Yahoo! stock has shown a rise again over the weekend. This rise is not only due to its new advertising partnerships or hard efforts to open up the Yahoo! network to third parties. The credit to this rise in the stock goes to the Wall Street that prepares for the $1 Billion IPO, which Yahoo! has planned to acquire it by a huge sum of $100 Million.

Another Google PageRank Update?

Oct 30, 2007 | 3,650 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Real or Fake PageRank Update In Progress (round 3) reports Andy Beard as he is informed of another possible update by Courtney.

Apparently, most of the sites mentioned in the old blog whose PageRank fell, have gone back to almost the same PageRank, pre-update.

Updated Google Image Index Noticed

Oct 30, 2007 | 2,164 views | by Navneet Kaushal

In a recent thread titled, "Looks like a Google image search update" at WebmasterWorld suggests that there is a latest Google Images index update. There are some real changes that Google team has developed for the upcoming shopping season.

One of the member wrote:

Microsoft launches Gatineau Web Analytics informs the official adCenter Blog. Apparently, this feature is fit for beta testing and the first invitations are now being sent to customers. All advertisers can request an invitation here:

The ever thoughtful Yahoo! Search Marketing team has a blog that informs of a Webinar where you can Get help to make the Most from Your Holiday Campaigns, all for FREE! Besides, also available are numerous resources through which you can manage your holiday campaigns better.

yahoo christmas avatar Free YSM Webinar & More For Your Holiday Campaigns

“Among these is an upcoming, free, one-hour webinar that will cover:

According to the adCenter blog, Microsoft was busy throughout the weekend adding more features which will help in running campaigns smoothly. These new features are:

1) Editorial (which we're covering in-depth here today – see below)

2) Campaign management – changes include:

  • Daily budget option
  • Default dynamic text
  • Campaign import – now compatible with AdWords Editor output

Next to introducing, Part II of Live Search's 'Do What I Mean, Not What I Say', LiveSearch now tells you 10 Reasons to Love the New Live Search Maps.

10 Reasons to Love the New Live Search Maps

live image 1 Latest Update: 10 Reasons to Love the New Live Search Maps!

After last week's possible PageRank update where many blogs were affected, Google Guy Matt Cutts confirms the update in a letter to SearchEngineJournal.

matt cutts listening.thumbnail Matt Cutts Responds To Google PageRank Update

" The partial update to visible PageRank that went out a few days ago was primarily regarding PageRank selling and the forward links of sites. So paid links that pass PageRank would affect our opinion of a site.

A new version of Gmail was recently launched by Google. And the most noteworthy feature is the latest introduction of IMAP support on Gmail that has been already upgraded to its interface. As the Google Operating System says, there will be prefetching messages, a new contact manager along with many more integrating features to look forward to in the upgraded Gmail interface. Sam Harrelson is the first one to notice the latest features.

Following the "Do what I mean, not what I say" post, the official Live Search blog is back with "Do What I Mean, Not What I Say" Part II which introduces more features in LiveSearch.


"We do really badly on the query ca chp" a coworker complained in one email.

"Ca chp?" I thought. "What the heck does that mean?"