Based on threads in both Webmaster World and Digital Point Yahoo! Might have ceased using the No Yahoo Directory Tag.

Reports range from

“I've tried switching "meta=SLURP" with "meta=robots" but it still doesn't work… ”


“Just this last few days Yahoo is ignoring this tag on my site:

And has reverted back to showing my Yahoo Directory title and description.

Google Advanced Search takes a step forward and adds more date options.

google advanced search  Google Advanced Search Now Includes Date Options!

Thats not all, Ionut also mentions that you can also define time-frames.

"The nice thing is that you can change the value of as_qdr to custom intervals. Here are all the possible values of the as_qdr parameter:

  • d[number] – past number of days (e.g.: d10)

Listed below is the list of Top 600 Highest Paying Adsense for September 2007, as seen on 4rum. Leading the list was 'secured loans' ($62.68), followed by consolidate student loans ($60.25) and find car insurance ($58.56).

localcom Yahoo! Renews Its Advertising Partnership With Recently, the leading local search engine and global search giant Yahoo! renewed a multi-year agreement. As per this agreement, Yahoo! Will continue to render its valuable service to by giving sponsored search results to’s portal. is a top U.S. website with around 10 million page visits per month. It is the best local site for relevant search results related to local businesses, products, services and syndicated contents.

Researchers who are studying web search behavior will now be able to access some parts of Google’s raw data. To get access to this basic data, academics have to sign up for the Google Research University Research Program for Google Search, which is designed to provide university faculty and their research teams high-volume programmatic access to Google Search. Only authorized users can get information on specific search queries performed by searchers using Google’s search engine. This data have web search results limited by rate, number of results, and daily maximum queries.

In a recent state newspaper, it was announced that the state-owned Chinese partner of MSN, Microsoft's online services group, desires to sell all its holdings in the China-based joint venture.

Google is all set to launch the Wiki and the company's long-awaited presentation service during this week's Office 2.0 conference, that is scheduled to take place in San Francisco.

google wikis etc Google To Launch Wiki And Presentation Services Soon!

Yahoo! Recently disclosed their plan to acquire the ad network company BlueLithium. The deal will be finalised with a voluminous sum of $300 million in cash. With the acquisition of BlueLithium, now Yahoo! can easily accelerate its advertising, product, and engineering roadmaps, and will also increase the capabilities of the company to sell and measure performance-based campaigns both on and off the Yahoo! network.

Some weeks back, Microsoft promised Webmasters a Live Search Portal. Microsoft officials said that this new portal will have the ability to be part of the beta, to test out new features. And as promised, it is already doing so. Some Webmasters signed up and have already been invited into the beta.

Recently, Francesco Mapelli came up with a new SEO tool, known as the 'Supplemental Index Ratio Calculator'. The main functionality of this tool is to provide the site owners with the percentage of pages from their site that are included in the Google Supplemental Index. The Supplemental Index Ratio tells you what percentage of pages from your website are supplemental results. It is good if your site have a lower Supplemental Index Ratio.