Traditionally, we came to learn about the “Golden Triangle” or the F-shaped scanning pattern. Now, Gord Hotchkiss says that with a change to personalized search, we are seeing more of an E-Shaped pattern. Surprisingly, users did not spend too much time lookin at images and for this, Gord said,“We can determine relevance fairly quickly and if an image proves to be irrelevant, we quickly move on.”

Based on first-hand information from sources (who were invited to a clandestine Google meeting) Michael Arrington states that Google will “Out Open” Facebook by November 5.

"If Facebook is 98% open, Google wants to be 100%. The short version: Google will announce a new set of APIs on November 5 that will allow developers to leverage Google’s social graph data. They’ll start with Orkut and iGoogle (Google’s personalized home page), and expand from there to include Gmail, Google Talk and other Google services over time.

Rand Fishkin has an exhaustive list of search engine based keyword research data. This list helps one find out metrics, value and potential from the search engines themselves instead of using services like Wordtracker, YSM, KW Discover, AdWords, etc.

Search Term Counts

search term counts Search Engine Based Keyword Research Data

Back in May Google meshed Print Ads into Adwords and now Inside AdWords announces

Google's free new print ad tool through which you can create a customized and professional-looking newspaper ad in minutes.

"With this tool, you'll be able to plug your ad text, image, and contact details into pre-designed ad templates. The tool will instantly generate multiple designs that you can choose from. In minutes, you'll have a personalized and professional-looking ad that's ready to send right to newspapers."

Google launches a new customized business search edition. With this feature, you can add a Google search box on your website so that visitors can search from any website or websites.

 Google Introduces Google Custom Search Business Edition

“Why add search to your website?

By adding Google Custom Search Business Edition to your organization's website, you can:

Google Founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, both 34 years old and both worth $18.5 billion each, are now 5th in the Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans. Last year they were worth $14.1 billion each and were in the 12th spot.

The Google boys are still #2 in the rich list of silicon valley. In third place is Lawrence Ellison of Oracle fame, who is worth $26 billion.

Just launched is Google's new 'shared stuff' feature through which you can share webpages, bookmarks etc. yes, its that simple.

"The Google Email/Share button allows you to easily share or email any web-page with your friends. Your shared stuff page is publicly visible and allows you to share stuff with your friends and on the web.

Mary Jo Foley writes that Microsoft Live Search 2.0 will get its first public day in the sun on September 26, the first day of their first ever "Searchification" event.

Now, “Searchification” is where “you will have the opportunity to hear the latest from the Live Search team about our upcoming plans. This half day event will include a general session with senior leaders, product demos, and a networking lunch followed by a webmaster tools session.”

berndt071907 Googles Latest Employee   O&M Co Prez Andy Berndt!Google hires famed Madison Avenue Ad-exec Andy Berndt, to become MD of their 'Creative Lab unit' reports WSJ & Advertising Age. This is a newly formed global unit that aims to working along side marketers, agencies and entertainment companies.

Berndt has been hired at a time when Google Inc plans to extend its reach to big brand advertisers.

Google is laying a lot of stress on landing page guidelines. For this, AdWords has new list of FAQs.

The Inside AdWords blog has a post called, "Websites that may merit a low landing page quality score" which mentions the kinds of websites that will be penalized with low landing page quality scores:

  • "Data collection sites that offer free gifts, subscription services etc., in order to collect private information