Dave Naffziger has listed some 134 countries where Google has local domains and Yahoo! does not. In other words, Google has made a base in these countries. Yahoo! is yet to start. Suppose, you enter the URLÂ http://www.google.com.co/, Google will provide you its Colombia page. On the contrary, Yahoo! does not even respond.

MIVA Inc, a search marketing company has entered into a two-year ad deal with Google. MIVA will use its websearch and AdSense services exclusively for approved web sites and applications. However, financial details of the deal is not divulged by the companies.

The search marketing company has signed the recent deal after terminating an earlier advertising deal with Yahoo!. It has decided to use Google's search and ad services to the approved sites from its MIVA Direct Inc. subsidiary.

The Site Diagnostics tool informs you whether Google's crawler is able to access your site to offer relevant ads. Using this tool, you can review the errors of google crawler encountered for certain blocked URLs and correct them. However, the flaws in the Site Diagnostics tool have been exposed in the Search Engine Roundtable Forums recently. A member pointed out that the Site Diagnostics report has some wierd errors.

Li Ge, a graduate student of the University of Louisville has bagged a grant of $149,923 to boost his research work on data mining and click-fraud detection. The National Science Foundation(NSF) has awarded the grant to Li Ge.

Li Ge has been working on his project 'Collaborative Click Fraud Detection and Prevention System' since May 2005. The primary objective of this project is develop a new model to track actual, real-time user behavior in efforts to detect fraudulent clicks. The NSF research grant will cover his research expenses through December 2007.

Google is all set to sign a WiFi deal with Earthlink after months of negotiations. The deal brings two companies to build wireless Internet network in San Francisco. The WiFi service will be available round the clock. They have agreed to offer this service to the residential customers in two price tiers – free at a relatively slow access speed and $20 per month at a higher speed.

Nielsen BuzzMetrics has released a list of top 100 blog posts of the year 2006. The word-of-mouth-measurement firm has made inbound-links analysis of different blog posts between January 1 to November 30, 2006 to prepare the list.

Based on the inbound links from other blogs during this period, a Mother Livejournal post, ' 2006 Petition Against Changes in the Livejournal Interface' was rated top most blog of the year. The story got nearly 801 links in 786 posts.

Microsoft is using Google platform to promote its products. According to Google BlogoScoped, Microsoft is advertising its Live Search on Google. The Google search page has a link of a MOV file. By clicking the link, you land on MSN search page.

Debra Mastaler explains three important tips for link building strategies at Search Engine Watch Forums. According to her, the development of corporate blog or corporate wiki plays a great role in the link building process. Secondly, article writing is another important step to attract media and consumer attention. Lastly, creation of a media center and RSS feeds of a site also influence link-building process.

Linda Zimmer has announced the launch of Second Life Business Communicators WiKi, which would be a resourceful material for the business communicators and marketers. It is under construction. As of now, the wiki features useful information like listing of companies and agencies together with teleport locations of their second life presences.

Finally, Google has accepted the existence of a new bug in Google Adwords where the Ad Group is being sorted by clicks but not alphabetically. The Google engineers are working hard to fix the bug.