Google has released its financial report for the fourth quarter. Google has total revenues accounting to $3.21 billion for the fourth quarter ending 31 December, 2006. This is a jump of 19 percent when compared to the third quarter of 2006. And a mind blowing increase of 67 percent as compared to the fourth quarter ending 31 December, 2005. Google earned the major part of their revenue from site's search as offerings, which was responsible for 62 percent of the total revenue.

In the month of December 2006 we reported that Yahoo! will be out with No Yahoo! Directory Tag by the end of January 2007. January came and went but there was no news from Yahoo! about no Yahoo! Directory tags. Finally Tim Mayer of Yahoo! has broken the silence and informed all on a WebmasterWorld thread that the much awaited tags will be out soon as they are working on it. Hopefully, the no Yahoo! Directory tag will be out by the end of February.

Looks like Yahoo! Publisher Network is experimenting with its contextual network to improve ad delivery. Conflicting reports have come from DigitalPoint Forums alternately saying that the duplicacy of ads has improved or worsened. One of the members reported that:

YPN has improved one aspect of their ad delivery — ads no longer repeat ad nauseam across your ad blocks on a given page. Before, depending on how many ad blocks you had on a given page, the same ad that showed up in the #1 ad queue position would show up in all the #1 ad queue position of all your ad blocks on that page. Not anymore. I'm no longer seeing repeated ads across the ad blocks.

Hitwise and Nielsen/NetRatings revealed the share-of-search stats for the months of January 2006 and December 2005.

Nielsen has put the crown on Google with 50.8 percent of all searches in December. Yahoo! follows closely behind with with 23.6 percent. MSN comes third with 8.4 percent, then AOL search with 6.1 percent. MSN has lost the biggest share equaling to 9.7 percent.

A thread at WebmasterWorld Forums reports that Yahoo! is using search data to launch websites which are in line with the latest trends. The news was originally reported on LA Times:

Using its vast knowledge of how people use the Internet, Yahoo Inc. knows what's hot. Now the online giant is trying to capitalize on that knowledge by building websites dedicated to the 100 hottest entertainment brands… "We'd like to work with brand owners… But we don't necessarily need the brand owners to do this."

Loren Baker at Search engine journal has reported that Neil Patel & Cameron Olthuis Join Text Link Ads. Niel Patel and Cameron Olthuis are social media optimization and link building experts. Both of them made this announcement that they have been hired as Text link Ads experts with Text link Ads.

177518436 8172ae2b03 m Neil Patel And Cameron Olthuis Join Hands With Text Link Ads

Neil Patel said on Pronet Advertising Blog:

It's not everyday that you get a scoop like this. Yahoo! Search Marketing has been making a fool of itself and it's all out in the open now. There is a post at Threadwatch which shows the folly of YSM.

The webmaster of, which is a UK oriented site noticed YSM ads on and When he pointed this out to YSM, the response was:

Search Engine Roundtable has reported that MSN Live is penalizing heavily for back-linking. The post says, “MSN has recently taken the forefront, carrying the standard for the other engines when it comes to banning or penalizing sites for linking practices, and being very specific about the reason in their communications with affected webmasters. This has caused a rush of posts at WebmasterWorld with members complaining of being penalized or banned due to what MSN terms as unacceptable linking practices- and claiming innocence. Is MSN throwing proverbial babies out with the bathwater?”

It appears like Google has been testing a feature on some of the advertisers. The feature seems to be an elaborate budget analysis. It appears in the edit campaign section in the budget setting section.
Google AdWords informs:

Google TV Spoof

Jan 31, 2007 | 1,788 views | by Navneet Kaushal

In the recent past two videos were uploaded on YouTube which indicated a possibility of an upcoming Google TV channel.

The two videos
How to Sign Up for GoogleTV Beta
UPDATE: GoogleTV Beta
are now being now being considered unauthentic as there is no official announcement, moreover, other are other issues as well which indicate that these videos are mere hoaxes.