Microsoft has announced the launch of the adCenter Add-in for Excel 2007. You might want to download the Add-in from here. There would even be an Add-in Webinar on January 23, 2008 where you can learn more about this tool. You can register for the Webinar at With this Add-in, Microsoft has integrated many of its advanced keyword technologies and valuable data into Excel. The tool would allow users to conduct keyword research inside Excel 2007 itself.

Recently, Google's engineers disclosed in a white paper just how large is the magnitude of processing that Google undertakes each day to index the Web, serve up ads and process search results, etc.

A break-up of how Google's computing capacity has grown over the years has been given by Niall Kennedy. See below:

mapreduce Google: Processing 20 Terabytes Per Day and Counting!

"Don't complain about the snow on your neighbor's roof when your own doorstep is unclean." said Confucius over two millennia ago. Google it seems is not adhering to the wise quote from the classic Chinese thinker and philosopher.

The year 2008 has begun with top executives leaving the top search engine companies. A couple of days back it was Yahoo!'s CPO, (Chief Performance Officer) who left the company to join Google. See: Yahoo!'s Chief Performance Officer Goes to Google!, now it's the CEO of who's leaving his post, the announcement came late on Wednesday. He's not joining any of Ask's corporate rival search engines though, he would join the venture capital firm Redpoint Ventures as entrepreneur-in-residence.

Google Maps is gaining some quick ground in popularity, while the market leader still remains to be MapQuest which controls 50.25% market share. However, Google has been the only one out of the major map site players to make a headway during last year, and has already captured more than 20% of the traffic.

maps traffic Google Maps Starting To Gain Popularity!

Since, yesterday The Search Engine Journal Blog Awards For 2007 are being announced. As promised we now bring to you the list of remaining awardees.

Just to remind our readers that PageTraffic Blog had been nominated for two categories, see PageTraffic Blog Gets Two Nominations at Search Engine Journal Awards!:Vote For Us. We heartily thank all our readers who voted for us and they would be glad to know that we have ranked fairly well (6th) for both the categories we were nominated for, namely:

This is going to be a bad news for those who make a significant income through the AdSense sign-ups, but unfortunately stay outside North America, Latin America and Japan. It is so because, Google AdSense has now announced that it is going to phase out of the AdSense Referral units program from publishers staying outside the said regions. The reason behind this step has been attributed to the low turn-around of AdSense sign-ups from countries other than these areas. Thus soon the option to create a referral button for Adsense will no longer appear in the users accounts.

Microsoft made its last big purchase in 2007, see: Microsoft Joins Bandwagon, Buys Aquantive For $649 Million!. It's latest acquisition is going to be the Norwegian enterprise search solutions provider, Fast Search & Transfer. The announcement came from the Redmond giant on Tuesday. This move by Microsoft highlights the face off between the search engine giants Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft to be number one in search and advertising platforms.

Google India DNS Hacked?

Jan 9, 2008 | 4,521 views | by Navneet Kaushal

There has been an alarming number of reports that are constantly coming from a Forum speculating on a DNS hacking of Google India domain. The users are complaining that they were unable to use any of the Google property on its domain. This problem was something which was limited to Google India users only.

A huge number of webmasters are reporting a significant increase in traffic. Some even report the hike to be as big as double. All the masters who have been positively affected by the change are delighted. This hike seems to follow a decrease in traffic by half around 20th December 2007.

In order to get the correct count some Webmasters have used the site: operator.