Bing Ads debuted Enhanced Sitelinks in the US last year in September. With the promise of rolling it out worldwide, Bing Ads has made Enhanced Sitelinks available to nearly all supported markets and languages globally. Bing Ads will be soon launching the same in the remaining markets which are Hong Kong and Taiwan.

According to the survey conducted by the 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer, Google (search engine) has taken over traditional media as the most trusted source of news on global level. Last year they were behind, but now they have stooped ahead of traditional media. This “trust gap” is most evident among Millennials, according to early release data seen by Quartz.

Image 11 Google Leaves Traditional Media Behind to Become Most Trusted News Source

Google announced to its audience in Lisbon that it will limit right to be forgotten requests to Europe for now, as they would like to keep it as local as possible. Google offered right to be forgotten ever since the European Court of Justice ruled that it should. Google has done this with obvious reluctance and has regularly thrown up the system for debate.

Google is dispatching mass scale warnings to non-mobile friendly websites, indicating that new mobile algorithm may be coming soon. As revealed by Search Engine Roundtable, the notifications are sent through email and webmaster tools warning sites that their incompatibility with mobiles will cause ranking issues for them.

infographic small Infographic: Integrating Mobile Channels For Smarter SEO!

Smartphones have made it possible to do every transaction online. Smartphones and tablets compete with laptops and desktops as the primary media channel to get information. Marketers need to integrate mobile channels into the mix. It is important that digital marketers learn more about mobile marketing before kickstarting their campaign.

About 25% of all searches done on Google may display a knowledge graph related answer or box, according to Steven Levy, an American journalist who has been researching Google’s organic search. He eked out the information from the interviews he conducted with the the key players and decision makers on the Google search team.

Google appears comfortable with a ballpark estimate of about 25 percent evoking a Knowledge Graph answer, but won’t say it officially.

Creating content for SEO isn't a new concept for marketers. They have been doing this for years. However, the scenario has rather changed.

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The new lane guidance feature on Google Maps for Android and iOS is sure to make life easier for drivers on the road.They need not switch lanes at the last minute to make exit.

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A research report released by The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) drops hints to marketers to accord as much value to mobile search as to the apps. The report has highlighted the often underrated importance of the mobile web.

mobile websites 54 Percent Mobile Users Rely on Search to Find Mobile Content   IAB Report

While survey respondents perceived themselves to be using the mobile web and apps equally, comScore data suggested otherwise. According to the measurement metrics, mobile users spend 88 percent of their time in apps.