Google has changed the search scenario by introducing personalized search on bigger scale. The new service is automatically turned on for every user who signs up with a Google account (Gmail, AdSense, Google Analytics, Google Earth among others). The effect is that your search history is recorded over a period of time and the search results are refined in accordance with your previous preferences. completed two years last November. We all know that it has not been doing well these last couple of years. But how bad is that, anyway?

Going by a thread at WebmasterWorld Forums:

Every person who worked on this project should be fired

I guess the answer to your question is: Not no, but hell no! They haven't got it right!

Click fraud has been an ever lingering issue with the advertisers. Finally, Google's Click Quality team has got down to address the issue more seriously. In an elaborate post, Meet the click quality team, not only the team comes to the fore but also talks about the process of protection, such as the automated filters.

A leading search technologies firm, FAST, has developed AdMomentum which is a private-label contextual advertising and monetization platform for online media companies, retailers and telecommunications service providers.

Lately, Michael Gray is busy  interviewing search engine experts on local search tips, tricks and secrets. Twenty interviews have been scheduled over a period of 5 days of which 8 are already done. The ones already done are that with Aaron Wall, Dean Bloomfield, Bill Slawski, Scott Smith, George Kepnick, Rich Skrenta, RC Jordan and Matt McGee. 

The schedule of coming interviews is as follows:

Most of us are a little confused about copyright issues. Luckily, few of you would have had to pay heavily for it, so far. A post at Threadwatch recounts the story of a poor regional tourism group whose website was hijacked by a cunning 'media production' guy who apparently retained copyright on everything he's developed for them over the last 3 years. That's pretty much every graphic, every word of content, every brochure produced, and -you guessed it- he owns the domain and is admin.

Starting around 3 p.m. Pacific time on Monday, a group of Yahoo executives will begin shuttling among three war rooms at the company's search marketing unit here.

SEOmoz Version 3 Launched

Feb 5, 2007 | 1,341 views | by Navneet Kaushal

A dazzling new SEO is here. There is a cool new design and few cool new features too. As per the design, it deserves all the complements that one can give. It has turned a new feather in simple and powerful designs.

There is a post by Matt which introduces SEOmoz Version 3.  The cool new features include YOUmoz, which is a user generated SEO blog. The description says it all:

Imagine search results for images, videos, audios, news, blogs and more in one place for all relevant search engines. This is exactly what CrossEngine provides. There are easy to use tabs which enable you to choose exactly what you want to search.

There are more than 200 search engines which are automatically sorted as you move between categories. What's more, you can also search for word documents, powerpoint presentations, excel sheets and PDF files, though only in Google and Yahoo!

This week Yahoo! has launched Site Badge to keep track of incoming links to a site or blog.

Add a live badge to your blog or website that queries Site Explorer for the number of links to your site or page on the web. Select the type of link counts you want, the size and look of the badge and then cut and paste the code to your web site.