A thread at Webmaster World reports “3rd Party AdSense Click Trackers Disabled”.

News about the tracker being disabled was first posted when a webmaster wrote, " Today I noticed in my asrep tool that it is no longer tracking adsense ads that are clicked on…..After comparing notes with a few others….looks like things have changed in the Google code.I used the tool a lot to find the MFAs to block…..".

4th June 2007 marks the first leg of Third Door Media SMX — Search Marketing Expo — a search engine marketing conference programmed by Search Engine Land. This is Danny's first conference outside Incisive. Tickets to the conference are already sold out!

In an enlightening NY Times report, Google let in John Batelle, the chief executive of Federated Media, to chat with Mr Amit Singhal and Udi Manber, Google's very elite engineers aka Google Fellows.

Some of the main highlights of the article are:

Google AdWords Gets Bolder!

Jun 2, 2007 | 1,533 views | by Navneet Kaushal

David Szetela excitedly reports on “Google Adwords getting bolder”, even calling it a phenomenon.

Of late synonyms and antonyms of keywords appear bold. Referring to the above, for the keyword “digital photo purse”, the SERPs had “handbag” in bold. We’ve confirmed with Google that this is a new “feature,” and it also works with antonyms. So, for example, if the keyword is “GM,” and the words “General Motors” are included in the ad, then “General Motors” will appear in boldface.

According to the Live Search blog, Live Search Books now boasts of “ availability of in-copyright book content” among other new additions.

    Live Search Books, is the first new important feature.

  • “The integration of this valuable content will help us improve our ability to answer your questions and point you toward useful sources for

Forums like WebmasterWorld and DigitalPoint have reported changes in Google's Search Engine Result pages since the month began.

Webmasters have a range of opinions ranging from, "I just wish G would leave things alone so that at least webmasters can at least enjoy their new traffic – or not!"

In the latest news, Loren Baker has a report on “AOL’s New Local Search Beta”.

AOL Beta Central explains their new Search Beta as in three simple ways:

  • “Enter a query term, such as PIZZA, a business name or the type of business you're looking for, such as plumbers, in the search field.

An informative report at Google Developer's blog informs Andrew Eland, Google Maps Engineer in a presentation at Google developers Day 2007 held in London, UK discussed the unveiling of AdSense for the Maps API.

After many guesses and affirmative reports from various sources, Google Inc and Feedburner both acknowledge the former's purchase of Feedburner.

Chennai Online reports that the Karnataka High Court issued notices to the Indian Government, ISP providers, Google and YouTube over the Time To Get Sexy video where Gautham Prasad, a New York-based Indian stand-up comedian strips, pole-dances, dines with women and even plays with daggers while dressed like Gandhi.