Some time back we reported that Yahoo! Update Of Search Index Bags Unfriendly Responses. A recent comment to the Webmaster World thread on Yahoo! Search update suggests that Yahoo! is undoing the update to the way it previously was.

One comment states
Seeing some rollbacks…anyone else?

yahoo mobile search(1) Fast and InfoSpace To Revolutionize Mobile SearchThe Norwegian company Fast and America company InfoSpace have entered into a partnership to prove their worth in the growing mobile search market.

Fast has been one of the premium global search technology company. The company is now set to mark its presence in the mobile search market. Where InfoSpace is a leading mobile media and technology company. Through InfoSpace is better remembered as the company that purchased WebCrawler, MetaCrawler and Dogpile.

Aaron Gets Google To Hear Him

Feb 16, 2007 | 1,118 views | by Navneet Kaushal

Aaron Stanton did the most outrageous thing to get Google to listen to him. Aaron was keen on getting his idea through to Google but he was unable to fix up an appointment. So as told upon his blog CanGoogleHearMe he jumped on a plane to California(without an appointment!). His plan: I don't have an appointment, they don't know I'm coming, and I'm literally going to be showing up at their door and hoping they give me a meeting. And if they don't give me one? Then I'm going to sit in their lobby like a spoiled child in hopes that they'll change their mind. Every once in a while you have to give an idea a shot, or you spend your entire life passing up ideas that seem just beyond your reach.

Aaron was indeed successful in getting David from Google to listen to his product idea. Still don't know whether his idea was approved or rejected. Hope Google does not find more geniuses sitting in their lobby waiting to be heard from now onwards.

Yahoo%20suggestion%20board Yahoo! Faces Criticism For Mimicking Digg Yahoo! Suggestion Board that has a voting feature is criticized for mimicking The users can vote and post comments on various products on this site just like Digg.

Yahoo! Suggestion Board is a community based site initiated to provide consumer reviews and views through the votes and comments. Through this site the development teams of a particular product can interact with users and initiate better customer relations.

Google announced plans to initiate a test of CPC-based ads using site targeting.

Site targeting is a feature that allows advertisers to choose individual sites in the content network where they want their ads to appear. Currently, advertisers using site targeting place bids on a cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) basis. In March, we plan to begin testing a new site targeting feature to increase the flexibility and control advertisers have with site-targeted campaigns: cost-per-click (CPC) bidding.

Google is planning changes for its AdWords Quality Score. First of all, they will let us see the Quality Score. A mail to the same effect was received by Shimon Sandler. The mail read that:

we’re making improvements to the way that we evaluate the Quality Score to set minimum bids for keywords. First, we will be launching an optional Quality Score column to provide you with more transparency into the Quality Score for your keywords. Second, we made improvements to the way that we evaluate the Quality Score for all keywords. This change will allow us to more accurately set minimum bids for keywords where the system does not have a significant amount of data.

Google recently announced that it will be going ahead with personalized search results. There is no need to underestimate the potential of this change. It is really the beginning of a new era in search. What has begun as a default personalized search for every Google account holder can extend up to personalized search for every single browser. There has been criticism of the move from some SEOs saying that Google is becoming the Orwellian Big Brother of the web. Thus Google decides which sites are good for you (Google Search), provides products and services to buy (Google AdWords) and the way to pay (Google Checkout). Now this implies that Google completely dominates the whole process involved in web services.

Search Engine Roundtable has reported the possibility of Google Valentines day update that might take place at various Google data centers.

According to a WebmasterWorld thread there are early signs of updates that might take place:

A well known rank tracking service is showing a huge spike of changes for yesterday.

Vanessa Fox has reported on Official Google Webmaster Central Blog that Google is taking webmaster tools out of beta and allowing webmasters and others to comment on the blog.

google money Google Sets Eye Upon Indian Firms For Investment Google has invested in two early-stage Indian venture capital funds, Seedfund and Erasmic. Google has commented that these funds will help in nurturing, identifying and financing promising startups and help them achieve growth.

Samir Sood, corporate development, South Asia region, Google quoted:
While the rush of large amounts of venture capital into India is well-documented, very little of this trickles down to the really small firms, the early-stage startups. Google’s goal is to close this gap by investing in early stage funds such as Erasmic and Seedfund.