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The session focused on how important it is for web sites to create relevant content. It stressed how achieving this one objective could ensure success to your Internet Marketing objectives.

  • Derrick Wheeler


  • Ted Ulle, Partner of The MEWS Group
  • Robin Liss, Founder and President of
  • Rupali Shah, Organic Search Manager of GroupM

The session was initiated by Ted Ulle who started off by cautioning companies to not follow the process of overloading their sites with irrelevant content. The primary thing to keep in mind is that the business process or workflow must support the SEO process. Your content team should be trained in SEO.

Using some examples he showcased how the final product must be in coherence with the business goal and the the training should be in accordance. The following are some points that you should ensure writing your content:

  • Rough out your content at a conceptual level as per your strategy
  • In case you are starting a new web site, you should be looking at the CMS, server, back-end, analytics, etc.
  • The market strategy should precede the keyword research. Next, you should structure the information architecture (IA). This is extremely important since it ensures that your content gets found well.
  • Then come your graphic designers and template building. The idea is to set your business goal and penetrate the process. Each process, team change and decision made should be documented.

There's no point in chasing trophy keywords. You don't want to just feature on top of SERPs for particular keywords but get clients. So keywords should be ones those that your target audience is searching for. Keep in mind whether you are following B2B or B2C system.
The relevance of IA is unquestionable. Your content should be held at the right place and not be featuring loosely all over your website. A bad layout can negate the effects of good content. Therefor, you should prevent the same by studying print typography.

The idea is to keep simple and seamless goals, as well as prevent individual from showing off. Individual programmers or content writers showing off can have a bad affect on the overall business. When a problem occurs, don't be reluctant to fix it.

The session's second speaker was Robin Liss who stressed on producing high value content. Robin Liss is regarded as one of the experts in the field of quality content and her network of review sites get about a million visitors every month.

Just as a car maker manufactures cars, you manufacture content, and it is just as important for you to ensure efficiency as it is in the former industry. Form your content pipeline that answers the following questions:

  • Who takes responsibility for what?
  • How much time is needed for a process?
  • What steps are essential or absolutely unnecessary?
  • What all can you outsource?
  • What can you bring in house?

You should first create a draft for your content and then supplement it with multimedia. Before you make your content live, it should go for copy editing, SEO editing and then final editing.
As per your requirement and resources, your pipeline might just be a writer and an editor or even a 6 member team comprising of an editor-in-chief, an editor, a writer, a photographer, a product tester and a copy editor. Some good tools can save a lot of money for you, such as WSIWYG tools (FCK Editor) and Dreamweaver, MT. Other crucial factors can also improve your organization's efficiency. Chose the right writer for the right task. You can also outsource jobs by finding online copy editors, whom you can pay per words. Remember, even the best writer needs an editor and every single thing should be edited.

Bottlenecks can harm your organization more than anything. It is important to have a consistent pattern to maximize your workflow. Reviews can substantially fasten the entire by spotting the bottlenecks. Her final tip was to ensure that you own rights in the contracts.

Rupali Shah was the third and final speaker of the session and she conveyed some vital information about mobile content. The advent of iPhones and Blackberries has changed things around substantially. It is important to present your enterprise on these devices. Statistics show how iPhones are taking the world by storm. For you this would mean that a presence on the device will give you millions of potential viewers. With technological barriers being solved every passing day, this market is expanding a lot. Have a look at your website on an iPhone or iPhone emulator and check if it looks good and its loading speed.

For Mobile SEO there are many unique criteria, such as valid XHTML code, W3C compliance, linking and site maps. Try to make your site more accessible by giving it an uncluttered look.

The following may help:

  • Make the page size small.
  • Serve a tailored content.
  • Give a simple design that is rich in text.
  • Use mobile style sheets in your website
  • Use DIV tags instead of tables.
  • Optimize your images with ALT tags.
  • Image formats should be in GIFs and JPEGs.
  • Ensure that your total page weight is not beyond 20kb.
  • Limit your colors to 256.
  • Limit the scripting in your website. A lot of devices cannot comprehend heavy scripting.
  • Avoid too much scrolling options and ensure comfortable navigating options.
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