Microsoft: adCenter Revises Terms And Conditions!

Feb 15, 2008 114 readsby Navneet Kaushal

The adCenter customers today have got notice of an upcoming update to the adCenter Terms and Conditions. There have been several changes to the policy, informs the adCenter Community team:

What are the changes to the adCenter Terms and Conditions?

A new section is being added that empowers the adCenter representatives to help customers manage their accounts more efficiently – with their permission.

Google's Valentine's Day Treat

Feb 15, 2008 115 readsby Navneet Kaushal

Getting into the right Valentine mood, Google has posted a video clipping with a Valentine's special recipe. The recipe pairs well with Roederer Estate, Anderson Valley Brut sparkling wine for a Valentine's day treat for two.

Find it here.


Yields about 4 cakes

Google Study Says, 1% Of All Search Results Still Contain Malicious Content!

Feb 14, 2008 114 readsby Navneet Kaushal

Last Tuesday, Google published a report stating that web browsing and searching are increasingly becoming risky. Google for a year and a half now has been identifying web pages that infect vulnerable hosts via drive-by downloads, i.e. web pages that attempt to exploit their visitors by installing and running malware automatically.

Microsoft's $44.6 Billion Bid, Too High And Too Low At The Same Time!

Feb 14, 2008 115 readsby Navneet Kaushal

In an intriguing twist of events, more than the chief executives of Yahoo! and Microsoft, it's some of the biggest shareholder of the companies airing their views about the $31 per share bid being befitting or not.

Yahoo Inc's second-biggest shareholder has asked Microsoft Corp. to increase its $44.6 billion bid for the company, and has warned Yahoo! that it isn't left with many options than to accept the offer. This has further raised the pressure on the top management to close the deal. Some real trying times for Yahoo! indeed.

How Does Google Treat The Blacklisted Sites?

Feb 14, 2008 114 readsby Navneet Kaushal

The impact on a website of being ‘blacklisted’ by Google has been highlighted recently by the insurance comparison website, observes Robin Goad. The website experienced this very dilemma after Google picked up on irregular inbound links to its site, which resulted in a steep fall in its rankings.

Ten Ways To Convert Your Clicks

Feb 14, 2008 115 readsby Navneet Kaushal

Won't it be just wonderful that every click that we get on our sites would turns into a customer. Afterall we work hard only to get more customers. Every visitor is a potential customer, so it is important that every click that we get must turn into a customer.

But 'how' that is the question. YSM here has offered ten landing page tips to turn your visitors into customers:

Yahoo! India Now Sacks 40 Employees

Feb 14, 2008 115 readsby Navneet Kaushal

Yahoo! India, the Indian counterpart of the global search engine and news portal Yahoo! Inc., in a shocking news has sacked around 40 of its employees across various levels in its Bangalore base. In a recent post we had covered how Yahoo! had fired around 1,000 of its employees in U.S. But now it seems it's India time to bear the axe.

Some sources
link the termination to Jerry Yang's "strategic work-force re-alignment." As in an earnings call on January 29, Jerry Yang, CEO, Yahoo!, said that the company would cut 1,000 jobs globally starting mid-February.

Microsoft adCenter Rejects Landing Pages In Spanish!

Feb 14, 2008 115 readsby Navneet Kaushal

Joe Spector reports that when he tried designing a landing page for the Latino US market, and when he went on to advertise online, he approached all the big players: Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Surprisingly, while Google was helpful, all his advertisements were rejected by Microsoft adCenter because he had used Spanish on the landing page.

The rejection notice sent to him by Microsoft looked like this:

Google Announces "Doodle 4 Google" Competition For U.S. School Kids

Feb 14, 2008 116 readsby Navneet Kaushal

Google announced the launch of "Doodle 4 Google" yesterday. The Competition is aimed at school children where they are asked to design a Google logo inspired by the question, "What If…?"

Working on the theme of getting the children when they are still young, the winner of the doodle would be rewarded quite handsomely by Google. The winning student’s doodle will not only get displayed on Google homepage on May 22, 2008; also the champion "doodler" will win a $10,000 college scholarship, along with a $25,000 technology grant for his/her school.

How To Generate Charts And Graphs With Raw AdWords Data?

Feb 14, 2008 118 readsby Navneet Kaushal

The VisualCalc AdWords Dashboard is a web-based solution that can improve the performance of your Google AdWords and other PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns. It can transform your complex PPC data into interactive, easy-to-interpret graphs and charts.

How To Generate Charts And Graphs With Raw AdWords Data?

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