MSN AdCenter All Set To Compete With Google AdWords & Yahoo! Search Marketing

May 5, 2006 113 readsby Candid SEO

It is said that Microsoft’s AdCenter will be officially launched today. As compared to Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft's Adcenter comes with some unique features. It promises to provide you with more specific targets.

The advertisers can explore an entire new world of opportunities to expand their businesses in the online world. Further more, you can also select the kind of ad you want to show it to the audience who perform extensive searches using your keywords. Infact they particularly fit the targeting criteria you choose like:

MSN adCenter Launched Officially-This Time Under The Name "Microsoft Adcenter"

May 4, 2006 113 readsby Candid SEO

According to the studies done by the resources, MSN adcenter which was on the pilot mode since last mid-October has been launched officially today. The statement was confirmed by Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer at thursday's MSN Strategic Acoount Summit.  That simply is a good news.

Google Health To Launch Next Week?

May 3, 2006 114 readsby Navneet Kaushal

A study done by USA Today blog entry says that may be Google is on the verge of introducing Google Health next week. The satement was made by Marissa Mayer of Google. Marissa, further conveyed that "Health is an interesting one– keep your eye out for that next week." Earlier, stories erupted that Google is working on a health search product since last month. May be Google Health is an effort regarding the same project the team at Google was working upon.

CEO Of Lanzone Shares Views With Elinor Mills

May 3, 2006 113 readsby Navneet Kaushal

Jim Lanzone recently appeared for an interview with Elinor Mills of CNET’s The journalist has published's new CEO Jim Lanzone's interview. Lanzone is said to be the main person behind the transformation of Ask Jeeves into The new CEO took his charge after the departure of former CEO Steve Berkovitz. Steve currently joined Microsoft's Online Buisness Group which acts as a support division that also includes, MSN Adcenter, MSNTV and Windows Live.

Bill Slawski Emphasize On The Improvement Of Wikipedia On Search Engine Optimization

May 3, 2006 113 readsby Navneet Kaushal

A recent article by Bill Slawski says that Wikipedia should undergo changes regarding it's page for Search Engine Optimization. The write up has been posted in his SEO by the SEA blog. The write up emphasize on the fact that Wikipedia should  improve the page which is rather simplistic and non-optimally informed. 

Here is some information from Bill’s post:

Statements like this one really need to be changed:

Google's New Method For Verifying Site Ownership

May 3, 2006 113 readsby Candid SEO

Google has added a new option for verifying site ownership. The new method requires you to place a specific <meta> tag in the source code of your home page. As per Vanessa Fox of Google Engineering, many features are available only to site owners only.  At least , as per now.

Sphere Blog Search Engine Launched

May 3, 2006 113 readsby Navneet Kaushal

The much awaited Sphere Blog Search Engine is launched. With all the secret beta testing going on for months the search engine now becomes live for all. This new Sphere Blog Search Engine has been launched to cover an enormous amount of fanfare. Several critics such as Steve Rubel, Michael Arington, and Chris Sherman  who is less of a blogger and more of an expert gave different views on the launch of the new blog search engine. Amongst their reviews, the best review was found to be posted by Graywolf at the Wolf-Howl who also displayed some of the interesting screen shots of the Sphere Blog Search Engine.

MSN Tops Search Relevancy Study

May 3, 2006 113 readsby Candid SEO

According to a study by Intralink, a Cincinnati web marketing research, search engine optimization and consulting firm, MSN provides the most relevant search results as compared to other search engines. In total five factors were considered, which are relevancy, freshness of content, failure rate, difficult search results, and non-organic or extra features. Difficult search queries as “car dealer fargo north dakota” were tried.

Google to Host Annual Stockholders Meeting

May 3, 2006 1104 readsby Candid SEO

Google has announced the date for its annual stockholders meeting. The meeting is scheduled on Thursday, May 11, 2006 in Mountain View, California. The meeting will begin at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time at Google headquarters.

You can access live webcast of the meeting at The webcast will be available for two weeks after which the link will be available from the webcast archive at Comes Out With Physical Maps Views

May 2, 2006 113 readsby Navneet Kaushal

Recent reports say that  launched a new look of the Maps. Gary Price, who is working at confirmed in his statement regarding the matter. This new feature will be named as "physical"and would be displayed in illustration the physical features of an area. Quite interesting…isn't it. It is surely different from the satellite imagery, where real pictures of the land, physical views are just mere illustrations. However, the feature does not work well in Safari for Mac and is only available for level 7 zoom or higher.

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