Like being the No 1 Search Engine was not enough, Associated Press informs that the search engine company will open petrol pumps next month.

AP informs that, “new pumps made by Gilbarco Veeder-Root are about to be deployed across America.” These specialized petrol pumps will feature:

  • an internet connection, and
  • a small screen will display a customised version of Google Maps

Google introduces Two updates to site targeting, informs the Inside AdWords blog. Apparently this is due to two reasons:-

  1. Site targeting now offers more precise targeting options, as Google has given it a more appropriate name: placement targeting.
  2. Google is introducing a new cost-per-click bidding option so you can now pay per click or per impression.

Introducing placement targeting

The official Google Webmaster Central blog has a post called "A spider's view of Web 2.0" which gives pointers on creating Ajax-enhanced websites that are also understood by search engines. Here it goes:

How will Google see my site?

The Live Search URL Submission form was down for almost one month. But, now it is back at, where one submit URLs.

Report of the form being down was reported for the first time at a thread titled, "MSN Submit Down Again" at WebmasterWorld.

The form remained down until in a different WebmasterWorld thread named "Where Can We Submit To MSN Now?", it was written:

It was reported by us last week that Yahoo! Search is updating some important changes to its algorithm and index. This product fix is mainly targeted to the Site Explorer discrepancy regarding the mis-match number of inlinks, where registered users were getting different numbers as compared to non-registered users.

The Google Webmaster Tools has already been updated by Google with a link update earlier this week. This update is carried out by Google typically on a monthly basis.

google webmaster central lo.thumbnail Google Webmaster Link Tool Update For November 2007

In a thread with the title "Finally the link update happened" at DigitalPoint Forums discussions are going on related to this issue.

Recently, Aaron Wall released a new tool. This tool with the name of "Website Health Check Tool" has been developed especially for reviewing a site's title tags, descriptions, URLs, and page status codes.

website health check41.thumbnail New Website Health Check SEO Tool!

A few weeks ago it was announced by Google of a new Ad Management interface for AdSense.

In a DigitalPoint Forums thread titled "New Adsense options available", there are some reports that Google has already started the initial roll out of these features. One such feature is a new ad management screen and it is believed that it will replace some portions of the old ad setup screen.

Interesting iGoogle Themes!

Nov 7, 2007 | 6,888 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Google has added five new interesting themes to its iGoogle homepage. Both Google Blogoscoped and Google Operating System have posts on these new themes. The new themes are:

  • Solar System theme,
  • Autumn theme,
  • Hong Kong theme,
  • JR The Monster theme, and
  • Aja Tiger theme.

To add one of these themes to the active tab, visit iGoogle and type in the address bar the following JavaScript code:

Spotted is Google China's alternative homepage. However, this is not a replacement for the diminutive "".

google china image Google Chinas Trying Alternative Homepage Designs!

Philipp Lenssen writes that this page is not even connected to the Google China homepage. Here's a screenshot with automated translations in English.