Google Webmaster Central has upgraded the anchor text reports. Previously, the report provided individual anchor text words only. But now the report includes full anchor phrases. The new enhancements are:

  • We've expanded the number of phrases we show to 200.
  • You can now see the variations of each phrase (for instance, with different capitalization and punctuation).

The Google AdSense Blog has announced that now its services will be available in two more languages: Greek and Romanian. The blog post read:

Greek and Romanian publishers can monetize their content by displaying targeted AdSense for content ads on their pages. As an added bonus, Romanian publishers can now implement AdSense for search as well.

If you guys never believed Cristian Mezei, you should have.wink smile Google AdSense, Now In Greek And Romanian Languages

Google has announced the acquisition of Tonic Systems, a San Francisco based company which provides Java presentation automation products and solutions for document management. The acquisition is important given that Google has recently declared its intention to offer an online presentation tool, which will provide an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. This will complete the trinity of Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

In a marketing lesson that is worth a billion dollars, Google has learned that brand names can be crucial for business success. In the Official Google Blog, it has been announced that Froogle (a pun on "frugal") has been renamed as Google Product Search.

According to a CNET story,

Barry Schwartz has reported about a DigitalPoint Forums thread where an AdSense publisher has got $1,233.46 deducted from his account due to invalid clicks. The mail from the AdSense team is as follows:

Hello Ryan,

Thank you for your email.

Google is the number search engine on the world. But then, the world does not include Japan and definitely not China. According to a post at Search Engine Journal, Google’s share in the Chinese search market has slipped from 33% last year to currently 25.3%. One of the factors involved could be that Chinese SEO is basically different.

According to web spam engineer Jianfei from  

The Microsoft adCenter blog has announced another round of improvements in relevancy of ads. To quote from the official blog post “we improved how we establish the quality and relevance of ads and landing pages in relation to the search user’s likely intent.” The critically important user’s intent remains unexplained as per now.

The improvements are enhancements to the existing system which will do the following:

Yahoo! and PayPal have announced and re-announced the launch of Yahoo! PayPal Checkout Program which integrates PayPal into Yahoo! Search. This is how it works: When you search for a product on Yahoo!, you will see blue shopping cart icons next to merchant listing. The icon tells you that the merchant is part of the PayPal network.

PayPal%20copy Yahoo! & PayPal Close Deal To Offer Simplified Checkout Program

Lately, Ask has been losing patience with its continued slide in the search market shares. Ask is not the only one. According to Hitwise data, Yahoo! and Microsoft have also lost this quarter. But Ask is notable because of the way it has responded to such fluctuations.

Google has introduced a new bidding option for AdWords. Known as preferred cost bidding, the new feature enables you to set an average cost per click (CPC) or cost per impression (CPM) instead of the general maximum amount.

According to the official blog post: