It has been easy to measure how Facebook ads are performing on the basis of clicks and likes, but sales could never be figured out. But now, with Facebook’s new tool, one can measure the amount of new business they get from Facebook ads, specially offline, as said in an announcement today.

Google has released a new Search Queries Report Tool in Google Webmaster Tools and they are offering an Alpha preview of the tool to select beta/alpha testers. If you wish to try and test the new Search Queries Report, sign up at this form and Google may select you.

Social Media network is getting stronger day by day. Facebook, the leader in social referral traffic, went up during the fourth quarter of 2014, and now drives a whopping 25% of the web’s traffic, according to a report released by social management firm Shareaholic.

Bing Ads has released a new feature which allows the users to make bid changes and preview in real time if the new bid will increase the performance of their text ad or not. The Ad Preview Diagnostic tool creates easy access to Bing Ad’s new features.

Read further to know about the features and tips on how to use them.

Google, today announced that Google Analytics and AdWords will now be available in same currency language. The change affects advertisers who use a different currency for cost data in AdWords than Analytics.

With this new addition of currency conversion, advertisers will now be able to easily compare cost data from AdWords in Analytics. Google Analytics will automatically convert cost data from AdWords – cost, CPC and ROAS- in the currency that is set in the Analytics account.

SEO Checklist small Weekly Infographic: The SEO Checklist for 2015!

2015 is going to be a big year for Digital. In this ever changing & evolving SEO landscape, we need to have a solid strategy that gives us an edge over the competitors.

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Content Marketing

3 Things Your Arsenal Needs to Manage a Team of Content Creators

Bing Ads has introduced a new feature to the Ad Preview and Diagnostics tool to help advertisers see the estimated impact of bid in real time. If the advertisers’ ads are not being delivered because their bid is too low, an icon indicating more information is available will be displayed next to the message “Bid Too Low” in the Ad preview and diagnostics tool.

BID IMAGE 1 Bing Ads Rolls Out New Bid Preview Tool!

Twitter has announced that it will now offer translations of tweets in over 40 languages. It has been a long running experiment of Twitter with Bing Translator. The feature has been activated for desktop platform and iOS and Android devices. It also remains active on the Windows Phone platform.

Google has incorporated some changes to its Google Trusted Stores Certification program that will make it easier for merchants to earn the badge and help them earn trust of people who shop from Google.

Google first launched its Trusted Stores in 2011. At that point, merchants were required to share data about shipments with Google to participate in the program and they got a badge to display.