Bing is on the verge to broaden its Actions Intelligence by indexing apps based on content to improve its app search results which is often murky.

Bing in a recent blog post encouraged its users to begin its App Links framework to include markup that will allow them to begin cataloging apps by content. Bing will also use Schema action vocabulary to describe the actions an app performs so that users may search apps by content instead of simply searching by name. The changes will support markup for both iOS and Android apps.

search console image 1 Google Launches Search Console   The New Webmaster Tools!

Google has announced the launch of search console that is the new webmaster tools. Google Webmaster Tools, over 10 years, has facilitated its users with enhanced tools and metrics to make websites. Google from last year has been trying to understand the needs and goals of its users to make their product more useful. In order to achieve that, they have “rebranded” webmaster tools.

Google has launched ‘new” traffic alerts for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday in the US. This will help users to estimate delays and provide alternative routing options. Google had been receiving real-time traffic notifications from Waze for some time.

Tweets are now prominently placed in Google’s search results with tweets appearing for trending topics in a new carousel format. Twitter will gain new traffic though it won’t directly earn from the display.

The news has been announced by both Google and Twitter. Google is displaying tweets in a new and more graphical way on mobile devices, and will soon appear on desktop as well. The search engine giant and the social networking site had deal earlier this year to bring more tweets into Google’s search results.

Delhi, May 20, 2015: Digital Vidya, Asia’s leading digital marketing training company today announced the acquisition of Digital Academy India, a leading Indian digital marketing education firm.

Digital Vidya Acquires Digital Academy India 2 Digital Vidya Acquires Digital Academy India to Strengthen its Leadership Position!

Considering the growing importance of digital media and rapid growth of Internet based businesses, digital marketing training industry is poised for growth in 2015.

Time for LinkedIn users to rejoice as the social media site is now offering publishers a full suite of analytics. A robust support system for content will make working in LinkedIn simpler and productive.

The new analytics enables content marketers to dig into demographic data on their readers. They can drill down the data for industries, job titles, locations and traffic sources. Until now, LinkedIn content analytics was limited to a content marketing score for B2B marketers and bit of information on trending content.

Google Buy Buttons could start appearing on select Google mobile search ads in a matter of weeks, embarking the beginning of the speculated morphing of Google Shopping into a marketplace that could prove to be a competitor with Amazon and Ebay.

google mobile friendly site Infographic: 10 Steps To Google Mobile Friendly Site!

Do you know 80% people use mobile for searching and 50% of local searches are carried out on smartphones?

Citysearch and Yext are now partners. This partnership is formed in order to power the listings displayed over at the Citysearch local search directory. So, now when users will try to claim a listing on Citysearch, it will take them to Yext with a pop up message that reads, “Welcome to Yext.”

The message further goes on to read:

infographic1 Weekly Infographic: 3 Places Small Businesses Can Connect with Consumers on Mobile!

It’s time to devise a plan to reach consumers on mobile as majority of them are using mobile devices, otherwise you stand to lose potential and current customers to websites providing better mobile experience.

This is an infographic by ReachLocal illustrating three places where you need to be present on mobile.