Just a few months ago Google had issued warnings to mobile searchers in the US that if they are trying to open a page on their mobile devices which uses flash, it may not work on their phones.

On Oct 7th, Google’s Pierre Far announced on Google+ that the warning is now being rolled out globally along with the language support to ensure that the message is displayed to users in their language.

Keynote Speaker

Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan) – CEO, Owner Media Group

Chris Brogan opened the keynote session on the Wednesday morning with a discussion on spirit and war. Recalling the Spartan war, its training, vigilance, and stacked odds – Brogan also mentioned King Leonidas' quote "Action produces the appetite for more action".

Here's the brief account of Day 1 at Pubcon Las Vegas, 2014 in numbers.

pubcon day #pubcon Las Vegas 2014 Day 1 in Numbers!

Here's the overview of Day 1 at Pubcon Las Vegas, 2014.

  1. The Importance of "Buyer Legends": Keynote by Jeffrey Eisenberg, #pubcon Las Vegas 2014, Day 1!


    Jeffrey Eisenberg @JeffreyGroks

  2. SEO Copywriting Style Guide — Tools & Tricks for SEO Writers: #pubcon Las Vegas, 2014, Day 1!


    Kevin Adams @KevinAdamsPPC


    Mindy Weinstein @mindydweinstein

    Lindsay Mineo @LindsayMineo

This session at Salon D focused on what drives mobile consumers. Lead forms or “know more” buttons are not in keeping with the instantaneous need for gratification characteristic of mobile consumers. Mobile consumers are oriented towards using click-to-call to connect with businesses. This session covers fresh strategies regarding enhancement of mobile search performance through call marketing. The speakers also discussed critical points regarding the actual value of phone transactions and the massive drawbacks of not heeding call analytics which are inbound.

The session focused on providing a detailed overview of the manner in which AdWords auctions actually function and a quick overview of the latest unannounced modifications and changes that have come about. This session was held at Salon F and the speaker also discussed the manner in which Quality Score can be calculated. Finally, he also discussed how to move on and why a low CTR strategy is useless plus how to handle keywords with low CTRs that just refuse to rise.

This session at Salon E focused on an approach to SEO copywriting that understands the difference of each keyword and persona. The speakers emphasized that there was no one-size-fits all type of attitude which could be followed in SEO copywriting in contemporary times. They stressed the importance of delineating the type of content considered natural for the targeted keywords. They also advised that the tone and style of the content plays a massive role in influencing readers to act immediately. The best tools and tricks for the right blueprint for website content creation were also discussed during the session.

After Google, Bing has decided to follow the suite. Bing has introduced a carousel format now that will let you browse the movies that are being played at your nearby theater in the form of a band, called as carousel – right below the search box.

Bing Movie Times Bing Introduces Movies Carousel Format!

Google’s John Mueller in a Google Webmaster Hangout video has said that most probably there won’t be another update to Google Toolbar ever again. Mueller said that they won’t be updating the PageRank at least in the Toolbar PageRank.

Matt Cutts, Google head of search spam had mentioned in October 2013 that there would likely not be another update before the year 2013. Although, just a couple of months later in December 2013, Google had updated its Toolbar PageRank.

Keynote Speaker

Jeffrey Eisenberg @JeffreyGroks – Co-founder FutureNow Inc., Best-selling author

The co-founder of FutureNow Inc. and author of best-sellers "Waiting for you cat to bark?" and "Call-to-Action", Jeffrey Eisenberg was the keynote speaker for Pubcon Tuesday morning.

The keynote focused on:

Buyer Legends

4 Pillars of Amazon's Success

The one hour keynote gave insight to Amazon's secretive business strategies. As told by Jeffrey, the 4 pillars of success are: