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In July 2016, Dr. Peter Meyers of Moz reported that 30%of Page 1 Google results were secure(HTTPS). The number has risen to 50% this week, says another Moz report.

Half of Page-1 Google Results Are Now HTTPS: Moz

Dr. Myers goes on to say that this rise is more due to steady adoption of HTTPS by the website owners and not the result of any algorithmic update.

This was further confirmed by Rank Ranger:

Half of Page-1 Google Results Are Now HTTPS: Moz

Analyzing the stable trend line suggests that HTTPS could hit about 65% of page-1 results by the end of this year. This is however is an informed guess and various events may affect the adoption rate of HTTPS page.


Half of Page-1 Google Results Are Now HTTPS: Moz

“I've speculated previously that, as the adoption rate increased, Google would have more freedom to bump up the algorithmic (i.e. ranking) boost for HTTPS pages. I asked Gary Illyes if such a plan was in the works, and he said "no""

He speculates that one of the reasons for Google moving with precautions on HTTPS boost could be that not all big players have made the switch. He has shared Top 20 subdomains in the MozCast dataset, along with the percentage of ranking URLS using HTTPS:

(1) en.wikipedia.org — 100.0%
(2) www. amazon.com — 99.9%
(3) www. facebook.com — 100.0%
(4) www. yelp.com — 99.7%
(5) www. youtube.com — 99.6%
(6) www. pinterest.com — 100.0%
(7) www. walmart.com — 100.0%
(8) www. tripadvisor.com — 99.7%
(9) www. webmd.com — 0.2%
(10) allrecipes.com — 0.0%
(11) www. target.com — 0.0%
(12) www. foodnetwork.com — 0.0%
(13) www. ebay.com — 0.0%
(14) play.google.com — 100.0%
(15) www. bestbuy.com — 0.0%
(16) www. mayoclinic.org — 0.0%
(17) www. homedepot.com — 0.0%
(18) www. indeed.com — 0.0%
(19) www. zillow.com — 100.0%
(20) shop.nordstrom.com – 0.0%

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