In a new article on Think with Google, Matt Lawson- director of search ads marketing in Google, says, "We want things right, and we want things right away. As a result, the consumer journey looks markedly different than it did just five years ago. Instead of a few moments of truth, it’s a series of 'micro-moments' when we turn to mobile to act on a need."

In May 2013, Google introduced a brand new version of Google maps that officially replaced the old version 9 months later. The old version was still available to many users who were using old browsers such as IE 8 or 9. But now, even for the older browsers, Google will be dropping the old version of Google Maps for a new and improved “Lite Mode.”

Facebook advertisers reached more customers per ad and paid less for each click in the first quarter of 2015, reveals the advertising automation software provider Nanigans’ Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report.

Nanigans’ customers had a 0.81% click-through rate in the first quarter, up 17% over Q4 of 2014 and 260% over this time last year. On the other hand, CTR increased 12% QoQ and 281% YoY.

Google announced on Google+ that soon they will be rolling out new reporting tools. They would be launched over the next few weeks, making it easier to report across multiple campaign types. Google said this should make it easier for the multi-channel advertisers to “more easily manage their reporting and find the insights that matter most to them."

With these three new reporting features include:-

Now Bing will also start labelling mobile-ready web pages as mobile friendly on mobile devices, similar to Google.

Officially Google launched the mobile-friendly label last November, and all of us know that the mobile friendly algorithm is coming to Google in about a week. Bing did write on the importance of mobile back in November 2014, but then at that point of time there were no mobile friendly labels in the mobile Bing search results.

Bing announced that they have redesigned their home page for mobile users totally. This redesigning is available for mobile users on iPhone and Android devices. Bing calls this as a “significant redesign of their mobile home page.

Except for the quick searching capability, the interface is now swipable up and down, as you swipe, you will be able to see the home page image details, “the popular now” topics and access to your Bing accounts, rewards summary and more.

Bing image search would be updated, thanks to the certain improvements initiated by Microsoft. This will offer additional functionality beyond just helping users find photos. After searching for and clicking on a photo in Bing, users will see addition options. This includes the option to view higher resolution versions of the image, or to visit a product page to buy what is featured in the image.

mobile opportunity infographic2 Weekly Infographic: 7 reasons why small business owners need mobile websites now!

Everybody, everywhere is going mobile. So why should your thought and approach be primitive? Currently a whooping amount of 100 million people in the US are using smartphones. So the search rate through mobile devices is increasing.

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Bing Places adds a number of new, agency friendly tools for local SEO consultants and agencies to manage business listing for clients. According to Bing’s announcement, the first step is for consultants to register as an agency at