Who Is First? MSN Live Tests New Search Interface

Apr 27, 2006 113 readsby Candid SEO

The news is that Google is running an interface test that enables you to search within a site to expand the initial search information. However Nathan Wienberg points out a blog which says that Live.com already has a feature that allows you to search a site in the middle of search results. All you have to do is push the detail slider all the way to the right, a “Search within this site ” button appears, and clicking it reveals a search box in which you can run a site search.

So are both the search engines trying to integrate the same features? I care about just one thing, no matter how detailed the search result gets. Which is that the relevancy ratio should take no negative hit and I should have as many relevant returns per search as now.

Microsoft's Live.com Goes "Local" With It's Search

Apr 24, 2006 113 readsby Navneet Kaushal

It has been noticed that when search word "Local" is typed on MSFT's Live.com, we get the following results:

1. local.google.com
2. local.yahoo.com

Matt Cutts Replies to Google Rankings Related Queries

Apr 24, 2006 116 readsby Candid SEO

Lee Odden of TopRank wrote about his conversations with Matt in which the Google engineer answers queries related to Google's ranking tactics. Lee's queries are as follows-

1. Does Google currently use toolbar data for rankings?
2. What do you see as the pros and cons of using such data for rankings?
3. Can you describe any scenario where information from a downloaded application from Google might be used in some way for ranking web pages?
4. If Google does not employ toolbar or other user data for rankings and another search engine does, could that provide the other search engine an advantage?

Google Tests to Improve User Experience

Apr 24, 2006 113 readsby Candid SEO

The CHI, Computer-Human Interaction Conference is round the corner in Montreal. This is the premier gathering of CHI practitioners. Googlers from different part of the worlsd are going to be there. On the eve of the conference many facts have come out which reflect  Google's keen focus on the user.

Search Index Updated By Yahoo!

Apr 23, 2006 113 readsby Navneet Kaushal

A recent report says that Yahoo! has updated the Yahoo! Web Search index. It was on March 28th when they last updated their index. However, it was conveyed by Yahoo! Product Manager that these updates have been "occurring more frequently; this is the result of improvements to the indexing system." Due to this, you may also experience some changes in the ranking of the pages which were included in the index.

Google Announces First Quarter Results For 2006

Apr 22, 2006 113 readsby Candid SEO

Google has done it again. The first quarter results show that the revenues for the Google reported revenues of $2.25 billion for the quarter ended March 31, 2006. This figure is an increase of 79% compared to the first quarter of 2005 and an increase of 17% compared to the fourth quarter of 2005.

Google Maps is back

Apr 22, 2006 116 readsby Candid SEO

Google does the marketing coup and rebrands Google Local as Google Maps. It was in last October that Google had merged Google Maps with their local search application. The move is in response to Yahoo!'s strenghening the barracks with satelite and fly over photography. Technocrunch has also voted Yahoo! Maps as the best web mapping service.     

Google Introduces New Features In Google Scholar

Apr 20, 2006 113 readsby Navneet Kaushal

Google has introduced new features in Google Scholar. This new feature will be responsible for the ranking of scholary papers and information. This sounds pretty interesting. The main purpose to introduce this feature is to provide convenient methods for the researchers, so that they keep themselves updated with the recent research.

From official Google Blog:

Google To Launch "Search This Site" Feature Soon

Apr 20, 2006 113 readsby Navneet Kaushal

The news has been in the air for quite some time now that Google is launching it's "Search This Site" feature soon. This particular feature will allow you to find new search features within its search results. In the past few weeks all the major search engines are undergoing a redesigning process. For example, Yahoo! is redesigning it's homepage, while Microsoft is busy to improve Windows Live. And if these two are busy making enhancements in their search engines then how can Google lag behind. So probably, by introducing "Search This Site" feature, Google is just wanting to be one step ahead from it's competitors. 
Not a bad idea at all Google!

Research Shows Lower Click Fraud Rates

Apr 20, 2006 113 readsby Candid SEO

According to a report by Click Fraud Index, Click Fraud rate is actually lower than the widely assumed level of 20% to 30%. The report shows that the average overall Click Fraud rate is 13.7 percent.

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