Dan London from the AdWords Editor noticed some interesting figures in his Google Adwords and Google Analytics account. Click fraud stories is not a new thing for anyone. But Dan London made an attempt to explain the reasons behind the huge difference between the traffic and click numbers tracked from within Google AdWords and also by Google Analytics.

zimbra1 Yahoo! To Acquire Zimbra Mail For $350 MillionYahoo! Announces Agreement to Acquire Zimbra, reports an official Yahoo! Press release. Zimbra, is a leader in next generation e-mail and collaboration software.

In this regard, Founder & CEO, Jerry Yang said, "Our industry-leading communications products, including Yahoo! Mail, are critical to the future growth and success of Yahoo! Zimbra's tremendous talent and innovative technology will help to extend our core Mail offerings, further strengthening our strong leadership position in this space. Additionally, Zimbra's successful relationships with large ISPs are key as we expand our worldwide partner network and continue to focus on our commitment to being the partner of choice."

Yahoo! Overture Keyword Tool is not giving results when searched for specific keywords. This was reported in a recent thread at DigitalPoint Forum by one of its member. It is still unknown why Yahoo! Overture Keyword Tool is not active.

Even if one searches for simple keywords like 'shoe', the result is simply 'no suggestions'.

1397241704 04982f10ee o Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool Dead?

The official Google press center announces the new AdSense for mobile feature in a post called Google AdSense for Mobile unlocks the potential of the mobile advertising market.

adsense mobile phone Google Introduces AdSense For Mobile

Suspicious Clicks from Microsoft's HQ announces a forum in Webmaster World.

Many webmasters report a relatively massive number of clicks on PPC keywords from Microsoft's Internal servers since this last Sunday. Going further, another webmaster says that this trend has been continuing since 8/1/07 on the following IP addresses:


Google Is Not Accessible In Iran

Sep 18, 2007 | 1,694 views | by Navneet Kaushal

People in Iran will not be able to access the Google search engine, along with its Gmail e-mail service. This is reported by an ONI reporter on Monday. Along with these sites, there are some other foreign sites that will not be accessible to Iranian users from Monday morning. This step was taken by the Iran Government, as a part of a clampdown on material deemed to be offensive. This is what reported by local Mehr news agency on last Monday.

The official Google blog announces the inclusion of 'presentations' in Google Docs.

google docs presentations Google Docs: Now Equipped With Presentation Functionality

google presentations 2 Google Docs: Now Equipped With Presentation Functionality

Subscriber stats and more announces a post in Google Webmaster Tools where Liza Ma, explains the new features added.

  • "First of all, subscriber stats are now available. Webmaster Tools now show feed publishers the number of aggregated subscribers you have from Google services such as Google Reader, iGoogle, and Orkut. We hope this will make it easier to track subscriber statistics across multiple feeds, as well as offer an improvement over parsing through server logs for feed information.

The latest buzz in the blogosphere is the question on whether GMail will be getting offline. The news first appeared in a Hindustan Times article on September 13th. Some of the interesting bits of the article include:

Back in July, Dave Naylor had some images of Gatineau. Now, two months later, Web Analytics Demystified has official images of screenshots of Microsoft Gatineau.

In Blognation, in an article called "First Look at Microsoft’s Free Web Analytics Tool ‘Gatineau’ (With Slides)", Robin described the aims of Gatineau as:

  • Out-of-the-box demographic segmentation
  • Integrated view of marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Integration of conversion value data