Google has introduced a new bidding option for AdWords. Known as preferred cost bidding, the new feature enables you to set an average cost per click (CPC) or cost per impression (CPM) instead of the general maximum amount.

According to the official blog post:

Yesterday, we reported Google signing an agreement with Clear Channel which enables Google to air audio ads on 675 stations. Today, Yahoo! has struck a deal with 12 U.S. newspaper companies which make it their exclusive paid search partner.

According to Search Engine Watch, consortium members as announced last November are Belo Corp.; Cox Newspapers; The E.W. Scripps Company; Hearst Newspapers; Journal Register Company; Lee Enterprises; and MediaNews Group, Inc.

Ask City has released data for local search results for last four months. The initial feedback during the first few weeks was encouraging. However, according to the recent search engine market share data by Hitwise, Ask’s share has gone down from 3.99% to 3.48% this year.

Ask has released data in two categories, Business search (subcategories: Top services and Top Dining Choices) and Event search (subcategories: Top Even Types and Top Artists).

Phillipp Lenssen from Google Blogoscoped has posted a false press release 'Google Acquires Internet (May 2017)'. As the name suggests this is in view with the recent acquisitions that Google has been making to spread its reach to almost all aspects of the Internet world.

YouTube has drawn criticism from all possible sources for intentional plagiarism. The list of complainants prominently includes movie companies and TV shows, In fact, Viacom has filed a $1bn lawsuit against Google last month. A filtering system that will block out copyrighted content was scheduled to be launched last year. Allegedly, Google has been delaying the release of the feature.

Google has reached at a position where it is difficult for any other search giants to compete on its own. Yahoo! and IBM have enhanced their joint enterprise search solutions to compete with Google's Enterprise Mini.   

Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick has been in the news for many reasons.

First, at $3.1bn in cash, it is the biggest takeover till date.
Second, Google now commands 80% of the online ad market
Third, Yahoo! and MSN bring in monopoly law to stop the take over

Clear Channel Radio and Google have struck up a deal wherein Google can place ads on more than 675 Clear Channel Radio stations. Google Audio Ads advertisers will have national level distribution which will allow them to react out to particular audiences. 

Dodgeball Founders Quit Google!

Apr 17, 2007 | 2,022 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Dodgeball, a Google owned mobile social networking site, has just received a jolt as its founder quit out of frustration. Dennis Crowley and Alex Rainert left Google out of frustration since they were unable to convince Google that Dodgeball was worth engineering resource.

Is Google trying to dictate the terms to webmasters? The search engine world has faced a mini-hurricane after Matt Cutts asked webmasters to report paid links in the authenticated spam report form at Google’s webmaster console. Matt asked to mention “paidlink” in the text area and provide information as: