Close on the heels of Google PR Update of Blogs we now can see the PageRank updated for all the sites.

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In a post aptly titled, "Top Time-Saving Yahoo! Search Tips," href="">Yahoo! Search Blog tells us ways to cut corners and search faster and better.

1. Square Brackets, "inurl," "originurlextension," and Site Restriction. To get a more targeted search, try these tricks out:

  • Words within square brackets — adding square brackets to your search makes the keyword match order dependent. So typing in '[Jack Black]' will return results such as 'jack with black' but not 'black jack.'

Erick Schonfeld writes that, "visitors to Yahoo's homepage will start to see links going to blogs and media sites that don't have a syndication deal with Yahoo."

"That's why all the links on either go to other Yahoo properties or to Yahoo partners. These include,,, Lifehacker, and Gizmodo. (Disclosure: TechCrunch's sister site CrunchGear was included when Yahoo was beta testing this feature). The sites are selected by human editors at Yahoo".

Google to focus on mobile Internet in China, informs Reuters. Google's latest challenge is dealing with how to cater to the billions of first time Internet users in China, who will surf via mobile devices, rather than migrating from PCs. Google is creating new products specifically for the local market, and it may make more acquisitions in the country to help that along, Lee Kai-fu, Google Inc's president for greater China, said on Thursday.

Yahoo! UK's Got Search Assist Now!

Oct 26, 2007 | 2,862 views | by Navneet Kaushal

yahoo uk Yahoo! UKs Got Search Assist Now!

Almost a month ago, Yahoo! launched Search Assist in the US and now the UK too has it, informs Barry Schwartz.

yahoo uk search assist Yahoo! UKs Got Search Assist Now!

About the launch, Jeff Revoy, VP Yahoo! Search and Social Media, Europe, commented "The new Yahoo! Search is focused on providing consumers with the most relevant information as well as providing the best user experience possible. We know that consumers want a complete answer, not just links, and the enhancements we are making are focused on getting people to the best answer in one search whether that's a Web link, photo, video or music clip."

terry semel imgg Terry Semel Sells 750,000 Of Yahoos Shares For $20 Million

Terry Semel exercised his options and sold off 750,000 shares of Yahoo's stock for $20 Million at $29 to $29.90 apiece, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing Tuesday, informs CNN Money.

terry semel champ Terry Semel Sells 750,000 Of Yahoos Shares For $20 Million

The Google Webmaster Central blog has new that now on, webmasters can submit their Sitemaps for multiple hosts on a single dedicated host.

"Well, if you can "prove" that you own or control both of these hosts, then either one can host a Sitemap containing URLs for the other. Just follow the normal verification process in Google Webmaster Tools and any verified site in your account will be able to host Sitemaps for any other verified site in the same account.

Yahoo! to establish global online advertising alliance, informs Digitimes. Yahoo! is expanding its Newspaper Consortium & global ad partnerships, Yahoo! President Susan Decker, announced at a press conference in Taipei on October 24.

Google has now stopped AdSense from Appearing in URLs that have 'Google' in it, reports Philipp Lenssen .

Apparently, one of the blogs that Lenssen has ( featured Google' in its URL and now, AdSense has stopped showing in that site. Google's response to why specifically AdSense is not allowed on Chinese Google Blogoscoped they didn't mention that photo, they replied.

Just yesterday, Google had a PageRank update and Andy Beard's seems to be the first to notice the drop of PageRank as he tells us in his post, "Digg Favorites Slapped By Google." Many sites have seen a big drop in PageRank. Some even from 9 to 6. Hours later, many others have reported on this.

Websites affected by Google's October PageRank update:-