Dan Karran has a transcript of a podcast where Michael Jones, the CTO of Google Earth, discusses about Google's maps of India (along with other geo things from Google) at the Conference held at Cambridge.

A user at Webmaster world informs that Google considers links within MS Word documents as backlinks of those sites in a forum called Link at .doc is accepted by Google.

"Recently I saw an interesting thing and thought that I should share that over here.
An online .doc file is crawlable by G,every one know that.But the most interesting thing I found that if there are few links to other sites at that .doc file,then G will consider those links as the Back Links of those sites."

The official Google AdWords representative at Webmaster World informs that soon enough advertisers will have the option of choosing out from the AdSense for Domains network.

AdWordsAdvisor2 :-

"We are working on making it simpler for advertisers who don't want to show on domain sites or error pages to exclude them. In the meantime, if site exclusion does not seem to be working for you, you can write into support for help."

Inside AdWords informs the launch of version 4.0 Google AdWords Editor through which you can simply manage AdWords from your desktop. “AdWords Editor is Google's free, downloadable account management application for your computer. Download your AdWords account to your computer, make your changes, then upload your revised campaigns.”

image1 Google Introduces AdWords Editor 4.0 For Windows

Benefits and features of AdWords Editor include:

  • Navigate your account quickly and easily

Yahoo! introduces toolbar suggestions for Internet Explorer in the official Yahoo! Search blog saying :

"We really believe that Search Suggestions improves your search experience. By automatically giving you suggestions based on what you've typed (as you're typing), you can get to what you're looking for faster.

yahoo search suggest ss 2 And Now Yahoo! Toolbar Suggestions For Internet Explorer!

The latest from Google is the Google Local Business Referrals Program joining which you become an active Google user who help local businesses attract more customers online.

local business referral Google Introduces Local Business Referrals Program!

A simple job, all you have to do is -

Refer local businesses, get paid.

  • Visit businesses in your area to discuss Google products, and submit key information about them to us.

airtel goog Indian Mobile Service Provider Ties Up With Google PTI informs that Indian mobile service provider Airtel will be tying up with Global web search leader Google in order to provide its web services like Gmail, chat and search to its subscribers.

AdSense's latest Ad Format?

Aug 7, 2007 | 1,619 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Over at Digital point, one webmaster has a 728×90 pixels screenshot of perhaps the new ad format that will be used soon.

new ad format AdSenses latest Ad Format?

As with most new products this one too has conflicting opinion, with some saying, "I like it, it looks promising. Especially if you have a leaderboard on the top of your page. They kind of look like a navigation under the ads," while others say:

Google launched Google Documents List Data API Overview which basically is the Windows Explorer-influences file browser version which is available at docs.google.com.

google docs api Google Launches Google Documents List Data API

"The Google Documents List data API allows client applications to upload documents to Google Documents and list them in the form of Google data API ("GData") feeds. Your client application can request a list of a user's documents, and query the content in an existing document.

George Zacharias, the managing director of Yahoo! India resigns from the post to pursue his “entrepreneurial interests”.

Zacharias reportedly said, "To become an entrepreneur was my long-term dream. Yahoo India has been growing at a robust pace and the journey has been both challenging and rewarding. This decision has been a tough one."

Zacharias called Yahoo! India a "well-oiled, strong leadership team".