In November last year we informed you that MSN might be closing its small Biz Directory. Marketing Pilgrim informs about an email 'with instructions for making any last minute changes to your directory listing, before editing permissions are removed and the directory changes format.'

According to Andy the existing listings will retain their “link friendliness and search ranking value”.

The email states:

Finally Google has plunged into the television world after months of rumors and speculation. Google announced yesterday via press release that it is partnering with Echostar and Astound Cable to run 'a trial to deliver better ads to viewers and help advertisers, operators and programmers more efficiently buy, schedule, deliver and measure ads on television.' 

doubleClick MSN Vs Google, The Winner Gets DoubleClickSome days back we reported that DoubleClick might be acquired by MSN. However, a report on Wall Street Journal states that Google has emerged as a strong contender in the race to acquire DoubleClick.   The price of the acquisition is expected to go much beyond $2 billion now. The price hike may not be a good sign for MSN. 

Vanessa Fox on official Google blog talks about the power of community in blogging. Linking to those sites that are most relevant from the readers point of view and commenting on relevant blogs helps in increasing the relevancy of the blog. Content as always is the most significant thing of all. Good content and other bloggers will link to it.

Yahoo! is trying to get its act together with regard to click fraud. The first fall out of Yahoo!'s efforts is banning of foreign site visitors from YPN ads. Yahoo! is intent on restricting internal ad frauds by barring visitors from certain countries from viewing the ads.

A statement made by Google recently bagged lots of critical feedbacks on a WebmasterWorld thread. In a Google update on spam reporting Google claimed that they will investigate all bad SERP reports.

Google said, “Currently, we investigate every spam report from a registered user. Spam reports to the unauthenticated form are assessed in terms of impact, and a large fraction of those are reviewed as well.”

E-consultancy has uploaded a free 12- page briefing on the Paid Search industry in the UK. A user only needs to register to download the document.

The document contains the following useful info:

  • An overview of the UK market (including market valuation and trends)
  • A write-up of the key points emerging from the discussion
  • New statistics

Yahoo! India Maps Launched!

Apr 2, 2007 | 3,035 views | by Navneet Kaushal

yahoo maps india Yahoo! India Maps Launched! Yahoo! has recently launched Yahoo! Maps for its Indian users. The Indian users can search for specific street, locality, city and state.

Webyantra informs that the data on Yahoo! Maps seems to be from also says that, “The readability of Yahoo’s maps is much better than’s own maps. And the mapping data seems to be fairly well populated, specially for metros.”

An interesting article on Agencyfaqs informs that Yahoo! Answers has started experimenting with advertisers in India. For example, Gillette became a part of the community to advertise its recent and most popular Mach 3 razor now answers queries on male grooming and gives tips as well. Agencyfaqs further informs, “Travel portal has a profile on the site and usually shares questions on travel and destinations. Then there’s Pepsi, who has put up a Yahoo! Answers space on its website for the Blue Billion campaign.”

Yahoo! has introduced Mail Web Service which will enable developers to connect to Yahoo! mail platform through SOAP or JSON-RPC. This follows closely after the announcement of unlimited email storage by Yahoo!