Google Experiment's With New Search Results Design

Mar 28, 2006 113 reads by Navneet Kaushal

The new search results design that has been tested by Google is the hottest news which is revolving all over the blogosphere for the past two days. The response over the matter is tremendous with enormous amount of comments being posted by people from all across the world. The effort by Philip Lenssen is appreciated as he provided a javascript to the users, the usage of which would make you view the Google "green bars" layout experiment.

Highest Paying Google AdSense Term List Released

Mar 28, 2006 115 reads by Navneet Kaushal

A recent study by Cyberwyre has put forward a list of Top 230 highest paying Google Adsense terms, which would now either be hiring a lawyer or refinancing from home. Other terms which would be on the Top 230 blog spam subject list are "tax attorney," "DUI,"  "Consolidate  loans,"  "refinancing  mortgage,"  "mesothelioma  lawyers,"  &  "peritoneal  mesothelioma."

New Orleans Businesses get a lift from Yahoo’s Free Training

Mar 28, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO
Yahoo! is all set to provide free training to the New Orleans businesses. It has been confirmed by Yahoo! that next month a team from Yahoo! will be heading to New Orleans. All the small business owners, web developers and marketers intersted in search marketing are invited to get the free tips and advice.
The event is rightly titled "Back in Business." Here is what Yahoo! has quoted about this wholesome effort:
Yahoo! Small Business is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we are committed to helping your business—and others throughout the Gulf Coast—get back on your feet. And on Friday, April 7, we’re putting our people where our passion is. Yahoo! employees from around the country will be on hand to get your business set up online. You’ll be eligible for up to $1500 worth of free online services. We’ll help you create a web site, build e-commerce offerings, and launch search advertising programs to promote your products and services on the Web. As an Internet company, we see a world of opportunity online. But we’re also a people company, and we believe nothing can match the power of people working together.
It will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel on Friday, April 9th from 9am to 5pm. This event is held to teach all the attendees about web development, e-commerce and search advertising. To be there, just register online.

New Tools in Yahoo! Toolbar

Mar 27, 2006 114 reads by Candid SEO

Yahoo! has announced that they have added some new tools to the Yahoo! Toolbar, including a button. With this initiative, bookmarks and tagging wouldn't remain available to the tech crowd only. Now, the common man can avail bookmarks and tagging with the help of this new Yahoo! Toolbar.

According to Yahoo! search blog:

Vim Author Hired By Google

Mar 27, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

Bram Moolenaar, founder of the Linux text editor Vim (Vi Improved ) will now work at Google Zurich. The announcement was made last Friday in the Vimannounce Yahoo! Group. In the past several years quite a lot people sponsored his work on Vim. With version 7 on the verge of completion, and the soon to start beta testing, Bram thanked his team members without whose support he wouldn't have succeeded.

Google Goes Red-Targets Marxist Parody Site

Mar 25, 2006 113 reads by PageTraffic

A Marxist parody site The People's Cube has said to be trashed from Google's index. It was noticed last week when a blog named as Little Green Footballs made some controversial statements regarding the issue. The matter made many of them to supress a comedic view of marxism.

Google's New GeoAds Beta Rocks!

Mar 25, 2006 114 reads by PageTraffic

Google comes with an entirely new concept of testing Google Local ads by inserting coffee icons in the Google Maps for some Google Local searches. This is termed as Google GeoAds beta which is out for less than two weeks now. This can be explained in a detailed manner, for example, if you search on booksellers nyc at Google Local, you will come across small coffee icons which will show you the "sponsored listings" for Barnes and Noble when you click on these icons. To view more details on the scintillating feature, visit Shimon Sandler's website.

Yahoo! Japan Buys Toshiba's Online News Search Units

Mar 24, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO
Forbes confirmed that Yahoo! Japan agrees to buy the new search and clipping service NewsWatch, Inc. from Toshiba. With this deal, Yahoo! Japan would acquire 69 percent of the 89 percent Toshiba's share in NewsWatch.
Besides this, other NewsWatch investors are Dentsu Inc, Toppan Printing Co Ltd, and Mitsui and Co.
This is second major deal by Yahoo! Japan firm. Recently, Yahoo! Japan's parent company Softbank bought the Japanese leg of Vodafone. This aquisition would bring some intersting initiatives and innovative mobile search in the Japanese search market from Yahoo! & Vodafone.

Yahoo!, DMOZ, Best For Link Popularity

Mar 24, 2006 114 reads by PageTraffic

A recent article on the Link Popularity stated that established sites should construct more effective and efficient link popularity. The article published by Rob Sullivan, emphasized on the fact that three places prove to be the most efficient where your business site can be listed and would function authoritatively right from its start and probably result in its rapid PageRank 4. However, an elaborated discussion on link popularity can be read on text link

Google's "BIG DADDY" Bids Goodbye

Mar 24, 2006 113 reads by PageTraffic

Another few weeks left for the Big Daddy process to come to an end. With just 1-2 data centers left in the switchover process, this software upgradation of Google infrastructure will take a back seat after a while. So, just stay calm even if you get stuck in the Big Daddy's network. For a detailed study on Big Daddy updating procedure you can also visit Searchengine Watch blog. The change has been brought about to bring in enhancements in the core search quality of Google for future months. The new improved functionality would include smarter redirect handling, improved canonicalization and so forth. However, if you think all this is done with just a blink of an eye, you are mistaken. The personnels at Google have worked hard for the almost done Big Daddy status. Hats off to them!

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