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Not even a month after introducing the new category pages and follow button, Pinterest is once again ready for some action with a new messaging feature. Pinterest announced in a blog post, the messaging feature will let users have private conversations with friends (both one-on-one and group chats) about particular pins.

Pinterest Introduces New Messaging Feature for Private Chats around Pins

In May, Pinterest rolled out the Send-a-Pin feature, allowing users to send specific pins to friends with a message attached to it. However, recipients couldn’t reply back to the pin. This is not an issue anymore as you can interact with these pins without leaving the conversation. You can click on these pins to view the source or save them to your board through the message.

Pinterest said in a blog post, the new feature will be useful for groups of friends who are planning to go on a trip together or working on a specific project. When a friend sends you a new message, you will get the notification behind a circle showing your friend’s profile picture. Now, doesn’t that look very much similar to Facebook chat heads? You can also message entire boards or individual profiles. If you are using Pinterest for mobile, messages will appear in a separate window.

There’s more to this. The new feature also takes advantage of Pinterest’s guided search. You can easily find what you are looking for, by performing guided searches directly from the conversations. Click here to learn more about the new feature.

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