FaveBot: Track The Most Recent Content On The Web!

Feb 7, 2008 114 readsby Navneet Kaushal

Your information tracking and trapping needs could now be solved with FaveBot "Favorites Robot," as it monitors the Internet for a range of content, including events, blog entries, products, book releases, news articles, photos, podcasts, videos, events in your area and more.

FaveBot: Track The Most Recent Content On The Web!

Coming Soon! Google's Music Service In China!

Feb 7, 2008 114 readsby Navneet Kaushal

Google plans to gain greater ground in the Chinese search market by providing song downloads via the Web in China. It has recently held talks with Universal Music Group, Davena Mok, a Universal Music spokeswoman in Hong Kong has confirmed the discussions, reports Bloomberg.

Coming Soon! Googles Music Service In China!

Yahoo! India: City And Maps On Mobile Coming Soon!

Feb 7, 2008 117 readsby Navneet Kaushal

The mobile version of Our City and Maps is all set for a release in India just after Yahoo Go 3.0 is launched in the country. Our City, which was developed in India, has been getting traction in Australia.

Yahoo! India:City And Maps On Mobile Coming Soon!

“The Our City application is seeing traction in Australia,” said Mr Sharad Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, Yahoo Software Development India Pvt Ltd. Further stating that India was Yahoo!'s primary center for global development and was not to be considered as satellite center.

Some Yahoo! Users Annoyed Over Microsoft's Bid!

Feb 6, 2008 117 readsby Navneet Kaushal

While Microsoft keeps its fingers crossed and Yahoo! evaluates the offer from the Redmond giant, some Yahoo! Users have expressed their anguish at the deal.

Several members of the Yahoo! Groups and Flickr expressed that the takeover would change the very fabric of Yahoo!'s services. Most said that they considered quitting the services altogether or worse switch to Goliath Google.

Is Microsoft Live Search Updating?

Feb 6, 2008 113 readsby Navneet Kaushal

A couple of Webmasters report of tell-tale signs of a potential update at Microsoft Live Search.

At least two webmasters report observing alterations in rankings at Live Search starting which apparently began around February 4th.

“Ack… one of my U.S. sites dropped completely off the map for a two word term.

Now the top 10 have stuff from overseas. Like – "Yeah… I'm going to order my _____ from Australia… COME ON!" ;),” MrStitch.

Microsoft adCenter Labs Unveils Digital Advertising Innovations!

Feb 6, 2008 115 readsby Navneet Kaushal

Microsoft's adCenter Labs unveiled a whole array of next-generation digital advertising technologies at its fourth annual Demo Fest, which would enhance Microsoft's digital advertising programs. The new technologies showcased included the latest advances and algorithms in content analysis and computer vision for video and images, speech recognition for contextual video ads, and advanced marketing intelligence that enable enhanced audience insight and better targeting capabilities for advertisers.

Super Tuesday Results Tracking With Yahoo News & Google Maps!

Feb 6, 2008 114 readsby Navneet Kaushal

Most people are keeping a close tab on the news as the Super Tuesday primary results are floating in. While many are glued to the idiot box busy surfing channels as the counting progresses, you can if you want to track the progress of the process on the Internet through Yahoo News & Google Maps.

YSM: 5 Fantastic Tips To Augment Online Sales This Valentine!

Feb 5, 2008 115 readsby Navneet Kaushal

As the Valentine's Day approaches the lovebirds become lovestruck and the hearts can no longer wait for the momentous occasion, millions would turn to the Internet to hunt for the best of goodies to impress their loved ones. And your Valentine's Day campaigns would either be a hit or a miss depending on their attractiveness. YSM offers some effective tactics to help you meet or exceed your targets.

Microsoft CFO: Microsoft May Borrow To Finance The Deal!

Feb 5, 2008 115 readsby Navneet Kaushal

If history is taken into account then Microsoft has been known to have a huge reservoir of funds which prevent it from loaning for any deal, but this time it appears that the bid of US $44.6 Billion has forced it to consider such an option. This was made known by the company's CFO Chris Liddell in a briefing to Wall Street analysts.

Microsoft CFO: Microsoft May Borrow To Finance The Deal!

Now, Privacy Groups Too Set To Oppose Microsoft's Yahoo! Bid

Feb 5, 2008 115 readsby Navneet Kaushal

If you thought Google's the only entity spewing fire against a possible merger, you could be mistaken. The proposed deal is drawing a lot of ire from Privacy groups who seem to have vowed to a fight before U.S. regulatory agencies if Microsoft's $44.6 billion bid is accepted. On similar lines the deal could face obstacles in Europe too. This could be so because the European Union merger statutes disallow any dominant companies to further increase their dominance.

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