Cost-per-click (CPC) on Facebook has been redefined. It will now include clicks to websites and apps, keeping out likes, shares and comments, thus creating better ROI for advertisers.

The new system to measure CPC has been designed to help advertisers meet specific business objectives. The measurements are more closely aligned with how advertisers are bidding enabling them better optimize their campaigns to meet business goals.

For the users of Lightbox ads, Google announced the introduction of three new columns on AdWords reporting dashboard, for AdWords Display reporting. The announcement was made without any bustle, on Google+. This is likely to make it easy to view the metrics that matters most to the users, namely, Engagements, Engagement Rates and Average CPE.

To put it simply, these are just renamed metrics:

Microsoft has come up with a major Bing Maps upgrade seeking to reduce Google’s huge lead in the arena. The preview version of Bing Maps introduces a string of new features that many believe will give it parity with Google Maps.

The stars that indicate the performance level of local businesses, can now be showcased along with the location extensions in search ads on Google.

If location extensions have been sanctioned in AdWords through Google My Business, then the ratings will appear along side. However, the ratings appear only on desktop and tablet searches and are not extended to mobile searches. In fact, like other recent updates via AdWords, cellphones have not even been mentioned.

Bing Ads has added a couple of more features to its recently overhauled Home Page dashboard at the account level. These features – Customized Modules and Time Period Comparisons – help in providing a complete at-a-glance performance overview to the users.

Customized Modules feature allows to customize preset modules with filters. When a filter on the Campaigns tab is saved, it will appear as an optional module under the Customize Modules drop-down that you can located in the upper left corner of the Home Page.

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Though lesser-known, Long tail SEO is a powerful technique that involves targeting the less competitive and highly specific search terms (a.k.a. long tail keywords). So, isn’t it better to learn more about the power of long tail SEO and enhance your website’s organic search engine traffic.

Yahoo! And Google are testing a partnership that will see Google stream search results and search ads to Yahoo!. Confirming this to The New York Times, Yahoo! hinted that more partnerships are in the pipeline.

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It’s the 5th anniversary of Content Marketing World, and 2015 will be the biggest and brightest year yet.

We want you there!

There will now be no trouble managing your Twitter ads! The new feature introduced to the Twitter iOS and Android apps helps oversee your twitter ad any time and anywhere you choose.

The new graph icon on your profile leads to the Twitter Ad’s interface, showing you how the account’s ad campaigns are scoring with a comprehensive look at engagements impressions, expenditure per engagement , overall expenditure and the cost of the engagement.