Structured data markup helps in better discovery of content in search results and across Google properties. Google has announced several updates that will help webmasters author & publish markup on website.

New Structured Data Testing Tool

It will better reflect how Google interprets structured data markup of a web page.

Tool Google Introduces New Structured Data Testing Tool, Improves Document, and More

Here are the features of the tool:

Google is asking webmasters for suggestions, feedback, and ideas to make Webmaster Tools and Google Web Search better. In a Google+ post, the Google Webmaster team asked:

"What would you like to see from Google Websearch & Webmaster Tools in 2015".

Webmasters can submit their feedback via Google Moderator as well as vote for ideas submitted by others.

Visit this link, to submit or vote for feedback.

Google updates Maps app, giving more control to business owners and an efficient restaurant search & sharable directions experience to the users.

The updated Android app will let business owners claim listing pages in order to manage their information on Maps. Google has also made it easier to target the restaurants on the basis of the cuisine type in the iOS app update.

In its first newsletter sent via new Google News Publisher Center, Google has announced that publishers can now host images off their website domain. All these images will be crawled, indexed, and used in Google News search results, as revealed by Search Engine Land who spotted the newsletter.

Here's what Google said:

In the past, if your images were hosted off your website’s domain, it was very unlikely we’d crawl them for Google News.

Facebook has launched its new iOS and Android apps named "Facebook At Work". Along with this, it has launched another version of the app that is accessible via its main website, which will let the businesses create their own social networks amongst employees. These networks are built to look & act like Facebook.

For those who love to travel and shop around for great deals, Google has introduced Flight Search that will offer inspiration & help in finding the best flights available. You can directly search for flights within Google or access to find, compare, and book flights from mobile device, desktop or tablet.

Google 1 Google Introduces Flight Search to Help Travelers Find Best Flights Available in India!

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According to a new research by Pew Research Center 52 percent of the online adults are accessing two or more social networks. Also, it is revealed that the number of Facebook users using combination of Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest have increased considerably since August 2013.

Pew 1 52% of Online Adults Access Two or More Social Networks!

Here’s more from Pew on the research:

John Mueller from Google has posted a heads up to the websites implementing hreflang for international support, that they should implement rel=canonical properly or it will appear as if none of the markup is there.

Here's what he actually posted:

For those of you using hreflang for international pages: Make sure any rel=canonical you specify matches one of the URLs you use for the hreflang pairs. If the specified canonical URL is not a part of the hreflang pairs, then the hreflang markup will be ignored.

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Click-through rate can be used to measure the performance of keywords and ads. It is a ratio that shows how often people who are seeing your ad or URL end up clicking on it.

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