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According to an analysis by markets and analytics provider Piqora, the Pinterest referral traffic increased the e-commerce revenue by 67% from January to June 2014. The study was conducted on 400 Piqora customers. Not only this, the average value of e-commerce orders and the conversion rate also increased at 8.3% and 4% respectively. These increases represent hundreds of dollars in incremental value for large e-commerce brands active on Pinterest.

For determining Piqora’s “revenue-per-pin” metric, the analyzing data was pulled from Google Analytics, Coremetrics and Omniture. The brands that were used in the study were split between industries including home decor brands (25%), apparel brands (45%), retail brands (20%), and “other” (10%).


Revenue-per-Pin is a metric which is a part of the Piqora Pinterest marketing dashboard. The calculation of the metrics is done by using the number of pins published by the brand on Pinterest and dividing it by the total revenue received from Pinterest referral traffic.

Consumers are not only discovering new products and brands on Pinterest, but are also increasingly buying the products they find.

Pinterest Referral Traffic Increases E-commerce Revenue by 67%

Constant Growth in Pinterest Referral Traffic

There has been a significant increase in the overall referral traffic of Pinterest. There has been an increase of 172% on the average Visit-per-Pin and an increase of 304% in the average Pageviews-per-Pin.

This clearly explains that more traffic is drawn back to the brands’ websites through each pin and more products are being viewed by each visitor than before.

Piqora’s Sharad Verma said “Brands are looking for real ROI from their marketing efforts and Pinterest delivers just that. Not only are marketers achieving a tremendous branding footprint via pins and repins, but they are also able to drive traffic with purchase intent.” He also explained, “Brands will continue to prioritize and rigorously track business metrics like revenue and traffic, not only follower counts – which is exactly what Piqora helps brands accomplish.”

Piqora offers marketing and analytics insight for visual platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. The company was recently given the opportunity to take part in Pinterest’s marketing technology developer’s initiative, and was given access Business Insights API of Pinterest

Pinterest Referral Traffic Increases E-commerce Revenue by 67%, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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