Yahoo! To Close Webjay!

May 24, 2007 | 1,666 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Jon Udell informs Yahoo! is shutting down Webjay just after purchasing it last year on January 9, 2006.

Webjay, provided a web-based playlist service through which you can put up songs on any website. Currently on the Webjay homepage is a message saying:

As seen at Search Engine Journal, submitting our site to Yahoo! News is crucial, due to “the need for content syndication”.

While, Google's headlines are selected for Google News through a software which searches thousands of sources and selects only the news bits it considers newsworthy, Yahoo's is "powered by content partners, and internal search stories are served via the Yahoo News index".

Since our report , guesstimate is now reality with Tech Crunch confirming Google's acquisition of Feedburner's for $100 million. Google already the biggest name in Search, with Feedburner, gains access to more Publishers. Feedburner has RSS Feed monetisation which will only make Google richer.

At Pandia, an article says now that Google has integrated all its services into Universal search, “If people perceive that search results are getting less relevant, this may undermine their trust in Google”.

Some of the major points of the article include:

SISTRIX Uncovers Good Google Rank!

May 23, 2007 | 1,903 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Lee Odden at TopRankBlog has an update on a research done on 10, 000 random keywords by German company SISTRIX. After which, the top Hundred Google SERPs were scrutinized to find out which features determined rankings.

Important points to remember include:

- Keywords in the title tag

- Targeted keywords in the body tag currently ranks #4 in terms of Search Engine usage in the US alone with a total of 3.69% users. Ask follows MSN (8.46%), Yahoo! with 20.73% and Google with a staggering 65%.

While Google search Engine users were busy typing away looking for results on real-time events, the official Google PressCenter declared the week's Top 10 Gainers (May 13 – 18).

However, the Top 10 included:

1. jerry falwell

2. halo 3 beta

3. melinda doolittle

4. kim kardashian

5. preakness

6. shrek the third

7. taylor swift

Hot Trends is the latest feature on Google Trends. Hot Trends presents a list of “current top 100 fastest-rising Google search queries in the U.S”. Also, users can select specific dates to know the rankings of the particular day.

In a NY Times article, Google recommends to the F. C. C. to let companies “allocate radio spectrum using the same kind of real-time auction that the search engine company now uses to sell advertisements.”

Though Google said they have no intentions of bidding in the war for broadcast, it cannot be denied that with they have “become an active participant in the debate over the control of access to broadband digital networks because it wants to create more competition among digital network providers like cable companies and Internet service providers.”

A thread at Webmaster World mentioned variations in Google Adwords keywords.

A user wrote, “I just noticed that Adwords is bolding not only the exact keyword I searched for, but also variations. So if I search for keyword, all the instances of keyword are bolded in ads, but also all occurrences of keywords.” Another user "split up a "Keyword widget" campaign into separate "Keyword widget", "Keyword widgets", "Key word widget", and "Key word widgets" ad groups just so I could get bolding without using dynamic keyword insertion. With this new change, I don't need to do that because "Keyword widget" in the ad text is bold even if "Key word widgets" is the search query."