Microsoft made its last big purchase in 2007, see: Microsoft Joins Bandwagon, Buys Aquantive For $649 Million!. It's latest acquisition is going to be the Norwegian enterprise search solutions provider, Fast Search & Transfer. The announcement came from the Redmond giant on Tuesday. This move by Microsoft highlights the face off between the search engine giants Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft to be number one in search and advertising platforms.

Google India DNS Hacked?

Jan 9, 2008 | 4,480 views | by Navneet Kaushal

There has been an alarming number of reports that are constantly coming from a Forum speculating on a DNS hacking of Google India domain. The users are complaining that they were unable to use any of the Google property on its domain. This problem was something which was limited to Google India users only.

A huge number of webmasters are reporting a significant increase in traffic. Some even report the hike to be as big as double. All the masters who have been positively affected by the change are delighted. This hike seems to follow a decrease in traffic by half around 20th December 2007.

In order to get the correct count some Webmasters have used the site: operator.

The Search Engine Journal has begun announcing the winners of this year's Blog Awards awards. There were in total 19 categories which ranged from the best conference coverage to the best SEO blog.

PageTraffic Blog had been nominated for two categories. See PageTraffic Blog Gets Two Nominations at Search Engine Journal Awards!:Vote For Us. We heartily thank all our readers who voted for us and they would be glad to know that we have ranked fairly well (6th) for both the categories we were nominated for, namely:

Google has been at the forefront of customizing its services for the various regions in which it operates. The Google homepage too appears differently in various countries. Last year in November Google had introduced its international Webmaster Help Group Team. The latest measures in its tradition to 'localize' are the launches of three more Google monitored groups in Hebrew, Turkish and Hungarian.

guides Google Launches Webmaster Help Groups In Hebrew, Turkish and Hungarian

Jimmy Wales had disclosed his plans to unleash wikia search a year back. see: Google Looking For Community Driven Search?.

As promised by the Wiki folks on the private beta release last month, see:Private Beta Of WikiaSearch Launched!, the public release is finally here for one and all to try their hands on.

wikiasearch  Wikia Search Alpha Launched: User Experience Hits Anti Climax

The word about launch Go 3.0 Beta had already been out yesterday; see: Yahoo! To Launch Go 3.0 beta. Yahoo! Inc. has finally announced the release. The launch is slated to further consolidate Yahoo!'s already existing leadership position in providing cutting-edge mobile services to consumers the world over.

Yahoo! To Launch Go 3.0 beta

Jan 7, 2008 | 3,574 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Yahoo! Go, the mobile portal's latest avatar Yahoo! Go 3.0 beta, is being launched. Amongst the new features are the "Open Mobile Widget Platform," and "a redesigned mobile homepage."

Improved performance is being claimed by the company in addition to enhanced user interface, optimized for the mobile phone. Moreover, the consumers will have access to third-party widgets from leading publishers through Yahoo! Go.

Both LookSmart and Ask have sent out click fraud settlement letters. The letters were sent for the class action suit that both the companies are trying to reach to some conclusion for quite some time.

Recently, has added a new voice-activated facility to its Mobile Directions service. The new feature is known as "Click to Speak."