Google's Dan Crow in the official Google blog finally announces that their “Unavailable after” meta tag is finally available after informing about it a few weeks ago.

google adsense Google Gives AdSense Tips For Your Sites Good Performance!The inside Adsense blog has tips on how to make your site perform well with AdSense. The AdSense Optimization Team has compiled 3 big points on how to receive more revenue.

adecn Microsoft Corp Purchases Advertising Exchange Platform Company AdECN, IncMicrosoft Corp announced that it has agreed to purchase AdECN, Inc, a Santa Barbara, California based advertising exchange platform company, making it part of Microsoft’s Online Services Business. This purchase makes it Microsoft's second purchase of digital advertising companies. The previous being its purchase of aQuantive, Inc.

Yahoo Search Blog informs that it now has embedded Yahoo travel destination shortcuts in to its search engine result pages making for one lovely looking serp.

yahoo2 Yahoo! Search Embeds Travel Destination Shortcut!

Now, whenever you type in any popular travel destination, say Paris along with the usual results first in the list is a pretty shortcut to yahoo Travel shortcuts. Now, the travel shortcut box has information on all travel-related paraphernalia like:

Yahoo's Search marketing blog has 9 tips compiled by the team on how to improve conversion rates while also optimizing landing pages.

Best ways to optimize your landing pages:

  1. Connect the search experience to the landing page experience. Wherever possible, use the same language on your landing pages as you do in your ads. It’s a real disconnect when you click on an ad that reads, “Online Conversion Rate Counter” only to land on a page selling a “Conversion Calculating Service.”

Yahoo! indexes your site fast says many webmasters at a thread at Digital Point forum. When a webmaster asked if Yahoo! took long to index your site most answered affirmative.

Judging the tone of the webmasters Yahoo! takes a week or two's time to index your site however most of them have received good rankings with their site listed within page 1 itself.

business Domain Name Sold To Yellow Pages Publisher For $350 MillionBack in June, we reported that would be going for sale for a price between $400 – $500 million.

rhd Domain Name Sold To Yellow Pages Publisher For $350 MillionCNN Money informs that R.H. Donnelley Corporation, publisher of Yellow Pages has signed a definitive agreement to acquire, a leading business search engine and directory and pay-per-click advertising network.

Yahoo Locals MD To Quit

Jul 26, 2007 | 1,782 views | by Navneet Kaushal

yahoo local Yahoo Locals MD To Quitpaullevine Yahoo Locals MD To QuitGreg Sterling informs that Paul Levine, MD of Yahoo Local will soon be quitting the NO.2 search engine company. Levine will be replaced by Jennifer Dulski, Group VP/General Manager: Shopping, Travel, Autos, RE.

Google prevents indexing of Google Custom Search blog informs Rusty Brick.

At a forum at Digital point forum discussing the topic Jaybong writes:

MSNDude, the official Microsoft representative at Webmaster World informs that now they have begun to support sitemaps. Besides, if autodiscovery is included in your robots.txt file, Microsoft will now support it.