Twitter Announces New Message Button!

Aug 25, 2016 | 1,185 views | by Ritu Sharma

Twitter yesterday rolled the new message button for websites. Visitors will now be able to message message the owners of the websites using the button.

In a tweet, they said that this button is now available for all websites.

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Twitter said, “Direct messages are the private side of Twitter, and the message button makes it easy to start a private conversation with you. It works best when your account settings allow you to receive direct messages from anyone, whether or not they follow you.”

Last October Facebook had introduced Slideshow ads on Facebook and Instagram. Slideshow lets advertisers build lightweight videos from a set of photos or a video, easily. Facebook has announced new features to Slideshow ads.

It can get really frustrating when you are searching for something very important on your mobile and you have to deal with intrusive pop-ups. To handle this Google has announced that it will begin to penalize the pages on which the content is not as easily accessible.

Starting Jan 10th, 2017 pages with intrusive interstitials on mobile search results may not rank as highly.

Google has announced that the mobile-friendly label that was introduced two years ago will now be removed to keep search results uncluttered. However the mobile-friendly criteria will remain a ranking signal.

“To keep search results uncluttered, we’ll be removing the label, although the mobile-friendly criteria will continue to be a ranking signal. We’ll continue providing the mobile usability report in Search Console and the mobile-friendly test to help webmasters evaluate the effect of the mobile-friendly signal on their pages.”

Bing Ads has announced the latest version 11.2 for Bing Ads Editor supporting custom ads for native ads, efficiency updates and callout extensions.

Bing said, “Custom ads for Native give advertisers the ability to provide ad copy for Bing Native Ads that is different from their search ad copy. Native ads perform better when they explain benefits and entice users to read more about a product and service, as opposed to a typical call to action in a search ad.”

With over 433 million users LinkedIn has become a hot favorite of content marketers and bloggers who want to drive targeted traffic to their websites. (source)

Being a professional business social network, LinkedIn is the perfect place to promote your blog. Since it's demographics is not too diverse as on other social media networks, you can easily get in front of the right people and pitch the idea that clicks.

A few days ago Google announced that the Keyword Planner will show only limited data to the adverstisers with low monthly spend. However no reason was given for it.

Finally Google has come up with an answer to the question in a Google AdWords Help thread. Google’s CassieH said, that this move was made to to prevent bots and other services from abusing the intended use of Keyword Planner.

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It is important to realize that more and more businesses are going online and understanding the benefits of doing so. With the increase in these number of businesses, one needs to make sure that their SEO is impeccable. It is significant to keep the website in top-shape to stay successful online. A splendid on-page SEO checklist can help the businesses to get rankings and more visitors.

Here is an insightful infographic by AdCom8 on on-page SEO checklist to get more visitors and better rankings.

In an official blogpost Moz announced about focusing their efforts on core SEO like rank tracking, keyword research, local listings, on-page, crawl, duplicate management, and links. In future Moz will not offer Moz Content or Followerwonk.

However, not everything is rosy. Moz has laid off 28% of its staff and surprisingly it’s not just the non search staff. They have killed the entire Moz community team. These are the people facilitating the Moz brand and discussions around search.