In a thread at WebmasterWorld, it came up that Advertisers are not happy with the Google AdWords Reports makeover. Members are reporting that the AdWords Report Center even with the latest makeover has a resemblance with Google Analytics.

One week back, some changes were made to the AdWords Report Center. The main Reports page got a simplified look, and a new format for report graphs was also introduced. It was believed that the improved Report Center will help in making your data much easier to process.

In Google groups Susan Moskwa asked users how and what they did to keep a check on posts. Some of the questions which include:

  • How do you keep up with what's going on?
  • Do you use the Google Groups UI?
  • Do you use our RSS feeds to follow threads?
  • How do you decide which threads to read?

Rand Fishkin in his website has a post of an interview with Matt 'the Google Guy Cutts'. Not your usual interview, well Rand Fishkin is not ordinary interviewer either, this one features a funny multiple choice questionnaire.

Here goes:

Ques: Does Google recommend the use of nofollow internally as a positive method for controlling the flow of internal link love?

In the latest search engine news, Google Inc apparently is collaborating with to provide the letter with search results, reports Forbes.

"Internet service provider Inc., a unit of CDC Corp., said Thursday it is expanding its Google Inc. partnership to allow more of its Web sites to use the search engine provider's technologies.

Under the new agreement, Google will power search services on's Chinese portal and China search site.

Yahoo! Panama with enhanced tools and new options informs the official Yahoo! search blog.

Some of the features are:

  • "You can now create, edit, copy, delete and view all saved ads (up to 20) for an ad group in one place. More importantly, you can view the performance of your ads against one another with one click.
  • panama1 Yahoo! Panama Add Enhnaced Tools & More Features!

gregory coleman thumb Yahoo! Loses More Of Top Executives!Yahoo! Inc, the Sunnyvale, California-based search giant is replacing its principal global sales executive, Greg Coleman thanks to a management shake-up.

Greg Coleman will be replaced by Hilary Schneider, who previously worked in Knight Ridder and Red Herring. The news first broke out when Yahoo! Chief financial officer, Susan Decker sent a memo to the team.

Google, Microsoft-backed group ready to Defend Fair Use informs Arstechnica.

Apparently, the group has introduced a web site called Defend Fair Use indicating they are determined to make this complaint last.

"The site is basically used as a way to disseminate the group's FTC complaint and drum up signatures for a petition that will be delivered to the agency later this year. For those interested in seeing examples of the allegedly abusive copyright notices that prompted the complain, the CCIA has helpfully published several on the site.

Barry Schwartz writes that Yahoo! UK now has introducedc search suggestions.

This means that now when you type in a query in Yahoo! UK it will now give suggestions.

Google Lat Long Blog announces the new In-car Google Local Search feature through which “you can find what you're looking for and send it to your car via Google Maps.”

Google had a feature where a query like "time in San Francisco" or "current time in London" would show the city's real time.

Now, Vince in Webmaster World says:

"This feature is now removed… I'm wondering if it's linked to the many sites who specialise in providing local times? "

Even has this feature. In Seroundtable 'Google Guy' Matt Cutts says: