CNET News informs about Google's new Android and its programming tools. Yesterday, Google released Android – An Open Handset Alliance Project wherein a group of more than 30 technology and mobile companies, is developing Android: the first complete, open, and free mobile platform.

android phone Google Rolls Out Android Programming Tools!

AOL Acquires Questions and Answer Service Yedda, Inc., announces the AOL press center, just one week after purchasing contextual ad company Quigo, AOL scoops up Yedda Inc, a people-powered, quester & answer service. Yedda's semantic matching technology intelligently routes questions to relevant communities of Internet users who can "syndicate" their expertise and spark a community-wide dialogue of people invited to discuss and learn from each other's experiences.

Google Inc has $10 million in prizes, up for grabs, for anyone who creates the best software for their forthcoming 'Android,' mobile operating system, announces an official press release.

"The Android Developer Challenge, will provide $10 million to developers who build mobile applications for Android, the first complete, open, and free mobile platform. The Challenge is designed to support the developer community and spark innovation on the Android platform by awarding cash prizes ranging from $25,000 to $275,000 to developers whose applications are picked by a panel of judges."

To improve and better Ad Quality, who better than Yahoo! to guide us. And this is what they did, write an excellent post called, "Your Quality Index: A Quick Guide to Understanding and Improving It."

yahoo quality index Yahoo! On Understanding & Improving Quality Index Of Ads

"When all five sections of the bar are colored in blue, your quality index score is high. When three sections are filled in, your score is OK. When only one is filled in…well, you get the idea.

In a post called, "ASP.NET 2.0 Mozilla Browser Detection Hole," Brendan Kowitz writes that 'there is something drastically wrong with the way search engines have been indexing my ASP.NET 2.0 blog.'

Back in March 2006, Googlebot was altered and it sparked off a bug in ASP.NET webservers. With this, sites wouldn't be crawled properly. In its place, it would receive 500 Internal Server Errors, through which they considered certain webpages as unavailable, even if they are.

New Live Search

livesearch Microsoft Adds Multi function Tab To Live Search Homepage

Microsoft adds a new tab in Live Search. This tab includes a drop-down menu of various pages in beta. These are:

Also, you can edit and find Macros.

Old Live Search

 Microsoft Adds Multi function Tab To Live Search Homepage

All the seven features, currently are only available in the US version.

A forum in Digital Point informs of a New Content Network Exclusion Functionality wherein you can “now block certain categories of site, as well as "Domain Ads" and "Error Page Ads".”

Loren Baker feels that, "If Google rolls out full force with this blocking of the serving of advertiser AdWords ads on domain parking sites, this could potentially be a real blow to domain registration and parking companies, leading to deals with other paid search engines to fill the void."

Has Google blocked queries to its PR datacenters? asks a forum in Digital Point Forum. With everyone talking of PR changes, when a user ran a PR query in one of the pr query sites (IwebTool, digpagerank, etc.), most of them return a NR pr for all queries.

google img search Spotted: Search Suggestion From Google Image Search

Apparently, Google Image Search now offers search suggestions, informs Haochi. Clearly seen above, is how it offers suggestions. Different search queries will pull out different search suggestions.

Yahoo's version already had this feature, back in 2005.

Fun, if you have time to spare. Also helps in SEO.

northeastern univ Northeastern University Takes Google Inc To Court!"For allegedly infringing on a patented technology to run its online search service, "Boston's Northeastern University & Jarg takes Google to court, informs Computer World.

"The suit accuses Google of using a distributed database technology developed by Baclawski in its online service. The lawsuit seeks a jury trial and an injunction to prevent Google from further infringing on the patent, as well as royalty payments and damages."