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With the buzz that organic search for Facebook Pages shrinking to next to nothing, there could be a possibility of drop in brand engagement on the social network. But according to a new report from analytics provider Simply Measured this is not the case, at least not for major brands.

Total Facebook engagement for the top global brands has surged 43.5% in the last year, Simply Measured reported today in its Facebook 2015 Industry Report that tracks Facebook activity by the Interbrand 100. The interesting part is that the increase has come despite brands making 5% fewer posts in the last three months compared to the same months in 2014.

Brands have dialed back their Facebook posting even more, rising to 12%, since the fourth quarter of 2014. Their total engagement level has remained flat, dropping 0.11% according to the report. That is a sign that major brands are being more strategic with their posts, concentrating on quality rather than flooding the zone, as concluded by Simply Measured.

Simply Measured, which took in consideration 11,522 posts by the 96 Interbrand 100 companies with a Facebook Page, found that the links and photos are driving the most engagement, with video. Facebook video, of course, has been creating quite a serious stir since the company started favoring it in the News Feed last June. Last month Facebook said videos get more than 4 billion views a day on the network.

The Simply Measured report did not track video views, but found engagement on videos (likes, comments and shares) which have increased 8% since the fourth quarter of 2014. Much of that growth came from a 43% increase in users sharing brand videos. Engagement on photos also was strong, increasing 6%, with a 53% increase in shares.

Brands appear to be responding to the positive feedback for video; however they were the only content type that Interbrand 100 companies posted more of during the quarter, showing a 2% uptick.

One brand was more aggressive- Adidas which posted 13 videos in the quarter, up from seven in Q4, increased activity that fueled 1,487% more comments, 9,398% more Likes, and 9,041% more shares. The company’s most engaging video, which has received more than 17 million views to date, has nearly 600,000 likes and 26,000 shares.

Some other interesting notes in the report:

  • Engagement on status posts — text posts without links — fell 72% in the quarter as brands posted 40% fewer such updates.
  • Likes on Facebook Pages fell 3%; a likely consequence of Facebook’s removing of inactive and memorialized accounts from like totals in March.
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