More Features In Google Analytics!

Jun 13, 2007 | 4,872 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Responding to much public hue and requests, Google Official blog announces 'New Features Added to Google Analytics'. Here's a quick look of the changes:

  • Hourly Reporting: A feature called "View by: Daily/Hourly" switch has been added through which you can opt whether you want to view your date hourly or daily.
  • Clickable URLs: click straight through to external pages from links referenced in reports.

Will Critchlow reports that "Google AdWords is now incorporating your personal search and click history into the display of adverts".

When one of his clients wondered why their their advert stopped appearing even though they had never accidentally clicked on it, Will had a talk with AdWords' Account Manager,

  • “she told us that there has been a change to the algorithm to take into account

After Google was slapped with a Subpoena from the US Department of Justice Peter Fleischer from Google's Global Privacy Counsel asks, "How long should Google remember searches?".

In response to EU Article 29 Working Party's letter, Google writes that “Retention of logs data is critical to our ability to operate and improve our services, and to provide adequate security for our users, as follows:

On June 1st, we had posted a blog asking whether Smaller Yahoo! Ads would work better.

Michael Mattis writes, "To reiterate, beginning June 20, ads that appear in U.S. Yahoo! Search results with descriptions longer than 70 characters will be cut off (”truncated”) at the nearest complete word, followed by an ellipsis. The optional 190-character long descriptions may still be displayed on some our distribution partners.

Angry Yahoo! Employee Uses Google?

Jun 12, 2007 | 1,185 views | by Navneet Kaushal

DigitalPoint Forum has a link about an article written by Randi Harper, a Yahoo! Service Engineer who uses Google. Hah!

A thread at SERoundtable informs that Microsoft AdCenter takes out the time to explain in detail why certain keywords get rejected.

Reasons cited were:

  • Too much ad text (keyword parameter use exceeds character limits)
  • Landing page content not relevant
  • Website contains forbidden content – Content guidelines
  • Incorrect ad format – Style guidelines

Google Checkout Goes Mobile Now

Jun 12, 2007 | 1,845 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Peisun Wu of Google Checkout's Engineering team informs in Google Checkout's official blog that Google Checkout now goes mobile.

Sputtr is the latest and best-looking Meta Search engine currently available in the World Wide Web right now.

In default mode, the Search engine is powered by Google. However, you can choose from a wide array of search engines ranging from Live Search,, Yahoo! Search to Google News, Google Blog Search, Google Images to even search engines of ReddIt, Wikipedia, SlashDot. Flickr etc. All in all you can choose from the current 36 options. The Search engine can be used in 6 languages besides English: Francaise, Espanol, Italiano, Deutsch (DE), Deutsch (AT) and Chinese.

Webmaster World reported the first ever unveiling of Google AdWords' Placement Performance Report.

However, at Marketing Pilgrim, Jeremy Luebke informs that Google will officially release the 'Placement Performance' report for all its AdWords advertisers as of today.

The press release said:

Digital Point Forums and Webmaster World both reports about landing page quality score factor and how keywords that were evaluated as “Great” have suddenly dropped to “poor”.