and Forrester Research recently published a study which reveals that search marketing including paid and SEO was the most effective customer acquisition tactic for 85% retailers surveyed. According to the research, paid search was the channel most heavily invested in.

state of retailing online 2014 Search Marketing the Most Effective Customer Acquisition Tactic for 85% Retailers, According to Survey!

According to 75% survey respondents PPC drove more revenue in 2013 than 2012. 19 % respondents said that paid search accounted for over 50% of their marketing budgets.

People create, share and exchange information on social media networks. Statistics and trends reveal 43% users share pictures on social media networks. 84% users share information because it is a way to support causes and issues they care about. Each day, 4.75 billion items are shared on Facebook.

what people share1 Weekly Infographic: Why, What and How People Share on Social Media Networks?

We have come up with a list of some of the most informative and interesting articles we found across the web this week. Go through them and explore some of the most useful ones across content marketing, search engine optimization, link building, social media and email marketing.

Content Marketing

It’s official now, Google has announced on Google+ that users can now add calendar events and reminders to their Google Calendar by merely doing a search in Google through a desktop or mobile device.

Users can avoid last minute rush before heading out of town. For example if you are going to Santa Cruz and need to buy a sunscreen, you can just type” remind me to buy sunscreen when I get to Santa Cruz” in +Google Chrome to receive a reminder when you reach Santa Cruz.

The local social networking site, Foursquare has announced a few changes that include a new logo, a new look and most significantly a new feature, personalized local search which will be the core focus of their business. Foursquare contends that local search doesn’t “get” its users., thus all users get the same result when conducting a local search in a particular area. The new version of Foursquare will match up users with a local embellishment that suits their requirements.

The market research company for search engine advertisers, AdGooroo, has published a report titled “ The Luxury Market and Paid Search” that has analyzed the paid search activity by luxury brands and retailers in the U.S. across five categories namely beauty & cosmetics, apparel, handbags, shoes and watches. Within the above mentioned categories, Top 10 Luxury Brands by paid search spending, Share of Voice based on paid search impressions, Top 10 Retailers by paid search spending and Retailers Sponsoring Branded Keywords of the top 10 brands were examined.

Bing has recently announced to make the Insertion Order management available online. You can now use Bing Ads Insertion Orders as well as create and manage them online. There is no need to rely on email or fax any more. The new online work flow makes the billing process way easier and faster than before.

Insertion Order Online Bing Online Insertion Orders now Available on Bing!

How does it Work?

Google Maps already provides sufficient information about nearby stores when you are looking for them. Today Google announced to show an enlarged view of the ads of local stores including links to contact those shops via phone. This change will make it easier for users to view and connect with the businesses they want.

google maps store listings Now Get an Enlarged View of Ads of your Nearby Local Stores on Google Maps!

It is finally here, Google Maps via a blog post announced the launch of its Hindi version on Tuesday. The search engine giant informed that the Hindi version will be available on desktop as well as Android devices of versions 4.3 and above. Hindi speakers will now be able to see the names of cities, important roads, localities, routes along with schools and public parks in Hindi. Now, if a user searches for Qutub Minar in Delhi or The Taj Mahal in Agra in Google Maps, the names will be displayed both in Hindi and English.

Google announced on Google+, Analytics now has a new reporting section in the AdWords menu: Display Targeting. In the Display Targeting section you can see the performance data regarding what happens when users click on the ads running on the Google Display Network.

Display Targeting Reports Display Targeting Reports Now Available in Google Analytics!