John Blackburn announces that the refreshed robots.txt analysis tool will now be able to recognize sitemap declarations and relative urls.

"Earlier versions weren't aware of sitemaps at all, and understood only absolute URLs; anything else was reported as Syntax not understood. The improved version now tells you whether your sitemap's URL and scope are valid. You can also test against relative URLs with a lot less typing.

Yahoo! Inc who has been struggling to battle out its competitors finally can boast of being best – in customer service. According to a survey conducted by the American Customer Service Index.

Yahoo rose by 4 points to total 79 on the University of Michigan's American Customer Satisfaction Index, or ACSI, report while Google fell by 4 points and fared a not too bad 78.

One user, steliosp's in a thread in Digital Point noticed recently that after running a few AdWords reports they can directly be exported into a Google spreadsheet.

goog spreadsheet And Now Transfer Google AdWords Reports To Google Spreadsheets!

Though many appreciate the tool and feel MS Office will now be redundant, Urban Kudos:

In an interview with Reuters, Kevin Johnson, president of Microsoft's platforms and services group, points out that its Live Web Search is on a "positive trajectory." Microsoft Corporation's Web search business remains on a "positive trajectory" and there are many plans by the company to roll out several updates over the next 12 months period.

ASK made an announcement today of its latest addition of health related answers will help users to searcher for trusted health and medical information faster. These health answers are related to their “Smart Answers” engine. All the answers are made available to users through a cooperation with Heath line is the leading provider of intelligent health information services and it covers a wide range of medicine. Each search have links to related topics like Composition, Dosage, Forms, Interactions, Precautions and Side Effects.

With an enhanced search functionality, new features and a cool new look, Yahoo! Local is raring to go. After remaining neglected for a while the current Yahoo! Local is sleek, personalized and has more helpful features.

image Yahoo! Local Gets A Sleek New Look!

yahoolo Yahoo! Local Gets A Sleek New Look!

As the Yahoo! Search blog says:

India got a superb gift from none other than Google on its 60th Independence Day. The new gift for innumerable Google users is the Google India Labs. Users will get to use this latest interface in a couple of days.

indic on screen keyboard Google India Labs – Independence Day Gift

Google New Health Screenshots

Aug 16, 2007 | 2,428 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Google Health with the codename of 'Weaver' is the latest planned health information program by Google. Adam Bosworth, the Google's Vice President of Engineering, was working on this program for quite a long time. This is the latest step taken by Google for 'making information accessible' – this is the only mission that Google works for.

It's not that only professional cricketers enjoy playing cricket. Even search giants like Google and Yahoo! are not lacking behind. On August 10, there was an interesting cricket match between the two giants, held at the Lord's Cricket Ground, London. The match was organized by No idea who won this cricket match, but who cares for that. The most important thing is the step taken by the organizer to bring Information

Just last week announced that it would be closing down paid google videos and now NYT reports that Google Is Closing Its Video Retailing Operation.

Based on information users recievde the NYT informs that apparently the search giant will stop its download-to-own and download-to-rent programs starting from the 15th of this month. Since 2006, Google Inc has been retailing shoes like "Survivor".