Google And Catawba County School Fiasco

Jun 28, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

Google has got into trouble every now and then. From U.S. Congress to Kindergarten, Google had to resolve quite a few isues, some serious, some absolutely silly. The latest one in the series concerns Catawba County Schools. They accuse Google of getting hold of information that they should not have and posted it on the interweb. This included social security numbers as well as test scores of 619 students. The classified information, which required a username and password to access, was still available online even after the schools removed them.

Cost-Per-Keyword Drops In Q1

Jun 28, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

According to DoubleClick's most recent quarterly report about search pricing the price of purchasing keywords has fallen dramatically in the last quarter.

The "cost-per-keyword" stood high at $59 last December. During the first quarter it has dropped to $30. The combination of cost-per-click with the volume of clicks was tried to arrive at the average cost to a marketer of purchasing a keyword for the entire month.

More on Google GBuy

Jun 28, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

The news that Google would launch a payment system that would rival PayPal has been floating around for some time now. The Wall Street Journal has lately reported a few details on GBuy, as it is known.

Microsoft Promotes adCenter

Jun 27, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

Microsoft has a full-page color ad in this morning's New York Times to promote Microsoft adCenter, Microsoft's PPC engine. The ad has a link to  The ad reportedly reads "She found your furniture ad on Google." Then there is an "image is a little girl and her dollhouse." The ad continues by explaining the difference between a customer and a click. The ad also touts a "2006 study by WebSideStory shows that Microsoft adCenter converts customers at a rate that is 48% higher than Yahoo! and a full 57% higher than Google."

Google Opening Middle East Office in Egypt

Jun 26, 2006 114 reads by Candid SEO

Google is going to base their Middle East marketing & sales operations in Cairo. This is in addition to the Research and Development Lab in Israel. Many in the middle east expected the office to come up in Dubai but Google has decided to surprise. Angelo Embuldeniya gives some evidence to support the assumption-

Google Sitemaps Update

Jun 23, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

Google Sitemap has recently added a raft of new features for Google Sitemaps. This is just the latest in a long line of recent additions, including:

  • robots.txt analysis tool
  • quick snapshot of the status of your site in the index, notification of violations of the webmaster guidelines and an easy-to-use re-inclusion request form (here)
  • comprehensive webmaster help center

New Google Analytics blog

Jun 23, 2006 114 reads by Candid SEO

Previously you used Google Analytics to track your account performance. According to Jeff, from the Google Analytics team-

As you may have found, Google Analytics can improve the performance of your account by helping you optimize your AdWords campaigns and showing you what aspects of your site are providing the most traffic and highest conversion rates.

Google AdSense Tests CPA Ads, Commission Based Ads

Jun 22, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

Philipp Lenssen reported in his blog that some AdSense publishers were invited to partake in AdSense ads that pay based on action, like an affiliate network. These CPA (cost per action) ads do not compete with the contextual network, they run on a separate network named the Content Referral network.

Revisions to the AdWords API Beta Program Delayed

Jun 22, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

Google has delayed the declared period for clients to adapt their business models and products to the pending AdWords API Beta Program revisions. This is due to the fact that many businesses work on a quarterly billing cycle. The revision period has been extended by a year. Therefore, the new pricing model will launch on October 1, 2006, and the new registration pages and new Terms and Conditions will be posted in August.

Adobe and Google team up for Toolbar

Jun 21, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

Starting today, Adobe is offering the Google Toolbar to its customers as a free download. So you can access Google search capabilities from any website, block pop-ups, see search suggestions as you type, personalize your toolbar by adding buttons from your favorite sites, and more.

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