Microsoft has closed its Soapbox or video sharing sight for a couple of moths. This step has been taken to ensure that they develop some kind of a safeguarding system before the site becomes open to all. Soapbox was very recently launched in September and it was made open to all only in February this year.

If you have a Google Custom Search Engine (CSE), there is exciting news for you. Google has recently launched a new feature which allows you to show the most popular queries for your site on the home page. The data is regularly updated and shows the most recent queries automatically.

Yahoo’s Panama has been quite a success in USA. So much so that it was seen as Yahoo’s dark horse which will single handedly narrow the gap with Google. Though, that is less likely to happen anticipation for the new platform across the Atlantic, in Europe has not dampened.

has reported that Panama will be launched in UK/Europe Q02, which is within three months after March, 2007. The supposed source of the information is Andrew Buckman – EU Product Director for Yahoo Search Marketing – who spoke at Seodays. Jensense also informs that YPN will follow Panama but with a time lag.  

Gilad on Search Engine Herald informs that Google has added a 'related phrases' section on the top to its definition search. Whenever you search for the definition of a word on Google, it shows related phrases as well.

Gilad says, "Just in case you didn’t know Google definitions is a very efficient dictionary system that I found very useful when conducting researches for school and in general. In order to use this tool simply type “define:+phrase+” where +phrase+ is replaced by the word you’d like to define."

Yahoo! has appointed Reggie Davis as the Vice President of Marketplace Quality aka 'click fraud czar'. Reggie Davis was previously responsible for managing litigation counsel for Yahoo!. 

Microsoft has officially announced that it is shifting some of its executives into the newly formed Search and Ad Platform group. Satya Nadella will be the head of Microsoft's Search and Ad. Satya used to head Microsoft Dynamics product line before the shift.

Every Site Can Get Links!

Mar 23, 2007 | 2,390 views | by Navneet Kaushal

In an article on SEOMoz, Rand Fishkin informs Every Site is Linkbait & Linkerati Worthy. He talks about how any site is capable of attracting significant links.

How do you build a site that crushes the competition -one that ensures your utter dominance in the field of baking cakes and shlepping latkes? Simple. You build not only for your customers, but for the linkerati, too.

Creating Custom 404 Pages

Mar 22, 2007 | 1,493 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Jeff Atwood has a good writeup on creating user friendly 404 pages.

We understand what 404 means: Page Not Found. But the average internet user has no idea what 404 means or what to do about it. To them, it's yet another unintelligible error message from the computer. Most 404 pages are unvarnished geek-speak.

Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Land informs about the new officers elected by the SEMPO 2007 Board Of Directors.

  • Hotchkiss, Chairperson
  • Jeffrey Pruitt, President
  • Dave Williams, Vice President
  • Dave Fall, Treasurer
  • Chris Boggs, Secretary

Few days back we informed about a report published by over the possibility of Google Mobile phone. However, Google has lately squashed all the mobile phone talk. Google commented that they are not concentrating on a Google mobile pone, however, a mobile software is high on their list.