Online publishing branch of Yahoo! India is 're-crafting' its content team. Agency FAQs have reported that two of the key employees have resigned.

“This includes head of content Ajay Nambiar, who had joined Yahoo! India barely six months ago, moving here from Sify. Another senior member of the content team, Niyati Sen Gupta, head of entertainment, has also quit.”

SEO Guide For WordPress Bloggers

Mar 22, 2007 | 6,229 views | by Navneet Kaushal

All those who have a WordPress blog should go through the Complete Guide to SEO for WordPress by Jim Westergren. This is an excellent piece of work by Jim. A good number of bloggers out there have very less knowledge about SEO. However, with this simple and easy to understand guide they stand a good chance of acquiring a good rank with the search engines.

Google has announced a limited beta test of pay-per-action advertising. This is a new pricing model that permits an advertiser to pay as and when the predetermined actions are completed on their site.

Google Unveils Plus Box

Mar 21, 2007 | 2,036 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Google Blog officially announces the launch of Plus Box, 'a new search feature that lets you see more information about individual search results.' A plus box icon lets you catch sight of additional data right below the original search result. You even get a visual snapshot of related information.

Google India plans to establish their rule over the rural India. Business Standard informs, “It is developing with local vendors a simpler search engine, as well as content tailored to the needs of rural users. The customized content for rural customers would include weather updates, crop patterns and other local data. Google is also betting heavily on the mobile platform (as PC penetration is low) and plans to introduce services like Google Talk (instant chat application), and Google Maps through tie-ups with Indian mobile operators.”

The concern grows amongst Indian security agencies as Google Earth continues to show clear images of strategic Indian sites. People from all around the world can see clear images of Indian Parliament house from all possible angels.

ICrossing Acquires Sharp Analytics

Mar 21, 2007 | 3,082 views | by Navneet Kaushal

ICrossing has officially announced that they will acquire Sharp Analytics, an analytics company, based in Salt Lake City.

Sharp Analytics’s website already says, “Sharp Analytics, a division of iCrossing, bridges the natural gap between decision makers and IT through SharpView™, a full service business intelligence solution. SharpView helps non-technical decision makers to act on accurate and timely information.”

Google India has appointed Shailesh Rao as managing director for, sales and operations in India. Shailesh Rao will reportedly be based in Delhi and manage Google's business and partnerships in India.

"I am extremely pleased and privileged to have the opportunity to take on this new role. This is an exciting time to join Google India. The region is experiencing a tremendous amount of growth, and I am excited that I can help in making an impact," said Shailesh.

News have been circulating that Google is working on a project to create its own global Internet protocol (IP) network.

Last year Times Online formed that:
Google is working on a project to create its own global internet protocol (IP) network, a private alternative to the internet controlled by the search giant, according to sources who are in commercial negotiation with the company.

Yahoo! has confirmed that now Yahoo! OneSearch is available to all US mobile web users. As it was a part of yahoo! Go interface its use was restricted to Yahoo! Go users. Now it is compatible with nearly 85% of mobile phone users with web search in USA