Test Sites Of Search Giants

Jan 22, 2007 | 1,691 views | by Navneet Kaushal

All the search engine giants have test sites to test their new features before introducing them to their main search engines. Google's test site SearchMash is loaded with features, such as  video, images, blogs and text results all at the same time. That is it scores over other similar test beds.

Linkbaiting has been the flavor of the season lately. While Todd, Rand and Nick have written articles on the subject, Aaron Wall is inviting ideas for linkbaiting.

I'm guessing that most of these posts that make digg are the usual "appeal to male techies of a certain age" and focus on google, digg, LED projects, laptop modifications, politics?

CIO covers that Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! will be developing a code of conduct with the coalition of nongovernmental organizations with an aim to promote rights of privacy and freedom of expression. CIO states “Microsoft, Google and two other technology companies will develop a code of conduct with a coalition of nongovernmental organizations to promote freedom of expression and privacy rights, they announced Friday. The two companies along with Yahoo and Vodafone Group said the new guidelines are the result of talks with Business for Social Responsibility and the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School.”

The official Yahoo! search blog reported few days back that Yahoo! is undergoing the process of making some fresh changes in their search results. The blog read, “As usual, you may be seeing some changes in ranking as well as some shuffling of the pages that are included in the index throughout this process.” The update started late on the 18th January and is anticipated to be shortly accomplished.

Yahoo! Real Estate in cooperation with GreatSchools.net has launched a new service which lets you search for schools in U.S. by city and state or zip. You can search for schools either by grade level (elementary, middle, high or all) or by school type (public, private, charter or all).

Google has filed a new patent which indicates that Google might include relevancy factors in its contextual ad algorithms. Bill Slawski reports that:

The process described in the filing involves accepting ads that are relevant to a document, and then scoring each of the accepted ads by using a price parameter associated with the ads, an indication of relevancy of the ads to the document, and a performance parameter.

At the end of an one year agreement with Google, Opera has signed a similar deal with Yahoo!. Now on, Yahoo! OneSearch would be the default search engine for Opera Mini and the full Opera Mobile browser. while all new downloads will come with the Yahoo! interface, the existing ones will be soon switched to Yahoo! too.

Nathan Weinberg reports that:

Google Audio Ads

Jan 19, 2007 | 1,407 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Philipp Lenssen reported that Marshall M. has found out about Google audio ads. If you search US Google for 'audio ads,' you see AdWords box which reads “Audio Ads by Google – Now it’s simple & easy to target customers on the radio.” The landing page for the ad states that you can:

  •     Select from hundreds of radio stations across the U.S. to run your audio ads

This is what a discussion at WebmasterWorld Forums seems to be indicating. One of the members commented that:

 I pause my ads for a fortnight over Xmas each year and strangely as soon as they are turned on again the number of conversions I get jumps up to above the pre-pause figures for about a week and then settles down again. If anything in the past three years then pausing the ads has done me nothing but good.

However, there were other members who think that it might negatively affect your ads "history", like CTR. As in if you are showing along the top when you decide to quit, it might take longer to get back up there when you resume. So others say that it might result in rise of cost per click prices and average positioning of the ads.

Microsoft adCenter has sent out a notification to some publishers stating that they will be automatically included in a Content Ads Pilot Program beginnning 1/25/07. A member at WebmasterWorld Forums stated that:

The email stated that my current settings will be changed and I will HAVE to start using the new Content Beta. With NO option to opt out, just stating that it is going to happen on 1/25/07.