Don’t delete your old disavow file if you upload a new one because it “confuses folks”. Google's Head of Search Spam, Matt Cutts announced on Twitter early Tuesday morning that you do not need to remove your old disavow links file before uploading a new one. This means that the next time you are going to upload a new disavow file, remember not to click on the Delete option and just upload the new file.

As India is gearing up for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections with around 800 million people entitled to vote in the coming April, Google India has brought some significant overhauls to the Google Elections Hub. The search engine announced in a blog post that the Elections Hub “Politics and Elections” has been supplemented with several new features to keep the voters in pace with the recent updates in the election news.

Google has improved the Rich Snippets- Organizations page to update webmasters that it now supports all the sub types of organizational schema. By adding a line to the Rich Snippets- Organizational Help document, the search engine announced that now it backs up any of the subtypes markup such as the

The new line added to the document reads:

With Facebook confirming in December last year that it is declining the organic reach of brand pages, the question arises, how much does the social media giant wants you to pay for your advertisements? Shift Communications has put together a simple and free calculator in which you can reckon how much Facebook expects you to pay for your ads.

Calculating Facebbok Pages Promoted Posts Now Calculate How Much Facebook Wants You to Pay for Your Ads With Facebook Page Cost Calculator!

If you are curious why your website's page ranking has tumbled down, first check your Webmaster Tools for a penalty notification or crawl errors. In the recent Webmaster Help video, Google's head of Search Spam, Matt Cutts elucidates how you can determine whether your site ranking is a result of an algorithm penalty or poor content.

Just a few days after announcing a streamlined look for Facebook pages, the social media giant has made an attempt to take the covers off on some of the most frequently asked questions by page administrators with a post on the Facebook for Business page. The post unfolds how the updated timeline design, easier access to admin tools and the introduction of Pages to Watch is going to influence the users.

Now get a snapshot view of all your keywords at the same time with a new set of columns in your keywords report tabs. Google AdWords yesterday announced on Google+ that it has added a new set of columns to Keywords table to give a fuller view of the Bid Simulator and allow advertisers to build a neat and new report. The Bid Simulator section is featured in the Customize Columns menu.

Bing Ads has launched the new Bid Landscape feature, to give the users more bidding power and a better view of the bid landscape. The new feature will allow advertisers to understand the changes that come up as a result of changing keyword bid.

Bid Landscape Tool Bing Ads Launches “Bid Landscape” to give Advertisers More Bidding Power!

According to a study conducted by Twitter, adding videos, photos and links to tweets significantly lifts the number of re-tweets. The social networking site conducted the research on different sectors like TV, News, Government and Politics, Music and Sports and interestingly, all segments showed different results.

Twitter's Data Editor Simon Roger posted in the official blog that if all the areas were accessed collectively, the results showed:

There are some very interesting discoveries here, perhaps the fact that Facebook dominates is not a surprise but, 85% of all social sales? That’s massive.

social commerce Weekly Infographic: Facebook Sweeps Social Commerce with 85% of the total Sales!

Let’s look at the key takeaways…

  • Facebook drives 63% of all social media traffic to Shopify stores
  • Pinterest (13%) drives more traffic than Twitter (10.5%)
  • Sales coming from Reddit grew 152% in 2013