Recently a thread started at Threadwatch points out that Google Adwords Research Tools Aids the Competition.
 “Jeff Staub comments on Google's disturbing use of free keyword tools in determining ads to show in Google results. Essentially, by using their associative tools to research an untapped niche, you tip off Google to fill that niche with related ads, driving up bid prices in previously profitable markets.”

Great Link Building Strategies

Jan 22, 2007 | 1,556 views | by Navneet Kaushal

An article from the Copyblogger about how to get more links to your web page will definitely help liven up your web page by linking it with relevant and authoritative sources

Jennifer Slegg reports on her official blog that It's officially announced that one can now run AdSense on the same page as other contextual ad programs.

Wikipedia has decided to make the external links in the encyclopedia "nofollow" links.

At Jimbo Wales' directive, all external links within the English language Wikipedia are now coded "nofollow" — this should help cut spamming immensely once word gets out in the SEO community.

This was mentioned in the discussion Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard#Globalwarming awareness2007/SEO world championship — expect a spam onslaught.

Google has planned to convert more than a million books and literary materials from the renowned University of Texas which also includes a selection of rare and unique matter from Latin American history. This is a wonderful piece of information for historians all over the world.

It is now in the open that Google has officially selected Lenoir, North Carolina for the site of its $600 million data center.

News Observer reported, Governor Mike Easley has announced that Google has selected the Caldwell County location and will produce about 210 new employment opportunities to the people. It stated that, “Gov. Mike Easley this morning announced that the world's largest search engine company plans to invest as much as $600 million in the Caldwell County community to build a computer data center. It will create as many as 210 jobs over four years.

The Age reported last week that after Google and Microsoft, Belgium's French-speaking newspapers are seeking compensation from Yahoo! over publication of articles from Belgian newspapers on its search engine without any permission.

The Age states, “Copiepresse accuses Yahoo! of violating copyright laws by giving Internet users access to archived newspaper articles which the papers themselves would now charge people to read. While it makes no threats in its letter, Copiepresse could take legal action if it is not satisfied with Yahoo's response.”

SEO Consultants, is already loaded with a massive collection of very helpful web research tools. However, they have something more to offer.

A latest tool URI Valet, is now available, it states, “This is a sneak preview of our NEW URI Valet service. We are currently beta testing and accepting wish lists.” All a user has to do is to submit a web address. In a matter of few seconds one gets a detailed analysis of the URI which includes user agent data, graphical presentations to download time and many more relevant things.

All of us have been indefinitely testing on our websites to increase the conversion rates. Should the background be white or colorful, should the image be a happy face or the company logo – numerous decisions need to be made during these tests. This is where confusion crops. Which test had how much impact has to be measured and tests should not be repeated just because you can't remember which ones are actually done.

Test Sites Of Search Giants

Jan 22, 2007 | 1,694 views | by Navneet Kaushal

All the search engine giants have test sites to test their new features before introducing them to their main search engines. Google's test site SearchMash is loaded with features, such as  video, images, blogs and text results all at the same time. That is it scores over other similar test beds.