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After lunch began the Meet SMM session where Danny Sullivan, the event's go to guy, moderated with speakers Rand Fishkin (SEOmoz), Cindy Krum (Blue Moon Works Inc.), Todd Malicoat (Stuntdubl) and Neil Patel (Pronet Advertising). All in alphabetical order, as always. Danny starts off the session with how social media helped Search Engine Land go places.

Enter Rand Fishkin (SEOmoz CEO & Co-Founder, SEOmoz), who decides to speak on 'social media marketing vs. viral marketing'.

  • In a nutshell, social media marketing is all about approaching Web 2.0 sites, to contribute and become part of their community. Now for example with the help of MSN or Yahoo's communities, it can help your site top SERPs, get a lot of links, increase traffic for your site and influence media. Some of these sites include YouTube; Wikipedia; Yahoo! answers; Yelp;. LinkedIn; Flickr; Craigslist – bestof Craigslist; Facebook; Amazon; MySpace; Technorati; Judy's Book; Newsvine; Twitter; CitySearch; WikiHow etc.
  • Viral Media Marketing enables you to choose your brand while increasing your SERP rank which means a growth in fan base through links, meaning a rise in RSS subscribers too.The top ten places that help you grow your brand are: Digg; Reddit; StumbleUpon; del.icio.us; Netscape; TechCrunch; Newsvine; Boing Boing Fark and Engadget.

Next, Neil Patel (Author, Pronet Advertising) saunters in only to gives us the golden must-dos for social media:

  • Make and add lots of friends – Neil says they don’t have to be your real friends. Hee!
  • Participate in the community
  • Use their features against them
  • Create a social brand

3 'unwritten' Rules every self-respecting citizen in social media should follow according to Neil Patel include:

  • don’t self promote
  • don’t add biased information and
  • don’t ask friends for votes.

Neil goes on to compare the social media like an angry, ill-tempered baby even showing the picture of an edgy, punkish baby in the projector. Reason being to choose the audience carefully.

Todd Malicoat, Stuntdubl's Internet Marketing Consultant comes up and discusses the importance of strategic linking through which you can handle your anchor text, theme, body copy, and gain lots of opportunities to get good links. Further on, Todd says Spam is generated in terms of intent and extent and yes the size will differ too.

Here are some of the examples Todd gave to clarify:

small big

“doorway page” “landing page”

"reciprocal linking” “cobranding”

"social media Spamming” “social media optimization”

Todd's tips on social media:

  • Create reputed neighborhoods. Sign up for everything that comes your way. Try out all the sites and link them if they are good enough. Create a neighborhood of websites and Interlink them within reason. Vary anchor text and copy.
  • Create a centrepoint on a social media site. To explain better Todd used the example of the teen flick “John Tucker Must Die”. The marketing team of the movie created a MySpace page instead of creating a website for the movie as it took shorter time to build up and receive ranks.
  • Find sites through: Google dorks, Keywords + "profile", Keywords + "web 2.0" and directories through www.go2web20.net.
  • Test the social media website for the quality of links it generates: 'run a site: command on similar pages on the site. Build on the social media site filled with nonsense, and link to another nonsense page. For more, search for "case studies" on Wolf-Howl.com.'

Merits of Social Media:

  • Great tool for generating good links but learn about the usage and know-how.
  • For Caveats, size counts.
  • Intent and extent decides whether it’s a legitimate tactic or not.

Cindy Krum, Blue Moon Works Inc's SEO Analyst is the last speaker and a brief description of her discussion about how employing social media helps in brand management and awareness.

  • Secure your social presence
  • Consider social profile portals to your brand.
  • Create SEO'd profiles
  • Manage your reputation
  • Use SEO to push detractors out of top positions
  • Send traffic to positive press
  • Participate in forums and groups about detractors and supporters
  • Empower brand evangelists and give them cool gifts to boost them up.
Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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