Aug 5, 2015 113 reads by Ritu Sharma

Google has announced the rollout of a new type of Schema markup that can help in displaying detailed critic review knowledge graph cards in the SERPs (search results pages). Critic review Knowledge Graph cards are the newly introduced features that Google had brought to shelves to give instant answers to questions like “did Ex Machina get good reviews ?”

Google Shows Critic Reviews in Knowledge Graph

In addition to launching these cards, Google has also provided the publishers with the opportunity of adding markup to their site that will give signal to Google on the ways of displaying their review cards, and which sources the reviews are to be pulled from. The Knowledge Graph cards, available across mobile, tablet, and desktop, organize publishers’ reviews into a prominent card at the top of the search results page for relevant queries.

Presently, critic review cards are available only for movie reviews, but Google says the feature will be expanded to TV shows and books.

Detailed instructions on how to use these cards are available here.

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