

Below is a peek into the post.

“SEO is marketing and what is marketing without direction. Very often strategic planning and execution are synonymous with each other as we will see later in this post. There are couple variables which will have influence on how we go about finding direction for SEO. The mix of those different variables will have an effect on the depth of planning and style of execution.