May 30, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

As the search engines become more and more selective for the top rankings, some people are more and more likely to resort to spamming. But does that benefit them in the long run? Because the search engines would eventually catch up and before that, the link well will go dry, as no body would like to get linked to such a site.

Aaron Wall has noted down a few indicators of low quality search spam that all need to avoid. Here are some examples:

  • URL name – does it have 12 dashes in it? Is it a subdomain off something totally unrelated? SPAM!
  • page titles, headers and content – are they so keyword rich that it is illegible? SPAM!
  • design – does it look like a 4 year old put it together? does the design not match the site? are the colors just ugly? SPAM!
  • outbound links – does it only link to crap off topic sites that link back? Is there a huge irrelevant link exchange area? SPAM!
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