Microsoft launches their new-look for MSN mobile. As with every other MSN product, it has clean lines with a fresh feel and modern feel.

Latest features in the new MSN Mobile portal include:

  1. Sports – Get game scores, schedules, stats, and more
  2. Weather – Look up the week's forecast
  3. Entertainment – Find movie reviews, show times, and more

Over a month ago, Pacific Epoch announced that Google China was sued as it stopped using its feature of Cache. Cache stores webpages and the removal caused many websites to lose traffic and drop in rankings.

Agency FAQs report that Rammohan Sundaram, formerly of Tribal DDB India will take over as Yahoo! India's National Sales Manager.

Considered an aggressive sales driver, Sundaram's knowledge and skills would aid in furthering Yahoo's performing marketing initiatives. Yahoo has pitched in the right person at the right time as performance marketing is still new in India and with the right push, it could further Yahoo! as a leader. Unlike click-throughs or cost-per-thousand performance marketing is based on cost-per-action or cost-per-lead advertising arrangements.

After refreshing and revamping itself a time too many, Google Operating System Blog announces that Google video in its latest avatar has become Google video Search Engine.

This new video search engine shows results from other sites like YouTube, MySpace, Metacafe, BBC, Yahoo Video,, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Veoh, iFilm, Grouper, AOL Video, Jumpcut, Revver and Guba. Among the video portals YouTube has the highest with 42.5 million videos, followed by Yahoo Video (3 million), Google video (2.3 million) and MySpace with 2 million.

The official Google Custom Search blog announces a new feature that simplifies Custom Search Engines (CSEs) by simply placing a small piece of tailored code on a page on your site.

On a bittersweet note, Vanessa Fox announced in her official blog that she was leaving Google, the brand that has made her one of the most popular names among webmasters, for Zillow, a Real estate-based search engine.

Yahoo! Investors: An Unhappy Lot

Jun 15, 2007 | 2,126 views | by Navneet Kaushal

LAtimes reports straight from Yahoo's annual shareholder meeting at Santa Clara, CA where 'Yahoo execs defend firm as investors lament results'.

Investors and shareholders were an unhappy lot with the 'executive departures, high compensation packages and the poor performance of the company's stock'. Yahoo Inc which began in 1994 has a current market valuation of $36 billion whereas Google Inc started in 1998 and is worth $157 billion. Besides, Yahoo's company stock has dropped by 9% whereas Google saw an increase of 32%.

Google's official webmaster central blog mentioned about the new changes they are making in the webmaster central team. Changes can be noticed if you are using webmaster tools, the webmaster help center or the webmaster discussion forum. The newest addition in the webmaster central team is Susan Moskwa who is joining the team as a webmaster trends analyst and will be working along with Jonathan Simon. She is a linguistic genius and will look after the international forums.

Prior to eBay Live an event that is slated to occur in Boston, there is news that has shocked the SEO world. eBay, the auction giant pulled all its US AdWords ads off Google, in order to protest a planned party that was coinciding with their live event. The planned party was organized to promote Google Checkout called Let Freedom Ring.

In a recent Ask blog, called “Morph & In-line functions: The power behind the panels” the team discusses how to take advantage of some of the cool features of Ask3D which was launched last week.

The right hand panel of Ask3D has got features like Encyclopedia, Images, Dictionary, Recent Posts from blogs & RSS Feeds, Music Guides, News, Television, the correct time, Videos, Weather, and Songs with in-line play. The search process at Ask3D is done with the help of Morph and In-line functions.