Google announced the release of a whitepaper called “Settling the (Quality) Score” to help advertisers use Quality Score for guiding optimizations. Google says, the resource will be helpful to better understand the usefulness of Quality Score and how it reflects your ad quality. There have been several debates in the past regarding the role of Quality Score in indicating the success of Google AdWords campaign and the amount of focus given to it.

Facebook has improved the way it ranks videos uploaded directly to Facebook by individuals and Pages. The social media giant said, twice as many users are watching videos in their news feed as compared to the number just six months ago. So, it is amending video rankings to make sure relevant videos appear more prominently in News Feed.

Wish to order from a local restaurant and the phone’s battery has drained out? Now Google has a solution to it. The search engine giant has launched a new feature in its knowledge graph, allowing users to make free calls to any business from their desktop browser via Google Hangouts.

A recent study by SearchMetrics, shows how Google is integrating Universal Search results in its web search listings. Universal Search refers to the enhancement of organic search results with additional media from Google Images, Google Videos, Google Maps or Google News. The study reveals, in 2013 Google served Universal Search results for 81% of all searches.

Universal Search Infographic Google Delivers Universal Search Results for 81% of All Search Results, Confirms SearchMetrics Study!
Source: SearchMetrics

Here are some key takeaways from the study:

Looking for an easy and quick way to listen to your favorite artist or band? Google has updated the mobile search feature for musical artists, groups and bands with direct links to music apps. Now, when users search for a particular musician or band, they will be able to play the music in any app of their choice by just clicking on a link in the search results. The new feature is only available on android devices in the U.S.

Earlier in March, Bing launched the Bid Landscape tool to allow advertisers to understand the changes that come up as a result of changing keyword bids. Now, the search engine has announced it is expanding the tool to support ad group level too. Currently the new feature is available only in the US but will soon be available to countries worldwide.

What is Ad Group Level Bid Landscape?

Facebook has announced it will be rolling out the redesigned look for right hand column ads early next week. The social media giant has also mentioned with the changes in the design of the right column ads, advertisers should be ready to pay a higher price. Facebook originally announced about the redesigning of the right column ads early in April to give advertisers a more creative platform and provide Facebook users a better experience.

Did you know in just 60 seconds, 243,055 photos are uploaded on Facebook, 100,000 friend requests sent across the globe, 13,888 apps installed, 3,298,611 items shared, 50,000 links posted and 15,277,777 like and share buttons viewed on other websites.

Today’s infographic by SumoCoupon reveals how much information is generated and shared on Facebook in one minute. To know what else can happen on Facebook in just one minute have a look at the infographic below:

Google has updated the Google Shopping Products Feed Specification to make the organizing of product data more flexible and allow merchants to engage with more customers. The overhauled feed specification will be rolled out globally on September 30, but merchants can submit the new attributes immediately. The updates include:

  • Mobile landing page URLs can be submitted separately through the mobile link attribute to ensure mobile users are directed to mobile landing pages.

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