As mentioned on SEObook, Aaron Wall has an informative cum useful article “Lowering Your Search Rankings for a Keyword That is Getting You in Legal Trouble” where the subject explains it all.

“There are four options which can help get you out of this situation.

1. Work With the Competition: If you have a nepotistic relationship with the competitor and recommend them then perhaps you can both be strengthened as category leaders.

New Tool In AdWords Toolbox!

Jun 13, 2007 | 1,357 views | by Navneet Kaushal

In a Webmasterworld forum called “Adwords Ad Text Ideas Beta”, one user called Mykel79 says he has come across a new tool in the AdWords Toolbox.

Mykel79 explains the latest feature in detail, saying, “The link in the tools is called

"Ad text ideas (beta) "

The process is described as having 3 steps:

"1. Identify your business type

Rand Fish has a very helpful article about “How to Handle a Google Penalty” and many other issues in an interview with Matt Cutts.

If your website has been penalized by Google, here are tips to help you:

  • Confirm whether your website has really been penalized or whether it has only dropped in ranks
  • Check whether your site is still indexed (

Karl Ribas reports about “New Yahoo! Search Result Pages”. Over a month ago, we had posted news about Yahoo's new SERP color.

Though the color may not be an entirely new feature as it has previously been reported too, an additional feature is the small icon of a shopping cart which seems to be a quicker checkout option offered through PayPal.

Over at Yahoo! Search Marketing official blog, Michael Mattis is talking once again about Quality-Based Pricing just a week after his article about how Quality Based Pricing is for Advertisers' gain.

Advertisers may get easily confused between Quality Based Pricing and Quality Index Score, thanks to their similar-sounding names and also for a fact, they have a similar concept, however they are absolutely different and it is easy to demarcate between the two based on Michael Mattis's explanation.

Vanessa Fox in the Google official Webmaster Central Blog announces the introduction of a Paid Links reporting form. This follows after many webmasters asked for a way to report paid links.

More Features In Google Analytics!

Jun 13, 2007 | 4,964 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Responding to much public hue and requests, Google Official blog announces 'New Features Added to Google Analytics'. Here's a quick look of the changes:

  • Hourly Reporting: A feature called "View by: Daily/Hourly" switch has been added through which you can opt whether you want to view your date hourly or daily.
  • Clickable URLs: click straight through to external pages from links referenced in reports.

Will Critchlow reports that "Google AdWords is now incorporating your personal search and click history into the display of adverts".

When one of his clients wondered why their their advert stopped appearing even though they had never accidentally clicked on it, Will had a talk with AdWords' Account Manager,

  • “she told us that there has been a change to the algorithm to take into account

After Google was slapped with a Subpoena from the US Department of Justice Peter Fleischer from Google's Global Privacy Counsel asks, "How long should Google remember searches?".

In response to EU Article 29 Working Party's letter, Google writes that “Retention of logs data is critical to our ability to operate and improve our services, and to provide adequate security for our users, as follows:

On June 1st, we had posted a blog asking whether Smaller Yahoo! Ads would work better.

Michael Mattis writes, "To reiterate, beginning June 20, ads that appear in U.S. Yahoo! Search results with descriptions longer than 70 characters will be cut off (”truncated”) at the nearest complete word, followed by an ellipsis. The optional 190-character long descriptions may still be displayed on some our distribution partners.