google Google Prepares To Combat Yahoo In Indian Mobile Search battleA month ago, we reported that Yahoo! had tied up with Idea Cellular, an Indian mobile service provider to provide Yahoo's oneSearch service to Idea Users in India.

Now, Livemint reports that Google too is getting ready too as it currently busies itself with building solutions to merge “voice and data” in text messages dispatched from cellular phones, and is hoping to aggressively push these in India, among the fastest growing markets for cellular phone services in the world.

aol AOL Purchases TACODA An Online Behavioral Targeting Advertising NetworkAn AOL press release informs that AOL will acquire TACODA, an online behavioral targeting advertising network where the Advertising Network will perform as an entirely owned subsidiary of AOL.

Though AOL has not announced the purchasing fee yet, sources told the NYPost that the acquisition costs somewhere between $200 million and $300 million.

iphone Download Google AJAX Search On Your iPhoneFor the few who've got their hands on the hottest phone of the year – iPhone, Google AJAX search is available for download says the official AJAX Search API Blog.

iphone google search Download Google AJAX Search On Your iPhone

Easy to use, just point your iPhone towards However, as Google system informs this is just a demo for developers and not the final service but for more suggestions on how Google AJAX could better befit your iPhone, raise your voice at Google Developers forum.

logo boa Google Inc Turns Institutional Member At Band Of AngelsBusiness Standard reports that Google Inc has joined as board member of Band of Angels (BoA), a set-up of Indian entrepreneurs who invest in growing venture companies. Band of Angels comprises of big names of Indian entrepreneurs such as Jerry Rao, Pramod Bhasin, Raman Roy and many more.

A thread on Digital Point asks whether users can have more than 200 URLs in their Google AdSense Competitive Filter list.

Webmasters Google Go-to-guy Matt Cutts has a post in his blog which asks all suggestions on improving Webmaster Central. After all improvements were made based on suggestions given by webmasters.

Improvements include:

Google AJAX Search API now has image search results reports the Google AJAX Search API blog.

The basic code is this:

var searchControl = new GSearchControl();

searchControl.addSearcher(new GimageSearch());

With Image Search you can expect:

  • High-performance access to image search results
  • Easy integration with our base search control
  • Ability to use raw search results in your mashups

Alden DeSoto of the Google Analytics team has a post which discusses Google Analytics' new features.

New features include:

  • “A "Go to:" box to all reports that have tables so you can jump directly to a specific row. If you have 5,000 referring sources and you want to see row 3,456, you can jump right to it.

Next in line of Google Inc's long list of purchases is its acquisition of Ventureast TeNet Fund II for which the company (Singapore branch) coughed up a sum of $3.75 Million.

At the Internet Strategy Conference, while Yahoo's Chief marketing Officer, Cammie Dunaway was showing ways through which Yahoo! was working with advertisers, it suddenly hit Scott Hendison that perhaps Yahoo is selling out.