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Google announced on Google+, it will now also count remarketing lists as a real-time signal affecting automated bidding strategies. This means apart from other real time signals like location, browser or time of the day, automated bidding technology will now influence your bids based on the performance of your remarketing lists. The remarketing lists will be used as a real time signal for search ads, fine-tuning bids and increasing the conversion volume.

Stating an example Google explained, if webmasters are trying to drive newsletter subscriptions for their business via search ads, they generally tend to set up a conversion event for tracking newsletter signups. The webmasters might even create a remarketing list of people who have visited their website but didn’t sign up.

From now on, Conversion Optimizer, target CPA and target ROAS will automatically adjust bids for visitors in the remarketing list of webmasters based on projected lifts in conversion rates. This will be helpful in fine-tuning the way webmasters reach customers visiting their website, but haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet.

If webmasters decide to use a different strategy with remarketing lists, the manual bid modifier corresponding to the list will be put to use. Likewise, bids which are placed by Conversion Optimizer, target CPA and target ROAS will overrule any manual bid modifiers present in the ad group.

Now Remarketing Campaigns will be used as a Quality Factor for Google AdWords Ads, Influencing Bids and CPCs!, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
Ritu Sharma
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