Yahoo! To Acquire

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rivals Yahoo! To Acquire Rivals.comYahoo! Is all set to purchase the biggest sports acquisition of all time that too for a whooping $100 million, informs paid content.

Paid content further informs, “The price could reach around $100 million, which some we’ve spoken to say is overpriced, and that’s why the traditional sports media buyers are sitting out on this one. One exec involved in online sports acquisitions told us $50-75 million would be more realistic given a model that can—and has been—replicated and described the reaction to what Rivals was asking—$100 million—as 'sticker shock'.”

SES New York 2007 Day 3

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SES%20logo%202007 SES New York 2007 Day 3Today we bring you the highlights of some key sessions of Day 3 SES New York 2007. Also know more about what happened during Day 1 and Day 2.

SMO: Social Media Optimization

Moderator: Rohit Bhargava, Vice President, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Neil Patel, co-founder, Advantage Consulting Services
Rand Fishkin, CEO,
Andy Hagans, Strategist, Text Link Ads
Nick Wilson, Founder, Communicontent

The latest search engine market research report has been released by Hitwise. The report, covering the period of March 2007, states that Google’s share of the market has increased to 64.13%.

Yahoo!’s market share has dropped to 21.26% from 22.30% last year
MSN (Live Search) has dipped from 13.09% last year to a poor 9.15%
ASK has gone down from 3.99% to 3.48% this year
48 other search engines accounted for the rest 5% searches

Derrick Connell, General Manager at live Search, gave an interview to Robert J. Murray which he has published at Search Engine Land.

Derrick stressed that to remain amongst the big three personalization is what counts most. He said that the search industry is not yet fully grown so there is lot of scope for competition. He informed, “The Live Search Index includes more than 5 billion documents, more than 400 million images, and more than 3 million instant answers.”

Yahoo! India has lined up services to be launched in rural India. The services include weather, crop patterns, health and basic e-commerce services. According to a report at Business Standard, the targeted group comprises of new internet and mobile users.

According to Pranesh Anthapur, chief operation officer, Yahoo!India, Research & Development:

As promised in the previous post an Insight into Microsoft adCenter here is the second follow up. Here we give you a deeper look into adCenter ad campaigns with tips to exploit it and get the maximum out of it.

Budgeting is very essential

A PPC has to be well planned. Moreover, budgeting with adCenter has become easier than before with campaign budget setting, "Divide across the month,".

Google has released a “Placement Performance Report” which provides performance metrics for ads running on the Google content network. This is the first time that Google has provided conversion statistics about its content network.

The search engine marketing industry is all set for growth owing to significant increase in spending by big advertisers. According to MediaPost, Jupiter Research has found that companies with annual revenues exceeding $50 million plan to spend 25% more on search engine marketing. While these advertisers form a significant 26% of total advertisers, another 28% of advertisers will be spending 11% to 25% more.

Sitemaps Auto Discovery

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Today,, Google, Microsoft Live Search and Yahoo! together announced support of “auto discovery” of Sitemaps. The new open-format autodiscovery permits website owners to specify the location of their Sitemaps within their robots.txt file. This altogether eliminates the need of submitting sitemaps to each search engine separately.

SES New York 2007 Day 2

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SES logo 2007 SES New York 2007 Day 2Yesterday we posted the highlights of SES New York day 1. Today we are back again with the exclusive highlights of SES New York day 2.