Wordtracker has added UK keywords to their existing tools meaning that now users can specify whether they want to view UK keywords only. Andy Midel of Wordtracker said:

We collect uncompressed log files from the ISPs. From these we extract the keywords from the major engines including Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN amongst others, leaving just over 4% of the original files.

SEObook suggests that if you wish to view only your supplemental results, then you should try the command:site:www.yoursite.com *** -view

You can also calculate your own supplemental index ratio by divide your number of supplemental results by your total results count which is

site:www.yoursite.com *** -view

The supplemental ratio is an important indicator of the status of your information architecture and show the relative health of your site.

At the 3GSM World Congress 2007, Barcelona, Microsoft launched three new Windows Live products for mobile devices. The products are  Live Search for Windows Mobile, Live Search for Java and Windows Live for Windows Mobile.

The SEO industry is celebrating Valentines Day, some with cards, some with icons. Ask Smart Answers is celebrating a full fledged V-Day by providing loads of information and helpful search suggestions. For example, if you are looking up Valentine's Day Date Ideas, then Ask also suggests Extravagant Dates (includes five star hotels and restuarants etc), romantic dates , tips and creative ideas too.  

Public Service Search is a service that enables non-profit, university, and government web sites to provide search functionality to their visitors without serving ads.

Google has received a set back in its prolonged fight with the Belgian newspapers. Reuters reports that:

A Belgian court ruled on Tuesday that Google may not reproduce extracts from a variety of Belgian newspapers, imperilling one of the web search leader's most popular services if other courts follow suit.

According to ASPnews Google's YouTube and another company Live Digital will disclose the identities of two individuals who illegally uploaded the videos of their popular shows. In one instance, four episodes of the show "24" were uploaded on both the sites a week before the show was to be aired in USA. In another instance, 12 episodes of "The Simpsons" were made online.

If your PPC campaign is not exactly gold standard, how many mistakes do you think you might be making? There is a post by IgorMord at SEOmoz which lists as many as 17 mistakes that are common in PPC campaigns. Now, the interesting part is he says taht with fixing of each mistake you can earn upto 70% revenue or save thousands of dollars every month.

Loren Baker over at Search Engine Journal has written an article about the essentials of Link Building. Link Building has been an important part of online marketing mix since the initial advent of commercial sites. With the advancement of search engine optimization Links have evolved as a medium for accessing the value of a site.

Vanessa Fox on Official Google Central Webmasters Blog has compiled some tips for building crawlable sites.
Vanessa has explained pretty well how to make sure that visitors and search engines have access to the content.

The key step is to ensure the above are:

  • Check the Crawl errors section of webmaster tools for any pages Googlebot couldn't access due to server or other errors. If Googlebot can't access the pages, they won't be indexed and visitors likely can't access them either.