Riona MacNamara of Google's Webmaster Tools Team informs of Matt Cutts's trip to Google's Kirkland office which resulted in many videos about the anatomy of search result.

"In our first video, Matt talks about the anatomy of a search result, and gives some useful tips on how you can help improve how your site appears in our results pages. This talk covers everything you'll see in a search result, including page title, page description, and sitelinks, and explains those other elements that can appear, such as stock quotes, cached pages links, and more."

In a recent Google Blogoscoped report, it says that Google has dropped the "video" link within the main top navigation at Google. The video link was replaced with a "products" link.

However, people who want the video link can find it by clicking on the “more” link. When the page is opened fully, the video option can be noticed at the far bottom of that drop down button.

In the Wall Street Journal, an article titled "IAC Looks to Expand Web Presence in China" reports that is planning to expand its presence in China within two-years.

In a recent report published at Google Blogoscoped, there was this news of Google's update of their help pages to include the words, "selling links," when discussing link schemes.

The older version in the help page has the following explanation "Buying links in order to improve a site’s ranking is in violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines and can negatively impact a site's ranking in search results."

Here's all that happened in the world of search engines in the fourth week of November. All the blogs are all in chronological order. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving is celebrated all the US, in keeping with this, search engines and other sites as always have donned their best and have their own tribute to this great occasion. Some of them are:

Ask. Commercial

 Happy Thanksgiving From Us and The Search Engines!


dogpile Happy Thanksgiving From Us and The Search Engines!


2054981472 8650242b81 o Happy Thanksgiving From Us and The Search Engines!


yahoo Happy Thanksgiving From Us and The Search Engines!

Some of the most popular Thanksgiving-related posts, as found all over the blogosphere are

Google Webmaster Central blog informs that now webmaster help is available in 12 new Languages. The post goes on to introduce the contributors to each vernacular webmaster help discussion.

google webmasters Google Webmaster Help Now In 12 Languages!

These are:

  • French Webmaster Help Group

    Salut, I come from the French city Bordeaux where I spent most of my time, before I moved to Paris and then Dublin where I work now in Google Search Quality. When not in front of my computer, I like to go to the cinema, play chess and organize dinners with my friends. – Guide Google

Google takes hosted site search worldwide, informs Wih this, business across the globe can integrate Google's Custom Search Engine into their site.

This service lets you "integrate search into personal and community sites and blogs, and developers can use the Google Custom Search APIs to allow searching from within their applications."

In a post called 'Validate your robots.txt – Googlebot becomes smarter' Sebastian writes that "forgotten –and, until recently, ignored– statements in your robots.txt might change the crawler’s behavior all of a sudden, without notice".

In this regard, John Müller from Google Zürich answers:

A thread in Digital Point Forum informs of a mid-November webmaster link tool update.

Apparently, some even noticed this back on 17th of this month. B T Collins has an interesting explanation of these Google Update:

  • "It seems random and it should be.
  • Google cannot tell you when they are going to do an update.