Mar 8, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

ClickZ links to an interesting undercover project by the Wall Street Journal. This project is named as Our Columnist Creates Web 'Original Content' But Is in for a Surprise? The 'Original Content'  was written by a under cover columnist.

Actually the columnist was hired by Web "publishers."  They wanted him to write an "Original Content" for ranking well in search engines. Well, what followed might cause a commotion among the regular web visitors. The writer was hired to write 50 articles, each one comprising of 500 words for a gross sum of $100. The "publisher" wanted him to steal and copy content for his 50 articles. Shocked! Then read on.

This is just the one third part of an engrossing tale and climax is yet to come. He spent days over searching and writing just one article and then sent it to the client. The client said that it was written well, but he should break up the original article into smaller key phrase specific articles. 

To make his task easier, the very helpful client sent him a sample article. As expected, he observed that this written stuff is plagiarized from more than one site including the likes of New Scientist, World Health Organization, and WebMd sites. So, the client also wanted him to copy or steal whatever seemed like good content from popular sites and just paste it together to make  the so called "Original Content." So, next time you see something plagiarized, stay calm, it happens.

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