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Bing has announced the introduction of bulk editing features and the ability to review accounts having up to 1 million keywords via the web interface. This will help advertisers in managing their Bing Ad campaigns more efficiently.

Now advertisers can also view up to 500,000 ads and up to 250,000 ad groups in the Ads, Keywords and Ad Group tabs each.

Now Review up to 1 Million Keywords with Bing Ads New Bulk Editing Feature

With the help of bulk editing capabilities, advertisers can not only view and filter items in their account, but can also make changes to these items in just a few clicks. 

Bulk editing is located under the edit menu in the keywords and campaigns tabs, it will also show the preview of the changes that will be applied.

Bing has made the interface and processing comparatively faster. The changes will run in the background, thus advertisers can browse to other pages in the Bing Ads web interface. Additionally, Bing has also introduced a new feature which will help advertisers in seeing  an updated summary after the changes have been applied in the Bulk Edits tab which is situated in the navigation panel.

Bing has also shown a video explaining the advantages associated with using the bulk editing feature

Currently, bulk editing is only available for keywords (bids), destination URL changes, status changes and campaign budget.

Bing has also said that they are working on bulk operations for other entities like ads and ad groups as well.

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