In the latest social networking news Google has now launched an official Facebook App.

google facebook app Googles Unveils Official Facebook App

This special Facebook Apps has been created using Google’s AJAX Search API. With this new application, all your search queries will become part of Facebook's mini-feed and all your web history can be shared with Facebook friends. Anothe page displays popular results sought by other Facebook users.

In a surprising update on Google protecting user information, in Brazil the search giant apparently has refused to divulge details of pedophiliac Orkut users to authorities.

An Associated Press article informs that Brazilian prosecutors say Google has not provided Orkut user information regarding crimes.

"Prosecutor Sergio Gardenghi Suiama said that while Google has eliminated the users from Orkut groups, the company still refuses to release their information so that Brazilian authorities can pursue them.

More News On Yahoo's Video Portal!

Aug 27, 2007 | 2,023 views | by Navneet Kaushal

158632369 6768d2b443 o More News On Yahoos Video Portal!In the beginning of August, we reported that Yahoo! would include videos in Flickr. For news as big as this, ever since there hasn't been many updates or news.

However, on August 23, 2007 in a New York Times article called "Changes to Yahoo Video on the Way" where Mike Folgner, Yahoo! Video's GM and Rebecca Paoletti the director of Yahoo's video strategy mentioned about a number of changes Yahoo! would be bringing before the end of the year.

Google Pushes Tailored Phones To Win Lucrative Ad Market, a WSJ story that broke out in the beginning of August has since then spawned many rumors, the latest being the launch of Gphone (Google Phone) in India.

gphone genuine flickr Gphone (Google Phone) To Hit Indian Markets?Rediff has a report saying:

"Google, the nearly $13.5 billion search engine major, is believed to be a fortnight away from the worldwide launch of its much-awaited Google Phone (Gphone) and has started talks with service providers in India for an exclusive launch on one of their networks."

A post called Update to management of the Microsoft adCenter trademark policy informs that come September 10, 2007 and Microsoft will update the management of the adCenter trademark policy.

  1. "The heart of the trademark policy is unchanged. Microsoft adCenter disallows trademark infringement, and forbids advertisers from bidding on or using trademarked terms in a way that constitutes trademark infringement. Advertisers may not bid on a competitor's trademarked term or use that term in their ad copy. Affiliates and resellers may bid on trademarked terms relevant to the goods, services, or sites that they promote.

ses sanjose 07 Full Coverage And Flashback!: Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2007With all the sessions, people and topics covered, we knew SES, San Jose 2007 would be vast. Proving just this are the coverage of sessions from all over! Hers is the complete list of postings, images, videos ad fun stuff from around the world!

Microsoft Launches Tafiti Search!

Aug 24, 2007 | 2,148 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Microsoft has launched an experimental search front-end site named ''. This new search site uses Silverlight 1.0 to display Windows Live search results, along with Live Search to explore the intersection of richer experiences on the Web and the increasing specialization of search. It gives a search experience that is unlike other interfaces that are currently available on the Web, and the graphics on the home page have a similar look and feel to that of the GUI of Windows Vista.

Some two weeks back, it was announced by the Inside AdWords team that there will be some improvements in the formula used to determine which ads are placed in the top spots above Google search results. Well, the improved version of ‘top spot’ ad placement formula is now live. Inside AdWords are confident that the change will give advertisers “more control” over when their ads achieve top spot. This improvement will also increase the quality of ad results for users.

Below is our coverage of the fourth and last day of Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2007:

In this final day session, search engine experts discussed on important issues related to Analytics.


  • Alex Bennert, Beyond Link


  • Eric Enge, Stone Temple Consulting
  • John Marshall, Market Motive
  • Avinash Kaushik, Occam’s Razor Blog
  • Jonah Stein, Alchemist Media

In the beginning of the session, Alex Bennert, reveals that she has changed the name of the panel from, 'Analyzing the Analytics Partners' to 'Issues in Analytics'.