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The session at Salon B covered the importance of seeing Pinterest as a valuable social media channel. The speakers also stressed on how the true potential of Pinterest can be tapped. They spoke of how creative strategists can use this tool for capitalizing on market opportunities. The speakers also highlighted how Pinterest could be leveraged to provide the business with more insights and engage consumers driving impressive traffic to the official website and company.


  • Lisa Buyer (@lisabuyer) – President/CEO, The Buyer Group


  • Stephan Spencer (@sspencer) – Founder, Science of SEO
  • John Rampton (@johnrampton) – Editor at Large, Search Engine journal
  • Cynthia Johnson (@CynthiaLIVE) – Director of Social Media Marketing, RankLab

Stephan covered Pinterest SEO tips and tricks to amaze everyone while John came up with 13 tips to rock Pinterest accounts. Cynthia ended the session by talking about 14 tips to expand SEO outreach and influence of Pinterest social account.

Pinterest Magic: 20+ Tips and Tricks that Will Amaze Anyone

Stephan started the session by discussing how to use Pinterest for attaining the best interests for any business. He provided the following pointers.

Always Choose The Top

Stephan mentioned that the boards in the top row on Pinterest are most viewed. Massive brands should get several boards, he advised. He also suggested that the boards which should receive considerable traffic must be in the top row where the most number of views are attained.

Descriptions and Images

Stephan mentioned that descriptions are very important for more than just SEO. He shared how great descriptions can earn a place in newsletters of an important social media channel, Pinterest.

He also said that vertical images are ideal for better performance. Longer pins work too, provided they are not too long, he also added in this context.

Stephan shared how text on photos can add a bit of jazziness and human interest to them and therefore, are likely to attract more interest than normal, text-devoid photos. He advised that only the text which suits and complements the photo should be chosen. Stephan also cautioned that it is quite easy to make the wrong choice.

Content Ideas: How to Spread Content

Stephan advocated taking complete benefit of how popular and well liked memes, quotes, and infographics are by using them. He thus emphasized on marketing which is focused on popular tools.


Stephan said that memes could be created through the following tools which are online:

  • Pinstamatic (which is only for Pinterest, the social media channel)
  • Canva (this is not limited to Pinterest)

Interact with Influencers

The most important point Stephan made in this context was that content can be enhanced through interaction with influencers. If you don't have influential followers, Stephan recommends tagging an influencer's Twitter handle and following this with a tweet about the pin.

Go Seasonal

For content to be truly outstanding, it must be seasonal, said Stephan. He mentioned how seasonal items fare extremely well. Stephan suggested staying a month ahead so that content can keep up with the changing seasons.

Stephan also asked marketers to avoid being like Kohl's who post their Christmas tree pins in August. He also recommended that creative strategists should consider organizing the board as per the season.

Enabling Rich Pins

Stephan said that rich pins can add tastefulness to content on the website. He recommended using such rich pins.

Stephan said the information the rich pin should highlight includes:

  • Real time pricing
  • Information about business location
  • Snippets and pieces from articles
  • Ratings of movies
  • Pinboards with many contributors managing them
  • Shows on the page of each contributor
  • Pinning of the rich pin by key influencers

Group Pinboards That Work Well

Stephan cautioned against pinning at dinner time as the audience in such a case is mostly women making this a bad time for such activities. He proposed a more convenient time for pinning namely early mornings and/or weekends.


Stephan concluded his presentation by talking about a tool called Ahalogy which can:

  • Licenses online content
  • Edits photos/pictures/images
  • Schedules pins

13 Awesome Tips to Rock A Pinterest Account

John discussed important tips which can really add wonders to a Pinterest account.


John recommended connecting all the accounts before sharing stuff. This way, connections are all pervasive, he said.

Tag Other Pinners

John felt that tagging other pinners also worked really well. He explained that only those who one is friends with can be tagged by a user or marketer. John said that tagging other pinners was a great way to rock the Pinterest account.

Like and Comment

John also recommended liking and commenting on other people’s pins as a wonderful way to improve one's Pinterest account. He said that this is more about building the community and not about promoting one's self. John said “99% of the time you should be like, sharing, pinning and commenting – you should only be promoting yourself 1% of the time.”

Informative Descriptions Work Well

John said that informative descriptions really work well and marketers should compose them as well as use hashtags.

Impressive Pictures

John also suggested creating beautiful pictures through iPhone apps and he mentioned three favorite apps:

  • PicArt
  • Over
  • BeautifulMess

John felt beautiful art equals more engagement. He also proposed auto adding a Pin It Button to every photo. Pinterest Image Pinner can also be used in this context, John said.

Website URL and Product Prices

John also suggested replacing the site with the website URL and adding the price to products. Prices can be changed on oft- pinned items by a penny, he said.

Trending News

Pinning images of trending news in the strategists or marketer's niche area also works wonders, felt John.

Some Useful Tools

John also suggested some useful tools that can really tap the potential of a Pinterest account namely:

  • Postris: This can be used to observe trends in the particular niche and get inspired about what people are looking for and repinning. Postris is a tool for Instagram through one then moves in to Pinterest, he said. John also explained how eventually all that is trending on Instagram makes its way to Pinterest.
  • ViralTag: This is a great tool for scheduling out pins in advance, said John.
  • NinjaPinner: This automatically follows, unfollows and likes pins, said John. He spoke of how unfollowing people is pointless and NinjaPinner is a wonderful way to follow those who follow you.

One Hour Per Week Pinterest Plan

John also outlined a Pinterest plan which lasts one hour per week for revving up the account. It is as follows:

  • Employ ViralTag to schedule pins within next 7 days.
  • Visit Pinterest, go to 35 to 50 pins in your niche area and comment on them
  • Then go to NinjaPinner and have the tool follow people that add you
  • Check your stats on Google Analytics

14 Pinterest Tips to Expand Your Reach

Cynthia was the last speaker in this session and she provided 14 useful tips to expand the reach on Pinterest accounts which are as follows.

Tip#1: Privacy Off

Pins must be visible to search, feels Cynthia as she said privacy needs to be turned off for optimal results.

Tip#2: Account as Business Page

Cynthia also said that accounts should be set up as a business page for the best results.

Tip#3: Website Verification

Another very important point is website verification, Cynthia emphasized.

Tip #4: Naming The Board

Cynthia suggested naming the board with keywords and using the location mode for optimal results.

Tip #5: Using Keywords

She also suggested using keywords in pin descriptions for good results.

Tip #6: Relevant Filenames

Cynthia stressed the importance of filenames as this can be a critical factor in attracting outreach and expanding influence on Pinterest. She said this was because the filename becomes the image name so it was very essential for the filename to be relevant.

Tip #7: Repins

She also said board with repins should be created as these show up in search results. This leads to wider exposure, Cynthia felt.

Tip #8: Mapping Pins

Cynthia also said that mapping pins is critical. She spoke of Foursquare which powers Pinterest maps and suggested turning on the add a map functionality.

Tip #9: Share Boards

Boards sharing is also critical to expand Pinterest account influence, Cynthia said.

Tip #10: Adjust For Mobile Traffic

Cynthia also indicated that the Pinterest strategy should be adjusted to support mobile traffic as 75% of users in Pinterest are mobile consumers.

Tip #11: Boards Created For Mobile

She also said that the four best boards should be on the four top slots in the profile as these are the boards one sees on mobile.

Tip #12: Optimal Character Limits

What is also essential here, she felt was optimal character limits. Cynthia said this was because iOS only displays 100 characters and Android around 125.

Tip #13: Size the Image

Another very important point is sizing the image right, she said. Without this, there can be a real problem, Cynthia emphasized.

Tip #14: Site Should Be Mobile Friendly

Cynthia concluded the session by asking marketers to ensure sites are mobile friendly as most users will be on mobile devices only. She asked them to ensure mobile consumers do not have a negative user experience.

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