Feb 26, 2008 115 reads by Navneet Kaushal

The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) today announced the results of its 2008 Board of Directors election. The board of directors includes:


  • Chris Boggs eMergent – Marketing / Brulant, Inc.
  • Jessica Bowman – In-House SEO Expert
  • Massimo Burgio – Global Search Interactive
  • Bruce Clay – Bruce Clay, Inc.
  • Dave Fall – DoubleClick, Inc.
  • Duane Forrester – Microsoft

India Ranks Number One For Click Frauds!

Feb 26, 2008 116 reads by Navneet Kaushal

A recent study by Clickforensics revealed that the Click fraud phenomenon showed a hike of 15% this year compared to the last year. Not only the increase, but the trend too is alarming.

Apparently, this type of a cyber fraud can be found all over the world but in some countries it is rampant. India ranks at number one by contributing 4.3 percent, followed by Germany with 3.9 percent and South Korea with 3.7 percent, as the Clickforensics study reveals.

Matt Cutts: What Should NOINDEX Do?

Feb 25, 2008 115 reads by Navneet Kaushal

We have heard from Matt Cutts on many issues either through his blog or through the videos. The NOINDEX tag has been deliberated upon before by him, see: Handling Noindex Meta Tags and Google even made changes to how the tag was implemented, see: Google Accepts The "noindex" Directive In The robots.txt, Temporary or Permanent?. Some time back Google came up with a video about removing your websites from its index, and later when it was discussed at one of the forums, many came to know for the first time, that the remove url feature came with an expiry of 90 days.

Google Is The Top Brand In The UK!

Feb 25, 2008 113 reads by Navneet Kaushal

Google Google gets to add another feather in its cap after being rated as the numero uno brand in the UK, reports BBC. The Internet giant got the first rank amongst the top 500 brands in the UK, in a yearly survey conducted by the research firm Superbrands. The results are based on the views of 1,500 professionals.

Google Adds Sitelinks To A Fresh Batch of Websites!

Feb 25, 2008 114 reads by Navneet Kaushal

Lots of sitelnks are being reported for new websites at the webmasterworld, in fact we too have got one for PageTraffic!. The last sitelink update was reported late last year, see: Sitelink Update by Google!. Reports are rife about a sitelink update in Europe, UK, Germany, etc.

While most such innovations first spread the websites in the US and only later spread to other languages and countries. Apparently, it has surprised some webmasters.

February 2008, Week 4: Weekly Cover-Up of Important Happenings Related To Search Engines!

Feb 23, 2008 115 reads by Navneet Kaushal

All that happened in the world of search engines in the fourth week of February, 2008. Once again, the blogs are all in chronological order. Enjoy!

Microsoft To Make Its Indexing Algorithm Less "Strict"!

During the closing months of last year, there were complaints from many webmasters not Live search not indexing their sites.A member at the WebmasterWorld thread, "nickreynolds," reports of receiving a note from a Microsoft representative, suggesting that things are about to change. Find out what exactly is about to change.

Microsoft Updates Employees On Yahoo! Proposal!

Feb 23, 2008 113 reads by Navneet Kaushal

An e-mail sent by Kevin Johnson, president of the Microsoft Platforms & Services Division to provide employees of the Platforms & Services Division with an update on the proposal to combine with Yahoo, clearly indicates, how seriously is Microsoft surging ahead with the merger.

Microsoft Says No Major Lay-Offs In Yahoo! Merger

Feb 23, 2008 114 reads by Navneet Kaushal

Last Friday Microsoft Corp suggested that it had no plans to make major lay-offs if it succeeded in buying Yahoo Inc, rather there would be plenty of employee opportunities throughout the company, reports Reuters. It sure tickles the mind about the coming Microsoft and Yahoo merger.

Kevin Johnson, president of Microsoft's platforms and services division, said in an e-mail to employees in his unit that the company would dedicate "significant rewards and compensation" to retain Yahoo and Microsoft employees.

adCenter Tips: What Keywords To Choose Brand Or Generic?

Feb 23, 2008 117 reads by Navneet Kaushal

You've been promoting your business or your client's business for some time now. Moreover, though you know very well about the age-old dilemma of which kind of keywords to choose for your campaigns, hitherto you've resolved the puzzle by yourself. Now here comes some solid advice from from the experts at adCenter.

YSM Tips: Use More Excluded Keywords For Relevance!

Feb 23, 2008 115 reads by Navneet Kaushal

For most of us the word excluded is more a negative word, especially if you are someone who has been excluded from a party. However, the Excluded Words feature is more of a help when you need to block unwanted searches that you believe aren't relevant. And for the record, the excluded keywords are also called negative keywords, but they're still positive. So for increasing your relevance this is what YSM advises:

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