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The latest research report by Conductor comprises of 2015 objectives plus tactics enterprise digital marketers have failed to address, yet ideally should be doing. According to this research report, creating quality content is the most efficient strategy for SEO success.

The individuals surveyed by the research company are employed in companies with more than 1,000 strong workforce. The companies studied included a blend of B2B and B2C organizations. Around 70% of the respondents were from the US and 54% of them are in Sales Management/Marketing.

Leading Objectives for SEO Success in 2015

To find out which tactics for digital marketing are the most useful, it is imperative to understand objectives for the coming years. Enterprise marketers surveyed in this study focused on 8 goals for next year namely:

  • Increase Lead Generation: 61%
  • Increase Website Traffic: 57%
  • Increase Traffic Conversion Rate: 54%
  • Improve Natural Search Rankings: 48%
  • Improve Brand Awareness: 33%
  • Improve Analytics & Reporting: 26%
  • Attribute Sales Revenue to SEO: 24%
  • Increase Content Development: 20%

The surveyed respondents were also asked to provide a rating of the current success of the SEO strategy being followed by them, for establishing a baseline regarding how the 2015 objectives would be met.

As per the report, 72% of the enterprises ranked SEO as successful to a certain degree while as many as 28% said it was not succeeding.

Quality Content is Crucial for SEO Success - Reveals the Research Report by Conductor

Factors Which Are Obstacles To Success

The survey has revealed that 28% of the survey respondents do not view their SEO as being a success. The next move was to establish the obstacles that were coming in the way of success oft he SEO strategies. The following 8 obstacles were identified in the context of not being able to attain SEO success:

  • Limited SEO Skills In-House: 57%
  • Limited SEO Budget: 43%
  • Optimizing Content with Keywords: 39%
  • Lack of Effective Strategy: 30%
  • Attributing Sales to SEO: 28%
  • Identifying New Keywords: 20%
  • Understanding Search Algorithms: 17%
  • Lack of Quality Content: 13%

Most Useful and Effective SEO Tactics

Just 2% of those respondents who were surveyed believed that SEO had been less successful in the past year. Around 57% held that SEO had become more successful. Listed below are the most effective tactics for SEO used by respondents for achieving their objectives:

  • Quality Content Creation: 54%
  • Frequent Website Updating: 50%
  • Keyword Research/Management: 46%
  • Social Media Integration: 28%
  • Local Search Optimization: 28%
  • Frequent Blogging: 17%
  • Link Building: 13%
  • Mobile Search Optimization: 2%

Tactics shown below were identified by the respondents to be the toughest to execute:

  • Link Building: 41%
  • Keyword Research/Management: 39%
  • Quality Content Creation: 33%
  • Social Media Integration: 30%
  • Frequent Blogging: 28%
  • Frequent Website Updating: 26%
  • Mobile Search Optimization: 22%
  • Local Search Optimization: 13%

As can be viewed in the chart below, SEO tactics found by surveyed respondents to be most effective were also some of the toughest as far as implementation is concerned:

Quality Content is Crucial for SEO Success - Reveals the Research Report by Conductor

Manner in Which SEO is Executed

Considering the obstacles to successful SEO identified by respondents earlier in the study, it is not surprising that a majority of them outsource at least part of SEO planning as well as execution. As many as 54% are currently using a blend of outsourced and in-house resources. Only 39% are using in-house resources only. 7% of those surveyed outsourced everything to a consultancy/agency.

How SEO Success is Tracked

Metrics need to be tracked effectively to demonstrate success. Listed below are the most helpful metrics for tracking and analysis of SEO performance as considered by the respondents:

  • Search Rankings by Keyword: 54 %
  • Traffic/Visits by Keyword: 50 %
  • Traffic/Visits by Source: 43 %
  • Call-to-Action Conversions: 43 %
  • Total Website Traffic/Visits: 37 %
  • Visit Duration/Engagement: 28 %
  • Pageviews: 15 %
  • Backlinks: 7 %

Click here to view the entire Research Report.

Quality Content is Crucial for SEO Success - Reveals the Research Report by Conductor!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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