"Ask.com Ad Pact With Google Ends Soon" informs CNN Money. Apparently, back in February, Director, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IAC, Barry Diller was confident that Ask.com and Google would renew its ad pact. In a pool of google's ad-network alliances, Ask.com is the biggest.

A forum in Webmaster World informs that Google has updated its Webmaster Tools link tool.

Some of the changes include:

  • "Just logged into my G account and see that my backlinks have increased by quite a few.
  • I also see that the section which tells you what your PR is on each page – has now gone."

Discussion continues in Webmaster World.

A forum available on Webmaster World asks whether Google has undergone its October 2007 update.

This forum was started by Snappy Fish who asked, " After years of PR6, my site's tool bar PR has dropped by a PR factor of 1 since this morning. Has anyone else noticed this – is there any chance that hand ediiting could be involved here. There has been no change in rankings."

A few months ago, we reported about Microsoft adCenter's accreditation program called, adExcellence.

Microsoft adExcellence announces 'the Microsoft adCenter accreditation program has launched an invitation-only pilot for US customers. If you are a current adCenter customer and would like an opportunity to participate in the pilot, please complete the form below. We are collecting this information to help us with the participation process. You will be invited via e-mail should you have the opportunity to participate within this pilot.'

Things Of Sorts informs that Yahoo! SERPs now embeds API RSS feed.

"In Firefox, I noticed that the Yahoo! SERPs are now showing the feed icon. For example, the search for [seo blog] embeds an API-based RSS feed of the query. Interestingly, the app identification (a required field for all API calls, and is supposed to be developer specific) is "yahoosearchwebrss"."

Well done, Yahoo!

Due to complaints and suggestions in Webmaster help Group, Google Webmaster Tools Team announces an improvement in the freshness of the data available in Webmaster Tools.

 Google Webmaster Tools: More Frequent Data Updates!

"We've increased the update frequency for your verified sites' data, such as crawl, index, and search query stats. Much of this data depends on the content of your site. If your content doesn't change very often, or if you're not getting new links to your site, you may not see updates to your data every time you sign in to Webmaster Tools."

Just launched is a new AdSense feature through which you can embed video content from YouTube.

An official Google Inc press release mentions the scheduled date of announcement for their Q3 earnings as Thursday, October 18, 2007 at 1:30 p.m. Pacific Time (4:30 p.m. Eastern Time).

google earnings Google To Announce 2007 Q3 Earnings Via Live Webcast

"The live webcast of Google's earnings conference call can be accessed at http://investor.google.com/webcast. The webcast version of the conference call will be available through the same link following the conference call."

Even with the economy slowing down, researchers and analysts believe that people will not stop searching the net for gaining knowledge about any thing on the earth. So, with this notion it will not be wrong to say that Google will see some more growth in the future, even if there is no certainty of other search engines.

This weekend WIRED wrote:

Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land points out that "Selling paid links can hurt your page rank or rankings on Google". He says, "More and more, I've been seeing people wondering if they've lost traffic on Google because they were detected to be selling paid links."