TellMe Acquired By Microsoft?

Feb 28, 2007 | 2,759 views | by Navneet Kaushal

TechCrunch has informed that Microsoft has acquired TellMe. TechCrunch claims that they have multiple sources confirming the same. TellMe is a voice services and automated directory assistance (DA) provider. TellMe has been drawing huge profits overs the past years. Two years back they reportedly generated a revenue of a whooping amount which was more than $100 million.

Recently the New York Times published an article on Quigo. Quigo is a contextual advertising company that targets premium sized publishers. The story had comments from yahoo! and Google. One comment by Google's Kim Malone, director of online sales and operations for Google AdSense, caught many eyes. According to Kim, Google will start listing all publisher websites where AdWords advertiser's ads are being run.

Official Yahoo! blog has written a post informing how best to prevent ad tracking URLs and dead URLs from getting indexed. 

Data released by comScore indicates a tremendous hike in the number of search advertisements which were clicked at the time of initial week of the new Yahoo Search Marketing Panama ranking & Quality Index roll out.

A report published by Reuters:

Google announces top 10 gainers for the week ending February 24th. Britney Spears has always remained a Google search favorite. However, after shaving her hair off she shot to the top of the charts. She was closely followed behind by lunar new year, a major event of the eastern world. American idol has grabbed the entire world with a storm and Google Weekly Zeitgeist with the fifth position.

Google is working harder on providing better information to webmasters and the effects are showing. The Google blog has announced that they will send detailed information in their malware notifications to webmasters. These notifications will also be sent by mail.

Now instead of simply informing webmasters that their sites have been flagged and suggesting next steps, we're also showing example URLs that we've determined to be dangerous. This can be helpful when the malicious content is hard to find. For example, a common occurrence with compromised sites is the insertion of a 1-pixel iframe causing the automatic download of badware from another site. By providing example URLs, webmasters are one step closer to diagnosing the problem and ultimately re-securing their sites.

There is an interesting post at Google System which talks about Google redirection feature which was exploited in the past. The Google search results have a very long URL starting with While Google used this information to improve search results, it was used by many people to create site URLs which began with this extension.

IKEA, a recliner manufacturer,  has landed into trouble after running an adwords campaign on a trademark keyword of a major competitor. The competitor, Nowegian Firm Ekornes, has alleged that IKEA are snatching its costumers by using the keyword 'Stressless' which is one of the most popular brand of recliners in the world. However, they found out that IKEA are taking away their customers, whenever they search for  “Stressless”, the customers are taken to an ad by IKEA for their own recliners.

According to the AdWords blog, a new version of Google's AdWords Editor (Version 3) has been launched for Windows.

The attractive features of this new version are:

  •    Site targeting: AdWords Editor now provides full support for site-targeted campaigns.
  •    Negative sites: Add or edit negative sites for keyword- and site-targeted campaigns.

In a press release, Microsoft Corp has anounced that it is buying Medstory Inc. in a strategic move towards having a stake in the consumer health sector. Medstory Inc.  is a  private company based in Foster City, Calif, that provides information related to health issues to consumers and professionals.