Google has asked webmasters if they want the ability to view multiple sites at the same time in Google’s Search Console. If you think it will benefit you, now is the time tell Google.

The search engine has given two examples of how combining the sites might work – an updated console including mobile and international subdomains, or an integrated Search Analytics report using all URL versions of a site (both http and https).

The buyable pins introduced by Pinterest are now accessible to iPad and iPhone users in the U.S. This has provided the marketers with a popular platform to sell their wares. Renowned brands like Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom have joined Pinterest.

Other noteworthy brands that are making use of the buyable pins feature, are the clients of Demandware, like Gardener’s Supply Co. and Michael’s. Shopify stores like Poler Outdoor Stuff and SOBU also add to the list.

Google+ brand posts will find no mention on Knowledge Graph cards now. These will appear just like other social updates in the search results. Google has discontinued the practice of displaying Google+ posts of several brands.

As a Google spokesperson stated, the step was taken to bring in more consistency. However, those who like networking on Google+ need not feel disheartened as posts will still appear within the search results page. It is just that these have been removed from the Knowledge Cards.

Facebook has announced a new addition today. This useful new addition will help the page owners gauge the success of their videos across the custom date ranges.

Earlier, the page admins were only able to track the video metrics on a video-by-video basis. But now, with the introduction of the new “Videos” tab in the page insights, the admins can view the overall performance of all the videos posted across their chosen date range.

Google has expanded the mobile search results carousel to include content from Pinterest, Vine, Houzz and The Food Network, besides the news publisher content.

Google has announced this on Google+ that now you can find this carousel while viewing the Pinterest pins, Vines, Houzz idea books or Food Network recipes. The carousel will let you slide from left to right through the content items under the search result snippets.

Here we come again with our list of this week's best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Have a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

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ptbuzz21 Weekly Infographic: 10 SEO Onpage Optimization Tips!

Your website will always remain incomplete if you are unable to get the basics of On Page SEO right. So, isn’t it better to fully understand how On Page SEO functions and garner relevant traffic to your website.

This is an infographic by QuickSeoResults to make you abreast with 10 SEO On Page optimization tips.

With the addition of an audio icon, Bing has made its homepage more informative.

In addition to watching a video about Bing’s homepage, the users can now also hear more about the theme. For instance, today, Bing’s homepage features the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge. So, when the users will visit their homepage, they get to see a video of geese flying over the park. When the users will click on the audio icon on the bottom-right of the screen, they will get to learn more about the video and also hear the geese calls captured by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

While many brands are experimenting with emojis in everything, from URLs to title tags, Google stuck to its promise to remove emojis from titles in the search results.

Expedia was the first website to start using using emojis in search results in late April. For instance, a search for beach rentals might include a wave emoji. Soon, other brands followed the suit that worried Google, as per May 5th Google Hangout. Webmaster trends analyst, John Mueller announced that Google would be soon removing the emojis. He stuck to his word, and the emojis disappeared this morning.

Twitter has announced that it is beginning to introduce two new features that will make it easier to discover products and places.

twitter product pages 1 Twitter Introduces New Product Pages And Curated Collections!

So, the next time you happen to see a tweet recommendation regarding a product to buy or a place to visit, it may might be embedded with one of these new product and place pages.