Google Launches, Finance UK (Beta)!

Jan 31, 2008 115 readsby Navneet Kaushal

Since Google launched Google Finance for the first time, the corporate rivalry between Yahoo! and Google kicked off on a new front Google Finance Vs Yahoo! Finance. Over the years the finance portal has been tweaked by Goliath Google () to make it all the more attractive, and during this it launched country specific portal for Canada as well last summer.

Yahoo! And AT&T Extend Partnership For Search And Display Advertising!

Jan 31, 2008 114 readsby Navneet Kaushal

Yahoo! Inc. and AT&T Inc. have announced a long term partnership to share revenue generated from mobile phones and personal computers advertising.

Yahoo AT&T

This deal is built upon the already existing alliance between the two since the year 2001. While the financial details were not talked about, it would work in the following manner:

Google To Redesign Its Korean Search Engine To Suite Cultural Preferences

Jan 31, 2008 117 readsby Navneet Kaushal

Though Google's strategy with the search engine is “the simpler the better,” but it seems that cultural demands placed on the search giant is forcing it to tweak the philosophy a bit in Korea. Not too far back an alternative design for Google's China page was tried out, to experiment with the push model (Yahoo/ portal-style) vs the conventional pull model, see: Google China's Trying Alternative Homepage Designs!.

The Wall Street Journal And Microsoft Buddy Up For Contextual Advertising

Jan 30, 2008 115 readsby Navneet Kaushal

he January of 2008 has brought about a whole new season of strategic partnerships and alliances for the big names in the search engine industry. The Redmond giant alone has had a couple of tie-ups, see: Microsoft and EDGAR Buddy Up To Enhance Each Others Services and Microsoft, Mediacart And Shopping Carts In Grocery Marts.

It's Official, Position 6 Penalty Is Now Receding!

Jan 30, 2008 115 readsby Navneet Kaushal

The penalty hit many a folks quite hard at around the new year, see: Rank #2 to Rank #6. Is It A Google's Penalty?. The issue had been the hot topic on many blogs and forums, strangely enough, earlier when Matt was quizzed on the issue he had said that he wasn't quite aware of the issue. Recently, Barry had written a post about it.

Google's Newspaper Ads To Feature 2D Bar Codes On Adcopy

Jan 30, 2008 115 readsby Navneet Kaushal

Still some time to go before Google gets its print advertisement venture up and running, but it has already begun hogging the limelight by including 2D bar codes on print ads. The bar codes can well be made use of to reach the online existence of the advertiser, wherein you could get more details about the advertised product to help you with the purchase.

Is Google Entering Paid Reviews Business, Via AdSense?True or rubbish!

Jan 29, 2008 120 readsby Navneet Kaushal

In this world of speculations above reasons, the web world is afloat with another buzz published by Shoemoney. He has reported that Google is going to offer paid reviews through its AdSense system and is currently looking for beta testers. Adding facts to this rumor, he has stated reasons which can make Google enter the paid reveiws business, they are:

Now Access Google Docs Offline!

Jan 29, 2008 116 readsby Navneet Kaushal

Since the release of Google docs, they've added a new dimension to composing and storing data online, what's even better that Google Docs can now be accessed offline, as the feature is currently being tested, observes Tony Ruscoe.

Now Access Google Docs Offline!

Yahoo! To Go Ahead With The Lay Offs!

Jan 29, 2008 114 readsby Navneet Kaushal

After the buzz about Yahoo!'s layoffs had been doing the rounds of blogs, forums and the news media, it seems that the layoff is inevitable informs Silicon Alley Insider.

Sources close to Yahoo have told that Jerry Yang has decided to move forward with the layoffs. As expected the company's conference call this week is supposed to be the occasion for the official announcement. The layoffs are expected to be in the range of 1,500-2,500 as against hundreds, as was reported by the NYT and at other sources.

Google's Experimental Views For Search Results

Jan 29, 2008 115 readsby Navneet Kaushal

Google has undoubtedly ruled the search engine industry and technology through the years. One of the main reasons for their success has been impeccable research and continuous innovation to the search algorithms, enabling faster easier, effective search experience to the users.

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