According to the New York Times, Google is adopting a new hiring policy to select a group of dynamic employees from 100,000 applicants. As per the new hiring process, the company has designed a detailed online survey for the respondents exploring their attitudes, behavior, personality and biographical details. The survey is automatically scored in a unique way. The answers provided in response to the questions are fed into a series of formulas developed by Google's Mathematicians that calculate a score from zero to 100. Google would hire the candidates considering their score in the survey.

Rich Skrenta, the CEO and Founder of, has lauded Google services saying it is the winner of both search and online advertising market. In one of his high quality posts, 'Winner-Take-All: Google and the Third Age of Computing',Rich argued that Google is ruling the third age of computing (2001-going on)as Microsoft ruled the PC era (1984-98)and IBM dominated the mainframe era (1950-80).

Google has clinched two significant patents this week. The first patent is related to methods for estimating similarity between web pages and documents. This patent would prove highly reliable  to filter duplicate contents in the Web. The patent 'Methods and apparatus for estimating similarity.' has been invented by Moses Samson Charikar. Google  has applied for it on December 31,2001.

A List Of 100+ Search Engines

Jan 3, 2007 | 1,619 views | by Navneet Kaushal

SEO Charles Knight has done a wonderful job for the SEO market in the New Year. He has prepared a list of 100+ search engines of 2007. The list includes almost all the search engines. They are Google, Ask, AOL, A9, Amazon, Digg, Yahoo! etc. Check it out.

There has been hectic debate on the Google's latest patent application called as 'Detecting spam documents in a phrase based information retrieval system', which is the sixth published patent of Anna Patterson.

An information retrieval system uses phrases to index, retrieve, organize and describe documents. Phrases are identified that predict the presence of other phrases in documents. Documents are the indexed according to their included phrases. A spam document is identified based on the number of related phrases included in a document.

Google Answers, a fee-based answer brokering search and research service of Google Inc., has been closed down permanently last month. However, some of the vibrant answers are available for the users in a standard Google search interface.

David Sarokin, a former Google Answer researcher, has started up a new service The new site features some already-answered questions and additional details on the service. It archives some of the important Google Answer services.

Google has gained an important patent from US Patent office for 'Methods and apparatus for estimating similarity'. Google had filed for it on December 31, 2001. Using this patent, the search engine giant can develop duplicate content detection tools for the webmasters.

We reported about the pitfalls of Google Mail. In the story, we discussed how gmail contact lists can be downloaded by adding a code to user's server and exploiting Google's java script API. The gmail bug posed serious security threat to the users since their contacts are open for the spammers. If Googlified post is to be believed, the gmail bug has been removed by Google just after  30 hours of the problem.

Google's calculator had stopped functioning on New Years Day for about seven hours. It disappointed users who tried to use currency conversion feature. Was it Y2K7 problem for Google on the very first day of the year? Is it an ominous sign indicating tough-days are in store for the search giant this year? However, the calculator service is working properly now.

Wikipedia Denies Qatar Ban

Jan 3, 2007 | 148 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Jim Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, has clarified that he or his editing team did not ban Qatar from from editing any entry in the wiki pages. The statement came following the media reports claiming Wikipedia imposed censorship on the entire  country of Qatar in order to curb spam and vandalisms caused by Qatar's  IP address.