Bing announced that it has updated the Snapshot feature to add 150 million new entities. Some of the added entities include doctors, dentists, lawyers, real estate listings and so on.

Google AdWords announced in a blog post yesterday, that it will be adjourning the regular Product Listing Ads (PLAs) campaigns and replacing it with Google Shopping Campaigns by the end of August 2014.

Google Shopping Campaigns was first rolled out to a group of select advertisers in 2013 and in February 2014 delivered to all the advertisers. Again in March, Google launched the AdWords API to help marketers manage the campaigns at scale.

In the recent Webmaster Help video, Google's head of Search Spam, Matt Cutts explains how Google separates popularity from authority. The question tossed was:

“As Google continues to add social signals to the algorithm, how do you separate simple popularity from true authority?”

We all know how critical is website page speed both for site owners and Internet users. Google Webmasters team has reconfirmed the same in an e-mail which we also have received for our clients, stating that if the pages on your website do not use compression, it can take a lot of time for users to visit those pages which in turn renders a poor user experience.

Now searching for a tweet that you posted several years back is easier. You don't have to browse through thousands of pages of tweets to reach the desired one. Twitter has added the date range fields in its Advanced Search page to allow users filter their search on the basis of a particular time period.

Over the years social media has evolved to become one of the most significant sources of referral traffic, but have you ever wondered about the behavior of these visitors post click? According to a recent study conducted by Shareaholic, YouTube supplies the most engaged viewers to brand partners through referral traffic. Interestingly, the post click engagement delivered by Facebook lags far behind YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Making a content inspired move, LinkedIn, announced in a blog post last Thursday, the launch of two new tools, Content Marketing Score and Trending Content, to help businesses make their social media marketing campaigns more acute and strategic. The Dynamic Duo, as it is collectively called, is a pair of analytics tools through which brands can gauge their content's performance and attract more following.

Index Status feature on Google Webmaster Tools will now show indexed URLs for sections of a website that uses HTTPS. The feature will also include indexed URLs for verified subdirectories. Previously, the feature did not display the index status data for STTPS webpages independently. Rather, all information was included in the HTTP site report.

Matt Cutts, Google Head of Search Spam Matt Cutts, has explained how Google evaluates which new search algorithms to use and which to refine in his latest Webmaster Help video.

He was replying to a question posed by James Foster of Sydney, Australia –

“What are some of the metrics that Google uses to evaluate whether one iteration of the ranking algorithm is delivering better quality results to users than another?”

Google is known for encouraging fun activities on April 1 all these years. Their teams across the world have come up with so many hoaxes this year that it is just not possible to list all of them here.

Here is a look on some of the antics.

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