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The +1 button on Google has been explored and it has been defined for SEO purposes. But in this session of the SMX New York Day 1, the focus was on Google +1's impact on paid search tactics. The panelists included-

Moderator: Matt Van Wagner, President, Find Me Faster

Q&A Moderator: Chris Silver Smith, Director of Optimization Strategies, KeyRelevance


  • Josh Dreller, VP Media Technology & Analytics, Fuor Digital
  • Mathew Guiver, Paid Search Manager, e-storm international
  • Benjamin Vigneron, Director, Analytics & Automation, eSearchVision

Paid Search And Google+1

The first speaker to come on stage was Josh Dreller from Fuor Digital. He started off with an observation on the results that Google has been getting in social. He said that since its launch on June 28 this year, Google+grew to 10 million users in 16 days opposed to around 800 days of others. He pointed out that even though everyone signed up they were not really using it.

Are We Really Using Google+?

He even pointed out that the attendees from the session too were not using Google+. But it was hugely popular, people were curious about it. Also Google is really working hard on Plus. These are the reasons why:

  • Google+ is highly integrated
  • It Helps to extend Search dominance
  • Google+ has a clean, intuitive design
  • There is a lot of potential to make money
  • Ideal to tap in the mobile component

Josh then worked his way through the main reasons behind Google+ is due to its certain features. And as an SEO you need to explore them closely for the benefits they have, like-

Circles- They let you control your sharing. And Josh believes that they will have an impact on your other Google products.

Sparks – This search engine can transform into a personal content engine and can be influential by providing relevant content specifically to you.

Hangouts – Great way for a direct contact. The Group video chat enabled here is perfect and moreover Google talk provides free phone calls.

Photo editor– It is powered by Picasa, and the new privacy and approval features make it quite a delight.

Games – There a plenty of interesting games on Google+ and more importantly, they are not shoved in your face like on Facebook. They are hidden and you can play them when you like.

Data Liberation Front, Mobile, and Huddle – The group messaging service is another powerful tool.

The Takeaway- Google+ and the +1 button have a lot of potential. Moreover Google can make a lot from advertising on the same. So they better work, if you pay for it.

The mike was then handed over to Benjamin Vigneron, from eSearchVision. He kicked off by observing that the Google +1 button is a great way for the searchers to recommend search results and any page/product/service where the +1 button has been implemented.

You need the +1 button.

As for the why do you need the +1 button, the answer is -credibility. The higher number of +1′s make some results look more trustworthy and popular. With Google +1, people can share the things the +1ed on Google+ . It is obvious that the +1s are then displayed to all friends and contacts in their Google+ Circles.

Google +1 connects web pages, search results and Google +

This means that by +1ing a page, you send the message across on the search results, the web page and finally on Google+. It is almost viral in response. Also, it has a straight impact on quality score. This is how Benjamin summed it up-

  • If you +1 your landing pages – it will show to those pages found on SEO and also those landing pages for PPC.
  • A Google +1 induces trust and indirectly affects click through ratio. Further leading to an increase in the quality score.
  • Google +1 has a direct impact on at least three of the four main Search quality score factors. These are- historical click through ratio, quality of the landing page and the relevance of the landing page.
  • Not only this, Google +1 will affect the main display quality score factors- per site ads performance, relevance to the site and the relevance and quality of the landing page.

The Takeaway:

He said the Google +1 has the design to impact campaign management. If one used AdWords, they will target age, gender and interests. All these three can be obtained from Sparks. Its all in the initial stage now, but is a possibility.

The stage was then taken by Mathew Guiver, from e-storm international. He spoke about the future impact that Google +1 will have on paid search advertising. He came up with a list of predictions-

  1. The +1s will have a stronger impact on average position rather than quality score. He pointed out that personalized ads are already showing up in search. As Google is showing organic results and personalized results on the first page.
  2. In case a +1 brought down your CPA, then it also increases the ROI by default. You can read the search impact change after the +1ing of the page through Webmaster tools. +1 will be a big thing as it creates credibility among the users.
  3. The +1 button will lead to an end of the PPC landing page as we know it. This is because +1′s are shared between organic and sponsored listings. Also, the PPC landing pages are not benefiting from +1 like the organic results are. So you can then work on only one landing page- whether for SEO or PPC.
  4. The +1 button will bridge the gap between PPC and social. This will lead to a better return on investment. If a user from PPC lands on a relevant blog post instead of a contact form, then the user will find it easier to +1 a page, and open the page to many more visits.
  5. Do not enter into any business with promoted +1′s, this means the sites that sell +1′s. It is quite possible that Google could monetize Google + and +1′s.
  6. In the case of sponsored search ads, demographic bidding could become the trend. For advertisers, highly demographic bidding could be really beneficial.
  7. Targeting may achievable by the Google related toolbar. It could give out a list of suggested sites that saw recent social activity.

The Takeaway-

The Google+1 will work on the credibility factor. Secondly, it can lead to targeting with sharing relevant content. There is still time before this, but we should be prepared.

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