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Pinterest has added new ways to retarget users interacting with Pins and visitors to the website with the Pinterest tag. In the official blopost Product Manager, Frank Fumarola said, “People come to Pinterest ready to plan, buy, and then do something with the inspiring ideas they’re finding—87% of them have made a purchase after finding a product they liked! With these latest updates, we’re making it easier for you to get your ideas in front of the right audience at just the right time.”

You can now use Ads Manager to create an audience and retarget five specific actions: clicks, comments, saves, likes and closeups. An audience based on people’s interest in a specific pin that links to your website can also be created.

Pinterest Launches Retargeting For Pins and Websites

“By identifying people who’ve interacted with your campaigns in the past, you can reach them in the future with content personalized just for them. For example, you might create an action-based campaign by targeting someone who’s saved one of your Pins with the next story in your campaign. People who’ve clicked on a Pin are 4.4x more likely to take action on that Pin in the future, so this kind of retargeting creates a lot of potential for new business. All you need is a confirmed website to get started.”

Add the Pinterest tag to your website to create audiences to retarget on Pinterest based on the things visitors do on your website. This way you can take advantage of the traffic and engagement you receive on your website.

Pinterest Launches Retargeting For Pins and Websites

“A simple way to get started is by using specific URLs from pages on your site—like your checkout or confirmation page—and then retargeting the people on Pinterest who’ve visited those pages in the past.”

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