Here we come again with our list of this week's best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

top ten digital marketing articles Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 13th January 2017!

SEO Checklist 20172 Weekly Infographic: SEO Checklist 2017!

2017 is going to be a big and important year for Search Engine Optimization. Get your SEO campaign 2017 ready with this checklist by AgentMedia. This insightful infographic shares all that you need to know for a successful SEO campaign in 2017.

Google’s John Mueller has suggested users not to use link operator. Link command could be used to find the pages linking to a URL:

tweet1 Google Kills The Link Command Officially!

Facebook has announced many new features for pages that want to go live. Reportedly, these tools will give publishers more contolr, customization, and flexibility over their broadcasts.

Facebook said, “We are rolling out the ability to go live on Facebook via a web browser to Pages. A variety of broadcast types — like daily vlogs — benefit from an easy, stable camera setup, and bringing Live to laptops and desktops will make this style of broadcasting easier.”

Google’s John Mueller and Gary Illyes have confirmed that intrusive mobile interstitials penalty started rolling out on 10th January 2017. Almost six months ago Google had said it was coming and no it is finally there.

1 Google Rolls Out Mobile Intrusive Interstitials Penalty!

2 Google Rolls Out Mobile Intrusive Interstitials Penalty!

This penalty impacts intrusive interstitials that occur when someone Google’s mobile search to the web page. It has no direct impact on desktop search. Below are the few examples of intrusive mobile interstitials:

Content is an essential component of any marketing plan. Conversely, only a good content strategy will ensure that your marketing plan is successful; a lot of bad content doesn't equal good marketing. Or, it could be that your good content isn't being posted in the right formats or on the right channels. Identifying the reasons why some content performs highly and others do not is helpful in your constant quest to improve audience engagement metrics.

Techcrunch has reported that the board members of Yahoo have decided to rename the company Altaba Inc. CEO Marissa Mayer has resigned.

Techcrunch says that filing with the Security and Exchange Commission confirms the name change and it also indicates that company’s sale to Verizon is moving forward. Verizon will acquire majority of Yahoo’s assets after the sale, and Altaba Inc. will retain a stake of 15% in Alibaba and 35.5% stake in Yahoo Japan.

Google has informed advertisers that call extensions will be automatically added to mobile adds starting from 6th February, 2017. A mail in the regard has been sent to advertisers by Google. Though many advertisers haven’t received the mail.

Google will pick the phone number from the landing pages of the advertisers and use it as the call extension in the mobile ads. Google is making this change on its own on the ground that mobile search may drive more calls to businesses than using only the landing pages.

RankRanger have tweeted that Google is showing rich cards on 10% of all page one SERPs.

RankRanger is a software based tool for tracking Google.

RankRanger tweet1 Google Displaying Rich Cards in Above 10% Of Search Queries!


RankRanger tweet2 Google Displaying Rich Cards in Above 10% Of Search Queries!

Bing has shared insights for the upcoming Valentine’s Day based on last year’s shopping trends and ads performance to help US marketers plan their campaigns for this year. Data says more than half of the American adults celebrate Valentine’s Day and they are spending more money online every year.