Yahoo! Search blog has announced certain improvements in the Yahoo! Search Builder. A new search box option has been launched which being just 192 pixels would fit into any blog template.
Yahoo%20site%20builder Yahoo! Search Builder Narrower And Smarter

The blog has announced modifications in the Yahoo! Site Builder home page which now inludes a section on "Featured Search Builder Sites” which will highlight cool sites and clever implementations of Yahoo! Search Builder. has reported that Google has made Gmail, Google Mail in Europe, free to all. Previously, the service was available only through invitation. The service provided e-mail service with 2.8 GB of storage service. 

While Google had lost its Gmail trademark in UK a year back, it had recently lost it in the whole of Europe a few days back.

BusinessWeek has reported that Google has found an alternative to ads for their revenue earnings: subscription fees. The first service to be offered is Google Applications. These services are essentially web versions of Microsoft's e-mail, calendars, word documents and spreadsheets. Also included are a chat service and a web page builder.

According to Bloomberg, YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have registered to sell 3.23 million shares. Another Founder Jawed Karim has also registered to sell shares worth $64.6 million. Google has filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for the sell offs. The prevailing value of the shares that each founder is selling is around $326.2 million.

Bug In Panama Bulk Upload?

Feb 8, 2007 | 2,108 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Florian Reichling reports that her Yahoo! account went offline and can't be restored, ever, after using the bulk upload feature.her account displayed a message:

The account [my account number] is not displaying ads as of 2/5/07 2:04 PM. This may be because the account has reached its daily spending limit, its balance has been depleted, or your company’s account administrator has set the account status to off. But none of this had happened.

According to an article Google may identify search engine spammers using historical data, it seems that Google is using historical data to identify search engine spammers. This is a warning to all the past spammers who tried the 'black hat technique' to falsify a site's search engine ranking.

Panama, Yahoo!'s new ad ranking system, was launched yesterday. Highly anticipated before by both advertisers and the company itself, the initial feedback is a bag of mixed feelings. The new system has been appreciated by users for the easy to use digital dashboard as well as tools for better insight into the campaign.
But Yahoo! has also drawn flak for introducing the "quality" factor into ad placement calculations, which is surprisingly followed by both Google and MSN for long now. Previously, higher bids in Yahoo! ensured higher placements. But with the introduction of the quality feature, waters have become murkier for advertisers.

allthecode logo New Code Search Engine  All The CodeThere is a new search engine for code search- All The Code. The existing engines are Krugle, Koders and Google Code Search. Presently, the serach engine returns data only for java language and more languages will be added slowly. The distinguishing feature is that All The Code considers the relation between code and uses this to help judge the relevance. 

A post at SEO Round Table reports about Jupiter Research running a Search Marketing Executive Survey. According to the post:

Already more than 1,000 marketers, consultants and agencies have responded — but we'd like to get as broad a cross-section of PPC campaign managers and Search Engine Optimizers as possible. The survey is open to novices, experts and search gurus. Only one person per company may respond. ALL responses are aggregated. There is no personally identifiable information released. Please feel free to forward the link to other SEM and SEO professionals. 

Essential Google services (!) have been persistently down in the last couple of days. Techcrunch reported about Google Analytics remaining down for more than 24 hours, SEO Round Table reported about Google Finances and Google Stats, Search Engine Land reported about the malfunction in Google News.