MSN Local Arrives With Send To Mobile Phone Feature

Apr 1, 2006 113 readsby Candid SEO

Russell Beattie reports that MSN local has added "Send To Mobile" feature. This feature has been added to your business listing. With the help of this feature you can send the search results to your mobile phone right from the Web page. MSN is quite late on this as Yahoo! has launched almost same feature, "Send to Phone feature Yahoo!" a year ago.

Yahoo! May Be Facing Suit Over Chinese Journalist

Apr 1, 2006 113 readsby Candid SEO

Yahoo! may face legal action by the family of Shi Tao, a Chinese journalist. Tao has been accused of leaking confidential government information to others via his Yahoo! Mail account. Tao's family said that he has been jailed for ten years for leaking these secrets. Yahoo! Mail had to surrender all the email records of Shi Tao to the Chinese authorities because mail servers come under Chinese jurisdiction. Tao had distributed a confidential Chinese government order even after he received a prior warning by the government.
Zhang Yu, representing the family of Shi Tao told Forbes that they were considering taking Yahoo! Hong Kong Holdings to court either here or in the United States.
'We believe what (Yahoo!) did was illegal so we are considering taking Yahoo! to court,' Zhang told reporters, adding that Yahoo! had refused to discuss the matter with him.
Pro-democracy legislator and lawyer Albert Ho showed a copy of the court verdict issued by a court in the central Chinese province of Hunan.
The document said: 'Yahoo! Hong Kong Holdings provided materials that confirmed the user's information.' It also gave the IP address of Shi's computer and his work phone number and address.

See Your Company On Google Finance Page

Mar 31, 2006 113 readsby Candid SEO

Seth Finkelstein offers a few methods by which you can increase your chances of showing up for a stock search in the blog post section of Google Finance. Nothing much to do, just use the full name of your company in your blog title and next time see your company included on the page.

Google Keyword Trademark Violation Case To Proceed

Mar 30, 2006 114 readsby Candid SEO

Edina Realty sued real estate company This company has been accused of false advertising, violation of trademark rules and trademark infusion.  According to the suit, MLS used "Edina Realty" in search terms purchased on Google and Yahoo, in the text of the MLS ads that appeared on the two search sites and in hidden links and text on the MLS Web site.
According to a ruling issued last week by the U.S. District Court in Minnesota the evidence of actual trademark dilution has not been provided in the cast. However, the case could go to trial because there were disputes on material facts with regard to whether the use of the trademark was causing confusion among consumers.
Eric Goldman, assistant professor of law at Marquette University Law School said "This case offers the first solid data point (in the U.S.) that buying competitors' trademarks as keywords…could constitute trademark infringement." Eric further added, "This ruling puts increased pressure on Google’s policy not to block competitor keyword ad purchases. Now that Yahoo blocks these purchases, Google effectively stands alone in the industry, so it lacks any cover provided by prevailing industry standards. More importantly, Google's position has just become legally riskier. To the extent that competitors' ad purchases constitute direct trademark infringement, Google may face an elevated risk of being deemed a contributory infringer."
By suing for violation of trademark rules and trademark dilution, Edina Realty has become the first to file such a case.

Google Trapped In Piracy Business

Mar 30, 2006 113 readsby Navneet Kaushal

Allegations has been raised on world's number one search engine, Google for being the "biggest threat to genetic privacy" because of its plans to create a searchable database of genetic information.

Google Shares Drop Down After An Increase

Mar 30, 2006 113 readsby Navneet Kaushal

The recent news of the search engine market which has come up today is that Google's Shares dropped after a tremendous increase in their value. Don't be surprised. This happened due to an overwhelming American response in the search engine advertising and information company regarding AOL's and Verizon's collaboration with each other.

Show Me The Money, Google!

Mar 30, 2006 113 readsby Navneet Kaushal

A poll conducted by DigitalPoint on its members found some interesting results. It found that more than 35% of Google AdSense publishers spend less than two hours on campaigns.

This time period covers advertising time, content writing, coding and account management. Currently only 48 members are polled but hopefully in future, this poll would cover rest of the members.

Here is the break down.

Google AdSense Added German Language Support Blog

Mar 30, 2006 114 readsby Candid SEO

The Google AdSense Blog confirmed the launch of the Inside AdSense German Blog. Finally, this step has been taken as German language is frequently used for the AdSense product. This development would enable the AdSense to support German market in a better way.

Here is their first post:

Yahoo! Japan All Set To Buy Japan Net Bank

Mar 30, 2006 115 readsby Candid SEO

It has been reported that Yahoo! Japan is ready to close a deal with Japan Net Bank  which is owned by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.

Yahoo! Japan is looking forward to by a 57 percent stake in Japan Net Bank. This step has been taken to enhance its ability to make its offer payment services more convenient for its online auctions and shopping services.

Google and Ask Are Clear Winners

Mar 29, 2006 113 readsby Candid SEO

John Battelle released the Bear Stearns report on search engines usages. The report presents a comprehensive view of the trends which shows that Google and Ask are leading the way among search engines.
"Year-over-year, Google and Ask showed strong search query gain of 29.4% and 27.9%, respectively, while the other search providers in the top five declined. On a sequential basis, Google and Ask also showed the highest growth at 8.3% and 14.6% respectively."
The Google part is obvious, but the real surprising element is the inclusion of Ask. Seems as if Jeeves was sitting too heavy on its shoulders.

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