Even with the economy slowing down, researchers and analysts believe that people will not stop searching the net for gaining knowledge about any thing on the earth. So, with this notion it will not be wrong to say that Google will see some more growth in the future, even if there is no certainty of other search engines.

This weekend WIRED wrote:

Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land points out that "Selling paid links can hurt your page rank or rankings on Google". He says, "More and more, I've been seeing people wondering if they've lost traffic on Google because they were detected to be selling paid links."

logo main Updated Google AdSense Policies For Mobile PlatformGoogle has made some changes to its AdSense Policies. This time the updated policies are mainly targeted to AdSense for Mobile. The AdSense for Mobile permits publishers to generate earnings from their mobile webpages using targeted Google ads. To avail the benefit of this service, users need to comply with the terms and conditions of this services.

Back in July we covered on how Yahoo! was selling its SERPs.

Now, Scott Hendison reports that, "In an apparent change of heart, Yahoo has changed their policy, and they are clearly marking these types of advertisements with the word “sponsored".

Old Special K

old yahoo specialk Yahoo! Shortcuts Now Changes To Yahoo! Sponsored Shortcut

New Special K

new yahoo specialk Yahoo! Shortcuts Now Changes To Yahoo! Sponsored Shortcut

Based on IAB's report which said advertising revenues almost reached nearly $10 billion in the first half of '07, WatchMojo deducts that Google took in 40% of US Online Ad Revenues which totals $10 billion.

"How much went to Google?

Microsoft took a bold step to unveil the company's latest online offering, the Microsoft HealthVault. The HealthVault is an online information storage facility designed to offer users' medical information. As Healthvault is a free service, users can freely access the highly secured online database for any type of medicinal information.

 Microsoft Introduces HealthVault, Online Health Info Storage

Indian daily Hindustan Times reports that Google will blur key India sites. This comes after Indian president APJ Abdul Kalam voiced worries back in 2005.

"Google Earth will not only blur pictures of sites that the Indian government considers sensitive, but also distort building plans of key facilities. Google’s representatives met Indian officials from the science and technology ministry recently to discuss the issue. Google Earth will accept the government’s list of strategic sites that need to be masked,according to a report."

In a recent thread titled, "Should the ODP/DMOZ Use NoFollow Tags" at WebmasterWorld, a very interesting question was raised by the members. After a lot of useless submissions overwhelming the editors at DMOZ, will the inclusion of nofollow will stop these superfluous submissions and make the editors' lives easier?

A thread in Digital point forum reports changes in Backlinks and PageRank. Some webmasters even say that Google Webmaster Tools have altered their PR from 7 to 6. As many wait for an update in Google PageRank, the time could be this weekend.

In the latest of Yahoo's developments is news of Yahoo! oneSearch integrating Wikipedia in its results.

wiki logo Yahoo! OneSearch Integrates Wikipedia And Now Tells Flight Timings!