Mar 6, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

Qwika is a new search engine specially made to search the content in Wikis. This has been provided by the search engine fraternity at Rapid Intelligence, i.e. Luke Metcalfe. This selective search engine enables the visitor to seach for any sort of information shared in wikis, particularly in Wikipedia. At the same time it traslates those results in up to 11 languages. Well, Wikipedia has a fast and decent site search engine. But, it doesn't apply to cross-language searching. Qwika would bring some remarkable changes in the perception of the information hungry visitors who rely on wikipedia.

There are some apprehensions regarding the accuracy of the traslation as it would be done by a machine. Though, it will provide an article based on specific search which can be accepted with some imperfections in the translation.

Qwika  will make it fast and specific. With the help of Qwika, you can search the multiple language versions and other large Wikis. Languages included are GermanFrench Japanese, Italian, Dutch, PortugueseSpanishGreekKoreanChinese and Russian.

Beside this, some country-specifice topics are also covered very well in their native language. Now, English speakers can read these topics in the English language version.

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