Google, through its official blog announced a new open source initiative, called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). The project is aimed at delivering Web content on mobile devices much faster, thus improving the performance of mobile web.

Quite similar to Facebook Instant Articles, the version is available for testing now. A version for AMP-enabled search is available here, but remember this is going to work on mobile devices, instead of desktop search.

Facebook finally hits the shelves with its ad unit, called “lead ads”, which had been in beta test since June.

Available to all marketers worldwide in 30 different languages, the “lead ads” comprises of a two-click process, where consumers tap an “add button” and then get agreed for the submission of their auto-filled name, phone number and email address to get a quote, a follow-ups sales call or many more. Such personal information has already been part of Facebook users’ profiles, allowing for the easy second step.

Google recently made an update to its ad customizers, which will allow you to customize your ad text based on the location the searchers are searching for your business.

Announcing through Google+, Google said, "today, we are announcing an enhancement to ad customizers – you can now customize your ad text based on where people are searching for your business."

Google has begun to introduce a series of algorithmic changes to “aggressively” target and handle hacked spam in its search results.

Through one of his posts at Google’s official blog Google said that it decided to turn up the dial in its algorithms to take away hacked sites from Google’s search results:

”We are aggressively targeting hacked spam in order to protect users and webmasters.

Google announced, that users could now have direct access to their Search terms and Negative Keywords Reports through the Keyword tab in their AdWords console.

Google said the purpose of making these changes in the AdWords Keyword Tab was to bring improvement in the keyword management, so users can have easy and quick access to key insights that they require for performance improvement.

Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes, addressing a panel at SMX East last Thursday, stated that, if your sites are being outranked by others copying their content, it means there is some problem with your sites.

He further said Google knows how to figure out the original source of the content. So, if a scrapper is outranking you, then the original source might be having some search quality issues.

SEO Checklist Blog post1 Weekly Infographic: Ultimate SEO Checklist for E Commerce Companies!

Optimizing different pages on a particular e-commerce website is extremely important. It is crucial to do this to highlight the key areas that can improve the SEO of a company and meet the needs of diverse group of people visiting the site.

Here is an insightful infographic by SEMrush on what the e-commerce companies need to do to be successful in SEO.

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Google has announced an update to First Click Free

Google is dropping its limit of 5 free articles to only 3 articles now. It seems some publishers have suggested this change now because users are accessing the content on multiple devices like smart phones, tabs etc, other than just the desktop earlier.

Using Times Center Stage on Monday afternoon, Google, through one of its blog posts on AdWords, announced that it would be rolling out its two new much anticipated and much demanded features, dubbed as Customer Match and Universal App Campaigns.