As seen on Google Groups an AdWords Pro warns that you should be concerned of those companies who guarantee the top position in their paid listings.

"Bottom line, if anyone says they can 'guarantee' top placement – whether in the unpaid search results or within AdWords – then buyer beware."

Reuters informs that Google is gearing up for wireless spectrum bid.

Apparently, the company is making a serious run to purchase wireless spectrum in a Federal Communications Commission auction in January, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday in its online edition.

Reuters writes:

Philipp Lenssen has a light-hearted view post on how Google Trends Reveals People’s Predictability.

The one here shows the relation between 'turkey' and 'diet.'

turkey diet Google Trends: Our Routinal Behavioural Pattern!

On North-American Thanksgiving day, the searches for a traditional dish for the festivity peak. There’s still Xmas ahead with a second, milder peak for turkey queries… afterwards, searches for a diet are building up, peaking right after on New Year.

kevin johnson Microsoft Aims To Be In Top Two Of Web AdvertisingMicrosoft aims to be one of "top two" in Web advertising, reports a Reuters article.

At the UBS investor conference, Kevin Johnson, Prez of Microsoft's platforms and services division laid down the company's plan to become a leader in the growing online advertising industry with a "10, 20, 30, 40" plan. These are the company's aspirations and these aims include:

Over at Google Groups, when asked whether text could be hidden under the z-layer or whether it was considered as deceiving search engines, Berghausen from the Google Webmaster Central team has an interesting comment.

Based on a study of 7,500 Web sites conducted by Penn State University, Google emerged as Webmasters favorite. C. Lee Giles, the David Reese Professor of Information Sciences and Technology who led the research team which developed a new search engine—BotSeer—for the study, found the result "surprising".

Microsoft formally opens Live Search Webmaster Tools for business. Along with this, open also is the Live Search Webmaster Center Blog where you can discuss all things Live Search Webmaster central. To see more screenshots of Microsoft's Webmaster Tools, click here.

live wp11 Microsoft Opens Live Search Webmaster Tools For Business

After announcing four months ago that Quality Based Pricing is for Advertisers' gain, Yahoo! Quality Based Pricing now hits the UK as seen on SMX London.

SeoHome also has a post about the launch.

"From today, 15th November, advertisers in the UK can benefit from discounted clicks for better quality traffic."

Have you tried every link-building scheme and you still haven't been nearly successful? Don't fret. Now, Chuck, the Poetic Prophet has the answer. Link-building rap!

Taking a cue from the Poetic Prophet, Tom Lustina has his own version of a Linkbuilding rap, which goes something like:

  • "So now I link to you
  • With HTML
  • Nothing is blocked

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