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This week Yahoo! has launched Site Badge to keep track of incoming links to a site or blog.

Add a live badge to your blog or website that queries Site Explorer for the number of links to your site or page on the web. Select the type of link counts you want, the size and look of the badge and then cut and paste the code to your web site.

Overture Tool Back Up Again?

Feb 5, 2007 | 1,876 views | by Navneet Kaushal

It has been widely reported during last few days that Yahoo!'s keyword research tool has been down. Yahoo!'s John Slade, Sr. Director, Global Product Management, in the meantime had clarified that the tool is just slow not down. Yesterday, there were reports that the tool is back again.

Google has introduced new pricing structures for both AdSense and AdWords. As per Adsense, you could previously earn $100 when your referred publisher earned his first $100 within 180 days. The new system on the other hand rewards $5 when your referred publisher earned only $5 in 180 days. However, the second tier earning is a cool $250. You get this commission when the referred publisher earns $100.

Google had another spat with the Indian goverment lately. This time it is about the clear coverage that Google Earth provides of 'sensitive' Indian locations, such as the Presidential Palace, defence related establishments, the parliament and many smaller establishments.

However, from now on the locations will be blurred on Google Earth. Over the years, Google has entertained similar request from many countries, such as USA, Germany, France and China. Google has no uniform policy for such requests. Therefore the responses vary from case to case.

The official Google Blog states that NASDAQ has a filing which comprises of real-time last sale prices as well as volume.

The Google Blog asserts:

Today we're equally pleased that NASDAQ has a similar filing which would include both real-time last sale prices and volume. We think these proposals are steps in the right direction, and encourage the SEC to give them a big thumbs up so we can start giving you the data you want, when you need it.

More than a year ago, due to trademark issues Google was banned from making use of Gmail name in UK. Since then Gmail has been known as Google mail in UK. However, now Google has lost its right to refer to its mail as Gmail over the entire Europe.  

googlemail No Gmail, Only Googlemail In Europe

A press release states:

yahoo icon Yahoo! India Becomes Multilingual Yahoo! India has now become multilingual. It is now available in seven regional Indian languages Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi and Gujarati. 

Yahoo! India's managing director George Zacharias says that reaching out to the masses inspires user experience and helps in building relationship. Understanding the need of the masses is significant to maintain a successful standing. Such a targeted step will surely work in favor of Yahoo! India.

Shuman Ghosemajumder, Google Business Product Manager for Trust & Safety, has once again slammed Click Forensics on their click fraud assessment by digging up all sorts of flaws in their study.

Shuman reports:

We found serious flaws in their counting of clicks – a more fundamental issue than their counting of click fraud. They were making basic counting mistakes and inflating the number of clicks by an average of 40%. The source of this problem is incorrectly counting page views – from users browsing through an advertiser's site – as clicks.

A week ago we informed you that Yahoo! has officially announced that they will launch a quality score to the Yahoo Search marketing.

Bill Slawski has written a post on thirteen new Yahoo! Search Marketing patent applications. He has cleverly explained the patent applications which will assist the sponsored link advertisers in achieving a high rank on Yahoo!