UK Telegraph says “according to silicon valley gossip” Yahoo! is in talks to buy Bebo, a social networking site created by Michael Birch and Xochi Birch.

Other reports say, "Yahoo! is rumoured to be weighing a $1 billion (£500m) bid for Bebo, the privately owned social networking site, after shuffling its management team to better place itself for acquisitions….Given Bebo’s strength in Britain, an approach by Yahoo! would be likely to involve Toby Coppel, the Yahoo! executive who previously led the company’s global mergers and acquisitions team and was recently appointed managing director of the group’s operations in Europe."

A post in WebmasterWorld says Yahoo! has deleted all his 2005 PPC data. The report says:

"I just got off the phone with an support rep from Yahoo. I was trying to pull some data from the old Overture system from 2005 and none of the reports were pulling up. The rep said that this data was deleted from their servers because they needed to make space for some other things."

Vecosys suggests rumors are floating about Google's pending purchase of Feedburner.

A user comments "I am shocked that nobody has yet snapped up feedburner. Great product, great features and great audience. When i see the money paid for absoulte shit companies, feedburner is a pure gem." In contrast another says "I hope that Google doesn’t ruin feedburner with the integration of ads into feeds. However, this acquisition does open the way for a new ‘independent’ feedburner equivalent to steal the show – but that’s if site owners can be bothered to migrate away."

Google introduces Google Apps Partner Edition “specifically designed for ISPs, portals, and other service providers, whether you have a few thousand subscribers or over a million.”

Google Apps Partner Edition provides:

-Decrease your operating costs

-Provide a better user experience for your subscribers

-Increase the amount of email storage for your subscribers

-Offer customers the very latest innovation from Google, on your domain

On Friday, Microsoft Corp. declared it would purchase aQuantive, Inc. for a sum of $66.50 per share. A sum of $6 Billion will be paid to aQuantive Inc in an all-cash transaction. Microsoft Corp though interested in 24/7 Real Media – which was purchased by WPP – saw more in aQuantive.

CMS Watch says Google Analytics is "not yet enterprise ready".

Phil Kemelor, the Head Analyst who was incharge of the report said, "Google can rightly boast that its Google Analytics service can process enterprise-level web metrics loads. But there's more to analytics than processing: integration, support, and documentation can be decisive to e-marketing success."

Elaborating on their decision, CMS Watch wrote:

Search Engine Journal has an interesting report on DreamHost, a Web hosting & Server company who has asked its Client sites to block Googlebots. The news came known when a letter DreamHost sent one of its clients

Zoso emerged.

Stated in the letter from DreamHost:

WSJ Group plc informs WPP , the global leader in communications services groups will purchase 24/7 Real Media in an all-cash transaction sum of $649 million.

Google Webmaster Tool users in a Google Groups forum are irate about their sites not receiving regular query updates.

It began with a post that said "Seems Query stats for my site have frozen. They haven't changed for about 6 weeks. They used to update at a good rate. Seems my internal links haven't changed either. I included several new pages and they are turning up in Google search but not in internal links tool. Sitemaps and last crawl date are seemingly the only data that is updating."

Aaron at SEO Book mentions a site called SEO Digger which has a free competitive analysis tool that catalogs keywords a website ranks for.

Alternatives tool are: URL Trends, KeyCompete and SpyFu. All these domain tracking tools will help you download the keywords and adwords used by your adversaries.